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Posted by Maya @ 22:41 on July 27, 2016  

Heckuva nice day in G&S prices.   But I gots to know…

…is this IT ?

If Clif is going to make this $38 silver prediction, it’s gotta climb soon.  He admits that his timing may be uncertain, though, and could be off by a week or more.

What say the chicken bones, oh wise one?chikbonz


Volcano enters the sea…

Posted by Maya @ 22:31 on July 27, 2016  

This is about 20 miles SW of my ranch.  Two years ago when the lava was flowing east toward Pahoa town, the county spent millions to carve an emergency access road across this old south lava flow, in case the main highway at Pahoa got covered by lava.  Well now the flow is coming down to the south again and it just cut across the ’emergency access’ road…. again.  (There is an old highway under all that lava from decades ago.)  Anway, the videos of lava flowing over the cliff into the sea are amazing:

Lava from Kilauea enters ocean


Watch Hawaii lava flow reach the ocean for first time in 3 years




Who’s paying for the Actors?

Posted by goldielocks @ 22:20 on July 27, 2016  

Did you notice how empty the DNC was? Now their advertising for actors to attend. Annoying pop ups though.



Posted by ipso facto @ 20:54 on July 27, 2016  

In 10 years maybe a guy living in a shack can put on those goggles and VOILA he’s living in a Penthouse. His fiat becomes a Ferrari and when his wife walks in the room … Emoji_1F601


Posted by ipso facto @ 20:52 on July 27, 2016  

You’re welcome.

Maybe they’ll fix the problem but I’m not gonna hold my breath.


Over at the DNC Tonight

Posted by commish @ 20:30 on July 27, 2016  

f056626f66 Harry Reid is on stage talking about a total gun ban.

Good call on Magic Leap Ororeef

Posted by eeos @ 20:19 on July 27, 2016  

Magic Leap is huge HUGE HUGE!!!! It’s going to change everything. Virtual Augmentation and 3D are ready to make a huge break out right here, right now. Want to bring Water World to millions of kids in a school gymnasium? I think VA will make it happen.


I’m very excited about it because it’s going to change how my clients can experience my 3D designs. I recently attended a bi-annual trade show and tried some very nice headsets and they are very impressive. It’s easy to walk around and 3D live modeling is possible too with the headset. There was also a good deal of talk regarding the future of 3D. I think it’s going to explode into a billion opportunities. There was talk about the ascension of reality, technological singularity, The Grand Unified Theory, The Magic Leap which will dovetail into virtual augmentation. The Magic Leap sounds like someone has figured out how to imbed a wireless heads up display in a contact lense. A speaker at the conference is confident you won’t be able to tell reality from computer with TML.

People are going to be able to finally “get it”. Really see it. I also have a very simple (and cheap) set of qrVR glasses-like device that snaps to any smart phone, showing stereoscopic 3D for peanuts. Our phones might just replace laptops and desktops altogether. 

This is my friend trying out the new headset, it’s fantastic I tried it too.





ipso facto @ 17:38

Posted by Floridagold @ 19:52 on July 27, 2016  

Sorry to hear that Yahoo is so screwed up –  just wait until Verizon gets thru with it ! Although it would be hard to do any worse than Yahoo !

Thanks for all your efforts to put those together every day – I will miss them being here but at least know where I can go to look for them!  Thanks !

A close above 20.50 and 1350

Posted by newtogold @ 18:11 on July 27, 2016  

by Friday would set us up for a great move up in the PM stocks and a very rewarding August. Hope China helps out tonight.


EEOS re: Mac computers

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 17:54 on July 27, 2016  

I have owned nothing but Apple computers since 1984 when I bought my first Macintosh ( 128 K ! LOL ) . That summer I wrote my first Pascal code , modeling some water chemistry parameters . They never gave me a problem , but like many corporations , mine resisted using Apple products – I think because our IT group were threatened by the fact that Mac’s were plug and play , and they saw that as a threat .

In recent years though , I have been disillusioned . Free storage on .mac gave way to mobile me (.me) and users were warned to download stored files , because they would not be transferred to the new servers . Then iCloud was introduced . SSDD ! Download ’em or lose ’em .

In the latest OSX version I was told that I could not access my own HD because I was not ‘authorized’ . They want all files on iCloud for the revenue from storage . Having been through that game before …no thanks ! Now it seems to be catching up to Apple ( see my previous post ) . They have had great success with iPod , iPhone and iPad , but Cook is not the visionary that Jobs was . Handheld devices suffice for most users now . The market is leaving Desktops and Laptops , the former breadwinners for Apple .

EOF ….remember those days , to indicate the end of a program ?



Goodbye to the news

Posted by ipso facto @ 17:38 on July 27, 2016  

Yahoo’s mining news pages are so screwed up and take so long to load that it’s wasting too much of my time. So long to that. We’ll see if they ever fix the problem.

Big boys quarterlies coming out

Posted by ipso facto @ 17:36 on July 27, 2016  

Coeur Reports Second Quarter 2016 Results


Agnico Eagle Reports Second Quarter 2016 Operating and Financial Results; Operations Continue to Deliver Strong Performance; Positive Guidance Revision; Further Reduction in Net Debt; And Dividend Increased by 25%


First Quantum Minerals Reports Second Quarter 2016 Results


Kinross Reports 2016 Second-Quarter Results


New Gold Delivers Higher 2016 Second Quarter Cash Flow and Significantly Lowers Full-Year Cost Guidance


Barrick Reports Second Quarter 2016 Results


Re: Apple ( from Ask Fleck today )

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 17:25 on July 27, 2016  

Dow and S&P were only flattish through midday, the Nasdaq gained 0.5% thanks to Apple’s glorious success at the game — and I really do mean “game” — of beat-the-number.

Apple’s Bruises Heal Fast
The quarter was horrible for Apple, with declining revenue for the first time in 13 years and net income down about 27%. In addition, average sale prices fell from $670 or so to $500 and change for the vaunted iPhones. But none of that mattered because CEO Tim Cook said the future was so bright he needed a new pair of shades. Thus, the stock exploded for 7%. Obviously, I was wrong in my analysis that there would be enough margin pressure to rattle folks’ cages, but in hindsight the real mistake was thinking that any kind of sanity could break out given the environment we are currently in, which of course is why I chose to use puts instead of shorting the stock.

Platinum was very strong today,

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 17:22 on July 27, 2016  

gaining over 4% !

Let’s hope the other PM’s do as well in the days ahead .

Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 16:52 on July 27, 2016  

Should of mentioned be micro or Marco they could of made gains but are no where near their 5 year high like a lot of the larger caps are already moving toward. That doesn’t mean they can’t surpass them in coming years though.

FWIW but very interesting!! You decide!!

Posted by silverngold @ 16:26 on July 27, 2016  

Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 16:23 on July 27, 2016  

There’s so many, hundreds of PM stocks to go back and check.  Some are not there or did reverse splits I don’t own because during the down trend its best to wait to see if they survive. They are high risk rewards that are lagging you have to do DD on like OMEX is one. Went parabolic to 10 then crashed to 2 now rebounding. Maybe.. Was a 50 dollar stock on highs. PLM THM lagging QRMLF correcting, TASIF lagging, ” kinda” , NAK and much more. Notice how these stocks are forming a reverse head shoulders pattern. Remember the general pattern. First large caps, then small caps then micros in a bull market.

Just heard no rate rase this month or next but likely in September. But will they just announce it for later as my bullish chart went up into Dec. Just have to watch I guess.

Maddog @ 15:46

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 16:10 on July 27, 2016  

Copy that thank you. I don’t analyze or t/a anything. I’m a momentum player. I look for the highest percent gainers year to date, and jump on with a half portion.

When I see a decent gain, I double the shares, and cut the gain in half. Keep laddering up as long as gains grow. Many are 250% to 400% YTD. Silver miners AG and CDE were the best.

Naturally you want decent market cap, small spread, and volume. A P/E too.

Double Speak

Posted by commish @ 16:03 on July 27, 2016  


Mr.Copper, treefrog

Posted by Scruffy @ 15:52 on July 27, 2016  

My portfolio’s finally got brought up to current time – 15 mins.  Seems the prices stopped updating around 9:30 this am.  (Yahoo portfolio tracker)


Overall, accounts up  4.4% today. Still sucks with silver up over 3.5% and gold up 1.4%  My portfolio’s are more weighted towards silver.


Physical portfolio ( IRA) is up over 300% since I silver bought at $6.00 So I have little to complain about in the long run.

@goldielocks @Scruffy @Maddog

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 15:50 on July 27, 2016  

Re shares lacking or lagging. Can you give e some symbols?? Of these lagging miners? Are you guys all on pink slip bulletin board over the counter stuff???

I’ve been on AG and CDE my best, plus DRD SAND AGI NSU KLDX MUX PLUS NUGT VGZ ARCTF. Many other great prospects on my shopping list.

Mr Copper

Posted by Maddog @ 15:46 on July 27, 2016  

Fwiw…..I still think we are near a top so am not adding here..when I do it will be via Sprott Juniors ETF…been burned too often with individual stocks….RUby was the last one.

Also I.m more TA based, so don’t have knowledge to analyse individual Co’s…..

By the way tks for those links, v usefull.



Posted by goldielocks @ 15:40 on July 27, 2016  

Gold moved up on general target but individual stocks are moving at there own pace. If it continues up in August sticks might move. Some were laggers, some already corrected. Looks like large cap topping out a bit but IMO only think it’s time to be in long maybe trade a little if you can. Don’t have a magic globe and don’t even know if Feds decided on interest rates. Had car work then went looking at campers lol Probably not a good thing to look for in summer. Want something to visit onceI leave here. Bought a few stocks this morning for a few months maybe longer trade still in the green. If it turns will just go long.

Has any politician ever been so rightly ridiculed

Posted by Maddog @ 15:36 on July 27, 2016  


Handy Link for Miners

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 15:28 on July 27, 2016  

Click on “Change Percent (%)” to rotate column.



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