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mux test

Posted by Ororeef @ 23:30 on August 17, 2016  


Posted by Ororeef @ 23:26 on August 17, 2016  

Dollar Rolling over

Posted by Ororeef @ 23:08 on August 17, 2016  

Wanka poll numbers

Posted by goldielocks @ 22:35 on August 17, 2016  

I can guess two things. One it’s rigged to discourage Trump votes or encourage Hillary voters. The other they are times when the libs are out or on MSM and hardly anyone one but the Libs are watching it and vote. The rest won’t even give them rating time.  I know  a lot of Trump voters staying quiet because they don’t want them to know. Not that they feel intimidated  they are just not participating or wanting to help the system in anyways conspire lol

A Trump voter asked me to participate in one to see real numbers, after voting it showed the results. It was similar but showed four people. Two independents. Trump was way up and the rest were way down in the low numbers.

TECH Stocks rolling over

Posted by Ororeef @ 22:16 on August 17, 2016  


ever wonder about the poll numbers on msm? now here is something realistic!

Posted by WANKA @ 21:42 on August 17, 2016  




Natural News: Faith Money and the Coming Collapse

Posted by silverngold @ 19:15 on August 17, 2016  

Worth your time to watch and pass on. Very simply and well done!!

Joe Biden Lands In Belgrade On Tuesday

Posted by commish @ 18:52 on August 17, 2016  

And is greeted by Trumpsters




re FOMC signals door still open for 2016 rate hike, The Fed Res Is Day Trading The Economy

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 15:43 on August 17, 2016  

Those liberal wimps at the Fed, all 12 of them, need to hang their pride at the door, and ask the conservative or practical people, or the blue collar professionals with a PHD in common sense, that was needed to excel in their field, what the Fed should do.

They are floundering and re-acting for a long time. They admit they are depending on data, or data specific info for decisions. That “data” is constantly changing daily weekly monthly.

That means…The Fed Res Is Day Trading The Economy

Ok, I’m Back. The Fed Is Full Of Crap, And Just Keeping Everyone Confused, Even They Are Confused

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 15:17 on August 17, 2016  

They will never raise rates. We’re following Japan since day one. If anything the free market might raise rates against their will, and crash the bond market’s high prices.

This morning they were saying the polls are not accurate, because when people are asked over the phone, they really don’t want to say publically that they like trump.

The talking head on TV said something like, even he won’t put a Trump bumper sticker on for fear of getting his car key scratched, or destroyed.

Lets face it. Liberals, and democrats are EMOTIONAL. Have zero common sense. That’s approximately 75% or more of the population. GENERALLY, that’s ALL the woman, (with few exceptions) and HALF the alleged men.

That’s the 75% of the population that was the DOMINANT force for decades. They got their way. That’s why the entire financial system is so screwed up, and crashed. During 2008, the “past” got found out by natural market forces. This is all simple crap. And its all in reverse.

Farmboy 11:59

Posted by goldielocks @ 14:59 on August 17, 2016  

He thinks it’s just that simple. And who’s gonna pay for the infrastructure? Are they gonna cut the layers and layers of one office to another or other wasteful spending? There gonna raise taxes.

Companies aren’t expanding their contracting at a larger rate. Their brain storm of cheaper wages back fired because less and less buying. Especially for larger items people could once afford but even then just barely. Are the Chinese, Viet Nam, India and third world gonna buy on their 4 hr if that wages? Nope Their greed dug themselves in a hole. Are they gonna move back to the US? Unlikely. Maybe Trump can help a bit with new jobs but in the meantime his Tarrifs gonna raise prices because they will do the same. So anything you need if he’s electect maybe get before the Terrifs are mandated.

But what’s the alternative? More of the same but worse. Their want for one world trade which means lowering wages of western countries to mirro those of third world in real wages. Hillary HELPED WRITE THE TPP and why she was admiring it. It’s likely shell pass it. It’s likely she’ll elect liberal Judges that will interpret the constitution that will suit big brother over the people in return for their seat. Poverty, crime, open borders and civil unrest will continue to rise. I hardly think these Mid East countries think of ISIS any other than the Foe of Islam other wise they’d be fighting along with them. We know which side Hillary will be on to rule the world while pretending she’s the great commander and thief, I mean chief. More war, more heartache more bloodshed.

Ororeef @ 12:56 Thanks For The Reply,

Posted by Farmboy @ 14:30 on August 17, 2016  

and always appreciate your point of view. Good to have folks with business experience manning the watch towers around here.

I have had it for the day, so before I do something stuipd like hit the sell button on all my PM’s I think I will go watch cartoons while pulling my toenails off with a pair of pliers.

Keep it going, Best, Farmboy

Fed minutes: FOMC signals door still open for 2016 rate hike

Posted by Farmboy @ 14:10 on August 17, 2016  

Some voting Federal Reserve policymakers expect that a U.S. interest rate increase will be needed soon, although there is general agreement that more data is needed before such a move, according to the minutes from the Fed’s July policy meeting.

“Some … members anticipated that economic conditions would soon warrant taking another step in removing policy accommodation,” the Fed said in the minutes, which were released on Wednesday.

This is breaking news. Please check back for updates.”


You can watch the entire reading of the Fed minutes below: ( Direct Feed From The Wiz Super Secret Chambers )


silverngold @ 12:49 Good One

Posted by Farmboy @ 13:51 on August 17, 2016  

Certianly matches what I am seeing/hearing on a local basis. Must business folks I talk to say things are not as good as last year. If sales are up, it is very little. Things seem to be slowing down, thus less taxes for the Gov.

Thanks for posting that video, now I can quit scratching my head on why I see one thing and Washington says another.


Posted by Maddog @ 13:48 on August 17, 2016  

Not doing anything here….summer mkts and time to relax a bit.

I was looking for a PM pullback and it looks like we have it…so far it is very tame in price, which if it continues means a fairly long one one in time maybe…but is vv bullish for the long run.

Looking to add as dips come about..but may well wait till October…..Monthly MACD Histograme on Hui is still v High. That should ease in before we run again…so the theory goes…..

Listening to yr Trump link from ystdy….how they can say Killary is walking it against him, is ridiculous….can still get 10/3 on him at bookies…gonna put more on him. As look like we have same game as Brexit, where mkts are being manipulated in Killary’s favour.


treefrog @ 13:30 Sounds Like a Plan !

Posted by Farmboy @ 13:41 on August 17, 2016  

and maybe start a rumor, Democrats taste like chicken, no wait, … cat.

Cranking Up The Markets For Fedspeak, Hit The Switch Fred!

Posted by Farmboy @ 13:38 on August 17, 2016  


stop concentrating on the problem…

Posted by treefrog @ 13:30 on August 17, 2016  

…and start concentrating on solutions.


Hey didja notice

Posted by Ororeef @ 13:26 on August 17, 2016  

the VIX is moving up through the 34 day Fibonacci Mov Avg !

Its kind of Asinine

Posted by Ororeef @ 13:12 on August 17, 2016  

for Collages and Universities to pay $250,000 speaking FEES that are paid for by student tuition and then decry that Student are not paying their Student Loans ….Really ! STOP the Speaking FEE s revolving DOOR and Lower tuition costs ! Colleges created the Problem !

Farmboy @ 11:48 on August 17, 2016 I do listen to ya

Posted by Ororeef @ 12:56 on August 17, 2016  

and agree .I think from Mid August to November 1 we are at High Risk for a serious decline in DOW & S&P and that will put a drag on the Metals too ,but I wouldent sell them .!  Because they will be the safe Haven,and getting back in will be impossibly difficult .You appear to be positioned for that scene very well .I tried for a short time to time the metals and had some shorts off season but that proved to be not such a good idea ..I fixed it just in time .It was difficult to get back in ,but I did it just in time.(a small position).(95% Long 5 % short)That told me that even in a Market decline  dont sell metals for a short term play !

I got all the gain in the early gold run and still am there and will not trade out even if the S&P crashes because I remember how difficult it was get back in.JUST in Time !  It was a close shave !

I also think the Fed will use a Market decline to raise rates compounding problems  ..(FED THINK) is WHEN YOUR IN A HURRICANE  ,,why not let the Hurricane take away all the Garbage with it! Buy Right ,Sit Tight !

GOP looks to move funds away from Trump even with latest campaign shakeup

Posted by Farmboy @ 12:54 on August 17, 2016  

“Bannon’s role signals that Trump will campaign through Election Day with the pugnacious style that won him the Republican nomination but has left him with a serious deficit against Hillary Clinton in the general election. He trails by significant margins, nationally and in the battleground states. His style has alienated non-white voters, millennials and college-educated whites.”


Comment: Trumps speech last night mentioned cutting off ‘speaking fees’ for those elected to office. It is no wonder the GOP is once again turning on Trump. Corruption will be out, not the ‘new norm’. I think Trump has both sides of the aisle worried. And as far as those polls go, think you can throw them in the circular file. They have not proved to be a realible gauge yet, not since day one of Trumps announcing he was entering the race. The polls are as flawed as most Gubberment numbers. His success, his gains, speaks for itself. America needs, and wants Trump. They better start rigging those voting machines, it is the Elites only hope. imho

“We are already in a recession…” — Mike Maloney

Posted by silverngold @ 12:49 on August 17, 2016  

Thanks Maya ! Somedays It’s a Lonely Outpost To Man :)

Posted by Farmboy @ 12:37 on August 17, 2016  

That pot ought to hold me the rest of the day. 🙂

Just scanning the band inbetween some chores, and posting things of interest. OH, and of course, holding my breath in great expectation of what the Wizard at the Fed has to say. LOLOL

The only way for Trump to win

Posted by Ororeef @ 12:34 on August 17, 2016  

is by being TRUMP and follow his own instincts .Obviously the recent tempered down trump was designed to get Republicans elected ,but not Trump .The Polls showed that ,and now he reshuffels the staff again to GET TRUMP ELECTED and if the Republicans support him fine ,if not get the Hell out of the way cause your gonna get run over .!   I agree !

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