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Posted by Maya @ 23:36 on April 27, 2016  


Posted by Maya @ 23:28 on April 27, 2016  

UNINSTALLING HILLARY █████████████▒▒▒ 90% complete.

something’s goosing the metals in the night

Posted by treefrog @ 23:12 on April 27, 2016  

could it be there’s a dragon stirring about in the orient?


Posted by joe12pack @ 23:02 on April 27, 2016  

scruffy– you need to get yourself down to Houston to see Dr. Burzynski.

This is the guy that came up with a cancer cure/treatment and the FDA shut him down and tried to steal his idea. He is still in business and operating and working within the system. He uses pharma drugs that are not approved for certain diseases with incredible success.


If I had cancer this is the first place I would go.

And this is the documentary about him if you haven’t seen it yet (Cancer is a Serious Business)


Posted by Ororeef @ 22:50 on April 27, 2016  

for wearing a “Black Lives Matter”   T-Shirt.   She’s a Racist !

Does it matter he was White?






“independant democratic socialist?”

Posted by treefrog @ 22:35 on April 27, 2016  

i think we should encourage bernie sanders to run on a third party ticket.  he could hire ross perot as campaign manager.

Trump Foreign Policy Speech

Posted by Buygold @ 21:46 on April 27, 2016  

Decide for yourself. I really don’t know.


Posted by ipso facto @ 20:52 on April 27, 2016  

This Is The End: Venezuela Runs Out Of Money To Print New Money


All of this brings us to today’s latest update in the sad story of Venezuela’s terminal collapse: today Bloomberg wrote a story that basically covers everything said above, noting that “Venezuela’s epic shortages are nothing new at this point. No diapers or car parts or aspirin — it’s all been well documented. But now the country is at risk of running out of money itself.”

Indeed, as we hinted three months ago, “Venezuela, in other words, is now so broke that it may not have enough money to pay for its money.”

Among the new information revealed by Bloomberg is that last month, De La Rue, the world’s largest currency maker, sent a letter to the central bank complaining that it was owed $71 million and would inform its shareholders if the money were not forthcoming. The letter was leaked to a Venezuelan news website and confirmed by Bloomberg News.


Posted by goldielocks @ 17:18 on April 27, 2016  

I like sardines but are they that safe with radiation in the oceans now? Yes it is a yin but can have green leafy vegs. With yin yang they also give herbs. Hopefully he can have a transplant. Acute form is sudden onset and more aggressive so less time to nip it in the bud. He could wind up with blood transfusions.

bye-bye $100M ??

Posted by drb2 @ 16:17 on April 27, 2016  

I wonder if they tell us everytime this happens? how about if it became a regular occurence? who ate the loss? did they really even have a loss, or did they just replace the stolen digits with keyboard presses?

it’s a bit different if someone steals $100m of Au



[snip from Sincalir’s site]…If your road to safety sits on the internet you better read the following.

MSM made a big thing out of the theft of almost $100 million but kept the fact that it was from the Swift money transfer system quiet….…. You think Swift did not protect themselves to the limits of tech know-how? They still received a great royal screwing.


Swift: fraudulent messages sent over international bank transfer system
World money exchange tells 11,000 financial institutions to update their software after US$81m was stolen from account of Bangladesh central bank
Tuesday 26 April 2016 02.15 BST

Swift, the global financial network that banks use to transfer billions of dollars every day, has warned its customers it is aware of “a number of recent cyber incidents” where attackers had sent fraudulent messages over its system.

The disclosure came as law enforcement authorities in Bangladesh and elsewhere investigated the cyber theft of US$81m (£55.9m) from the Bangladesh central bank account at the New York Federal Reserve. Swift has acknowledged the scheme involved altering Swift software on Bangladesh Bank’s computers to hide evidence of fraudulent transfers.

Monday’s statement from Swift marked the first acknowledgement that the Bangladesh Bank attack was not an isolated incident but one of several recent criminal schemes that aimed to take advantage of the global messaging platform used by some 11,000 financial institutions.

“Swift is aware of a number of recent cyber incidents in which malicious insiders or external attackers have managed to submit Swift messages from financial institutions’ back offices, PCs or workstations connected to their local interface to the Swift network,” the group warned customers.

The warning, which Swift issued in a confidential alert sent over its network, did not name any victims or disclose the value of any losses from the previously undisclosed attacks. Swift confirmed to Reuters the authenticity of the notice.


Scruffy–A depressed immune system is easily recoverable–but u need a plan and a

Posted by Richard640 @ 16:02 on April 27, 2016  

systematic implementation of that plan OVER TIME.

When people seek an alternative approach to curing, they grab at a hodge lodge-rag tag collection of things they’ve run across on the internet–tips from friends etc

The human stomach is not a chemical retort–wherein u just research a bunch of foods and supplements and throw them down the hatch–shake and bake and voila=a cure and good health.

Sorry to belabor a point but the macro diet is the optimum diet for the human metabolism–even if one has special needs–like a gluten allergy–that can be worked around–

The diet is based upon the traditional diet of the great civilizations of the world–what billions of people have been eating for 1000s of years=whole grains-beans-veggies-and a small quantity of animal products–I would stick to sardines–a whole grain with beans is a complete protein–just there is no b-12–which is abundant in sardines–also high in organic-pasteur-raised-grassfed lamb…fruits are a very small part of the diet–and not really appropriate for leukemia–since that is a yin disease–and fruits are yin–but never mind that for now…

I just hate to see so many friends get in trouble because they are confused about diet–even the “health-conscious” ones …who when something serious pops up–find that they are panicked and without any real resources to deal with their condition…

Here come the Scum…attack no 3

Posted by Maddog @ 15:20 on April 27, 2016  

Gotta make the closes look good in La.La Land.


Posted by Maddog @ 14:54 on April 27, 2016  

Keith Whiner has to be being paid by the Scum…..hardly any Silver is recycled at current prices, it just ain’t economic.

He is what the Scots call a Numpty.


and then we have theoreticians like Keith Wiener- is it whiner or weaner?

Posted by eeos @ 14:31 on April 27, 2016  

This guy talks from both sides of his mouth. He acts like physical is important sometimes, but I’d bet he own about 4 ounces. He never helps me understand anything. He’s always right too. Thanks Keith

We came across an article today, talking about silver supply troubles. We get it. The price of silver has rallied quite a lot, so the press needs to cover the story. They need to explain why. Must be a shortage developing, right?

At first, we thought to just put out a short Soggy Dollars post highlighting the error.

Then we thought we would go deeper. Here’s a graph showing the price action in silver since the beginning of the year, overlaid with our abundance indicator.

It’s uncanny, isn’t it? As the price has risen, silver has become more abundant to the market. Anyone buying silver on grounds of anticipated “supply troubles”—much less buying it with leverage—is making a mistake.

This doesn’t mean the rally couldn’t extend further. We would kind of expect that at this point, just from watching the momentum. It does mean that the story is false, and when the price action reverses, there are going to be dreadful losses. Especially to those who buy with leverage.

Let’s debunk a few other errors in the article.

“Output from mines will fall for the first time since 2011…”

Mankind has been accumulating silver for many thousands of years. Unlike gold, some of it is consumed. Unlike any ordinary commodity, most of it is not. Economists call this the ratio of stocks to flows—inventories divided by annual production. In gold and silver, stocks to flows is measured in decades. In ordinary commodities, it’s months. In wheat, crude oil, or lithium if inventories build up too much, that is called a glut. The price crashes until the glut is worked off.

There is no such thing as a glut in gold or silver, nor a shortage. This is part of what makes them money.

“Production is declining just as signs of stabilization in China’s economy fuel optimism…”

We would not bet on this.

“Both metals are benefiting from increased expectations that the Federal Reserve will be slow to raise interest rates this year…”

Every time we see this old saw, we wonder if anyone has access to historical gold prices and interest rates. Here’s a graph we published in our Outlook 2016.

Read more

Fed Casino

Posted by newtogold @ 14:23 on April 27, 2016  

Federal Reserve Casino copy_zpsybemq1up

Pretty sad state of affairs when the Scum have to physically move the Mkts

Posted by Maddog @ 14:18 on April 27, 2016  

to make their announcements look effective.

The Scum slowly but surely are becoming ineffective.

Yellen and Fed BS

Posted by newtogold @ 14:16 on April 27, 2016  



Early days…but is this the most pathetic intervention ever on Fed No’s

Posted by Maddog @ 14:05 on April 27, 2016  

is the mkt just saying tks very much….do u have any more, if not go forth and multiply.

Silver breakout

Posted by redneckokie1 @ 13:17 on April 27, 2016  

silver has definitely confirm the breakout to the upside. It will probably have breaks or trade sideways until the moving averages catch up. The moving averages are around $16-$16.50 so don’t panic on a sharp break.


Separated At Birth

Posted by commish @ 13:11 on April 27, 2016  

CAu5VDiWUAA6jiI Ted Cruz and Mr Haney from Hooterville.

Guess where the algos are set

Posted by Portugeezer @ 12:50 on April 27, 2016  

More Golden Fib hitsRich

Less Risky Growths Need Less Frightening Name Than Cancer

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 12:44 on April 27, 2016  

Imo? Cancer survivors probably did not have the REAL cancer, that just KILLS you no matter what you or THEY do. This is all part of the reversal trends I see. Trump is another reversal. The past has led and culminated to 2008 crisis. Waste of money is being curtailed out of need. Bernie Maddoff was the first example.

No more wasting money looks like a new REVERSAL trend. Nothing is a coincidence. Insurance companies need to save money, and insurance premium costs are too high.

The Media, (4th branch of gov’t) when they want to, can create or modify an opinion of the masses, a public belief in about two weeks. Remember the “Weapons of mass destruction” that were not there? After 9/11 everybody was “taught” to hate Sadam Hussein.

Naturally, the “old spoon fed news” on things are still out there, but “new spoon fed news” is creeping in.

“Jul 29, 2013 (Bloomberg) — Low-risk growths in the breast, prostate and elsewhere should no longer be named cancer and screening efforts to spot them should be cut back, a panel convened by the U.S. National Cancer Institute said.

Among their recommendations, the authors of yesterday’s medical journal editorial called for an independent, broad group under the auspice of an organization such as the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies to review and rename less-risky lesions and growths currently identified as cancer.


Docs Say Extra Tests Not the Key to Best Patient Care

In an effort to end medical over-testing, nine major medical professional organizations have banded together to try to change the way doctors use tests and procedures once considered fairly routine.

The campaign, Choosing Wisely, a joint effort led by the American Board of Internal Medicine Foundation and Consumer Reports, released a list of 45 common tests and procedures it hopes will be more carefully prescribed and performed.



Posted by NEMO @ 12:42 on April 27, 2016  

… regading D-3.

There are some indications in UK litterature, that one has to doubble my dose (That is up to 32000 units)if one have a fulminant cancer.

Can not verify those levels…. but have at least read it!!


All the best,


Thank you my friends

Posted by Scruffy @ 12:33 on April 27, 2016  

I REALLY appreciate ALL your thoughts and your prayers as indicated.

Up to the time I was diagnosed, I was as healthy as a puppy my whole life.  I ran three times a week and occasionally ran in road races doing pretty good against all those 50 and older. I was able to crank out 56 pushups on a bet in October ha ha ha.   I’ll be 70 in September


I have been taking Turmeric for years. I now take a form called BCM-95   Very hard to find but much more bio-available. I also take Rosemary and a black pepper oil as research has shown that both help get the active ingredients into the blood stream.  I also take large doses of D-3, selenium, and magnesium.  Did a lot of research and found the above all proven in real scientific studies. I totally ignore nearly all “studies” paid for by big pharma.

As for diet, I have had a balanced diet for years.  As soon as I learned that I had pancyropenia, I immediately cut out all wheat, most sugar, and grains in any quantity. I stepped up juicing, fresh fruits and veggies.  I still eat meat, but have strained to find no-hormone, no-antibiotic sources.

It was a very hard decision to accept chemo as a beneficial solution. The kicker was that over 90% my marrow stem cells showed genetic breakdown at as many as 7 sites. My numbers were so bad they were not even accepted as input into the IPSS. One Dr even commented that I should have been dead. !!

The chemo regiment is 5 days outpatient chemo first week (in and out in about 1.5 hours) . Three weeks at home doing whatever. At the end of the 4th week; blood workups to see where I am, then decide from there to repeat the process or not. I have had 3 days of chemo and I have experienced no side effects. That is very interesting to me.

My big hassel is keeping away from other people. I wear a surgical mask if I leave the house. I have essentially no immune system so avoidence of any kind of infection is paramount. I can’t even shave with a razor in fear of getting a cut as I have nearly 0 platelets.


I know, TMI lol

I’ll keep y’all informed as to the progress through this process.




Posted by NEMO @ 12:15 on April 27, 2016  

… LOL…. yes I did. My life is now also filled with Broussel sprots (spelling??) and “greens”. Mind you… it goes down, time to time, with a good fish or steak and a glass of good wine. There is also a life to live and enjoy!!

Thanks for commenting, now of to Scotland for a week.



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