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Re TPTB’s False And Misleading Info Re Japanese “News” Of More Stimulation

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 14:16 on August 2, 2016  

This morning on Bloomberg, just to show you how full of crapola the financial media news is. They announced big new stimulation method in Japan, and said, that’s why the Yen went up. Wrong.

The Yen (and all other currencies) went up because the central planners started dropping the too high (for USA rebuilding) Dollar. Which raises or inverses all the others up automatically.

My news? A higher Yen hurts Japan, so Japan had to stimulate more to over ride the negative effect of a lower dollar higher Yen. Looks like my TZA is starting to work.

All that “new highs” hoopla re Dow SnP was more likely a blow off top, or false break outs. Us gold bugs saw hundreds of false break-outs on the way down.

Currency Charts, just look, don’t think, what TPTB WANT you to think.


Portugeezer….more on Stan Deyo and more thanks!!

Posted by silverngold @ 13:58 on August 2, 2016  

I just finally finished the Caravan To Midnight video with Stan Deyo and agree 100% with his Biblical discussions and conclusions about God, Exodus interpretions, Angels, Spiritual out of body Experiences, and the freedom and increase in our domain and abilities once we shed this earthly body. Not that I am in a hurry to “get there”, but I know it is so much more wonderful and beautiful than this life we are now living. People won’t understand this post unless they too have had the experiences  that glimpse into that next life on “the other side”. IMO it’s all Silverngold!!


Posted by goldielocks @ 12:54 on August 2, 2016  

This time more than ever Im not sure what he’s trying to say. It’s like you can interpret it which ever way they want. He once said dollar stocks and PMs will move together. Not sure what he’s trying to imply now.

Marty; The Global Market Watch on gold has been really something on the investor level. Can’t wait for the trader level. I believe your staff said that will have the daily and weekly levels also. I find it fascinating how the computer called the low in gold and then said turning back up and all the fundamental nonsense people talk about did not matter. I noticed gold rallied for the monthly closing but still did not get through your key number. You have saved me a fortune listening to those goldbugs who are always long and never say sell.
You have said that gold and the Dow will rise together because that will signal the real crisis is starting. You have said the monetary crisis could come as early as 2018 but by 2020 is the ideal target and 2023 the latest. Has this changed?
Thank you
ANSWER: It is encouraging that gold has held on to its gains with a rising dollar and the Dow. True, we did not take out the Monthly Bullish Reversal today. This leaves the door still open for a slingshot move in 2017. That would be the most powerful pattern we could develop and it would be the most confusing. Keep in mind that the timing window is starting to close.
As for 2018, the BREXIT has turned the tables. We may yet see Trump win in November. That would most likely be very positive for the dollar since as we see the Refugee Crisis explode in Europe, the Eastern members are turning more to Trump and support his policies. If he wins and does enact the tax reform, expect a huge burst of returning capital to the USA. This may combine with the crisis politically emerging next year in Europe as we face elections in France and Germany.
A strong dollar will send capital this way.
This is my personal goal. The computer will replace me and it will be far better for it will not leave anything out of its analysis. The gold promoters are as bad as the IMF people. They do not understand monetary/currency theory.
Let’s see the Global Market Watch update now that July has concluded. Remember, that last entry is dynamic. It bases the pattern up to that last day as if that was the conclusion of that particular time interval.

Gold & Monetary Reform


Posted by goldielocks @ 12:45 on August 2, 2016  

Never got around to thanking ” Weston” ? Your computer guy. It works even better now than before? Now if I can wait till it fully loads when slowing on my end so I don’t hit something that changes the format.

Portugeezer….on Stan Deyo

Posted by silverngold @ 12:35 on August 2, 2016  

Thanks for posting that. Stan Deyo is a very interesting guy with many theories based on great knowledge and logic, and I agree with much of what he expects, and I question a lot of it too……but then I have always been a “show me” kinda guy. I am sure enjoying listening to him in any event.

Another one I like is Dutchsinse who also is very good at predicting when and where earthquakes will next occur based on where they have last occurred.. Here’s one of his latest.

Ororeef @ 9:51 PM’s Holding Their Own,

Posted by Farmboy @ 11:04 on August 2, 2016  

I think Shanghai is wearing the Crimex gang down. Must be getting tiresome for the boyz on the lever. He he he

We end this day and keep our gains, I think a Sundae is in order to celebrate this evening. Hard to beat cold ice cream on an August afternoon. Be sure and share with a friend !


This is getting ugly folks…it does not help that both JPM and GS put out SM sell signals

Posted by Maddog @ 10:51 on August 2, 2016  

but spill over from the Japan fiasco is scaring mkts big time in summer vols…Total carnage in Japanese Bond land…they better pray it doesn’t infect US treasuries…but if not tdy…one day soon it will.!!!!!!!

To those who responded to my last nights posts on silver gold chart and ETF’s

Posted by silverngold @ 10:48 on August 2, 2016  

Wanka, years ago after reading through some of the charters on the new ETF’s which stated that they TRACKED the underlying securities I came to realize they were nothing but control mechanisms for TPTB. Nowhere did they say they had to invest the money I placed in them into those underlying securities and in fact they could even SHORT those securities or at their discretion use my money in any way they choose. That’s the day I sold my ETF’s and will never invest in them again, knowing what their purpose is…..but that is a personal decision we each must make.

Portugeezer and Farmboy, Yes it’s my chart, now many years old, but I can’t swear to the idea being my own since ideas come from so many different sources as we try to navigate these markets. I do very little conventional TA, knowing it is a “ring in the nose” of investors to lead them in some certain direction so they can more easily be fleeced. IMO we have years to go in this PM bull or we are gonna get one hell of a move up until silver surpasses gold on that chart and identifies the next top.

And as I stated, IMO the next top will be at a ratio of about 30/1. Right now that ratio is about 66/1 so there is a lot of action is front of us. Good luck to all from Silverngold!!

Farmboy @ 6:59 on August 2, 2016

Posted by Ororeef @ 9:51 on August 2, 2016  

I have purchased and recall paying .25 cents for a vanilla Sundae ,or a Banana split for .35 cents with a whole banana split down the middle 3 scoops of ice cream,whip cream ,nuts and a cherry on top.  I recall it so well ! I couldent eat it all !..haha   I would date that MENU at about 1950 because coffee in 1947 was .05.   That price of coffee is a little HIGH !  haha

Mr.Copper @9:01

Posted by Samb @ 9:30 on August 2, 2016  

Thanks for the history lesson. All this time I thought it was just a favorite Bill Clinton expression!

Jordan, 7/29

Posted by Scruffy @ 9:13 on August 2, 2016  

Gold has also successfully retested its breakout. We thought it could come back to a minimum of $1300 and as low as $1280. Gold bottomed at $1310 this week and is set to close the week and the month well above $1330-$1335 resistance. Moreover, the strength in the miners since Wednesday reinforces that Gold will likely follow.

Correction Over, Gold & Gold Stocks Eyeing New Highs

And the CRIMEX is open!?! Break out the popcorn, we’re in for a heavyweight fight!

Posted by Scruffy @ 9:09 on August 2, 2016  

Price of Gold


Price of Gold

Thar She Blows>>>Dopey/Dollar Finally Rolling Over<<<

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 9:01 on August 2, 2016  

(nautical) The traditional hail of the lookout in a whaler when sighting the spouting water thrown up by a whale surfacing.


Morning Buygold,

Posted by Farmboy @ 8:53 on August 2, 2016  

Shanghai must be driving the Crimex Banksters crazy. I like it ! lol

Nice turn in the overnights

Posted by Buygold @ 8:28 on August 2, 2016  

24 hr gold chart

Silver looking great too!

Portugeezer, Funny You Mention California…

Posted by Farmboy @ 7:38 on August 2, 2016  

I have been following a man known as Stan Deyo for a number of years. Quite a character, and expert on all things earthquake related. Watched this video just the other night. You might find it interesting as well.

Stan also publishes a Daily Threat page. A Good place to check ‘Earth News’.


Hi Farmboy

Posted by Portugeezer @ 7:25 on August 2, 2016  

I’m praying for rain in California, so the grapes……

I’m sure you know the rest. It says it all. Rich

Portugeezer @ 5:25 How Interesting !

Posted by Farmboy @ 7:21 on August 2, 2016  

That’s quite a spread between Crimex and Shanghai prices. Makes me wonder if the Chinese entering the PM markets really is a game changer after all with their own pricing.  Seems NY is going to have a rough time of knocking the PM prices down if China wants em moving upwards.

Been scratching my head the past few months. After following the PM Markets for 17 years something sure feels different this time. I think the market dynamics have changed somewhat and to the Goldbugs advantage. The smash downs dont appear to be as great or as often as they used to be. Things are a’changing. Course, it could be Maya’s train pictures that are inspiring the metals ? Just glad I have a ticket for the ride.

Best to you this fine Tuesday morning. Sometime I think you should put up some of your singing for us to enjoy. Think it’s about time some of you musical types write the Goldbugs a theme song. The PM’s story has all the makings of a great country song. Romance, heart break, trains, a shot of whiskey every now and then to steady the nerves, blurry eyes from staring at the charts, a spouse lost in the shadows as we spend our days and nights glued to the computer screen. Yeah, there has to be a song in there somewhere. 🙂

silverngold @ 23:20 That’s a Keeper, Thanks !

Posted by Farmboy @ 7:04 on August 2, 2016  

Printed that one out and taping it to the wall. Excellent my friend. OH….I expect an updated one from time to time. You know, when you have the time and your chores dont bog you down. Good job !

Good Morning Oasis, What I Read First, Before Charts or News Even..

Posted by Farmboy @ 6:59 on August 2, 2016  


Im sure that Old Keeper of the Reef remembers when a Silver Dollar would buy breakfast for you and a friend, and cover the tip as well. And it still does today ! Real money is never out of style but it is cheap and on sale this week. 🙂

In a few short years, maybe even less, we are going to look back on exchanging a twenty dollar bill for a Silver Eagle, and well….it will kinda be like looking at the breakfast menu and remembering how cheap things once were. Soon folks will be offering us $50 paper dollars for one of our coins. If we are willing to part with them. Silver, the road to riches. Throughout the ages, and especially true today, wise men still prefer the heavy stuff.

Great chart S&G is it your own?

Posted by Portugeezer @ 5:25 on August 2, 2016  

Here’s another viewpoint:



Gold Train

Posted by Maya @ 4:00 on August 2, 2016  


Gold is on a rocket ride tonight, just like 611 smokin’ out of a tunnel


On the Brighter SIDE

Posted by Ororeef @ 3:33 on August 2, 2016  

EMXX    a ROYALTY  is on a MOON SHOT   !

Credit Card Companies

Posted by Ororeef @ 3:31 on August 2, 2016  

If you been issued a card with a CHIP in it and you SWIPE it instead ..They wont honor any FRAUD protection claims !  Even if the store says its not working yet ..the credit companies dont CARE .So dont use a CHIP enhanced CARD if its not working yet ..Use another CARD without the CHIP or CASH !  Bastards


Posted by goldielocks @ 1:37 on August 2, 2016  

WHEN WILL GOLD REVERSE? At first was wondering if PMS might be held back another few years or so until Feb. It could of went both ways where down into 2020 or up. It looks to be moving up into summer of 2020. Not that it will be in a exact straight line. Buy just link this continued move up of present where people been expecting it to consolidate or go down into summer and it’s still going lol will be suprising. I don’t know what’s behind the scenes what they could pull but what I’ve seen has occured. What I can expect is some nervous moves ahead here and there and next Feb perhaps a drop or shake and buying op. Then crazy surprising moves all the way into the summer of 2020. That is with current pattern.

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