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goldielocks @ 21:30 on August 31, 2016

Posted by Ororeef @ 23:57 on August 31, 2016  

What it amounts to is SEX deprivation to  both men ..If These two wanted a career thats ok ,but not at the Spouses neglect .They didnt need to get married.  Men balance that obligation all the time !  Apparently its not in balance at these to households !  SEX deprivation seems to be the issue !   Men dont seem to be depriving their spouses of sexual fulfillment rights ,or we would hear of it more often although it may happen occasionly. These are high visability cases ,but are becoming more common.  Just because it may have happened to some women dosent make it ok .Especially when a child is so young  ….A young child needs his mother ,not so much later on.  She is neglecting her child ,especially when she is aware of the fathers proclivities during her absences given his history.


Posted by treefrog @ 23:56 on August 31, 2016  

i don’t have much in the way of batteries.  a have a couple generators, though.  i really doubt if anything will be needed.  the max sustained winds are 38 mph.  heavy rains are part of the climate here.  a couple days of breezy, rainy weather.  i’m sure somewhere, a branch will get blown down on a power line, and someone will be without power for a few hours.  it’s not high drama.  the power company crews will have things up and running again before anybody is more than mildly inconvenienced.

relatively mild storms like this are kind of fun.  i get to sleep out on the upstairs porch and if i’m lucky, the lightning will provide a  sound and light show.  donner und blitzen!

Trump made a good speech immigration

Posted by goldielocks @ 23:46 on August 31, 2016  

Meanwhile places like NC was coming across the screen saying they are not going to require a ID to vote. While he’s working for Americans these in your face traitors are working against them. Then here comes the winers saying it’s not fair to families. Excuse me… It’s not fair to our family’s. Let Mexicos President worry about his. What has he done, use us to solve their problems?

Then some idiot comes on saying we don’t have enough border patrol to deport all these people. What a lame excuse. Like it’s gonna be done all at once. Maybe if they would of not released them under obama and we had a wall and a border patrol allowed to do their job they wouldn’t be here in the first place.

I see he’s sees the problem with the tunnels and talked about underground sensors.


Posted by goldielocks @ 23:11 on August 31, 2016  

Well get some mosquito repellant when it’s over. Hope you have lots of batteries. Some places powers out already.  I heard winds were already picking up in LA  many days ago which prompted me to look up the state weather. I don’t know what it is about sept., but it brings a lot of storms with it. When I sent my daughter and her other to the Caribbean once I made it in April. Her husband said he’d rather have it June because of his job.  When June came we were talking about it and that’s when they found out about Hurricane season. My daughter said what do you mean hurricane season!’ So I told them about it as many don’t get it here. Just flash floods fires and quakes which is enough.

Meanwhile, Madeline is DOWNGRADED to Tropical Storm

Posted by Maya @ 23:10 on August 31, 2016  

While there has been steady rain, and wind gusts over the mountains and downslopes, the worst of the rain remains some miles offshore yet.  The center of circulation has broken up, and it remains to be seen if the heavy yellow stuff will come ashore, or continue moving offshore to the SouthWest.


Storm surge and waves are high on all eastern shores.  South Point area is getting 25 ft waves and storm surge.

Deutsche Bank Refuses Delivery Of Physical Gold Upon Demand

Posted by Maya @ 22:45 on August 31, 2016  

xetra gold bars

Is the DITCH BANK broke?

tropical update,

Posted by treefrog @ 22:45 on August 31, 2016  

it’s been upgraded to a tropical storm with sustained winds of 38 mph.  the threat level is underwhelming.  plenty of rain.  i expect it to be kinda wet here at treefrog manor tomorrow and friday.

it’s good to be a frog!

knee deep,  knee deep!


Would be smart if true

Posted by ipso facto @ 22:36 on August 31, 2016  

US pulls nukes out of Incirlik



Posted by goldielocks @ 21:30 on August 31, 2016  

Maybe some are just catching up with some men running around with other women during the time the women were staying home changing diapers.In fact more and more are choosing not to get married and or not gay or bi either. I guess that was your round about saying it was the woman’s fault. If she wasn’t home tending to his needs with no boundarys or respect for hers he would of never been sex texting. Orr was it a opportunity? I’m guessing the oportunity. Then saying he was using the child as a chick magnet. He just couldn’t find anything else to do in her absense. Why get married? Furthermore, if that was anyone else they would of been charged with lude acts in front of a child. Maybe he was teaching him the good old like father like son quality time. This is what you do when momys away.

Feminism GONE WILD !Weiner gets excoriated by Nancy Grace on TV

Posted by Ororeef @ 20:29 on August 31, 2016  

while his wife and her reported Lover Hillary tramp around the country .Two lesbians  where both spouses are constantly

seeking sexual gratification from other WOMEN  ,and WHO gets the HEAT ? The men of coarse !  Feminism GONE WILD !

Bless you Dennis

Posted by ipso facto @ 20:23 on August 31, 2016  


And the Loser Is:

Posted by Maya @ 20:01 on August 31, 2016  

Having constantly demonstrated his uncanny ability to “predict” the market, Dennis Gartman has decided to branch out into the realm of forecasting presidential elections. In an interview with Kitco, this is what Gartman said:

“…because the market is wise enough to know that Mr. Trump has no chance of becoming the next president…”



Like a blessing from above, “wrong-way Gartman” has just sealed the deal!  Thank You, Dennis!  🙂

Farmboy @ 15:58 – No, no… you don’t understand!

Posted by Maya @ 19:56 on August 31, 2016  

Obummer AVOIDS disaster areas, and the volcano is having a hurricane right now.  Remember Louisiana?

Maybe they can make it work this time

Posted by ipso facto @ 19:14 on August 31, 2016  

Aurcana Corporation Announces Preliminary Economic Assessment for the Shafter Mine


The Phoenix Rally Tonight

Posted by commish @ 18:10 on August 31, 2016  


Posted by goldielocks @ 18:01 on August 31, 2016  

Hillary already trying to down play it as photo op. Yeah look who’s doing the photo ops while nothing for anyone but herself as usual. It wasn’t Trump who asked to meet with him. Yet there are people going to vote for her despite everything she put her hands on was for her while messing things up for everyone else. She didn’t get there on her own work she got there by using the influences and work of others and doesn’t belong there. She’ll just be another puppet for the shadow gov and worse other governments as well.

Heres some info on the visit, they didn’t talk about who’s paying for the wall.


Farmboy @16:14 – Trump Looked Good

Posted by commish @ 17:27 on August 31, 2016  

He was invited by the President Of Mexico to meet.  The MSM will say something like he did it for a photo op or something stupid like they seem to do.


Posted by goldielocks @ 17:27 on August 31, 2016  

If your going long just hedge. We seem to have a pattern that makes it easy to do. Long at beginning of the month then short till the end of the month lol Not that I have the time to do it and it doesn’t last forever when people start figuring it out. I think part of it is the interest rate hanging over our heads in both commodities and equities now it seems. Their games are part of it.. no not yet but soon.. theyve been saying that for months. Not the totality but a undefined economy is a big part of it. I see one of the stocks I mentioned to you did a split Omex. I’m glad I didn’t buy it. Almost though. Theres so many safer. kinda.. If we pass support you might want to keep some cash on the sidelines.

Maddog @ 14:57 re GDX makes new Low, Scum selling relentless…

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 17:10 on August 31, 2016  

Keep in mind, gold had a great year, so a pull backs are normal every time the dollar rallies. Gold also dropped in May by about $100, inverse a dollar bounce. The people that got in early back in Dec and January were probably NOT doing the selling.

My guess is the ones that got in late and high, and saw abrupt losses, were probably the main ones selling, while the early birds are on hold, not buying. The recent buyers that want to cut losses and sell, when nobody is buying, have to take far less than normal.

The way I see it, at times the markets run out of buyers or run out of sellers causing the extremes. Lets not forget about hawkish macho and wimpy statements from TPTB, who like to whipsaw the markets (for their benefit) and keep everyone confused.

There are many ways to get Mexico to pay for the wall

Posted by goldielocks @ 17:09 on August 31, 2016  

All he has to do is increase Tarrifs to their exports. That would hit mexico in the pocket just like they’ve been doing to us for decades.maybe something got back to El Presendte that called for negotiations with Trump. Trumps got the Ace card because he isn’t pandering to foreign votes like these economic incompetent jerks we have now.

We should also be fining them for the millions  that wind up in our prisons and welfare system. They actually help them cross the boarder. But it’s a start when he can address the issue in the first place and stop putting up with their entitlement BS we see from their spokes people.

“Hanjin” I see their containers on the road all the time. Some sand in the gears of commerce.

Posted by ipso facto @ 16:48 on August 31, 2016  

Global Supply Chains Paralyzed After World’s 7th Largest Container Shipper Files Bankruptcy, Assets Frozen

“… today the largest casualty finally emerged on Wednesday when South Korea’s Hanjin Shipping, the country’s largest shipping firm and the world’s seventh-biggest container carrier, filed for court receivership after losing the support of its banks, leaving its assets frozen as ports from China to Spain denied access to its vessels.”

cont. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-08-31/global-supply-chains-paralyzed-after-worlds-7th-largest-container-shipper-files-bank

Farmboy @ 16:06

Posted by ipso facto @ 16:45 on August 31, 2016  

At least you have some cash to buy with. Bargain Basement sale going on! 🙂


Posted by ipso facto @ 16:42 on August 31, 2016  

“Its simply a TAX on US earnings for Mexicans in the US to be paid when it sent out of the US !”

That’s possible. We’ll see how it plays out.

I think Hillary is too sick to travel to Mexico.

Live : Trump In Mexico

Posted by Farmboy @ 16:14 on August 31, 2016  

Maddog @ 15:33 Bottom ? Gee I Hope So !

Posted by Farmboy @ 16:06 on August 31, 2016  

Better run that by Wanka and see if it’s IT.

Picked up more MUX, GPL, and added some VGC at the close. Buying all the way down which is about all a late comer can do. Sux ! 🙂

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