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treefrog @ 18:05 Oops. Thanks for catching that date.

Posted by silverngold @ 22:23 on July 24, 2016  

I guess that helps to explain why ammo has doubled in Canada at the gun shows and sales the last couple years.

Ummmm I think it’s about time to get the US nukes out of Turkey

Posted by ipso facto @ 21:35 on July 24, 2016  

Erdogan locks US airmen, nuclear arms in Incirlik

Some 1,500 US airmen and their families have been locked in the southern Turkish air base of Incirlik together with a stock if tactical nuclear bombs since President Reccep Erdogan crushed an attempted coup on Saturday, July 16. In the four days up until Wednesday, July 20, therefore, no air strikes against ISIS in Syria and Iraq have been staged that Turkish base.
This extraordinary situation, reported here by debkafile’s military sources, whereby a large group of American military personnel are held virtual captive by an allied government, was almost certainly raised in the phone call that took place Tuesday between President Barack Obama and Erdogan. But the most outlandish aspect of this affair is that no American official has raised it in public – nor even by the administrations most vocal critics at the Republican convention which nominated Donald Trump as presidential candidate.
The situation only rated a brief mention in some Russian publications under the heading: “Turkish investigators enter & search Incirlik air base where US nukes are housed.”
Our military sources report that deep bunkers located near the base’s running strips house B61 tactical nuclear gravity bombs.
In the course of the massive sweep-cum-purge Erdogan is conducting in every corner of the country, hundreds of police officers accompanied by Ministry of Justice and Attorney General Office investigators are the only people permitted to enter the strategic air base, and only emergency cases may leave, after coordinating with the Turkish authorities.
The base is under virtual siege by large police contingents, cut off from electric power for several days except for local generators which will soon run out of fuel. This pressure appears to be Erdogan’s method of turning hundreds of Americans on the base into hostages to force Washington into extraditing Fethullah Gulen, whom he accuses of orchestrating the failed coup from his place of asylum in Pennsylvania.
The victims of Erdogan’s strategy of extortion are several US units deployed in Incirlik under squadron command. They include engineering, communication, logistics, air control, a military hospital with medical and operational facilities, air transportation and more.

The source need to be taken into account. cont. http://debka.com/article/25560/Erdogan-locks-US-airmen-nuclear-arms-in-Incirlik

Well let’s see

Posted by Buygold @ 21:04 on July 24, 2016  

Machete attack and explosive device in Germany, Democraps melting down, although Bloomberg and the Koch Brothers have finally shown their true colors –

and yet here we go again, SM futures up,  gold down…

24 hr gold chart


Malik Wearing A Trump Hat

Posted by commish @ 20:44 on July 24, 2016  


Posted by treefrog @ 18:05 on July 24, 2016  

lead smelter closure…

that article is from november of 2013.  this will have little or no effect on lead supplies for ammunition.  this means there will be no lead smelters operating in the united states.  it does not mean that there will be no lead smelters.  the united states will have to import the lead it needs for ammo, for batteries, for solders, and for other uses.  a little higher pricing to cover the extra shipping and handling, but no shortages.

there are very few smelters of any kind operating in the u.s.   most smelting of u. s. ores and concentrates is presently done in canada and mexico.  more jobs exported, more goods imported, higher prices, cheaper dollar.  so it goes.

He couldn’t get your guns with all his false flags and other planned events so he’s taking away your ammo

Posted by silverngold @ 17:45 on July 24, 2016  

Better stock up before it’s too late.

EPA Closure of Last Lead Smelting Plant to Impact Ammunition Production


Corruption has been going on for a long time

Posted by goldielocks @ 17:14 on July 24, 2016  

It took all this time for it to finally come out to the media. That includes open borders that went ignored by politicians for decades. Now we have MS13 Gangs threatening Hispanic Trump voters. They’re too stupid to even know there proving him and those who lived it right about criminals.

Even during the early 70s after the earthquake in Sylmar Coldwel banker got rich taking advantage of people. Where were the whistle blowers then?

Posted by commish @ 16:38 on July 24, 2016  


I’m afloat

Posted by Maya @ 15:00 on July 24, 2016  

I’m going to be a bit absent for a few days.  I’ve got a computer that is intensely ‘busied out’ downloading 80+ GB of Bitcoin blockchain and processing it.  It’s on it’s fourth day, and looks to be approaching halfway point.  This is a drawback of starting up a new bitcoin wallet & processing node.  All the prior history needs to be downloaded and processed.   I’ve also slowed things down by installing it all on a removable thumb drive with a relatively slow access speed.  It would be faster on a high speed hard drive.  But for six grand I’ll wait…

For those who look at weather, tropical storm DARBY has impacted the Big Island and is now swirling NW up the island chain spewing water and wind in Honolulu, where I am now.  No word on how the ranch house fared, but the neighbors have not called to tell me it’s demolished… so I’m optimistic.   It should handle the water OK… not a flood zone.

So if you don’t hear from me for a week or more….  I’m treading water, waiting on Bitcoin blockchains.

What are the odds!! This is worth some consideration IMO!!

Posted by silverngold @ 13:54 on July 24, 2016  

All this fuss about Debbie Wassername

Posted by Portugeezer @ 13:49 on July 24, 2016  

What she and the cheating demos are doing is just the same as was done to Ron Paul, and nobody took the fall for that.

But it pales by comparison with what the IRS did by targeting obarmy’s opposition.

Sure Debbie should be impartial, but how does that compare with the IRS, or come to that, the judicial system.

Corruption everywhere, and they honestly believe that they are cheating for the “common good”.


In western Canada I have noted several oil or gas pipeline proposals and some

Posted by Equisetum @ 13:16 on July 24, 2016  

liqueified natural gas (LNG)  proposals fall by the wayside because the proponents have not worked out an acceptable long-term arrangement with local residents regarding the sustainability of the proposed project.  I give credit to the mining industry for trying to develop better approaches to this challenging situation that the energy industry has faced for many project proposals.

The link below describes the work and objectives of a group trying to develop better approaches to resource development.  And what impresses me most is that this initiative involves mainly mining engineers who are training young people how to explore and develop the earth’s mineral wealth.  The mining engineers are working with someone with a sociology background, but the important point is that mining engineers are themselves involved in finding innovative ways to solve the local problems encountered by resource development proposals.  The success or failure of future project proposals will be the test of whether they can come up with better approaches than are now available to the mining industry.  I am hopeful and confident that important advances can be made to ensure that future mine development projects can proceed.


These guys remind me of Happy and Peewee the nonidentical twins…..but…..

Posted by silverngold @ 12:03 on July 24, 2016  

……in their unprofessional way they have a lot to say that makes a lot of sense on gold and the markets. Just watch out for the first word “HELLO” ’cause you might lose your hearing for awhile. LOL!!!

Bill Moyers

Posted by ipso facto @ 11:38 on July 24, 2016  

Plutocracy is not an American word but it’s become an American phenomenon. Back in the fall of 2005, the Wall Street giant Citigroup even coined a variation on it, plutonomy, an economic system where the privileged few make sure the rich get richer with government on their side.

By the next spring, Citigroup decided the time had come to publicly “bang the drum on plutonomy.” … over the past 30 years the plutocrats, or plutonomists— choose your poison— have used their vastly increased wealth to capture the flag and assure the government does their bidding.

This marriage of money and politics has produced an America of gross inequality at the top and low social mobility at the bottom, with little but anxiety and dread in between, as middle class Americans feel the ground falling out from under their feet.

Like those populists of that earlier era, millions of Americans have awakened to a sobering reality: they live in a plutocracy, where they are disposable. Then, the remedy was a popular insurgency that ignited the spark of democracy. Now we have come to another parting of the ways, and once again the fate and character of our country are up for grabs.

Democracy only works when we claim it as our own.

Bill Moyers, last episode of Bill Moyers Journal, 30 April 2010


Yes Ladies Trump is brash & Uses harsh Language BUTTTTTT

Posted by Ororeef @ 11:06 on July 24, 2016  

He also keeps and protects YOU from having to deal with it in the REAL world.The Democrat PARTY encompasses a whole PANOPLY of MIS FITS near do well s,radicals anarchists pedophiles ,women predators ,liars cheats ,and brutes …..

I hope Melania remembers this when he comes home each night as she lives in her protected cocoon ..remembers where he’s been all day and gives him some comfort and not a lecture on a few cuss words….because he’s not perfect. JUST be THANKFULL that he CAN deal with it.

Jesus was perfect…did you see what they did to him ?

Equisetum @ 17:00

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:54 on July 24, 2016  

My thoughts about Tahoe are pretty much the same. It’s a great project but it’s in the wrong country. I sold my Lakeshore shares soon after the takeover was announced. The deal WAS disappointing. LSG should have hooked up with someone else. All in all I can’t complain too much since LSG did well for me in some pretty bleak times.

I have some First Mining as well and although it has it’s share of detractors the proof is in the pudding and so far it’s been tasty.

Looking forward to our Puget area dry spell as well. Emoji_1F601


Farmboy @ 2:45

Posted by Moggy @ 9:29 on July 24, 2016  

Bless you.

All Muslims that come here

Posted by Ororeef @ 8:27 on July 24, 2016  

need to be PUT on the “NO GUN SALE LIST ,NO FLY LIST”,that will help stop radicalization.

Farmboy @ 2:45 on July 24, 2016 You are right ! I understand why Melania

Posted by Ororeef @ 8:08 on July 24, 2016  

is always telling Trump to watch his Language ..He worked in NYC and sometimes you bring your work habits home with you  .

I also worked in NYC and NJ ,I understand the situation !

Ill never forget one guy from the Garment business in NYC ,He embarrassed me he was so vile !

Melania is right leave the work language at work !   I used to learn that from my Father ..we would ague all day about work,but he never brought anger or work problems home with him… I need to remember that ! myself..

BTW Malania speaks 5 Languages(Slovenian,English,Serbian,French,German and their  son BARRON speaks 3 Slovenian,English & French and learned it by the age of 3….Thats pretty amazing !


Posted by Ororeef @ 7:55 on July 24, 2016  

at the transformation thats taken place in Virginia ,its gone from a staunchly conservative state to mostly Liberal .via commuters from DC headed south to find livable quarters commutable to DC …The commuters are now 70-80 miles south of DC..and thats tipped the scales in the conservative state to 50 % Liberal .and Obama has injected Muslims in the heart of conservative areas deliberately and they subsist on Gubberment handouts that LOCALS dont get.!  The Governors are not even informed when Churches are PAID by the Gubberment to transplant in immigrants just as NJ Governor said happened there,its happened here.

What the hell are Afgans MUSLIMS doing in RURAL CENTRAL VA  …unheard of !   ,living on handouts ! What happens when those Handouts stop ? Do they get violent ?

Be Carefull with TECHNICAL Anaylsis

Posted by Ororeef @ 7:21 on July 24, 2016  

if it were so good DB looks like a BUY !

I wouldent !   It looks like a 4 Bagger    what say you WANKA ?   ya see what I mean about charts !   Ya gotta also look at the FUNNY- -MENTALS TOO   stuff like Balance sheets ,Debt to Capital Ratios,Current assets to Current Liab Ratios etc..

The INCOME STATEMENT will tell you whats happening today..The Balance Sheet will tell you How WELL they can ride out the Bad times !  IM no ACCOUNTANT ! but THE bALANCE SHEET IS A GOOD PLACE TO LOOK WHEN BOTTOM fishing..

Ororeef @ 17:37

Posted by Farmboy @ 2:45 on July 24, 2016  

You might wish to reconsider that post and remove it at your leisure. Or reword it to omit the ‘locker room’ language. I found it a little bit less than your normal quality of writing. Perhaps something a less graphic ?  Thanks, Farmboy

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