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What if Whites Strike Back?

Posted by Auandag @ 23:38 on July 12, 2016  

Guest Post by Mychal Massie

It would serve race mongers well to consider that even a docile old dog will bite you if you mistreat it often enough and long enough. Tangential to same is the reality of the “laws of unintended consequences.”

I’m tired of seeing, reading, and hearing white people blamed for everything from black boys not being able to read to whites being privileged because of the color of their skin. If I am tired of these Americans being used as scapegoats to further the agenda of race mongers, then it is a sure bet that those being unjustly vilified are especially weary of same.

This isn’t 1860 and it certainly isn’t 1955. There are no slaves in America and there are no Jim Crow laws dictating access based on skin color. Specific to that point it is time to remind people like Obama, Al Sharpton, and the New Black Panther Party that the racial discord they are fomenting can become the harbinger of their own peril.

Obama foments racial unrest and a racial divide to further his neo-Leninist agenda. Sharpton foments racial unrest for personal gain. The New Black Panther Party foments racial hostilities and the demonization of whites in the foolish belief they can bring about a Western version of apartheid where blacks rule.

Too many blacks have lost sight of the fact that it was Africans who were responsible for the enslavement of other Africans. It was war, invasion, conquest, and various caste systems that contributed to slavery. And although one would be hard-pressed to believe it from the invented myths that masquerade as fact, persons of color were not the only slaves.

From Genesis to the Sudan of today, slavery has been a staple around the world. And it should be noted that given the first opportunity in America, the former slaves of color became owners of those whose skin color matched theirs.

But unlike the rest of the world, America had the good sense and decency to end slavery. In America, there is no caste system, and yet at every turn we are bombarded with how bad blacks have it because of whites and how unfair the so-called “white system” is to blacks.

All people, including those who are here illegally, have it better in America than they would have it anywhere else on earth. And yet blacks are encouraged to blame their ills on whites.

Therein the “laws of unintended consequences” come into play. America has shed the blood of her people on her own soil to ensure the freedom of all Americans. Americans joined hands with blacks to end Jim Crow. And, to the detriment of all concerned, political correctness and guilt have contributed to discrimination against whites vis-a`-vis race-based affirmative action initiatives.

Still the bastardization of whites continues. White law enforcement personnel are labeled racist for defending themselves against black criminals, especially when bad things happen to the black criminals.

To put it succinctly, the single greatest non-biblical truth today is that many times the majority of blacks are their own worst enemies. Many blacks go through life with a chip on their shoulder and bad attitudes toward whites. Many blacks growing up in dysfunctional single parent or no parent homes are loathe to realize that their lives are the result of bad decisions made by their families that adversely affect their adulthood – its not the white man.

But as I said, there is a thing called “the laws of unintended consequences.” To that end, sooner or later a pendulum reaches its arc and starts to swing back in the other direction.

How long before white people, many of whom are growing increasingly resentful at being falsely maligned, decide to respond in kind? How much longer will whites stand by and allow the likes of Sharpton and Obama to continually cast them as racist villains?

If the 1915 silent movie, The Birth of a Nation by D.W. Griffith, which depicted blacks as unintelligent and sexual predators of white women, (which was a lie) gave rise to the resurrection of the Ku Klux Klan, what can we expect to be brought about by the heathen behavior of many blacks today?

Many blacks are quick to attack those of us who condemn the untoward, barbaric behavior of some blacks. They curse us for not glossing over their behavior and for not engaging in “blame whitey.” But if a phony movie was able to give rise to at least two generations of condemnation of blacks, what will the in-your-face belligerent hostilities so many of them exhibit today ultimately result in?

America has figuratively bent over backward to assuage its perceived guilt but for many blacks that is not good enough. They accuse and self-alienate but do nothing to incorporate the greatness of America into their lives.

How much longer will America allow blacks to vilify those who have done them no harm – even as blacks attack, terrorize, and condemn those who truly do just want to get along?

buygold —

Posted by WANKA @ 22:16 on July 12, 2016  

cause they feel more better with ryan then with trump? just sayin! :mrgreen: wj

CNN having a “Town Hall” with Paul Ryan

Posted by Buygold @ 22:05 on July 12, 2016  

Why is it that the most Libtard network on the air would have a town hall with Paul Ryan?

Just askin’

moggy and yoga pooch…I set up a 16 day

Posted by WANKA @ 21:37 on July 12, 2016  

category in the sidebar. I say bring it on dear lady 38 this month hell i’ll be thrilled with 38 by the end of the year! best of cheers from toon37 wankas-world wj


Posted by Moggy @ 20:35 on July 12, 2016  

Doggie meditatingTwo years ago I would have agreed with you about Clif’s accuracy, however, in the interim he has vastly improved his linguistic program and for the past year has been hitting his predictions out of the ballpark.  So I’m looking for silver to hit $38 by the end of this month.  Color me optimistic.


LIVE Stream: Donald Trump Rally in Westfield, IN (7-12-16)

Posted by Farmboy @ 20:20 on July 12, 2016  

Obama & other brainless imbeciles

Posted by silverngold @ 19:54 on July 12, 2016  

maya 14:30 I say to ‘THEM’ briong it on!!!!!!

Posted by WANKA @ 18:54 on July 12, 2016  

toon2etoon2dtoon1h'toon1g'toon1ftoon2e'' toon1awj

Moggy @ 15:45 -16 days

Posted by Maya @ 18:44 on July 12, 2016  

I always worry a bit when Clif goes out on a limb with specific dates or numbers.  When you know his process, he admits that specific numbers are difficult or impossible to predict with the linguistics approach.  Unless a specific line falls out the linguistics in multiple, reinforcing areas.

For the next two weeks, naysayers will certainly be henpecking this with things like “It hasn’t ended the world yet” or “that’s not a big problem”.   The effects of these ’16 days in July’ may not become totally visible until sometime afterwards.   It is the linguistics of ‘looking back’ from the future that Clif is charting here.  So we may not know the full effects for some time afterward.

That said, people should understand that the linguistics of the ’16 days in July’ , when looked back upon from the future, indicate something that will be a generational changing thing, and people looking back will say later that it all began back in those ’16 days in July’.     …whatever it is.

We live in interesting times.  Pass the popcorn and watch them unfold!

Putin Popcorn


floridagold 13:49 I do so agree I do

Posted by WANKA @ 18:44 on July 12, 2016  

‘THEY’ are a . .. . .. . .. . .. .. . sneekey bunch…..hows about a contract that the last para is ‘VIOLATE ANY PROVISION UPON PAIN OF DEATH! that should do it. hell I’m feeling sooooo magnanomus today i’ll even do a provision that they can choose the method from a simple color in the dot multi-choice of 6 methods. yep never let it be said I was not gracious to our unwanted rable rousers. toon2i' :mrgreen: wj

Here’s who’s driving stocks to record heights

Posted by Farmboy @ 18:07 on July 12, 2016  

Asset purchases by central banks have risen to their highest levels since 2013, suggesting that the rallies in equity and credit markets—which some say already appear stretched—could continue picking up steam, according to Matt King, a credit analyst at Citigroup.

He illustrates his points in the charts below:



Comment: The banksters fear Trump. Who knows what closets, the number of  skeletons, and the smoking guns might be found if someone actually investigated all the wrong doings. I figure the rally in stocks will continue through November. Simply said, Trump cannot be allowed to win.

TPP And The NWO….Paul Craig Roberts

Posted by Moggy @ 18:02 on July 12, 2016  

Maddog, To Tell Ya The Truth, I’m A Little Worried About Those Debates.

Posted by Farmboy @ 17:06 on July 12, 2016  

Decided to go get a haircut this morning and the boys down at the Two Bit, Flea Bit, Barber Shop had plenty to say about the coming debates. Some even made a little sense and showed some unusual insights. Let me highlight the conversation for you minus the fishing tales, (lies) and gossip about the upcoming dance sponsored by the Ladies Auxiliary otherwise known as the Official Town Gossip Bench & Choir.


Most folks think Hillary is a lying, cheating, lying, stealing, lying, good for nothing, lying woman. Who even lies in her sleep. She lies on her right side, and rolls over to lie on her left side. While on the other hand, most think Trump is a pretty straight shooting fella. Now normally we like to think that the Truth is always the best policy, but most of us plopped in the chairs getting our best look on, have been around nearly as long as Moses and have seen those who can tell the best lie often get away with it. Especially when children are involved. Those kids will believe nearly anything you tell em, which is a good thing when Grandpas start to telling stories.

And those Democrats are mostly just a bunch of children that aint never growed up, still expecting someone else to feed em, buy them candy, and talk sweetly to them. So Hillary gets a leg up on the debate from the get go.

Now the Republicans aint no saints themselves. But mostly, they tend to tell something closer to the truth and think the Constitution is a good measuring stick to run a country. Republicans are pretty poor at lying. Nixon was one of the worst liars I have ever seen. And he had this guilt complex when he got caught in a lie. Resigning after deleting 18 minutes of an audio tape.( Not to be confused with deleting 30,000 emails. And getting away with it scot free.)

But the problem with Republicans is they have seen the bad boys and girls stealing from the candy jar for years. And lying about, and getting away with it. So some of them want to get their share of the candy before its all gone and have mimicked what the Democrats have been doing for decades. And they would rather have Hillary win than have Trump take away the candy bowl. So I expect there may be some hanky panky on the part of the GOP to sabotage any debates in favor of Hillary.

Ever play ‘Liars Poker’? Well think of the debates as favoring the best liar. In which case, Trump is outclassed, out gunned,  out experienced, and would probably look guilty as hell if he did tell a lie. He even looks uncomfortable using that greatest of liars tools, the teleprompter.

Most of us are hoping the Trump does well. Ok, most of us are hoping Trump gets under Hillary’s skin enough to drive her stark raving mad. Course, we are not sure how you would know that had happened as she pretty much looks that way all the time. I hope they just let Trump be Trump, and dont try to make him look ‘Presidential’, and make him read from a teleprompter. Seems to me he has a quick enough mind, sharp wit, and will do really well if just left to his own devices. And besides, he has Truth on his side and the old farts down at the barber shop still think that is the best policy, win or lose.

And we have all agreed on one thing. Dont run no damn debates while a football game is on. Run em during those soap operas or reality TV shows, or even the nightly news, but leave us old ones alone during game time, and for heaven’s sake, dont touch our remotes!

Farmboy @ 9:53 on July 12, 2016

Posted by Ororeef @ 16:40 on July 12, 2016  


Perfecting the ART of Being Phoney

Posted by Ororeef @ 16:34 on July 12, 2016  

Hillary is like the SURFER POSER of POLITICS  ,she learns the LinGO,wears the Op surfing suit ,she stands next to the Surf Board posing for PICTURES (photo OP) listens how they talk repeats phrases of well known surfers and name drops, SITES like (North SHORE),(PIPELINE),(Mavericks),(Steamer Lane).

She’s THE “POSER” of POLITICS ,she can fake whatever interests you  and pretend to be just like you to gain your confidence & good will ,and your VOTE !   The ULTIMATE POSER except she cant surf ,swim and hates to get her hair wet   ! but she can TALK the TALK …until election time.

farmboy, 15:30

Posted by treefrog @ 16:29 on July 12, 2016  

yes, and you can take that either way.

Maddog @ 16:05 Agree With You

Posted by Farmboy @ 16:14 on July 12, 2016  

July and August are not the best months for Gold and Silver. While this world is upside down, and very little makes any sense, those Seasonal Charts do have some rhyme and reason. Mostly so…

Time to take some of those paper profits off the table and set them aside to convert over to ounces in the near future. Look at it as a ‘gift’ from the banksters. Kinda like manna from heaven even.

Or just take a long fishing trip and open your eyes around September. Ive done it both ways.


Posted by Maddog @ 16:13 on July 12, 2016  

I am looking fwd to the debates…..Trump has so much ammo to beat her with…it would not suprise me if it went into a total meltdown and totally loses it.

Central Banks Financed Stock Rally

Posted by commish @ 16:12 on July 12, 2016  

Too big to Jail

Posted by Maddog @ 16:10 on July 12, 2016  

George Osborne pressured US officials not to prosecute HSBC for money laundering because he feared it could trigger new global financial meltdown

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3685885/George-Osborne-pressured-officials-not-prosecute-HSBC-money-laundering-feared-trigger-new-global-financial-meltdown.html#ixzz4EE8mIKlN


Posted by Maddog @ 16:05 on July 12, 2016  

I’m not ranting tdy because the mkts do need a pause….and this will be the next and last cheap buying opportunity…26 weeks up. poss 8 weeks plus dn/sideways.

If correction not too deep in price, then sign of strength.


Maya @ 14:30 Not To Worry Islander,

Posted by Farmboy @ 15:48 on July 12, 2016  

Seems last I heard from Comey was you had to have ‘intent’ to be guilty of any crime.

And remember if they ever catch you in a lie, just tell another one.


Day 1 of the Webbot 16-days of financial upheaval

Posted by Moggy @ 15:45 on July 12, 2016  

treefrog @ 15:18 You A Friend of Will’s ?

Posted by Farmboy @ 15:30 on July 12, 2016  


caledonia mining

Posted by treefrog @ 15:24 on July 12, 2016  

up 3.5% today.  an island of green in an ocean of red ink.  in zimbo, no less!

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