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Posted by Auandag @ 23:37 on July 11, 2016  

MENTALLY ILL AMERICA: The 10 delusional demands of political correctness you are required to accept, despite the contradictory evidence witnessed with your own eyes

Political correctness

Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 23:06 on July 11, 2016  

Yep but housing was going up for awhile. Then higher end started slowing after medium did but a part of that , big part, was the banks. They stopped lending. People couldn’t sell or refi less at a great loss then started plummeting as panic set in, Then they get bailed out and hold the foreclosed homes  till prices went up not lemding after they got bailed out to lend or made it very difficult. They’ll probably move up into this election and then what I don’t know lol

Gold didn’t pass by much or very long or hold as yet 1375-80 so do we head down from here or not seems to be current resistance. It seems it could go as low as about 1252 and still maintain uptrend. Either way we have strong fundamentals for a bull market and surprises going forward no matter the drops other than holding on to your gains without becoming a nervous trader lol

@Wanka, @Goldilocks

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 21:51 on July 11, 2016  

Roger those comebacks, thank you. And cannuckgoldlives @ 21:19 is the Gold malaise done?

YES! Finally. Another way to look at it is the Establishment Status Quo malaise done? YES! Even they must have known their experiment was doomed after the 2000 dot com bust, the following recession in ’01 and then 9/11/01 attack REALLY screwed them up in many ways.

To over ride the dot com bust, and 9/11, they dropped rates and created a real estate boom that lasted until ’06 ’07? Then the real estate crash and all the bad loans was the final coup de gra.

Lower UN Dollar and higher Gold is a no brainer to me since Dec 2015.

Well, is the Gold malaise done?

Posted by cannuckgoldlives @ 21:19 on July 11, 2016  

It appears to be gaining strength.  Time I start rethinking my Gold junior boycott 🙂

I do still have some PNP, only down 98.9% so far and a little GWG down 99.5%, and 2 others down only 95%.  But no other gold holdings other than some physical.

The bottom has to be in, right?  I will have to start researching some old names, although it looks like I missed the boat on many since Jan of this year.

Need to get caught up on some reading, hope all are doing well, I see some familiar names.


ororeef LOLOL

Posted by WANKA @ 21:17 on July 11, 2016  

big bertha is for you! and a kilo bar goldbigmomma250kilowj

goldie .. my vote is for ……

Posted by WANKA @ 21:14 on July 11, 2016  

trump!!! our next pres for 4 or 8 years. if he do good in 4 then 8 is a no-brainer. then I can retire.toon3awj

COMMISH 18:30 whew….

Posted by WANKA @ 21:11 on July 11, 2016  

I’m so glad I’m Italian! buygold is irish ya know… 🙂 wj

Well, tomorrow is July 12th

Posted by Buygold @ 21:05 on July 11, 2016  

Clif’s web bots and their accuracy are on trial. Tomorrow is supposed to be the start of the July silver double.

We’ll see.


Posted by goldielocks @ 19:28 on July 11, 2016  


I aint NO DUMMY !

Posted by Ororeef @ 18:54 on July 11, 2016  

I just got back from the Bank ..I had a refund check from an insurance company made out by Deutchebank  ,,,I rushed out of the house with it ,I told the Teller “I want to CASH this check”  He said “you want to deposit it?” ,I said NO ,He said “can I have your DEBIT Card “,I said NO, here is my account Number& ID   ….CASH Please    WOW that was close!    Took the CASH  and RAN  !  He never knew I was a GOLD BUG   !


Posted by goldielocks @ 18:50 on July 11, 2016  

On my FB it pops up a lot saying voting against Hillary is the most patriotic thing you can do. That about sums it up.

Note also .  The Supreme Court Justices are getting old and may retire.  The  LAST thing we need is crooked Killery whos after hand guns too and her Muslim advisors choosing new ones possibly muslim at that. We know she’ll go after free speech to further dictatorship. Remember her quote about being at battle with alternative media,  losing control of their propaganda.

Not just in the US and again cops take the brunt not the let them eat cake government.

Posted by goldielocks @ 18:36 on July 11, 2016  

Civil unrest is exploding. The biggest and most violent protest in Germany erupted in Berlin over the weekend, exactly with our models calling for an explosion in civil unrest. Some 1800 police were called in and at least 120 policemen were injured in what became a street battle. This has been the most aggressive and violent protest in Germany in the past five years. Protesters were throwing bottles, cobblestones, and fireworks, and they destroyed cars in addition to attacking police officers. It appears at least 3,500 rioters took part in the uprising.
The protest is against police operations and mostly involves young people who have risen up against the police operations in the Riga street area. Protesters wore black hoods and carried banners with slogans like “Riga defend 94” and “Housing solidarity against state terror.” The demonstration went on with the crowd chanting repeatedly: “Bullenschweine get out of Riga!” Demonstrators threw firecrackers and police fired back with tear gas. The police also called in air support, employed helicopters, and called in for reinforcements from Bavaria, Brandenburg, Lower Saxony, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Thuringia, and the Federal Police. Interior Senator Frank Henkel (CDU) announced after the demonstration that the police will now be present at night in an attempt to stop riots and arson attacks.

Civil Unrest Explodes in Berlin: Over 3500 People Riot Against Police

They Need WANKA Firepower

Posted by commish @ 18:30 on July 11, 2016  

Mr Copper and Wanka

Posted by goldielocks @ 18:14 on July 11, 2016  

I just wrote a lot then it froze and then dissapeared. To try to shorten it. Again the whole Justice system from civil rights view is biases and slanted. As far as cops they need better leaders who send the messages and this pressure behind gov corruption. Why we need to look beyond it. As far as cops accidents can happen. It’s the willful acts or seemingly coward acts even killing their own causing unrest and will just get worse. That can include cops who shouldn’t be cops and poor training. Then DAs and Judges. This may seem far out but think it makes sense. They should have a town and work for weeks in that make shift town with blanks and make SURE their blanks in all sorts of scenarios from pulling people over to robbers, domestic violence, car accidents, drugs, hostages, suicide or attempted by cop, other plain cloths around, whatever they will see on the streets..

Wanka yeah I seen it. They think it’s for the taking and look at the UN too. I have no problem with muslims coming here IF they agree to abide by our laws, our constitution, and to work not use they system for a free ride or to plan any further Attacks or take over, that they should have to sign and agree to that and if they don’t they can be deported. The problem is their beliefs are contrary to our constitution.

mr copper 16:57 and goldie 16:12

Posted by WANKA @ 18:00 on July 11, 2016  

in 1980 gold went to the 850 marker and silver 50 marker and effectively a 17 ratio with dow a 1 yes a 1 ratio…..hows them potatoes! history repeats and I say bring it on…..I’m ready for the ratio game. :mrgreen: wj

mr copper

Posted by WANKA @ 17:45 on July 11, 2016  

toon4mgold and silver will be up big tomorrow…in fact they will start tonight in hong kong and fly to da moon! that’s my story and I’m stickin to it too! toon4awj

mr copper 15:46

Posted by WANKA @ 17:41 on July 11, 2016  

yes its a skitsoid country now with the favors on high and tons of poor idiots sitting in jail for minor crap like peeing on a tree stump in the park or smoking a joint. toon1v

goldie 15:52 and a clean sweep too! email today…..

Posted by WANKA @ 17:33 on July 11, 2016  

This is absolutely unthinkable that nobody, especially the CIA, would have noticed this….

Trump is starting to look better all the time.

This information has all been checked, then double checked… it is 100% Correct.

That’s why there is such an alarm within US government, since Trump’s statement about temporary suspension of migration of Muslims to US until US authorities make sure there is a proper concept of safe penetration of US territory.

People are stunned to learn that the head of the U.S. CIA is a Muslim! Do hope this wakes up some!

Until it hits you like a ton of bricks read it again, until you understand!

We now have a Muslim government in the USA!

John Brennan, current head of the CIA converted to Islam while stationed in Saudi Arabia.

Obama’s top adviser, Valerie Jarrett, is a Muslim who was born in Iran where her parents still live.

Hillary Clinton’s top adviser, Huma Abedin is a Muslim, whose mother and brother are still involved in the now outlawed Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt!

Assistant Secretary for Policy Development for Homeland Security, Arif Aikhan, is a Muslim .

Homeland Security Adviser, Mohammed Elibiary, is a Muslim.

Obama adviser and founder of the Muslim Public Affairs Council, Salam al-Marayati, is a Muslim.

Obama’s Sharia Czar, Imam Mohamed Magid, of the Islamic Society of North America is a Muslim.

Advisory Council on Faith-Based Neighborhood Partnerships, Eboo Patel, is a Muslim.

Nancy Pelosi announced she will appoint Rep Andre Carson, D-Ind, a Muslim , as the first Muslim lawmaker on the House of Representatives Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, of all things! It would make Carson the first Muslim to serve on the committee that receives intelligence on the threat of Islamic militants in the Middle East! He has he suggested that U.S. schools should be modeled after Islamic madrassas, where education is based on the Quran!!!

Last but not least, our closet Muslim himself, Barack Hussein Obama.

It’s questionable if Obama ever officially took the oath of office when he was sworn in. He did not repeat the oath properly to defend our nation and our Constitution. Later the Democrats claimed he was given the oath again, in private. Yeah, right.

CIA director John Brennan took his oath on a copy of the Constitution, not a Bible??

Valarie Jarret wrote her college thesis on how she wanted to change America into a Muslim friendly nation and she is a Obama top advisor!

Congressman, Keith Ellison took his oath on a copy of the Qur’an, NOT the Bible!

Conservative Congresswoman Michele Bachman, R-MN, was vilified and verbally tarred and feathered by Democrats when she voiced her concern about Muslims taking over our government!

Considering all these appointments, it would explain why Obama and his minions are systematically destroying our nation, supporting radical Muslim groups worldwide, opening our southern border, and turning a blind eye to the genocide being perpetrated on Christians all over Africa and the Middle East!

The more damage Obama does, the more arrogant he’s become!

Our nation and our government has been infiltrated by people who want to destroy us! It can only get worse!

In his book Obama said, “if it comes down to it, I will side with the Muslims”.



Posted by Mr.Copper @ 17:26 on July 11, 2016  

Dumb emotional people simply do dumb things. There are some cops that are not naturally inclined or streetwise to be cops. Ex Marines are perfect. Many people and some woman, go after the job just for the generous pay and benefits. This below is just in my local area.

Cry of ‘Gun!’ Is Claimed in Fatal Shooting of Fellow Officer
However, someone seems to have yelled something: officers have said that a civilian at the chaotic scene — possibly a retired New York City police sergeant — was heard yelling “Gun! Gun!” or words to that effect just before Officer Geoffrey J. Breitkopf, who was in plain clothes and carrying a rifle, was shot on Saturday night, Mr. Carver said.

If the account is accurate, it adds a member of a third police department, albeit retired, to the scrum of officers outside a crime scene where a lack of recognition among officers proved fatal. The officer who fired the fatal shot was from the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s police department.


Friendly fire by ex-Nassau cop likely killed hero ATF agent at drugstore holdup:
INVESTIGATORS believe the federal agent who heroically foiled a Long Island pharmacy robbery was killed by friendly fire from a retired Nassau County police lieutenant, sources said Monday.

John Capano, 51, an off-duty agent with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, was picking up cancer medicine for his elderly father when he got caught up in the stickup at Charlie’s Family Pharmacy in Seaford on Saturday.


Mr Cooper

Posted by goldielocks @ 17:26 on July 11, 2016  

Heres a interesting article on the rise and fall of the 1980 high. We have similar circumstances maybe even worse now. Maybe why their tryimg to keep the inflation numbers down but now caught between a rock and hard place.


Me Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 17:16 on July 11, 2016  

Yes I remember the gold move in the 70s but wasn’t following it due to no computers then but aware. I was having a baby breach and no OB doctor in the hospital where their yelling over the speaker will ANY OB doctor come to delivery stat!!??!! Lol I just delivered her myself. So if someone says you don’t know what pain is I can say no YOU don’t know what pain is or pushing aside that kind of pain for another. The gold bug in me though kept a eue on it but missed that day lol   I remember those high interest rates making it ridiculous for both buyers and sellers in housing.  What I think will happen this time is that a interest rate ” could ” drive things down then will quickly recover. People think it will go the other way and got taken by surprise after they raised it. If they ever go that high again which seems unlikely but who knows Ill get ready go grab up some CDs.

PDF on Rye Patch Gold and the Florida Canyon acquisition

Posted by ipso facto @ 17:13 on July 11, 2016  


goldielocks @ 16:12

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 16:57 on July 11, 2016  

Thanks for the comeback. $1300 and $1280 support makes sense. But I’m thinking we may never see those numbers for the rest of our lives. Interest rate rise? And maybe we get a little dip.

I remember 1970 to 1980. Rates and gold went up together. Rates went 6% to 21% as gold went $140 in ’75 to $800 around 1980. I think globalization is in reverse, and that UN Dollar we have could drop a lot, over time, and restore industrial independent prosperity to the USA. AU and AG look good long term.


Posted by goldielocks @ 16:52 on July 11, 2016  

How bout if you come across a dumb girlfriend who yells out my boyfriend has a gun sparking a alert and he doesn’t have  a gun ponted on you do you shoot him or tell him to keep his hands where you can see them.

Germany Can’t Save Deutsche Bank!

Posted by ipso facto @ 16:49 on July 11, 2016  

The belief by Wall Street that Germany will not allow Deutsche Bank to fail is fading. Post the Brexit, tensions are running high among the remaining members, as seen in the spat between Germany and Italy. Due to the earlier hard stance of the Germans, it is likely that any move to bailout DBK will face considerable resistance from all of the member nations.
If allowed to fail, DBK will cause a ‘crisis’ many times over that of which Lehman Brothers did.
The final meltdown commences!

cont. http://www.silverdoctors.com/gold/gold-news/germany-cant-save-deutsche-bank/

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