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I aint sellin nothin !

Posted by Ororeef @ 23:57 on August 9, 2016  

not even my One Hundred Bill Dollar Zimbabwe BILL !  As long as I got that Ill never be Poor Again !


Posted by goldielocks @ 23:57 on August 9, 2016  

Lol on the pet Rock. Yes they can break rocks too. A wild bumch with lots of cousins on his dad’s side construction oil hot shots all that. My daughter got this big bouncing bal she said it said its UN breakable. It broke in About 3 minutes or less They have a pool so that kept them busy running in and our. He kept right up with them without a life jacket. One of the boys not paying attention blocked him from getting to the steps of the pool so he just climbed up on him. Anyways that’s why I got the insurance,

I still got my backup plan

Posted by Ororeef @ 23:35 on August 9, 2016  

I got One Hundred BILLION DOLLARS (one BILL)stash away …locked up in my safe (ZIMBABWE) Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe ..Im rich I tell ya ..Im RICH !….as long as I got that ,Ill never be poor !

Posted by treefrog @ 23:10 on August 9, 2016  

silver bumping up past twenty,

gold pushing thirteen fifty,

summer fading, labor day creeping closer,

time for some classic dylan.



Below An Up-Date I Sent To My Friends Today After The Close

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 21:47 on August 9, 2016  

I sold CLF (steel coal) and SWC today, I think they need higher Dow SnP which might drop soon. Plus they need a stronger economy and global is slowing, autos over sold. (platinum for auto mufflers)

Plus, CLF started dropping today, they announced selling or adding shares to float, dilution? and 29% short interest.

HL (silver) new high, looks great. Insider buying too.


I bought more BTG (gold) new high.

I may buy more SAND, new high today.

SLW (silver) New high today.

EXK (silver) looks good

GORO (gold) looks good.

RIC I like, 5 days down, on a low now, high volume day, possible rotate up sign.

WATCH GSV, (gold) (Nevada good) huge high volume day, possible blow off bottom, made announcement re assay results after the close. (high risk high return)

Note do not trust accuracy of closing prices. Sometimes they are after market close and only a few hundred shares traded.

My Playground If Anyone’s Interested

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 21:43 on August 9, 2016  

Last week couple of friends wanted some help as to what symbols I’m on. Passing it on to you guys.

I My best YTD are CDE and AG. I can NOT believe how high my account balance is YTD. I usually buy a small amount of the best % performers on the silver or gold sector lists. YTD column.

The smallest market caps, or extremely low volume, low dollar volume, 5 letter symbols no good, too unpredictable, and the big caps are too slow going up but very safe.

Its nice to see a p/e no mater how high or low. $3 $5 $10 $20/share or higher is better.

I start with a small position. If I see a new position climbing, 6-8-or 10%, I double the shares and cut the % gain in half, (that’s my cushion if it drops and then sell at break even) and keep laddering up.

Stocks I’ve been on and adding funds since Dec bottom:

AG, CDE, (silver)
SAND (royalty)
AGI (gold) and
NSU (copper)
NUGT (gold vegas money)

Recently added and slightly higher,
DRD, BTG, KLDX (gold) and
SWC (platinum)
CLF (coal, Steel).

Also have these for Vegas money,
GSS, VGZ, ARCTF (gold) and
TZA (small cap short).

Stocks I had once and regret selling.
SBGL, MUX, KGC, HMY, (gold)
TCK, (coal plus)
RYI, (Metals distributer)
CLF, (steel coal, bought it back)

Others I like and watch,
SWHC, RGR, (gun sales)
TBT (bond short, likes higher rates)
SLCA, EMES, HCLP, OKE (energy fracking)
UGAZ (vegas, nat gas bull)

Ones OK, from your list,
AG, CDE, HL, FSM, SVMLF, GPL, (silver)
IAG, MUX, GSS, AKG, AXU, (gold)
WNR (likes lower oil)

Over at Drudge

Posted by commish @ 21:42 on August 9, 2016  

AP says Ryan the winner with something like 28% of the votes in.

Farmboy and Commish

Posted by newtogold @ 21:31 on August 9, 2016  

https://ballotpedia.org/Wisconsin%27s_1st_Congressional_District_election,_2016  Click on this,, scroll down,  and it should take you to a live? voting site for results. As good as it will probably get with the media on lock down here. Go Nehlen!!


Posted by treefrog @ 20:36 on August 9, 2016  

gold got tired of the flatline.

Farmboy @18:47 – Media has been mute

Posted by commish @ 19:15 on August 9, 2016  

Paul Ryan vs Paul Nehlen (a mini-Trump) for 1st District Wisconsin. An open Primary.  Will check and see as the night continues.

The smile on the rabbits face cracks me up.

commish @ 17:29 Speaking of Losing,

Posted by Farmboy @ 18:47 on August 9, 2016  

Wasn’t today the vote in Wisconsin to oust Ryan? Havent heard a peep.

Gold Flatlines Afterhours, But Whoaa Silver !

Posted by Farmboy @ 18:44 on August 9, 2016  

silver (10)

goldielocks @ 17:15 Something a 4yr Old Can’t Tear Up….

Posted by Farmboy @ 18:03 on August 9, 2016  

Nope, dont believe it has been invented yet. 🙂

Now think about it, if Hillary should close down the mines, Nationalize em, or any other of half a dozen possibilities, what do you think an ounce above ground might be worth?? Why she might even try to confisicate our ounces. I have no problem with that, as long as they take my pea shooter first. Then I guess she can take whatever she wants.

Rocks, I dont think a 4 yr old can break rocks. Give him a pet rock !


The Corbett Report: An interesting view of Bitcoin in Japan, as well as a good discussion on Silver and Gold

Posted by silverngold @ 17:35 on August 9, 2016  

A Rabbit Who Has Lost It

Posted by commish @ 17:29 on August 9, 2016  



Posted by goldielocks @ 17:15 on August 9, 2016  

Now don’t go wishing for Hillary and call it prospering. The problem with that is what one giveth she will take away. Actually Trump will be more prosperous to miners. Hillary will probably sell them or regulate them out of business. No single person can stop the carnage that has been done but perhaps soften the fall. Besides what good would it be having a few golden nuggets if Hillary makes sure you have no means to keep it.

Well I just go to recipes right now as  home cooking and add heathy can be a good diversion. I like this chef Brad he makes good use of storing grains that might come in handy if we wind up like Venezuela where even that can be taken away. I guess as long as they can dole out foodstamps you pay back I heard if no kids anyway and keep people fat but UN happy while they look at other things they need or like but can’t afford  while they preach their FAKE nanny state BS. Then they can go on with the illusion on how LUCKY we are lol Were just sooooo lucky while people head to their second or third job and still broke.

Yeah know you had some hard times and glad you got out from under that. So much for our nanny state. Lol

im getting ready to go out to a Bday party of a now 4 year old grandson. They’re actually having a real Bday party. Bet they never heard of games like pin the tail on the donkey. It’s a video world now and expensive party places. People moving away from that or not every year. I got him a Amazon fire iPad so mom can download games movies and books and bought extra gigs. I got him a so called indestructible case you can drop scratch without affecting the iPad with cover played in one so we’ll see how that works. Just in case a couple years of accident insurance.




Posted by Farmboy @ 16:47 on August 9, 2016  

“Treason doth never prosper, what’s the reason? For if it prosper, none dare call it Treason.” – John Harington

“Prosperum ac felix scelus/ Virtus vocatur” (“Successful and fortunate crime/ is called virtue”), Seneca, Herc. Furens,

Maybe this old preacher had it right?

None Dare Call It Treason – 50 Years Later – The Vision of John A. Stormer

Richard640 @ 15:56 Dont Feel Like The Lone Ranger,

Posted by Farmboy @ 16:37 on August 9, 2016  

I am still recovering from some bad personal choices made 5-6 years ago. There was a point I barely had two dimes to rub together.

Except for dabbling in commodities on a few occassions as funds were availible, I have been out of the markets for several years. I have been greatly blessed, and fortuante that things are going much better these days and am looking for some type of pullback to jump in with both feet. I picked up a few old names last friday when they were on sale. The major pullback that the Seasonal Charts call for has not happened and there are only a few weeks left before PM’s ‘should’ start a significant climb. I dunno? These markets are so screwed up, the world so upside down.

The times are certianly much more challenging than back 10-15 years ago. I remember plenty of miners on sale for a buck or two and reaping easy ten baggers. Course in 2-5 years I will probably be saying the same thing about those same miners now going for $10-15 bucks. Just hope the Central Bankers keep printing to infinity, they are making my ‘comeback’ easy.

Almost wish Hillary wins, I think she will really be good for the PM’s. LoL !

Would appreciate it if you find a bargin or two out there.


Farmboy 15:52

Posted by goldielocks @ 16:20 on August 9, 2016  

Yet other countries execute people who did that. Knowing how she is ” for sale” I wouldn’t be surprised if she did it on purpose as a sort of way of selling info without being accused of it but got mistakingly released on her emails. Also probably got that spy killed too. Totally let him down even though he was helping us.

Isn’t that ironic? Iran executes a person for giving secrets to their enemy. Key word here is ENEMY. But yet Obama is aiding a country who calls us our enemy which in our definition is Treason. Name one congressman who brought that up?

Two Charts that Show Why So Many Americans Are So Angry About the Economy

Posted by Farmboy @ 16:12 on August 9, 2016  

“Over the full course of the recovery since the March 2009 bottom, CPI has risen by 13.3%, suppressed by the big fall in gasoline prices in 2014-15. Wages have risen by 15.7%. In those terms, real wages have increased by a total of 2.3% over 9 years. Woop de doo.  Even that tiny gain is suspect. If housing costs were accurately measured that apparent minuscule gain in real wages would be revealed to actually be a real decline in purchasing power. In spite of what economists say, wage gains are still not keeping pace with inflation.”

Two Charts that Show Why So Many Americans Are So Angry About the Economy

The Fed Is Losing Control of Global Monetary Conditions: Chart

Posted by Farmboy @ 16:06 on August 9, 2016  



Unfortunately It’s LEARN then comes UN-LEARN then comes RE-LEARN

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 16:06 on August 9, 2016  

Learned. From 1492 to 1913, gold silver and bronze was money.

Unlearned. From 1913 to 2008 all went off the gold standard.

Relearned. In 2008 the whole system froze up. Now they know. The past was a mistake.

Might wanna know Facebook reading your emails.

Posted by goldielocks @ 16:04 on August 9, 2016  

A FB friend just posted that she was asked to friend a person who sent her a email she responded to just once weeks ago. They’re reading her.. Our emails.

I suggest that if people sign up for FB they use it on a shell email they don’t use. Who knows what category data bases their keeping making it easy for government to find those pesky patriots.

Farmboy–Speaking of “O the irony of it all”…I was asleep at the switch

Posted by Richard640 @ 15:56 on August 9, 2016  

and missed this run completely…i was in NUGT at 20–then 18–but got out quickly–Rambus was talking up $680-800 gold back then…I was skeeered…I ain’t made a dime in PMs this run.

And The FBI Couldn’t Tell Hillary Was Lying ??!

Posted by Farmboy @ 15:52 on August 9, 2016  

Former FBI hostage negotiator reveals 3 ways to tell whether someone is lying


Comment: Ok, FBI, lets review again:


1. “I thought it would be easier to carry one device for my work.”

Truth: This was Clinton’s excuse on March 10 for why she used a personal e-mail address for official business as secretary of state — so that all her e-mails came to one device. “Looking back, it would have been probably, you know, smarter to have used two devices,” she said.

A couple weeks later, a freedom of information request by the AP discovered that Clinton used multiple electronic devices, including an iPad and a BlackBerry, to send e-mail.

2. “The server contains personal communications from my husband and me.”

Truth: If that’s true, it will come as a surprise to Bill Clinton. “The former president, who does regularly use Twitter, has sent a grand total of two e-mails during his life, both as president,” said his spokesman, Matt McKenna, in an interview published around the same time.

3. “I’ve never had a subpoena…Let’s take a deep breath here.”

Truth: Confronted by CNN’s Brianna Keilar on July 8 about why she had deleted 33,000 e-mails while under investigation, Clinton said it was common practice. Keilar pressed: Even if you’re under subpeona?

Clinton was under subpoena when the question was asked. After requesting Clinton’s e-mails in December 2014, Trey Gowdy (R-SC) got nowhere, so he sent her a subpoena in March. A Clinton lawyer, David Kendall, responded to the subpoena later that month, saying that Hillary Clinton was waiting for approval from the State Department before releasing the e-mails.

Clinton’s people argued she deleted the e-mails before she was under subpoena, so her answer was correct. Except they were deleted in December, when she already knew Congress was interested in them. Before the hard drive was erased, e-mails were handed over to the State Department — but only the ones Clinton’s staff deemed relevant. Since all the rest were deleted, no one else could check their work.

Like so many Clinton statements, while the line may be technically correct, it ignores the spirit of the complaint.

4. “I did not e-mail any classified material to anyone on my e-mail. I’m certainly well aware of the classification requirements and did not send classified material.”

Truth: Another claim made during that March 10 press conference that has fallen apart. After taking a random sample of 40 of Clinton’s e-mails, the inspector general for 17 spy agencies told Congress that two contained information deemed “Top Secret.”

5. “Everything I did was permitted. There was no law. There was no regulation. There was nothing that did not give me the full authority to decide how I was going to communicate.”

Truth: As The Washington Post points out, “In 2009, just eight months after Clinton became secretary of state, the US Code of federal regulations on handling electronic records was updated:

‘Agencies that allow employees to send and receive official electronic-mail messages using a system not operated by the agency must ensure that federal records sent or received on such systems are preserved in the appropriate agency record-keeping system.’ The responsibility for making and preserving the records is assigned to ‘the head of each federal agency.’”

“On top of that, when Clinton was secretary, a cable went out under her signature warning employees to ‘avoid conducting official department business from your personal e-mail accounts.’ ”

The State Department requires employees to preserve records, even saying explicitly that on the rare occasion a personal e-mail address is used, those e-mails should be forwarded to the work address for archiving. Clinton never did this.

The Washington Post concludes: “She appears to be arguing her case on narrow, technical grounds, but that’s not the same as actually complying with existing rules as virtually everyone else understood them.”

Can we expect any less of the spouse of the man who argued what “is” is? Columnist Charles Krauthammer said it best when he noted last week, “Nothing she says ever is true three weeks later.”

What will be revealed as a lie next? No wonder the FBI never put her under oath !!

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