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Hillary losing the black vote?

Posted by Auandag @ 23:24 on July 17, 2016  

zimbabwe powderkeg

Posted by treefrog @ 23:08 on July 17, 2016  

mugabe is having trouble making payroll for his army.  last month it was late.  this month it’s just not there.  no sign of when – or if – it will be.

surely mugabe knows that his control of the army is the only reason he’s still in power – and still alive.

when armies get hungry, they make things happen.  not always nice things.  if this situation is not resolved, and soon, look for political turbulence in zimbo news.

Chart of Market Manipulation revealed:

Posted by Maya @ 22:12 on July 17, 2016  



Gold Train

Posted by Maya @ 22:11 on July 17, 2016  


And so begins another week, with a slam down.  The Westbound California Zephyr “in the pit” at south Boulder Creek. Don’t worry… we will get over these mountains!


re Dec 3rd twinkle in gold’s eye resulted from Fed pushing dollar lower

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 19:20 on July 17, 2016  

I think the only chart to look at is the dollar chart, and see how it matches with the global economic situation, problems and related mass media news to create “adjustments”.

My view of the dollar chart? The abnormal, abrupt straight line “adjustment” in 2014 was NOT a natural market force. It was a “manual man made adjustment”. (to help Europe and Japan inflation with cheaper currencies)

Dollar way too far above the 50 dma. After the late 2015 Dec 3rd peak, the same “influences” started pushing or coaxing it lower. (to resume helping USA inflation) Note the 50 dma line around 96, is now resistance.

Bottom line I think dollar is going lower for at least a year.


Below here, closer view shows the Dec 3rd “manual” HIT which the free market ignored and continued to back to climbing. The Fed then made another manual hit in Feb which also got ignored until it finally sunk in to the traders that the Fed dollar rally was no longer wanted. Note the next hit in June. That big up-move later in June was a freak caused by Brexit. Dollar still way too high to help the US economy.


Last two cop killers are ex military

Posted by newtogold @ 19:02 on July 17, 2016  

Today’s shooting of several policeman  in Louisiana  is the latest tragedy. We need more more help and guidance for ex military people. Doesn’t help that the killer was Black  and only complicates the Racial strife in the US. Got to think that policeman all over the US must be contemplating  a “shoot first and ask  questions later” attitude. I think I would if I was a cop. Guess the idea of Martial Law becomes more real every day. God help us.

Gold==profit taking is always a good thing and you do not owe any gold bug, miner or tout your allegiance

Posted by Richard640 @ 18:41 on July 17, 2016  

In the last eLetter (July 7) we noted that gold’s daily chart pattern target was higher, at around 1400 and that silver had already achieved its daily pattern target of 20. From that eLetter…

“This momentum looks like a profit taking opportunity (profit taking is always a good thing and you do not owe any gold bug, miner or tout your allegiance) in progress for traders and those who want to lock in gains. But what happened last week rammed home some important technical confirmations as well.”

The sector then began to ease as it turned out to be a good opportunity for those who would take profits to do so. But the situation is complex, as only a minor pullback has taken place, risk is high but up trends are firmly intact (I personally believe there is a slightly better than even chance that new highs can be seen in the short-term).

This week’s NFTRH 404 has two main themes; the first to further detail the short, intermediate and long-term implications of last week’s bullish ‘Breadth Thrust’ in the US stock market (see the initial public post this subject: Breadth Thrust: Prelude to a Crash?) and the second to illustrate some building negatives to the first phase of gold’s new bull market. Following is a small portion of the gold analysis.

Please understand that the report contains much more information about the gold sector, the broad markets and the economy that I consider important in rational decision making. But since interest rates have been front and center lately, I thought this clip would work well for the eLetter.

<begin excerpt>

…perceptions are firming about “the new gold bull market” and this is with good reason as the bullish phase that appears to be engaging across financial markets all began as a twinkle in gold’s eye in January. Remember then? Not even silver had woken up. Gold and fellow ‘defensives’ like Treasury bonds and Utilities turned up as max angst enveloped the world’s markets.

So therein lies part of the issue for gold. At some point, if the tide shifts from risk ‘off’ (Brexit is only a couple weeks behind us, after all) to risk ‘on’, all of these havens would likely get hit with the ugly stick. What’s more, if interest rates improbably (though not to us) start to rise and the yield curve fails to do the right thing, gold would be vulnerable. Again, the state of short-term and long-term US Treasury yields…

The rise in short-term yields was a bad thing for gold until 2016, which has seen an intermediate downtrend in yields. It was no coincidence that gold turned up with this.

But the trend line was hit and now the 2’s are bouncing. This would all be fine if the 10’s bounce harder, because the signal would be inflationary, which as we have reviewed, certainly fits one of gold’s utilities as inflation protection. That condition would be indicated by a rising yield curve and rising inflation expectations. The curve is not rising.

We have been working on a theme that sees a new inflation cycle in the making. The most exciting development there has been silver’s recent explosive up move in relation to gold. That has proven to be a precursor to the big upward bounce in US and global markets, which makes sense because one of Silver-Gold’s functions is to indicate risk ‘on’ vs. risk ‘off’. Job well done Silver-Gold ratio.

But as was the case through much of the post-2009 stock market bull, inflation expectations are depressed. From the rolling anxieties of Great Britain’s departure from the EU, to various terror and violent political events unfolding in what seems like routine fashion, you understand why market participants have not felt in a speculative mood, which is one prominent aspect of an inflation cycle and associated ‘inflation trade’.

But this does not mean risk is ‘off’ and gold favorable; not with the Silver-Gold signal and broad relief centering in equities. Indeed, we can continue to anticipate an inflationary phase as the 10 year b/e potentially makes a right side shoulder to an Inverted H&S, as we have speculated may come about.

But until inflation signals start to become a concern for a majority of participants there is a window for gold, silver and commodities to under perform in the near-term.



Posted by goldielocks @ 18:32 on July 17, 2016  

I looked on her VP short list, after I saw it flashed on TV he’s not on it. Some of the people on it quite disturbing. That doesn’t mean she can’t appoint him to something.

obummer is ineligible to serve as vice president

Posted by treefrog @ 16:33 on July 17, 2016  

twelvth amendment:

“…But no person constitutionally ineligible to the office of President shall be eligible to that of Vice-President of the United States.

the twenty-second amendment limits presidents to two terms.  obummer is “constitutionally ineligible” for a third.

Redacted 28 Pages…..Wake the %^&$#% up people!!

Posted by silverngold @ 16:27 on July 17, 2016  

Judge Jeanine telling it like it is

Posted by silverngold @ 16:06 on July 17, 2016  

You’ll miss a lot if you pass this one by

Posted by silverngold @ 14:49 on July 17, 2016  

Well this cuts through the bullshit IMO!!

Posted by silverngold @ 14:34 on July 17, 2016  

How to stop the invasion of your town

Posted by silverngold @ 14:25 on July 17, 2016  


Posted by goldielocks @ 13:49 on July 17, 2016  

Something that can make you laugh and sick at the same time. Killery suddenly is ineligible and O gets another four years. So crazy it’s funny.

Farmboy –

Posted by Maya @ 13:41 on July 17, 2016  

As usual, only the Elite and their minions get the good stuff!

Airmen prepare a CV-22 Osprey Sept. 22 for an exhibition and training exercise with Navy Seals at Naval Air Base North Island, San Diego, Calif. (U.S. Navy photo/Mass Communication Specialist Seaman Daniel A. Barker)

Farmboy @ 10:34 Yeah, me too!

Posted by Maya @ 13:26 on July 17, 2016  

Wow!  a 1957 magazine showing we would have ’em by 1967.  I remember as a kid in the ’60s they were saying we would have ’em by year 2000 for sure.    They’ve been stringing us along for a long, long time.

goldielocks @ 4:50 – OMG talk about a life-preserver!

Posted by Maya @ 13:18 on July 17, 2016  

If the Hildebeast picks O for VP… no one would stuff that witch in the oven, because O would become president…. again!  🙁

This gives me tears, and also RAGE………

Posted by silverngold @ 12:51 on July 17, 2016  

………that this is being done intentionally by TPTB and Big Pharma; ruining countless lives to fulfill their agenda’s.


Have fun…

Posted by Moggy @ 11:39 on July 17, 2016  


Maya @ 4:46 Im Still Waiting On My Aerial Sedan :)

Posted by Farmboy @ 10:34 on July 17, 2016  

flying car

Obama don’t wanna leave his free ride

Posted by goldielocks @ 4:50 on July 17, 2016  

Killery has him on her VP list.

Posted by Maya @ 4:46 on July 17, 2016  



Posted by Ororeef @ 0:55 on July 17, 2016  

Looks like a CIA MAN,,,,,QUACKS like a CIA MAN,,,,Must be a CIA MAN    …….er    NO just another QUACK from Maryland & DC

CIA AGENT ……yeah and Im Napoleon

Posted by Ororeef @ 0:42 on July 17, 2016  

Can I get 400,000 takin off my tax bill  too …?     So much for IRS legitamacy ..!

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