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Posted by Maya @ 12:50 on March 27, 2016  

Now I’m not saying Chemtrail spraying isn’t real… personally, from looking at the criss-crossed trails in the sky that defy normal flight path patterns I believe there IS something nefarious going on… BUT…

That freeze-frame of the video showing those tanks and hoses in the cabin of a passenger jet is a red herring.  I had seen that some time back, and it was eventually exposed (I don’t have a reference) as a Boeing certification flight testing where they load the tanks with water to simulate the weight of a passenger loaded cabin floor.  Then they pump the water around in various configurations to simulate loading the cabin all to one side, or the other side, and front-to-back loading configurations while in-flight to test the extreme limits of cabin loading on the flight stability of the aircraft.   And with occam’s razor, THAT explanation makes much more sense than assuming those tanks are loaded with spray chemicals!   If they were going to spray large volumes into the atmosphere they would likely install one or more large tanks, or use the wing fuel bladders to carry the stuff.

Large passenger jets have fuel spray nozzles at the wingtips for emergency use to dump fuel before landing, to reduce weight.  I saw this personally years ago after taking off from Honolulu in a 747 that experienced an engine problem.  The pilot announced that we would have to return to the airport to land, but first we were going to ‘dump fuel’ to reduce the landing weight of the fully laden 747 fuel tanks.  We went out over the ocean and he told us there would be fuel spraying from the wingtips, but not to worry.  We still had three good engines, and after half an hour of flying and spraying fuel over the ocean we returned and landed OK.  If someone wanted to spray chemtrails, this would be the most likely scenario of loading the outermost wing tanks with the stuff (reserving one inner tank for flight fuel) and use the existing nozzles and valves to spray the stuff into the atmosphere.

Just my AI filters at work. 🙂


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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.