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Moggy Thank you for your 14:50

Posted by Aguila @ 22:11 on April 24, 2016  

Those are some inspirational words right there.

Posted by treefrog @ 21:40 on April 24, 2016  


DT Arriving At Today’s Rally

Posted by commish @ 19:13 on April 24, 2016  

Mark Passio

Posted by Moggy @ 14:50 on April 24, 2016  

Mark Passio is WAY off base in his interpretation of the pyramid and its meaning. I’ll tell you what it means:

The pyramid represents a temple. The All-Seeing Eye at the apex represents man’s regenerated soul.  Man is the architect of a sublime mystery – the gleaming, glowing temple of his own soul.

Nature grants to man a gift and that gift is the privilege of labor. Through labor he learns all things.  Every soul is engaged in a great work – the labor of personal liberation from the state of ignorance.  This great work can be called the art of balance.  When you have completed the work of spiritual unfoldment, you become the capstone at the top of the pyramid.

Of Akhenaten, Arthur Weigall says: “He has given us an example three thousand years ago which might be followed at the present day; an example of what a husband and father should be, of what an honest man should do, of what a poet should feel, of what a scientist should believe, of what a philosopher should think.”  Among other things he created a new art, Stellar Art, and developed a method of treatment, Stellar Healing.  His healing, which embraced improving any condition in the life as desired, called for intelligent action to be taken to change both the trend of expression of the thought structure, or soul, and equally intelligent action to be taken to secure the proper physical environment to facilitate the work of the soul in bringing the desired condition or event into the life.  He taught that man should control his life and destiny to the end of contributing his utmost to universal welfare.  He was murdered by the priests of darkness who favored Tut.


Empire Files: Abby Martin Exposes What Hillary Clinton Really Represents

Posted by silverngold @ 14:06 on April 24, 2016  



Posted by goldielocks @ 13:09 on April 24, 2016  

More and more are converting away from Islam where jihad radicals are giving their religion a bad name and just seen another case and see one everyday. Obamas idea of being nice to them has just made things worse creating a monster. He won’t be happy till he sees the total destruction of any hope of humanity in the Mid East. He’s still after Syria next so this will not end nor the continued wave of refugees because of it.

Cruz and JFK

Posted by joe12pack @ 12:23 on April 24, 2016  

Just like George H Bush ran the CIA during JFK’s assassination…. now Cruz is linked. You just can’t make this stuff  2016-04-24_8-41-45

You know morale is bad when …

Posted by ipso facto @ 11:03 on April 24, 2016  

Islamic State Executes 45 Defectors By Freezing Them To Death


Mark Passio The Best Explanation Of The Illuminati Pyramid

Posted by silverngold @ 9:13 on April 24, 2016  

For your morning enlightenment.

Ororeef 10:38 Definition of insanity and Trump.

Posted by goldielocks @ 0:38 on April 24, 2016  

The voters definition of insanity……. “Voting for the establishment candidates over and over and over again and expecting a different results.”

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