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farmboy I would if I could

Posted by WANKA @ 22:56 on July 30, 2016  

but its not morning now because that was before and now is well now so what mischief did I miss and ask buygold too would ya pard? :mrgreen: wj

larger yet!

Posted by WANKA @ 22:51 on July 30, 2016  


commish…a larger view!

Posted by WANKA @ 22:49 on July 30, 2016  


Hey Farmboy

Posted by Buygold @ 20:05 on July 30, 2016  

You too. Catch you in the am. 🙂

Gold Passes A Major Milestone

Posted by Maya @ 19:53 on July 30, 2016  

Gold Now in a Sustained, Structural Bull Market; On Average, History Suggests ~175% Incremental Upside



Someone copied pasted te add for people to attend DNC convention

Posted by goldielocks @ 19:23 on July 30, 2016  

Now Liberal judges are ruling having to show a ID to vote is discrimination. You know they want to let the illegals and dead vote. I can’t wait for people to say buying ciggs. Liquor, or getting a job without a ID is discrimination.  I’m guessing theyll work on the latter if they can get enough dead people and illegals to vote.


ISIL’s oil revenues decimated as smuggling routes turn into death traps

Posted by ipso facto @ 18:28 on July 30, 2016  

BAGHDAD — ISIL, pushed off more than half the Iraqi territory it seized in 2014, has suffered a near collapse in revenue from oil smuggling, officials say, forcing it to cut fighters’ pay, levy new taxes and raise fines for breaking its religious code.

The jihadist group has lost control of a series of oil fields, and is having to sell what production that remains at steep discounts to persuade truck drivers to collect it and run the gauntlet of U.S.-led air strikes.

cont. http://business.financialpost.com/news/energy/islamic-states-oil-revenues-decimated-as-smuggling-routes-turn-into-death-traps?__lsa=e100-213c

Equisetum @ 19:41 on July 29, 2016

Posted by Ororeef @ 16:59 on July 30, 2016  

WHO is gonna want to work in a STEEL MILL after getting a Government check for sitting on their asses for 7 years ?     Rebuilding America is not going to be easy !  RE Educating America is going to be the HARD PART !   Somebody is gonna have to teach them to get out of bed at 6am first !  Show up for work on time  ! Do some heavy lifting !   Take orders !  Produce a quality product !

I worked in manufacturing for 60 years ,I know whats coming !   They arent gonna like it !

The next President is not going to be very popular !    He’s not going to hand out checks for sitting on their asses ..

Ororeef….there’s no free lunch?? I beg to disagree!!

Posted by silverngold @ 16:58 on July 30, 2016  

When the government stops the food stamps and the welfare programs, in order to prevent riots in the streets, all these fine recipients will be invited to their local FEMA camps where they will be given free lunches for the rest of their lives. The government is very magnanimous you know.

ipso facto @ 10:23 on July 30, 2016

Posted by Ororeef @ 16:34 on July 30, 2016  


THOSE IN VENEZUELA HAVE BEEN LIVING OFF oil Revenue for so long they dont know HOW to earn a living anymore  .Thats what getting a Government check does to people !

WE will have the same problem when they try to stop FOOD STAMPS ..its easy to start that stuff,but its HELL to stop it.  EVERYBODY acquires a sence of entitlement !     JUST WAIT  …ITS COMING HERE !     NORWAY did the same thing with oil revenue  ..they used to cut LUMBER and FISH ..TWO high RISK  JOBS  ,hard work..NOW they all push paper in offices ,lucky for them their Government created a Soverign wealth Fund to last a while…but when that runs out WHOs  gonna tell them to get off their asses in the office and go cut some Lumber ?

silverngold @ 13:57 on July 30, 2016 THERES no FREE LUNCH

Posted by Ororeef @ 15:35 on July 30, 2016  



Posted by Ororeef @ 15:29 on July 30, 2016  

Go to Stockcharts .com  type in $one:jpm    and you will get a wonderfull Gold CHART   making a triple bottom right here !      Its Morgan up side DOWN  !  Notice How it sky Rockets on Jan 19  ..a perfect GOLD indicator !

When the GLD/SLV/PM etf ponzi scheme blows stand back

Posted by Maddog @ 15:25 on July 30, 2016  

Doesn’t it warm yr heart to know that HSBC is main custodian to GLD !!!!!! ( Yes it does….. because when it blows, PM’s will go bonkers)

Think GLD Is Legit? Better Twice About That

Adding to the intrigue is the fact that GLD’s “Sponsor,” World Gold Trust Services – a subsidiary of the World Gold Council – has had four different CEO’s in less than three years from 2013-2016. The CEO previous to these three CEOs had been in place for four years, from 2009-2013. BullionStar’s Ronan Manly is the first to report this strange event – LINK.

Think GLD Is Legit? Better Twice About That

Saturday… mourning cartoons

Posted by Maya @ 15:06 on July 30, 2016  

Where, oh where did our youth go?


Natural News: PROOF of systemic chemical violence committed against black people in America

Posted by silverngold @ 13:57 on July 30, 2016  
Yes, there is systemic CHEMICAL violence targeting black people across America

Adams We cannot honestly discuss the cycle of violence in America today without understanding all the “vectors” of violence that really exist.

As I explain in my video today, it turns out that government is involved in a systemic pattern of chemical violence against black people. That “chemical violence” includes heavy metals, vaccines, chemotherapy and other elements that are specifically allowed to target and exploit black lives across the nation.

My mini-documentary video explains all this and more.

Find my article and video here.

Bring out the chains

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:23 on July 30, 2016  

A new decree by Venezuela’s government could make its citizens work on farms to tackle the country’s severe food shortages.

That “effectively amounts to forced labor,” according to Amnesty International, which derided the decree as “unlawful.”

In a vaguely-worded decree, Venezuelan officials indicated that public and private sector employees could be forced to work in the country’s fields for at least 60-day periods, which may be extended “if circumstances merit.”

“Trying to tackle Venezuela’s severe food shortages by forcing people to work the fields is like trying to fix a broken leg with a band aid,” Erika Guevara Rosas, Americas’ Director at Amnesty International, said in a statement.

President Nicolas Maduro is using his executive powers to declare a state of economic emergency. By using a decree, he can legally circumvent Venezuela’s opposition-led National Assembly — the Congress — which is staunchly against all of Maduro’s actions.

According to the decree from July 22, workers would still be paid their normal salary by the government and they can’t be fired from their actual job.


Good Morning Buygold

Posted by Farmboy @ 10:20 on July 30, 2016  

Thanks for the COT update. Will have to peruse that one later. Im off to a meeting so leaving it to you to bang the garbage can lid and wake Wanka up this morning. Have a great one, Farmboy

COT Report

Posted by Buygold @ 10:15 on July 30, 2016  

Funds were pretty active, banksters not so much. After the last few days of rally, next week might be more interesting.


Early Stages of ‘THE Gold Rush’ ?

Posted by Farmboy @ 10:02 on July 30, 2016  

he XAU and the GDX have just broken above their 200-week averages, which is the line between a bear market and a bull market.  So several weeks ago they broke above their 200-week moving averages and it has signaled an intermediate- and long-term uptrend.  One of the things I have been saying to my clients is that the best is yet to come (in the mining sector).  We are just in the early innings — this is just the first or second inning of a long-term bull market and you want to buy the dips.”


Top Advisor To Sovereign Wealth Funds Says Gold & Silver Headed Into The Stratosphere Along With The Shares

Gold And Silver Strong – Banks And Stocks Scary

Posted by Farmboy @ 9:57 on July 30, 2016  

Gold and silver stole the show in the first half of 2016. Can metals investors expect an encore performance in the second half? It is certainly possible, but the markets will need some help. The trick will be holding onto the speculative interest.

Metals spent 5 years mired in a backwater of underperformance. That began to change at the beginning of this year. Gold and silver made it back into the headlines and back atop the charts of best performing assets. The success drew a flood of capital back into the futures markets and into metals ETFs. It is these speculators who provide the fuel for big moves in prices.”


Comment: Personally, I think the Presidential Election alone is enough fuel to drive the PM’s upwards until November. Add to that Obama’s Swan Song, as he exits stage left, and whatever dumb moves he may make. And then there is ISIS. And who knows what ‘Brexit’ lies around the corner. There has never been a better time to have some wealth stored in ounces.

Gold/Silver Ratio

Posted by Farmboy @ 9:50 on July 30, 2016  


Here’s Why You Should Own Both Gold and Silver Right Now, Despite Pullback

Posted by Farmboy @ 9:46 on July 30, 2016  

“Under normal circumstances, when an investment is up double digits in just seven months, it’s a good time to sell. But with gold and silver, up 24% and 41%, respectively, so far this year, this may just be the beginning of a much bigger rally.”


Comment: With just 5 months to go in 2016, the PM’s are set to be THE Outstanding investments this year. All Aboard !!!

To: Wanka & Commish, Just In Case You Two Old Ones Have Forgotten :)

Posted by Farmboy @ 9:32 on July 30, 2016  


Rise and Shine, you are missing the cartoons !

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