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Scum have problem with the Dollar

Posted by Maddog @ 15:08 on March 17, 2016  

but have stopped Au breaking 1270 and are now leaning on it all, to try and “paint” reversals in Hui etc, by killing GFI and sitting on Paas etc. Killing Ag stox when Ag is still up near 2 % on the day, is pure hissy fit action ….Ag scares them rigid, as it should, they know what it can do, like no other mkt…..but the longer they cap it, the madder it will get and when it breaks free……u better hold on, because the moves will be insane.

Needless to say they have pushed the Dow into triple digit gains, post Fed.

As of now they may not be winning everywhere, but they are very much alive and pissed off.

west texas crude

Posted by treefrog @ 14:59 on March 17, 2016  

rising over $40/bbl

Took em’ all day but

Posted by Buygold @ 14:58 on March 17, 2016  

they finally beat gold into submission even with the USD hammered and the SM soaring

The scum just never sleeps


Posted by goldielocks @ 14:35 on March 17, 2016  

Dr Carson has a lot of good points but some of the things he say he lets his personal biases get in the way of individual rights. Was he getting Pharma money because he was pro mandatory vaccines. He said his kids got them and they’re okay. That would be like saying if your kid had a reaction to penicillin or any other drug that it was made up because his kids took it and are okay. Two, saying he would put his mom on a new currency. I appreciate his respect for his mom but it wasn’t about him. I’ll leave it there.

Bill Holter

Posted by ipso facto @ 13:56 on March 17, 2016  

Dear CIGAs,

As a rule I try not to comment all that much on politics because it is such a polarizing topic. No matter what I could say one way or the other, “politics” will turn some normally placid folks into rabid trolls. That said, what we are witnessing now has never happened before in our lifetimes and is not even about the candidates …it is about the survival of our Republic!

Immediately after turning on the business news this morning, I heard an interview of a Republican National Committee member talking about “rules”. I did not catch who it was but the essence of the interview was it did not matter who had the most votes or delegates …the Republican committee would choose “their candidate” if no one had the majority leading into the convention. He was questioned with “so the will of the people doesn’t matter”? To which he answered and I will paraphrase in my own words as I understood, “it doesn’t matter who the people vote for and we will even overturn a majority if we see fit, the Republican party will choose their candidate for the good of the Republican party”. As an aside, John (buddy can you spare a Kleenex) Boehner “endorsed” Paul Ryan for presidential nominee. (Not sure I would have voted for him but I don’t recall his name on the ballot)? Upon further searching, the interview can be found here Voters don’t pick nominee, we do: GOP official. All I can say is “in your face, we make the rules, you don’t even matter”!

Please understand this fully, the tricks, sleight of hand and outright lying as to our country’s condition are not working anymore. The primary voting on both sides show an electorate where a large percentage of the country has woken up in anger. It doesn’t matter if the average guy does not know exactly “what” is wrong, he/she knows it is something! Reality is so bad the “machine” can no longer hide it and the boiling point is being reached. The election looks to me as if it is going to be a referendum of the average guy versus the establishment. The danger of course is if enough “average guys” have their votes ignored they will rail against the machine. The way I see it, the upcoming election will be about the establishment retaining the control and ability to continue bilking the system or the populous rising up and taking power back.

You might ask “what does this have to do with finance or economics”? In no particular order, it has EVERYTHING to do with economics and finance! Whatever happens will certainly affect the dollar (the currency of any nation is the equivalent of its common stock). Future policy will affect the dollar as well as how foreigners view what happens. Interest rates, stocks, real estate, everything imaginable will be affected. It does need to be said that no matter who wins or loses, the system is already toast and only “timing” may be altered. Most importantly I believe the only difference between who wins and who loses will dictate how quickly or severe the elimination of our civil rights and liberties will be.

In my opinion we are actually watching a circus that no fiction writer could have dreamed up. On one side we have a socialist/communist running against an apparent felon. On the other side we have a populist who says whatever he cares to as long as it’s something the people are thinking, running against a hardened conservative that no one in establishment Washington likes. The odds favor a Clinton/Trump matchup. I would ask a couple of questions. What will the response be if Hillary Clinton is indicted? A really far out question would be what if she is somehow pardoned and allowed to run? On the other side, what will happen if the nomination is taken away from Mr. Trump? Or better yet, what if it is taken away from both Trump and Cruz and instead given to a “preferred” candidate? The most comical thing I can think of right now is future debates between Hillary and The Donald!

Before finishing it needs to be said the old adage “it doesn’t matter who you vote for, it only matters who counts the votes” is probably quite true now more than ever before. Because of the financial backdrop I wonder whether or not we will even have an election? If the financial system were to come down prior to the election (which I believe is likely), would we have an election under martial law conditions? Financially our fate is carved in stone in my opinion, how we navigate, survive or perish with or without civil liberties is in question.

As I said at the beginning, I hesitate to write on this topic because my e-mail inbox explodes with hatred. As an admission, my candidate of choice was Ben Carson. Was he most qualified? No. Was he establishment or even a politician? No. Did he have ANY experience in government? No. In my opinion, Ben Carson is an American with his country’s best interest ahead of his own or anyone else’s. He believes in God and in Christian values, whether real or not, the world would be a pretty cool place if everyone got along and acted as Christ did according to the Bible. Mr. Carson was my choice because as I see it, our “inalienable” (or God given) rights have been frittered away and we are on the cusp of losing them altogether. Maybe I am mistaken but I view him as a man of respect for everyone and their individual rights, not someone who wants control through handouts I can only pray that we as a nation can find our way back in time when neighbor helped neighbor, and self reliance and accountability for one’s actions not only meant something but was expected. No matter the outcome, this next election will be historical!

Standing watch,

Bill Holter
Holter-Sinclair collaboration


This 1950’s movie saw into the future.

Posted by commish @ 13:51 on March 17, 2016  

One of my Irish friends going all out for St.Paddys for disabled children.

Posted by goldielocks @ 13:22 on March 17, 2016  


silverngold @ 12:53

Posted by ipso facto @ 13:15 on March 17, 2016  



Posted by goldielocks @ 13:01 on March 17, 2016  

That’s so cute, I guess I missed the RRodgers era Bonanza which years later a cousin bought a boat from Dan Blocker think was his name called the escargot but anything but slow  I got to see R Rodgers son years later. You reminded me of that. He said but can’t remember all he said when he got up for school in the morning he put on his Roy Rodgers this and Roy Rodgers that then got his Roy Rodgers lunch box. Even his son was a fan.

BBC News Caught Staging FAKE Chemical Attack In Syria!

Posted by silverngold @ 12:53 on March 17, 2016  

What is seen cannot be unseen, so don’t watch it if you don’t want to know!!

Farmboy–I remember going to the Apollo theatre on Saturday morning to watch some Roy Rodgers movies

Posted by Richard640 @ 12:40 on March 17, 2016  

I wore Roy Rodgers chaps and two six shooters–that was in Peoria, Il, circa 1951 or 52–great memories!

The Corbett Report: OKC Judge Rewarded With Supreme Court Nomination

Posted by silverngold @ 12:24 on March 17, 2016  

I don’t own this one anymore but I’m sure they’ll do well once silver gets going

Posted by ipso facto @ 11:37 on March 17, 2016  

Site visit: Alexco finds silver lining at Keno with Flame & Moth


Moody’s cuts Goldcorp’s credit rating

Posted by ipso facto @ 11:00 on March 17, 2016  


sixteen dollar silver!

Posted by treefrog @ 10:51 on March 17, 2016  

happy st patrick’s day


Scruffy, If Silver Wants To Lead The Way Im Ok With Dat ! :)

Posted by Farmboy @ 10:43 on March 17, 2016  

Show em how its done Trigger. Ride Silver Ride !

Before there was Atari, X Box, or even computers, there where Comic Books. Thank you Dell (not the computer one) for a childhood of imagination and adventure.


CNBS keeps running ads for Bitgold

Posted by Buygold @ 10:39 on March 17, 2016  

I guess that rules it out as an investment? Although to be fair they do run ads for phyzz

Just don’t want it unless it’s in my hand.


Posted by Scruffy @ 10:30 on March 17, 2016  

Live New York Silver Chart [ Kitco Inc. ]

Live New York Gold Chart [Kitco Inc.]

Great battle

Posted by Buygold @ 10:21 on March 17, 2016  

The scum keeps trying to waterfall but keep failing so far.

Not off to the races by any means and we should be stronger vs. the USD but still good to see the strength.

Silver up .63 cents ( 4.15 %)

Posted by Farmboy @ 10:11 on March 17, 2016  

Happy St. Patrick’s  Day !  Im thinking Green. And Im thinking of ole Irish and wondering if he has anything to do with today’s sudden bump up of Gold and Silver? Yeah….I wonder…? Cause I have lived long enough to have seen stranger things. God Bless the Irish !



World’s Second Largest Reinsurer Buys Gold, Hoards Cash To Counter Negative Interest Rates

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:50 on March 17, 2016  

The world’s second-largest reinsurer, German Munich Re which is roughly twice the size of Berkshire Hathaway Re, is boosting its gold reserves and buying gold in the face of the punishing negative interest rates from the European Central Bank, it announced today.

As caught by Mark O’Byrne at GoldCore and reported by Thomson Reuters this afternoon, the world’s largest reinsurer is far from alone in seeking alternative investment strategies to counter the near-zero or negative interest rates that reduce the income insurers require to pay out on policies.

Munich Re has held gold in its coffers for some time and recently added a cash sum in the two-digit million euros, Chief Executive Nikolaus von Bomhard told a news conference.

cont. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-03-16/world%E2%80%99s-second-largest-reinsurer-buys-gold-hoards-cash-counter-negative-interest-rat

Foreign governments dump U.S. debt at record rate

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:36 on March 17, 2016  

Foreign governments are dumping U.S. debt like never before.

In a bid to raise cash, foreign central banks and government institutions sold $57.2 billion of U.S. Treasury debt and other notes in January, according to figures released on Tuesday. That is up from $48 billion in December and the highest monthly tally on record going back to 1978.

It’s part of a broader trend that gathered steam last year when central banks sold a record $225 billion of U.S. debt.

“Foreigners have no longer been our BFF when it comes to buying U.S. Treasuries,” Peter Boockvar, chief market analyst at The Lindsey Group, wrote in a client note.

So what are foreign central bankers doing with these piles of cash? They’re mostly using the funds to stimulate their own economies as the global growth slowdown and crash in oil prices continue to take their toll.

For instance, China has been liquidating its holdings of foreign debt to pump money into its slowing economy, plummeting currency and extremely volatile stock market. China, the largest owner of U.S. debt, trimmed its Treasury holdings by $8.2 billion in January, the Treasury Department said. The actual decline was likely larger considering China reported selling $100 billion of foreign-exchange reserves in January.

cont. http://money.cnn.com/2016/03/16/investing/us-debt-dumped-foreign-governments-china/index.html

Posted by Buygold @ 9:13 on March 17, 2016 ….Very curious

Posted by Ororeef @ 9:31 on March 17, 2016  

When I request currency charts like the Dollar ..I get a message from “NO SCRIPT”    that they “Sanitized a SUSPICIOUS REQUEST ”

and I cant get through !   Big Brother !


Posted by ipso facto @ 9:19 on March 17, 2016  

It’s important to remember that charting often doesn’t work all that well. In the best case charts are suggestive rather than definitive. Anyone who sold out early this week has really lost out. Just sayin …

Good morning Oasis

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:14 on March 17, 2016  

Endeavour Mining files technical report for its Tabakoto Gold Mine


Timmins Gold Reports Cash Flow From Operations of $13.3 Million for Fiscal 2015


B2Gold Reports 2015 Fourth Quarter and Full-Year Results


New Liberty Gold Mine: Gold Production Update


Katanga Mining Announces Geotech Failure at KOV Open Pit Mine – Update


IDM Announces Preferred Mill and Tailings Site Option for Red Mountain Underground Gold Project


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