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Posted by ipso facto @ 23:35 on March 28, 2016  

I thought it was well done. Fred has a way with words!

Truth about Autism and vaccines

Posted by joe12pack @ 23:20 on March 28, 2016  


WaJolhn.. I’m #2401

Posted by amals @ 22:40 on March 28, 2016  

ipso – Fred

Posted by commish @ 21:51 on March 28, 2016  

That was a delightful story.


Posted by ipso facto @ 21:15 on March 28, 2016  

It Cometh from the Pit:And Hath a Knout

Posted on March 23, 2016 by Fred Reed

Once upon a time there was a fairy kingdom that lived inside a place called The Beltway, and was surrounded on all four sides by a land called America. The Beltway was aligned with another kingdom called Manhattan, inhabited by disembodied heads that spoke from the walls of bars, and with with yet another closed kingdom called Hollywood, the abode of half-educated narcissists. These kingdoms were in eternal political syzygy, and spoke not with the people of the surrounding lands, of whom they knew nothing. The following is a chronicle of what befell them, and why.

After years of peace, the Kingdoms were taken greatly aback by the rise of the Trump Monster, their surprise being proof that they knew nothing of the surrounding lands. They knew nothing for good reasons, of which there were two. The first was that they passed their lives with each other and among each other and talking to each other and writing about each other and reading about each other behind the high walls of their kingdoms. In organs like National Review and The Weekly Standard they endlessly wrote stories of the form “A soothsayer in Manhattan replies to what some other sayer of sooths said about yet another’s attack on someone else.”

They had all dwelt in monasteries called Harvard and Princeton, where they learned that they were the wisest of men, and inerrant. They had no idea that they were hated in the strange lands without the walls, which on their maps were drawn as fog with notations such as “Here dwelleth dragons.” They did not know that there were people who agreed not with them. For were they not right about all things?

cont. http://fredoneverything.org/

Effects of Knowing the Truth

Posted by commish @ 20:20 on March 28, 2016  

VAXXED: the ABC News interview that Big Pharma didn’t want you to see

Posted by silverngold @ 18:21 on March 28, 2016  

VAXXED producer Del Bigtree UNCUT full interview with ABC World News


Posted by ipso facto @ 17:16 on March 28, 2016  

America Hits Rock Bottom: Cities Are Paying Criminals $1000 Per Month “Not To Kill”

It is widely known that in the past 6 months there has been a loud debate about helicopter money, i.e., giving out ordinary people (bypassing the banks) money directly printed by the Fed. What is less known is that when it comes to the most despicable underbelly of American society, cash to the tune of $1000 per month is already being “helicoptered” to some of the most brazen criminals living in the US today with one simple condition: “don’t kill people.”

* * *

Take the case of Lonnie Holmes, 21, who lives in Richmond, a working-class suburb north of San Francisco and whose four his cousins had died in shootings. He was a passenger in a car involved in a drive-by shooting, police said. And he was arrested for carrying a loaded gun. When Holmes was released from prison last year, officials in this city offered something unusual to try to keep him alive: money. They began paying Holmes as much as $1,000 a month not to commit another gun crime.

Cont. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-03-28/america-hits-rock-bottom-cities-are-paying-criminals-1000-month-not-kill

Samb, Auandag, Equisetum

Posted by ipso facto @ 16:45 on March 28, 2016  

It’s very hard to understand. If he’s wrong again this year perhaps he’ll double the price?

… on the other side I guess Bill Holter needs to eat too …

I agree with Samb at 16:16 and with the implied sarcasm of ipso ‘ s “oh joy ” heading . Buy some silver for $119 instead of a subscription.

Posted by Equisetum @ 16:38 on March 28, 2016  

Samb @ 16:16 -Yeah-his whole mystique was built on his call of $800 gold in 1960

Posted by Auandag @ 16:32 on March 28, 2016  

Then he comes out recently and says he was told to sell at the top. This whole gold market is full of bizarre characters!

Ipso @ 15:27

Posted by Samb @ 16:16 on March 28, 2016  

Maybe he is delusional. He completely buried his loyal CIGA’S with TRX. His calls on Gold were “This is it” flat out wrong. His call for Euro higher and Dollar to be smashed were 180 wrong. I mean who the hell is left to fool?? He thinks people are going to pay money to hear nonsense?   I vote delusional.

Oh joy

Posted by ipso facto @ 15:27 on March 28, 2016  

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Bible verse 20:16 !

Posted by Ororeef @ 12:49 on March 28, 2016  

Donald Trump was asked if he could quote any bible verses Skinee, 18:03:04 3/20/16 Sun

He answered: Trump 20:16, “Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Deport him and you won’t have to feed him again.”

Hi Ororeef

Posted by Portugeezer @ 12:33 on March 28, 2016  

I think Soros’ plan has backfired.

He though he was getting a twofer.

Hit Trump with the message of the nazi crew he has enagaged.

And also tar Sanders with the blame for the riots.

But the yoofs of today are too fick to work it out.

Some like the guts of Trump and others like the socialist “gimme, gimme world” of Bernie.

Soros must get his come-uppance sometime soon.

70-80% for Bernie in Haiti – há!  Great news.




For entertainment at least

Posted by ipso facto @ 12:19 on March 28, 2016  


Soros even turned his own Parents in to the NAZIS !Psychopath of the First Order !

Posted by Ororeef @ 12:18 on March 28, 2016  

George Soros created and provides funding to MoveOn.Org, a leftist activist group that has been protesting Trump rallies in Chicago, Kansas City and Ohio. The protesters have initiated violence, blocked roads, spewed hate speech. The media have twisted this around and accused Trump of the usual stuff such as racism, bigotry and as usual support for Donald grows. MoveOn.Org directly supports Bernie Sanders who is pushing the socialist agenda to new heights, probably to guage just how much USA will support or tolerate depending on Dem or GOP alignment. This is to benefit Hillary in the long run as Sanders was never meant to be the Democratic Establishment nominee.
George Soros sold out his Jewish neighbours to the Nazi’s and even went as far as stealing their valuable items such as gold teeth after they were killed. Trudeau met him in Davos and Soros told Trudeau that his financial management was a little misguided. My response would be that Trudeau is way off track and into the realm of a train crash. Why Soros hasn’t been eliminated by Putin is one big question. The other question is who is slated to replace him?


Posted by ipso facto @ 11:58 on March 28, 2016  

Gold and silver are up today.

Do not be discouraged,Au&AG are doing exactly what my charts say they would do

Posted by Ororeef @ 11:38 on March 28, 2016  

We will see a bottom in Mid May  thats going to be the best chance you have in your lifetime ! Just get prepared !  The rise is going to knock your socks off !

Germany Waking Up?

Posted by Auandag @ 10:34 on March 28, 2016  


Metals up, but portfolio is in the trash! I reallly hate the feeeeeeelth

Posted by Scruffy @ 9:46 on March 28, 2016  

Live 24 hours gold chart [Kitco Inc.]

Live 24 hours silver chart [ Kitco Inc. ]

Quote of the day

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 9:44 on March 28, 2016  

On FBN : ( paraphrased )

“It takes a PhD in Economics not to see reality.”

PM shares sure look like crap this morning compared to g+s

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:40 on March 28, 2016  

wanka @ 00:15 – Check 296

Posted by commish @ 9:38 on March 28, 2016  

24385307 Wrote my handle on the envelope return address but not on the check. That Bank of America check was sent with love.







Posted by ipso facto @ 9:20 on March 28, 2016  

Bernie got over 70% in Washington State. Bernie signs all over town. Better Bernie than Hillary if it comes to that. I think he’s a lot more honest and I think he could be restrained by the legislature from actually implementing his agenda. JMO

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