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Theres a THIRD WAY

Posted by Ororeef @ 11:48 on January 28, 2016  

The Fascists have been discredited and millions died with  their MAD  ATTEMPT TO “RULE the WORLD”  and Germany has been haunted  by it for years..so now Germany is HAUNTED by Communists from East Germany and Merkel cant apologize and grovel enough to immigrants to prove Germany has been contrite enough to suit the Communists.

So now we have the Spector of Germany going extreme again with their Communists masters taunting them on…

The world should know its not a debate weather everyone has a choice between Fascist or Communist    thats NOT the Choice  …The third option is the US CONSTITUTION as the Founders wrote it and has served the US well for 200 years until the European Disease of Fascist Communist got a foot hold here .   The Bill of Rights along with the second  amendment  the right to keep and bear arms is the real answer  ….Dictators ,Mullahs ,Ayatollahs  none could exist if the Constitution were adopted.    Japan was fortunate to have been defeated  and had the Good Fortune to have had McArthur as a “Governor ” for 7 years during which time he re educated them and installed the US CONSTITUTION  as their own.   They were just as Fanatical as the Muslims with their Kamakazi  fighters blowing themselves up too….The CURE for the Mid East is the same…its the US CONSTITUTION…the Freedom of Religion,the right to keep and Bear Arms ,the Bill of rights thats PREVENTS the tyranny of the Majority …What else do you need to know ?

The Founders did it Right ,but todays stupid leaders propose we try all the mistakes others make because they are too Stupid to realize what a  GIFT was given to them !

Churchill once commented Americans have always done the Right thing ..after they tried everything else ….

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