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What changes would I make?

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 23:19 on March 30, 2016  

Strict independence and strict neutrality like Switzerland. No alliances. Some states designated for like minded people.

What changes would you make?

Posted by Maya @ 22:56 on March 30, 2016  

Refining the Constitution of the United States

The founding fathers of this country had a grand vision… and experience with what does not work.  They did their best with the constitution, but who could foresee the future and how that constitution would be subverted?   With hindsight, these are the improvements I would add… if I could… to how our once-great country is run.


First and foremost, find a way to enforce the monetary system the way it was designed, as a free-market gold and silver of honest weights and measures, with price discovery on a purely cash basis.
Other valuable physical commodities may also be used as a basis for the value of the monetary system.   No futures contracts allowed on the monetary system.   And some way to enforce that founding law absolutely with no interference from future congress…not ever.  The federal government may issue money which value shall be founded on the trade value equivalents of gold and silver or other valuable commodity.  Congress shall not abdicate it’s responsibility to administer the monetary system of the country.  Money issuance shall never again be ‘contracted’ out to a private banking system.

State that congress shall not ‘interpret’ the constitution in a ‘modern way’, professing theories of what the founders might have meant.  The constitution means exactly what it says, in plain language, not open to ‘interpretation’.

Congress shall make no laws that plainly contravene the constitution.  Penalties enforced for any congressmen or government official that attempts to subvert the constitution, including dismissal from any elected office held.  A jury of ordinary citizens should be empaneled to decide if any questionable law conforms to the constitution, on a case-by-case basis.  Any such constitutional juror may only serve once on such a panel.  Constitutional jurors shall be selected at random from the population.

Congress shall make no privileged laws that apply only to themselves.  Any law passed will apply equally to all citizens including congressmen.  Congressional pay shall be determined by the State legislature in the state that each represents.

No federal elected official will serve more than two terms in their lifetime, and members of their immediate family will be ineligible  to hold elected office.  There shall be no dynastic political class with lifetime re-elections.

All election financing and political contributions shall come ONLY from the district that the elected official represents.  There shall be no national “political action” groups financing distant special interests.

Corporations are a legal ‘person’ for business purposes ONLY.  A corporate ‘person’ shall be absolutely prohibited from ANY political action, including donations to any political candidate, political group, or political action lobbying.  Any corporation found violating this shall be dissolved.  This shall be a government of the ‘natural born’ people only.

The government shall not engage in welfare for the citizens, nor distribute dole to the population.  Charity and welfare shall be encouraged at the state and local levels where it is most effective.  Citizens shall be encouraged to provide for themselves and their own future needs.  The government shall not engage in the redistribution of wealth through taxation and redistribution.  The government may, however, provide temporary short term, emergency funding and assistance in the event of a declared disaster or emergency, to provide for the benefit of the locality, state, or nation as a whole.


If I were to found a self-sustaining settlement on another planet, this is what I would start with.  The economy would be founded on a free market and naturally organic growth.
Of course this will never happen in our lifetimes, but it would be nice to document for the future just what we found wrong with our country in present times, and how we would dream of ‘fixing’ it, if we could.   This list is by no means complete.  I invite other free thinkers to adjust and add to this list of things YOU would do to fix the problems we see with how the constitution had been circumvented.

Ideas are welcome.  Add your thoughts to the list.   At the very least, we can leave a digital record for the future!

when you’re hot, you’re hot

Posted by treefrog @ 14:52 on March 30, 2016  

something’s lighting a fire under caledonia mining.  calvf   cmcl (london)

If Trump

Posted by Ororeef @ 13:42 on March 30, 2016  

runs as an independent He Could WIN ! and destroy BOTH PARTYS……wouldent that be a HOOT!…

Hillary looks likeky to be indicted ,Bernie is a Socialist supported by the YOUNG and DUMB …..Bernies too old and wants to redistribute everything just like Venezuela did,and Hillary will likely die soon,if you watch her health and coughing with fainting spells !   Trump could easily win without the Republicans if they try to steal the election with corrupt back room deals at the Convention.  The Democrats are so corrupt its a disgrace ,they dont care how ..they just want to win….Trump has Independents,Blue Collar middle class voters that both Partys have sold OUT for the LAST 20 years ….

I think he could reshape both Parties if he wants to make the effort ,if he dosent we ARE DESTENED TO HAVE chaos & RIOTS ,A dictatorship ON OUR HORIZON probably via Military.   Nobodys vote counts anymore !  at Conventions.If you dont want Trump ,he could look like a sweet genteel man when you compare him to the NEXT GUY that fills that void.  Perot gave up and we got Trump ,if Trump gives up watch out for the NEXT GUY ..they will get increasingly more Militarist and Brutal.We will have an attempted Communist takeover and Chaos ! Obama will make his move at Dictatorship !  The current situation is exactly what brought Communists to Power in RUSSIA,CUBA ,Venezuela and the only way to get them out is FEET FIRST …look how long CUBA LASTED !,Venezuela dont even have toilet PAPER yet they cling to Power ! ALL that stands in their way is the 2nd Amendment  and thats looking very shaky !  Guns are the KEY …Putin was quoted as saying “we would never invade America ,”they all got Guns” “….and if they dont ?

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:41 on March 30, 2016  




Posted by ipso facto @ 10:33 on March 30, 2016  

Yeah I don’t blame him either. If they steal the nomination from him of course he shouldn’t support them.

“the best we’ve got to choose from” That’s saying quite a lot!

The More Corrupt the State, the More Numerous the Laws

Posted by WANKA @ 10:31 on March 30, 2016  

The More Corrupt the State, the More Numerous the Laws

by Nick Giambruno, Senior Editor


The More Corrupt the State, the More Numerous the Lawswj

2016-03-30 It’s crucial for your personal freedom to know the difference between committing a real crime and breaking the law. Subscribe to International Man


Today, I’m going to share one of the most important things I’ve learned traveling around the world: There’s a crucial difference between committing a real crime and breaking the law.

I’ve seen it firsthand in the Middle East as well as many other places.

The difference is huge and few people understand it.

While laws vary dramatically across countries, almost every country in the world universally considers real crimes immoral. A real crime involves harm or the threat of harm to person or property. Think murder, theft, or arson.

Virtually every government prohibits real crimes. Most also prohibit a lot of other things…

When someone breaks the law, it’s often not a real crime at all. He may have merely violated a particular government’s law without threatening or harming anyone or anything.

Keep in mind that the idea of a victimless crime is an oxymoron. If there is no victim, there is no real crime.

Insulting the Dear Leader in North Korea, being a woman who’s driving a car in Saudi Arabia, or possessing certain plants in the U.S. government all violate laws. But none of these activities harm or threaten people or property. They’re not real crimes. They simply violate the laws of certain governments.

Of course, I am not suggesting that anyone break the law anywhere, even if it wouldn’t harm people or property. As a practical matter, it’s foolhardy to violate any government’s laws while you’re within its reach. That is, unless you prefer the lifestyle of an outlaw or a martyr.

It would be risky to disparage the Dear Leader while in North Korea, or to possess an unapproved plant in the U.S., and so forth.

Distinguishing between real crimes (i.e., harming or threatening to harm people or property) and breaking the law is critical to your personal freedom. The next step is for you to minimize your exposure to arbitrary, make-believe “crimes” invented by your home government.

You can do this by diversifying internationally. That means moving some of your savings abroad in the form of physical gold to a safe jurisdiction, owning real estate in another country, opening foreign bank/brokerage accounts, and obtaining a second passport, among other things. Taking these steps will significantly dilute the power bureaucrats in your home country have over you.

This is what this publication is all about: maximizing your personal freedom and worldwide financial opportunities.

The more laws, regulations, and edicts your home government subjects you to, the more important it is to diversify internationally.

This problem is particularly obvious in the U.S., where every level of government is continually passing more laws…especially the federal government. There are so many vague, overly broad federal laws criminalizing mundane activities that it’s impossible for anyone to be 100% compliant.

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She was on her way to lunch… Walking down the street in plain daylight. And then… THIS happened. If you do one thing today, please take a look at this outrageous video. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

Many people think felonies only consist of major crimes like robbery and murder. But that isn’t true. An ever-expanding mountain of laws and regulations has criminalized even the most mundane activities.

It’s not as hard to commit a felony as you might think. Many victimless “crimes” are felonies.

A study by civil liberty lawyer Harvey Silverglate found that the average American inadvertently commits three felonies a day.

Today, there are thousands of federal crimes, and the number is constantly increasing. It brings to mind the words of the great Roman historian Tacitus: “The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws.”

Here’s what Doug Casey says.

Corruption can be defined as the taking of bribes of one type or another by officials in order to allow subjects to avoid taxes or regulations. Political corruption doesn’t, therefore, occur in totally free markets simply because there’s no taxation or regulation to avoid. Inevitably, and completely predictably, the more taxed and regulated a society is, the more necessarily corrupt it is.

Today in the U.S., the government won’t necessarily go after you if you break a law. After all, most everyone has technically broken some law. Instead, the government decides whom to go after and chooses which laws to enforce. A creative prosecutor can always find some crime to charge you with if he looks hard enough.

This doesn’t sound like the land of freedom and opportunity. It sounds like an out-of-control government.

If you think it’s bad now, just wait until American politicians get even more financially desperate. Like most governments in financial trouble, we think the U.S. will keep choosing the easy option…money printing on a massive scale.

This is a huge threat to your financial security. Politicians are playing with fire and inviting a currency catastrophe. The socio-political consequences are likely to be even more severe than the financial ones.

This is a big reason why we think everyone should own some gold. Gold is the ultimate form of wealth insurance. It has preserved wealth through every kind of crisis imaginable. It will preserve wealth during the next crisis, too.

But, if you want to be truly “crisis-proof”, there is much more you can do…

We’ve put together a short video explaining the other essential and easy-to-follow steps you can start taking today. Click here to watch it now.

Nick GiambrunoNick is Doug Casey’s globetrotting companion and is the Senior Editor of Casey Research’s International Man. He writes about economics, offshore banking, second passports, value investing in crisis markets, geopolitics, and surviving a financial collapse, among other topics. He is a CFA charterholder. In short, Nick’s work helps people make the most of their personal freedom and financial opportunity around the world. To get his free video crash course, click here.

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ipso facto @ 10:05

Posted by Floridagold @ 10:14 on March 30, 2016  

I can hardly blame him since Cruz and Kasich indicated they would not support him earlier in the week.  To think that Hillary, Sanders and these three are the best we got to choose from………….


Trump drops pledge to back Republican presidential nominee other than himself

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:05 on March 30, 2016  


Good morning Oasis

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:27 on March 30, 2016  

Fortuna Files Form 40-F, Annual Report


Gabriel Resources Ltd.: 2015 Annual Results, Fourth Quarter Report and Proposed Private Placement


Sierra Metals Reports Fourth Quarter and Year-End 2015 Financial Results


Continental Gold Files NI 43-101 Technical Report


OceanaGold announces receipt of its FTAA exploration permit renewal and updated resources and reserves


Serabi Gold plc (“Serabi” or the “Company”) Audited Results for the year ended 31 December 2015


Torex Declares Commercial Production at Its El Limon-Guajes Mine and Reports 2015 Year-End Financial Results


Aureus Mining Inc. – Financial Results for Year Ended December 31, 2015 and 2015 Operational Review


Atlantic Gold Provides Update With Phased Reclamation Security Arrangements for the MRC Project


Kinross Files Updated Technical Report for Tasiast


Kinross to spend $300 mln on N. Africa mine expansion


Portugeezer @ 8:34 on March 30, 2016

Posted by Ororeef @ 8:58 on March 30, 2016  

Bearish short term,,a matter of weeks  ,but if IM right a bottom in MAY 13-15 will be the best thing you have seen in your lifetime !

get prepared !  Get your act together,choose your best ideas and get aboard by the 13th of May ! Theres time to get it right,then sit tight !

When It Is NOT your time !

Posted by Floridagold @ 8:54 on March 30, 2016  




Posted by Ororeef @ 8:50 on March 30, 2016  

A women said to Trump yesterday ,”Why cant you be more like your Sons ?.They are so WELL Spoken .moderate and not prone to harsh rhetoric.

She was very pleased with his children.They dont smoke ,dont do Drugs ,dont drink….Neither does he !

BUT she criticizes him..!   Im thinking to myself :What a Stupid woman.!  She like the end result ,but don’t like the Rhetoric .His children are the result of his Rhetoric and more !  IF a parent takes action when a child is acting up ,is he being Harsh ? ,But she likes the end result !

Does the Captain of a ship need to take harsh maneuvers sometimes to keep the ship on coarse ? Do you criticize the Captain because he not “moderate” all the time ?   If hes sees a 50 foot wave s going to hit him sideways and roll the ship over ,should he be  moderate in his correction ?

Hell NO ! not if you want to be alive and get back to port.  She dosent trust the Captain ,wants a more moderate one ,but she likes the “END Results”  !  You hire a GOOD Captain then you let him run the ship,without second guessing him on every move he makes.!

What a stupid woman ! unfortunately there are many like her ,and men too ! Judge him by the end RESULTS and after 70 years his end RESULTS are very good and better than 99% of his detractors ! A proven end result guy ! If you want a wimp that changes his mind to facilitate the current fad and makes you “FEEL GOOD” hire someone else ! but dont expect the same results.!

Looks like you might be correct Ororeef

Posted by Portugeezer @ 8:34 on March 30, 2016  

Gartman Remains Bearish “Of Stocks”

“We are still going to err bearishly of stocks and certainly we shall not err bullishly of them. We are, in our retirement account here at TGL long of gold in EUR and Yen related terms.”

Post Yellen hangover

Posted by Buygold @ 8:25 on March 30, 2016  

for the metals anyway, can’t have a breakout

The SM on the other hand…


treefrog @ 23:20

Posted by Maya @ 1:58 on March 30, 2016  



We are everywhere!   :mrgreen:


Gold Heads Down in 2 Days

Posted by Ororeef @ 1:16 on March 30, 2016  
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