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Don’t Even Think of a 3rd Party Candidate

Posted by commish @ 19:29 on July 9, 2016  

newtogold…no problem here….

Posted by WANKA @ 19:15 on July 9, 2016  

opps I turned left if this is not the land of the free and the home of the brave?
I think i’ll stick to the constitution and bill of rights for my guidance and when it does not conform to circumstances like hitlery and her merry fbi guy i’ll pass go and collect my 200 dollars. just a game folks so move along nothing to see here just move along! wj

maya LOL very creative! and in closing

Posted by WANKA @ 18:59 on July 9, 2016  

dear dept of permanent investigation toon1fso fwiw toon01😉 wj

Re: Posted by newtogold @ 15:17 on July 9, 2016

Posted by MetalsGuy @ 18:37 on July 9, 2016  

I tried to open that 9/11 file and got a virus warning. Anyone else?


Posted by ipso facto @ 18:31 on July 9, 2016  

Especially since you’re more accustomed to crayons! Emoji_1F605


Posted by Buygold @ 18:10 on July 9, 2016  

“Please get your pencils, download this paper, and check the applicable choices”

Does it have to be a No. 2 pencil?

Just askin’ 🙂

Commentary: New takeover bid rules take effect in Canada

Posted by ipso facto @ 18:03 on July 9, 2016  

Commentary: New takeover bid rules take effect in Canada

Commentary: New takeover bid rules take effect in Canada

Miners working underground at the Seabee gold mine in Saskatchewan. Silver Standard made a bid for the project in March. Credit: Claude Resources.


As of today, new takeover bid rules have taken effect across Canada. These new rules will undoubtedly have a significant impact on the Canadian mining sector, which accounts for approximately 40% of the number of listed companies on the Toronto Stock Exchange and TSX Venture Exchange.

The new rules are intended to enhance the quality and integrity of the takeover bid regime and rebalance the dynamic between bidders, target boards and target shareholders by facilitating target shareholders’ ability to make voluntary, informed and coordinated tender decisions; and providing target boards with additional time and discretion when responding to a takeover bid.

The key aspects of the new rules are:

• Bids must now be open for at least 105 days (up from 35 days) unless the target board (a) states in a news release that a shorter deposit period (not less than 35 days) is acceptable, or (b) has agreed to enter into, or determined to effect, an alternative transaction, in which case all contemporaneous takeover bids must remain open for a deposit period of at least 35 days.

• A new minimum tender condition that acts as a de facto minority vote on any deal since a bid must receive tenders of more than 50% of the outstanding securities of the class that are subject to the bid, excluding securities owned by the bidder and a related requirement to extend a bid for an additional 10 days if the 50% condition is satisfied and all other terms and conditions of the bid have been met or waived.

As intended, the new rules significantly shift leverage from hostile bidders to target directors and shareholders. Some of the likely impacts of the new rules include:

• Hostile bids are harder — The longer bid period enhances the ability of target boards to locate potential white knight bidders or recommend to shareholders that they reject the hostile bid. The longer bid period should also make it more difficult or expensive for bidders to obtain financing.

• Potential coercion minimized — The 50% condition and 10-Day extension requirement take away what has traditionally been one of the most effective tactics available to a hostile bidder: the ability to waive its minimum tender condition and acquire “any and all” tendered shares. Under the old rules, shareholders would not know before the tender deadline what the outcome of the bid would be, leading to persistent concerns that shareholders had to tender to avoid being “left behind” with an illiquid investment.

• Hostile bid tactics will evolve — Since a bid’s success or failure will turn on collective decision-making by the target shareholders, we expect that bidders will devote more resources to aggressive public relations and solicitation campaigns (e.g., social media, white papers, websites, etc.) to convince shareholders to tender. Proxy solicitors, public relations consultants and social media experts will become key members of the deal team on both sides of the transaction.

• Rights plans will remain in place — Although the need for targets to adopt “tactical” rights plans in the face of a hostile bid will decrease, issuers are likely to keep rights plans to prevent “creeping” takeover bids that are still possible through the takeover bid exemptions (for instance, the new rules do not impact the ability to acquire shares under a private agreement or through limited market purchases).

In today’s environment of low commodity prices and with many mining companies trading at or near historic lows, the new rules should provide welcome relief to target companies fearing opportunistic bids.

While the new rules rebalance the playing field, they do not abandon the Canadian principle that a target board cannot indefinitely “just say no.” If there is an offer on the table, shareholders will have the final say.

Read more at http://www.stockhouse.com/companies/bullboard/v.icg/integra-gold-corp#xRE4jID1bgg5oaIU.99
Read more at http://www.stockhouse.com/companies/bullboard/v.icg/integra-gold-corp#StF3udfTzF3LeYeS.99

Maya @ 14:50 re Our governmental vigilance against potential terrorism

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 16:11 on July 9, 2016  

That was fun to read, and is related to my disciplinarian post at 14:59. Many of the “little people” disciplinarians, progressed, and got elected or employed in various jobs.

I took a few words out of that story that relate to my view about many of the little tyrants out there. When I was a kid, we burned leaves in the street. We could let our dog Pokey go outside by himself, all day, and the neighbors used to feed him. Real estate and Stock market sales were not even reported. We were trusted.

The entertainment you consume, and the education of your children.

You must be carefully watched over by imperfect human beings, like your neighbors or the village building code enforcement and the uncontrollable self-importance of village trustees etc.

You are an enemy of the control freaks if you don’t freely and spontaneously agree with their thoughts.

They don’t like being disagreed with re their authoritarian whims and are certified professional troublemakers

A five minute review of 9/11

Posted by newtogold @ 15:17 on July 9, 2016  

This Is The Best 9/11 Video You Will Ever See

Re All The Crazy Disciplinarian People are Products Of The Mass Media

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 14:59 on July 9, 2016  

Check out this video. Motor cyclist with his girl on the back, tries to pass slow moving traffic, and a DISSAPLINARIAN piece of crap cuts him off, collides with him, and runs him tumbling off the road. And it was not the first time this typical control freak type bone head “disciplined” someone.

The media has created millions of these neurotics. They complain about EVERY thing. Live and let live disappeared with the Gold Standard back in 1971. Watch out on the roads. Road rage. If you get cut off, or some bone head THINKS you cut him off, just ignore them. They are scanning and trolling for people to discipline. The shooter in Dallas is another example.

Turn Yourself In, already!

Posted by Maya @ 14:50 on July 9, 2016  

Turn Yourself In and Get It Over With
by Diane Harvey merak@sedona.net
Official Notice
From: The U.S.Department of Permanent Investigation
To: Selected U.S. Citizens

Our governmental vigilance against hidden sources of potential terrorism is, as you know, expanding rapidly. It quite naturally includes the deepest suspicion directed toward those of you so dangerously misguided as to foolishly disagree with any of our activities. The thought of the United States of America continuing to tolerate so-called normal citizens who insist on harboring hurtful negative attitudes toward those holding the reins of power is clearly unacceptable. Such disagreement is shockingly counterproductive to a beleaguered government trying to rid itself of a few dangerous enemies while simultaneously taking over as much of the world’s resources as possible. Because if you think this is easy to pull off without too many people noticing, you can think again.

Government policy encouraging citizen-on-citizen spying has been sadly misunderstood by those of you who have not yet willingly embraced the idea of reforming yourselves the easy way, before someone else does it for you. You have to understand: we can’t be too careful about these things because we really, seriously, need to get our own way here. Uncritical, whole-hearted acceptance of authority, and support for our every little overt and covert aim, is not that much to ask. Furthermore, divisiveness among the populace on this issue of self-spying is turning out to be a pointlessly time-consuming drain on our dwindling national resources.

For instance: are you one of those who have been frivolously wasting time, waiting around for the dreaded midnight pounding on your door? Have you been experiencing nonproductive periods at workk, fretting over job security due to a few too many carelessly expressed opinions at that last office party? Have you said anything at all, at any moment, which could possibly be construed as less than fully complimentary to those morally and intellectually superior individuals who were (possibly) elected to run your country on your behalf? If so, then you are shamelessly squandering your nation’s human resources, since other people are going to have to be keeping an eye on you for the rest of your life. Do you really think that is being fair to them?

Or perhaps you have already had the good sense to be terrified, and have therefore swallowed your highly unpopular opinions all along. Maybe you are idly wondering how long it will be before our technology can pick your real thoughts straight from your congenitally insubordinate brain. (It won’t be long.) In any case, you know who you are. You are the ones who nag, nitpick, and think you can find fault with the strategies of your worthy leaders in Washington. You loathe us and all our works, national difficulties notwithstanding, and you are wondering if we know it too. Well, we do.

You have not thought this problem through with sufficient thoroughness. Because human nature will very likely, sooner or later, turn against you in ways even your feverish imagination cannot predict. Remember, you once lodged an official complaint with animal control about that incessantly barking neighbor’s dog. Or maybe you fired a crooked, inefficient, or superfluous employee. What about that romantic attachment that ended so acrimoniously? Perhaps you simply know something unpleasant about someone, who really would rather you didn’t run around loose knowing what you know, just because. In any case, what with being a human being and all, you are certain to have mortally offended someone else’s ego- sometime, somewhere, somehow. And now you have to wonder if there will be highly unpleasant consequences.

Well, yes, there will be. We realize that even ordinary decent government-loving folk occasionally must succumb to urges for petty revenge. We understand that even proper citizens, ferociously dedicated to our administration, will now and again swell with uncontrollable self-importance, when handed irresistibly juicy power over others. Therefore this business of your hanging around endlessly worrying about being fingered by the evil eye is utterly useless. Of course you must be carefully watched over by imperfect human beings: what did you think? You are recklessly wasting your country’s time and energy by forcing your fellow citizens to try to assess exactly how serious those rude jokes you made about the current administration really were. Surely you can see that it is a terrible drain on the economy to be forced to have two thirds of the country awkwardly skulking around spying on the other third?

You ought to know by now if your inner thoughts meet the standards of our updated and expanded guidelines for possible enemies of the state. We’ve certainly planted enough hints out there. But you may well have been remiss in the necessarily stern and uncompromising requirements for self-examination along these lines. Therefore, in order to facilitate your efforts, we include here a brief but hopefully evocative excerpt from our larger work-in-progress, The Encyclopedia of Internal Enemies, Volume 23.

Please get your pencils, download this paper, and check the applicable choices. Be sure to return your answers promptly to our department.

1. You are an enemy of the state if you have deliberately failed to applaud enthusiastically at the end of each and every official public utterance during these difficult times. And don’t think no one noticed.

2. You are an enemy of the state if you persist in believing, contrary to all government issue press releases, that there are real live human beings out there in other countries. We have very firmly made it clear that that is hardly the point.

3. You are an enemy of the state if you have ever thought that the sudden disappearance of every last one of the powerful leaders and authorities on this planet would result in a giddy celebration lasting for centuries. Such fantasies are not only very cruel, but actionable under current slander laws, and constitute grounds for permanent incarceration in solitary confinement.

4. You are an enemy of the state if you ever try to stick your nose where it is not wanted, in relation to the very tricky matters regarding the United States Constitution versus Homeland Security, which are none of your business. And if you still don’t believe it is none of your business, just ask your expensively elected representative.

5. You are an enemy of the state if you resist in any way the dictates, stated or implied, of the official government, military and corporate establishments who know what’s best for you. The fact that they have more money than you do is all the proof you need of their suitability for making your important decisions. The food you eat, the water you drink, the medical advice you take, the entertainment you consume, and the education of your children are by now completely handled and none of your concern. We know what we are doing here, and we have already told you that more than once.

6. You are an enemy of the state if you annoyingly question government and military secrecy when this is so clearly stated now to be a veritable cornerstone of the democratic process. Keep in mind that when it comes to matters of national security, you could be in a whole lot of trouble for practically anything whatsoever. And you probably are, so don’t push it.

7. You are an enemy of the state if you question the idea that multinational corporations and the perfectly natural excesses of capitalism are somehow or other protected protected by the Constitution of the United States of America. This is so fundamental we don’t really need to say it. So don’t make us say it again.

8. You are an enemy of the state if you have anywhere, at any time, so much as breathed the word “environmentalism” – even alone in a locked room. The use of the word “green” is permitted, if you happen to be working on a full-page advertisement for a large energy conglomerate.

The above list, as you can see for yourself, represents a woefully incomplete compendium of your innate potential for grievous offense against your country. Basically, what it all boils down to is that you are an enemy of the state if you don’t freely and spontaneously agree with the thoughts of those of us in positions of authority, anywhere and everywhere. Any fool could see that, one would think. Frankly, we don’t like being disagreed with. Why would we?

We welcome your individual contributions in response to this Official Notice, just as soon as you have examined your conscience and made a full and frank confession. You will then be free to shorten your sentence somewhat by offering additions we haven’t thought of yet to this list. We hope, with your help, to compile the definitive version of all conceivable infractions of any local, state or federal rules, laws, customs, or sincere authoritarian whims, which you or anyone else might have been, are now, or may be guilty of in the future.

The main thing is not really even what you have specifically done, or will do. There’s bound to be something, and you know it. The point is to shortcut all this uncomfortable uncertainty you are living in as an amateur or even, heaven help you, a certified professional troublemaker. Therefor we have instituted what we believe is a highly effective new plan for speeding up this entire process. We are asking each and every one of you who has ever had any sort of wicked thought whatsoever about The Establishment to give yourselves up and turn yourselves in to the authorities immediately. This will save everyone concerned a considerable amount of troublesome waiting, not to mention your tax dollars. What with one thing and another, present estimates for the number of in-house enemies-of-the-state run to the millions at the very least. For this reason we ask for your patience in regard to the expected long lines and waiting times.

Kindly observe the following steps for turning yourself in:

If you don’t know the location or even the identity of your local authorities, just ask and we will forward you the names, and directions for finding them. They aren’t always who you think they are.

Please do not try to turn yourselves in to the media, as they are not yet set up for handling crowds.

Consider bringing at least a box lunch, as this is going to take some time. Sanitary arrangements will be provided, but don’t expect anything fancy. Outside food vendors will be permitted between the hours of 11am – 1pm, and 4pm – 6pm, for the first week, in most states.

For your entertainment while you are waiting, we have arranged for continual closed-circuit preview presentations of the upcoming reality-based Fox television series, “The Noble, Highly Paid and Exciting Lives of Citizen-Spies.”
No radios, cell phones, wrist watches, writing implements, or reading material will be allowed beyond the first stage of processing. And don’t bother bringing your belts, extra clothing, or personal grooming materials.

We ask that you place all children under six with politically correct relatives before you leave the house. Be sure to fill out all the necessary adoption papers.

Thank you. In conclusion, we wish to express our deepest appreciation ahead of time for your patience and cooperation. We want you all to know we are sincerely looking forward to working with you and getting to know you much, much better.

Yours truly,
The Department of Permanent Investigation.

The Great Depression….1929 – 1941

Posted by Moggy @ 13:58 on July 9, 2016  

The Memoirs of Herbert Hoover



OH Brother. Special Effects?

Posted by commish @ 13:26 on July 9, 2016  


Posted by Moggy @ 13:17 on July 9, 2016  

Most excellent, my friend.  So glad to see you posting.

A Tall Ship

moggy my mean avg this year on phyzz is $15.05

Posted by WANKA @ 12:57 on July 9, 2016  

i’ll drink to that! toon4wj

Morning Farmboy

Posted by Buygold @ 12:20 on July 9, 2016  

Indeed, the SM is being led by dividend yielding REITs, Utilities and Telecoms.

A buddy of mine couldn’t understand why one of his wife’s mutual funds was up 14% this year. I asked him to look at the top holdings. You guessed it, at the top were REITs. he asked me if I thought they’d go down soon. I told him I didn’t know, I suppose they could go higher if bond yields continue to drop.

I told him I thought he should see if they had a pm mutual fund available to put 10-20% as a hedge…

Think what will be different this time around is that pm’s won’t drop with the SM like they did in 09′

Clif HIgh and his linguistics

Posted by Moggy @ 11:48 on July 9, 2016  

are predicting silver to double (to $38) this month…gold to double in the winter.

Who Was This Micah X Johnson ?

Posted by Farmboy @ 10:30 on July 9, 2016  

His now pulled Facebook pages reveal a lot. He liked pages connected to Elijah Mohammed, the founder of the Nation of Islam, and also like The New Black Panther Party and the Black Riders Liberation Party.

Micah Xavier Johnson: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

LurkerSince95 @ 21:47 Great To See You Are Still Lurkering ! :)

Posted by Farmboy @ 10:19 on July 9, 2016  

Hope you are faring well old healer and spiritual one. Doing well at this end, and thanks again.

Appreciate that heads up on the link for reading material. Have a meeting this morning with one of my ‘spritual adivsors’, and afterwards my day will consist of perusing that link since the heat index in Atlanta is in the triple digits, again. Too hot to do a damn thing ! Praying that Gold is setting up for a big run up. I need some bucks to install an air conditioner outside on the back porch so I can fire up the grill. (grin)

Later, Farmboy ( who still remembers a meeting in the Ga Mountains. )

Aguila @ 20:30 Waiting For That Post…

Posted by Farmboy @ 10:09 on July 9, 2016  

Good to see you dropping in at the Oasis. Another sign from the 70’s? Oh wait, the Oasis was not around then. 🙂 And you were probably still in grade school. lol

Morning Buygold, Speaking of 2007 Comparison,

Posted by Farmboy @ 9:54 on July 9, 2016  


found this article on CNBC speaking of similar action in the overall markets as compared to 2007.

From the way the Precious has been acting so strange and with much strength, perhaps there is a correlation between now and the ‘blast from the past’. Gold ready for the moon shot? Think silver is the igniter of the launch. As Maya would say, ” All Aboard !”

” In fact, one of the last times we saw defensive sectors outperform riskier ones was in 2007, just before the onset of the financial crisis.” – CNBC Report



Ps) Just for kicks I just googled ‘racial tensions’ in the 1970’s. This was the first article to pop up. Very interesting…“R acial tensions were high in 1970, as blacks became frustrated with economic conditions that did not improve despite advancements in civil rights.” 


Similar to coming out of the 74-76′ gold bear market?

Posted by Buygold @ 9:20 on July 9, 2016  

Complete with graphs


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