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Ben Shapiro

Posted by Moggy @ 23:34 on March 2, 2016  
The immature rantings of Shapiro as a college student weren’t something he grew out of. Instead, his dumbest beliefs were reinforced by a right-wing culture that nurtured every nutty idea he had, and pressured him never to stray from a far right ideology. As a result, Ben Shapiro has become a professional idiot.
—John K. Wilson[1]

Ben “The SJW Slayer” Shapiro (B.S., b. 1984) is one of the youngest and most visible welfare recipients of the clogosphere—basically a second-string Milo Yiannopoulos. He has written for Townhall.com and WND (which should tell you something right off the bat), but his real claim to fame was his close association with Andrew Breitbart, to the point where he became the primary editor for Breitbart News. He has since become even more popular among wingnuts for taking the pro-gun side in a “debate” with fellow leech Piers Morgan.

Basically his entire shtick is to mewl about the persecution of conservatives in Hollywood and academia where “east/west coast elites” are hard at work, indoctrinating the unwitting public into communism. Infamously, he has cited Sesame Street as an example of liberal propaganda.[2]

Ben and Breitbart are made for each other. They both take even the tiniest, most irrelevant morsel of “news”[3] and spin it into atrocities committed by the left. They both cry “Anti-Semetism!”[4][5] when confronted with facts, yet freely insert racist dog-whistles into their articles for effect.[6] They both earnestly use derogatory names like “SJW“. Ben has been caught a few times basing news articles on unsourced blogs, which later turned out to be false, yet never retracted them.[7][8] He tweets barely-literate screeds dozens of times per day.[9] He’s the hero they need.


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