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Hi Maya

Posted by Portugeezer @ 10:34 on March 31, 2016  

Before we start to make changes, let’s put right things that are wrong.

Comex is an insurance facility.  It should be brought under insurance laws.  Fractional reserve banks, fractional reserve insurance and fractional reserve hedging facilities.

Comex should have to maintain a minimum of 9% physical Gold.  500:1 is 0.05%.  They will have to buy a lot of Gold in the open market, or invade Switzerland.  Hey I wonder if obarmy has thought of that!!

New laws must have the intent of the law in the title.  No other laws must be hidden within the text.  Obamacare will fall completely flat, as will most of his other spillings.

Lobbying is sheer bribery of politicians.  I don’t understand why it has not caused riots.  100% leverage on your cash if you give it to a politician. Ban it now.

Then start on your list.


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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.