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Farmboy @ 16:58

Posted by Scruffy @ 23:44 on July 21, 2016  

Thanks buddy. Looking forward to a victory party!!

I am holding tight to every ounce!   Just the fact that the feeeeeeelth has tried day in day out and been slammed more in the last month than the entire year of 2015   It IS different. The feeeeeelth will keep trying no doubt.

I see new tricks like hammering both the metals and the major indices’s then buying up PM stocks. Then when the metals get bought, they dump and short the hell out of PM stocks while the major indices’s go up. They pocket millions of FRN’s. Hope they choke on them.

The PM stocks keep picking up bids and the metals occasionally stuff the feeeeeelth. Great entertainment AND great for the portfolio!  Both PM stocks and physical are up nicely this year.

I am determined to beat this health problem.  So far I am astounding the Dr’s in how well I take Chemo with out ANY side effects.  Latest tests show I am ahead of the anticipated improvement time line.  I have been feeling much better lately, but I still have a way to go before I can claim to be cured. August will be a critical month. I will get another Biopsy to feed genetic analysis of the stem cells in my marrow.  That will tell the exact state of my fight back to full health.


Hillary to pull out all the stops.

Posted by redneckokie1 @ 23:11 on July 21, 2016  

It appears Hillary may be running for her life along with the presidency. Obama threw her under the bus when he gave her it guy immunity but he still didn’t speak. The fbi will have to stop the Clinton killing machine but if Trump wins, the shackles come off. They will find someone they can flip and expose everything. The Clinton machine has a warehouse of skeletons to find a link. I think Obama will make a deal to be excluded if he gives up Hillary. If Hillary loses the election, the rats will be jumping the Clinton ship and the reefs are in sight.

The liberals and their parasites know full well what is at stake. There is NOTHING they won’t do between now and Election Day. If Trump wins, expect chaos in the last days of the current administration, anything to disrupt the transition.

As I was accumulating expendable heavy metal, I still wasn’t sure who and what the problem would be. Financial upheaval always trip secondary violence in some form. What a cocktail we have now! Illegal aliens, muslims, ex entitled liberals, drug dealers, and common garden variety scum. Who is the enemy?


Cruz & Casich

Posted by Ororeef @ 21:55 on July 21, 2016  

have managed to snatch  DEFEAT from the JAWS of VICTORY   …..

For Those Wishing To Avoid The Network Bias

Posted by Farmboy @ 20:48 on July 21, 2016  


Comment: Only for those that can still think for themselves. 🙂

Maddog @ 19:29 Must Be Really Hard To Keep a Secret Anymore :)

Posted by Farmboy @ 20:43 on July 21, 2016  

Seems even The Devil has loose lips these days. lol

Ororeef @ 18:02 Hmmmm….The Devil

Posted by Farmboy @ 20:38 on July 21, 2016  

While I am sure many in Washington have had their chance to do a little trading of eternal soul for fame, power, or fortune, I believe there are yet some who have refused to make a deal with the devil. Not many, but a few. And I am also of the mind that Trump has yet to sign such a contract, unless of course, it included half the rights to Hell itself, plus some fancy condo’s and a casino or two. So far, I have yet to receive any promotional materials along such lines. 🙂

Those interested should read

Posted by goldielocks @ 20:21 on July 21, 2016  

More evidence of the experiments they are doing in our sky’s, that are harming our health.

igold @ 20:01 Wow !! That’s Fantastic,How Do I Get Some?

Posted by Farmboy @ 20:17 on July 21, 2016  

But tell me, what boiler room do you pimp for ?


Good! No outrage here. I’m against the “Let’s eff with Russia” policy.

Posted by ipso facto @ 20:05 on July 21, 2016  

In a shift, Republican platform doesn’t call for arming Ukraine against Russia, spurring outrage



Posted by igold @ 20:01 on July 21, 2016  

Anyone has any idea why this stock went up 88% today? I have some shares for years and it was in minus until today, but can not find any reason for it to jump like this.

Another one that almost doubled in 10 days is KNT.V, it is going up every day even yesterday when metal went down.


Farmboy…….the details are spreading.

Posted by Maddog @ 19:29 on July 21, 2016  

Another Clinton Scandal: Mystery Surrounds Sources of Many Bill Clinton Speaking Fees… The Most Corrupt Politician In American History?


I Am Shocked !!! This Has To Be Some Subversive Ploy of the GOP

Posted by Farmboy @ 18:28 on July 21, 2016  

Top Clinton Lobbyist Bundlers Tied to Foreign Banks, Governments


Might As Well Get Ready

Posted by Farmboy @ 18:06 on July 21, 2016  

The GOP went first, and trust me, the Hillary campaign is all over what has been transpiring this week. Every weakness, every nuance, will be taken advantage of when the Democratic s crank up the machine. And dont forget, they have the full support of unlimited funds courtesy of Wall St, and the total backing of the media that will be out for revenge after having made a fool of themselves and the coverage this past week. AND, lying to them is the best way to win votes.

Honestly, I would be a little worried with them coming up to bat, except, those that have stood strong for Trump thus far are not about to be so easily swept aside by the likes of Obama and Hillary.

Might as well get plenty of popcorn ready, and sit back and enjoy the showdown at the old coral. Personally, my money is on the New Sheriff in town in that  I think he shoots a bit more straight.


Donald Trump

Posted by Ororeef @ 18:02 on July 21, 2016  

is to the Catholic Church what Martin Luther  was  …Donald is to Goldman Sachs what Daniel Webster was to the Devil ..(recommended reading )(The Devil and Daniel Webster)

The Church was corrupted by the Jesuits (Goldman Sachs)  ..The Octopus(Giant Squid) is being torn limb from limb ..it may take 8 events done fast enough before it can grow new ones ….ACT FAST DONALD !    Ted Cruz was one of the Octopus limbs .


Posted by goldielocks @ 17:53 on July 21, 2016  

Right, instead of questioning taxes let’s look at their donor lists.

Here’s a Clue….

Posted by Farmboy @ 17:48 on July 21, 2016  



Comment: Under wraps, like lets not let the Truth out. Sounds just like a politician hiding something to me. Have you heard the Donald ask that anything be sealed by a court, anywhere ?

eeos @ 15:41You Are Right, The Gubbermint Toys With Us,

Posted by Farmboy @ 17:34 on July 21, 2016  

well, them and their bankster lackeys. Men far smarter than I have advocated for the measuring of wealth by the ounce. And that has never changed. At some point, the peoples, the generation that understands such things will declare all paper debt a fraud, and that will be the end, at least until painful memories are again erased, and the banksters are once again allowed to rule this earth.

Yesterday I collected on a bet that they would trash silver. Cha Ching. Today, I collected on a bet that the Dow Cow was bloated, and Cha Ching ! Like picking off ducks at the circus. And here is my next bet, probably waiting until monday to place, silver and gold down. Scares me to do so with the strength in the PM’s, but I am relying on those banksters to do their monthly bash at option expiry.

Chin up, and think of the banksters and their schemes as a chance to collect a few hundred as you ‘Pass Go”. Works more often than not, Best, Farmboy


Posted by Ororeef @ 17:19 on July 21, 2016  

was more meaningful than you can imagine !   Finally it means Goldman Sachs is told where to go  ////Gracefully   and without meaness and all the CHARM of a QUALITY LEADER   they were told “ITS OVER”  !

Scruffy @ 15:51 Howdy Scruffy !

Posted by Farmboy @ 16:58 on July 21, 2016  

Listen, if someone tells you ‘this time it’s different’ well it probably is.

Gold and Silver took it on the chin yesterday. But today, apparently with no new bad news, they came screaming back. Almost like they flipped the market off, and just roared back. Now you and I, along with a few others that have watched these markets not in years, but decades, knows that something really is ‘different’ this time.

I am positioning myself NOW, for where I think the Precious Metals will be in just ONE year. One year from today I want to buy you a steak, and spend an evening gloating over how Gold and Silver have been ‘telling it like it is’ for the past 15 or so years. It IS, the last man standing in a field of lies and deceit perpetuated by the Globalists and banksters.   It alone, has stood unapproved, unappreciated, and declared, the paper game is fraudulent, and done. It speaks with a quiet voice, of 5,000 years experience.  It was the choice of gift a couple thousand years ago. It remains, the choice of Wise Men today.

Thanks for the charts, I pray for your recovery. Farmboy

Ps) You dont have to believe anything. Sometimes, it is the fact that you believe that I believe. And trust me, I been through enough, to believe. 🙂

Just got a chance to listen to Laura Ingraham

Posted by Buygold @ 16:34 on July 21, 2016  

Absolutey fantastic speech. One of the best I’ve ever heard.

Thank you!

Two things

Posted by Scruffy @ 15:51 on July 21, 2016  

SAND up over over6.5%

Laura Ingraham   Have always liked to listen to her.


Oh, here’s the 2 things

Price of Gold


Price of Gold

Posted by ipso facto @ 15:51 on July 21, 2016  

iPhone bug allows hackers to steal passwords with just a text message – update now to protect yourself


Yesterday’s Silver smack down has the hallmark of the US govy handprints

Posted by eeos @ 15:41 on July 21, 2016  

Because they like to toy with Silver and Goldbugs. Losers with big purses. Amazing how the ball surfaces again and again. US Govy should stop wasting taxpayers $$$$$$$$$$$ if you ask me

France orders Microsoft to stop collecting ‘excessive’ data from Windows 10 users without their consent

Posted by ipso facto @ 15:39 on July 21, 2016  


Metals going up but PM stocks heading down suddenly?

Posted by newtogold @ 15:26 on July 21, 2016  

Must be a whole lotta sellin goin on by the algos!

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