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Posted by redneckokie1 @ 17:55 on August 29, 2016  

The Vietnamese were grabbing the fish as fast as they came to the surface. No way we’re we gonna get any. It may have gotten a little rank in that little rubber boat after a few hours with dead fish on board!



Posted by goldielocks @ 17:39 on August 29, 2016  

You let a opportunity get by you in Asia. Funny out that comes out to S.E.A. You could of made a barter with the locals for fruits and vegetables  ” and avacados” for the fish and made some bas ask fish tacos and salads,  to add with the beans. Even fruit filled muffins, corn bread, maybe even ice cream.. Coconut, mango, what ever they got,  for something different. Oh well.

Redneckokie, Might As Well Do A Little Panning

Posted by Farmboy @ 17:33 on August 29, 2016  

While you are waiting on that trout line to fill up. Look forward to hearing how it goes for ya. Did a little grenade fishing a little futhur south once. Didnt catch anything that even resembled a catfish, but was still pretty good eating off a banana leaf. Course, hunger is one of the best spices I have found yet. 🙂


Posted by redneckokie1 @ 17:23 on August 29, 2016  

I’m going to run a trotline in the Mopan in September. I caught a couple of catfish there in July on rod and reel. Going for some volume this time out.

Will post a pic.


redneckokie1 @ 16:28 It’s a Little On The Small Side,

Posted by Farmboy @ 16:54 on August 29, 2016  

compared to those we catch in South Georgia, but I reckon it will do.

Been kinda down in my back lately so cutting and chopping enough Hickory to roast that bad boy might be a problem. How many pounds of the C do you think it would take to cook it? Course, it might have a funky taste, but figure enough Jack Daniels in the BBQ sauce and it wont matter none.

Or if we could find a way to get it to the Islands…? Maya always seems to have a fire going somewhere. The way he tells it, he has a mobile BBQ pit that comes right up to his back porch even. You know that has to make a man lazy. But he can afford to be. Think of the money he saves on charcoal and lighter fluid. If he ever comes up with a way to sell a small Pele starter kit he is going to be rich.

Ps) We might ought to stop by and grab Ororeef on the way to the Islands. He keeps picking on the women folk and Moggy is going to have her own roasting party before long. 🙂

Maya, Ya Know, Come To Think About It,

Posted by Farmboy @ 16:32 on August 29, 2016  

Hooking up with RNO might not be such a good idea. Your survival rate is probably better with the two red bowling balls and Pele. But now if you up to having some fun…and catching a few fish Im sure I know just where to take you.

I probably should check with the Game Warden and see if we need a special license for fishing with C4.  I wonder, if the bait shack sells it? Probably right next to the crickets.  Both sold by the pound I believe.



Posted by redneckokie1 @ 16:28 on August 29, 2016  

I think we can find a few like this!image

Maya, Farmboy

Posted by redneckokie1 @ 16:10 on August 29, 2016  

Noodling for sharks takes a little different application. When I was on my second all expense paid trip to Southeast Asia , us rednecks had to improvise another method of fishing know as “telephoning on steroids”. Back home as the fish moved to deeper open water, we used an old hand crank phone with wires attached to shock the fish. We would scoop them up in a dip net when they came to the top.


Since we didn’t have a small generator available on the ship, we used concussion grenades. The process was very simple. You simply estimated the depth to the shark, guessed at the time of descent to target level, pulled the pin and let it fly. If the shark was shallow, we stood there holding a live grenade for one or two seconds. The thought never crossed our mind about grenade fuse quality control.


if the water was deeper than the four second fuse would reach, we improvised again. Simply take a b4 can, fill it with c4, slide in a grenade fuse and wrap the can and handle with the proper number of wraps of toilet paper.


It worked very well for all fish and we put more than a few under the small fishing boats we were searching if they gave us a hard time. After every explosion, the local would hurry over to pick up the fish. The vast majority of sharks were hammerheads. The locals must really like them because they grabbed the Sharks second to the red snapper. Once a whale shark swam under our little rubber boat in shallow water. I’m not saying I was scared, but when I put my foot over the side and shook my leg, significant pollution went into the South China Sea!





Obama will bypass Senate, ratify Paris climate accord himself during trip to China:

Posted by Farmboy @ 15:51 on August 29, 2016  


Wonder No More About Those Missing White House Curtains

Posted by Farmboy @ 15:48 on August 29, 2016  


Commish, If Only We Had A Time Machine…

Posted by Farmboy @ 15:44 on August 29, 2016  

and could put Hillary on that plane. I had one of those gizmos once upon a time, but the batteries went dead. 🙂

Posted by commish @ 15:38 on August 29, 2016  


Scruffy @ 14:12 I Hear You ! Nothing Can Change My Day or Mood Faster

Posted by Farmboy @ 15:38 on August 29, 2016  

than turning on the boob tube.  I have learned to turn the damn thing off, and put on some music. Somedays it is the only way to stay sane. Or, you can try a little writing. Like writing some News Headlines for when Trump is Elected.

  • New Director of FBI investigates Clinton Foundation
  • New Director of Justice Dept indites Bill and Hillary
  • Obama Flees To Kenya To Avoid Prosecution by DOJ

Maya @ 15:08 OK, Time To Book A Flight !

Posted by Farmboy @ 15:31 on August 29, 2016  

Why dont you pack a suitcase full of Coffee, and come hang out in Atlanta for a week or two ? The guest quarters are plenty comfy, and I find my company quite bearable. Well, long as there is coffee.

We could even drive over to RNO’s place and catch a few ten foot rattlesnakes if the mood strikes you.

That radar pic dont look to promising my friend !

if hillary crashes and burns…

Posted by treefrog @ 15:10 on August 29, 2016  

the jackass party will need a second team.



Storm Bracketing

Posted by Maya @ 15:08 on August 29, 2016  

Two big, red bowling balls coming at us.




Thanks for your prayers, Moggy!

Farmboy @ 9:17 Noodling

Posted by Maya @ 15:05 on August 29, 2016  

One thought is we could send RNO out on a surfboard and show us how to do some ‘shark noodling’.  We got plenty of sharks.  He wouldn’t have to know how to surf.  Just lay out there on the board and dangle whatever to noodle sharks.

Scruffy @ 14:12 You’re Right

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 14:40 on August 29, 2016  

The Libards are Obnoxious, obnoxiously stupid, liars, and emotional. They consider themselves the “under dog”, so lying stealing cheating and exaggerating things is normal and fair to them.

They have been the dominant majority force thru all administrations and got their way for decades. They WON. PERIODD. Now there is absolutely nothing left for them to win after the 2008 meltdown.

I’ve never been happier watching everything go backwards on them all, including those global business interests that didn’t care one bit about the USA, until after that meltdown. Nothing left for THEM to win either.

Until the Joe Sixpack gets paid more to contribute more in taxes and contribute more consumer dollars for profits. Fair game and anything goes to screw Joe Sixpack, has changed to “endangered species”. Tax pigs, and anti American businesses are the last to suffer.

American manufacturing, farming, productive people and savers were punished first, so logic suggests they should get better first. First out first in. Last out last in is the tax pigs, and anti American global businesses are the last to get better in this transition evolving.

I am just pissed

Posted by Scruffy @ 14:12 on August 29, 2016  

Hey Farmboy! How are you doing buddy?  Weiner has the right name. What a sleaze.  I am happy that the metal stocks are moving up with very modest gains of the metals themselves.

Otherwise. the boob-tube is kind of pissing me off!

I try to watch balanced news.  Well it turns out that no mater the forum or news source there are a few constants.

  • Dam-O-Craps all spew the same talking points regardless or true data or facts
  • Dam-O-Craps are more likely just to attack Trump as an answer to a direct question, rather than answer the question.
  • If you have a point-counter point situation with a Dam-O-Crap and a Repulsive-Con sharing the stage/interview, the right wing guy/gal will respectfully be quiet while the leftist guy gal spews talking points; but the Dam-O-Crap will  shout and talk over the Repulsive-Con to keep the audience from hearing the opposing point of view.

Good Afternoon Guys, I just noticed something re Gold

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 14:07 on August 29, 2016  

After the Gold correction started in late 2011, SnP/Dow went opposite gold. Dow Gold going in opposite directions until Feb ’16.

By over laying DIA SPY and GLD all on one chart, you can see after Feb, Dow and Gold have been going up together. One of the two could be “lying”. Probably the Dow/SnP.

But…..Maybe the dow higher with Gold YTD, has been giving the mining shares a tailwind?

one of my friends post this guys commentary from time to time

Posted by eeos @ 13:57 on August 29, 2016  

I think this guy talks circles.


Weiners Weiner again ! Those Democrats SHO know how to Party !

Posted by Ororeef @ 13:32 on August 29, 2016  

He’s back in trouble for internet”sexting” again    ..He and Bill have a lot in common …Huma filing for separation !

Hows Hillary gonna keep the White House going with Weiner and Bill around the shadows of the White House lurking in the Back rooms sexting and chasing aids through the Halls .We will have to rename it the”House of ILL Repute ”

WOW what a scene when Weiner comes to visit his wife HUMA  and Bill comes in the Back Door thats gonna make for  Raucous  White House that RIVALS  FRAT HOUSE  !  I wanna go to some of those PARTYS….RAH! RAH!

The Donald cant compete with that scene he hasn’t got a chance to compete with that!  !ITS PARTY TIME !

WOW !! WEINER ,BILL and a couple ARAB SHEIKS  throwing billions… around booze and Party Girls  ITS PARTY TIME !

But Then again whats the alternative ?   they ca Ban Bill and Weiner from the White House ? that will leave Hillary and her Lesbian lover Huma  and the rest of the Feminists alone ..just like” Home Alone” for Lesbians …  You just cant make this shit up !


Posted by eeos @ 13:15 on August 29, 2016  

Some good points you’re making there

Ororeef @ 2:10

Posted by Moggy @ 13:09 on August 29, 2016  

Re David Solway….I would expect nothing less from the Zionist lover and proponent of the war on terror (euphemism for murder, the purpose being to advance the global agenda for a new world order and to distract the public from the truth of 9/11).   And I would expect nothing less from yourself than to post such hatred against women.  Obviously, you have both chosen to ignore that only men have served as president of this country, only men have held a huge majority in the Senate, only men have held a huge majority in the House, only men have held a majority on the Supreme Court, only a majority of men hold positions of power on Wall Street, only men rule the Pentagon, only men hold the reins of power with the cabal that suppresses the prices of gold and silver.  And only cowards blame others for their evil acts.

Admissions….very thought provoking. I hope you’ll watch it!

Posted by silverngold @ 12:37 on August 29, 2016  



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