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Equisetum & Maddog

Posted by Farmboy @ 7:55 on March 9, 2016  

Maddog, not to worry, my feelings were not hurt.  Not at all. OK, maybe a little. (sniff) Hey Buygold, you got any tissue paper?? My parade not rained on unless you try to convince me gold and silver are just some barbaric old relic. Now those would be fightin words amongst friends.  (grin)


Equisetum, I found the article of interest because I had never heard/seen anyone present that sort of analysis before. Kinda of a new twist with the numbers if you will. Thought it an interesting view, but have no idea if the authors theory holds water. Would be interesting to see if his formula would hold up if using other currencies in comparison to being priced in dollars. ??





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