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Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 23:27 on August 30, 2016  

Wasn’t Jack Lemmon a actor? Just clarifying lol Actually I liked his movies, especially comedies even to the end.

Farmboy 21:26

Posted by goldielocks @ 22:39 on August 30, 2016  


Remember “The China Syndrome” Movie with Jack Lemmon?

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 22:30 on August 30, 2016  

Jack Lemmon felt a vibration and knew something was very wrong. Well, check out this two year Dow chart. Dow Charts are not supposed to look like this. Something could be very wrong.

Part Of Conversation With A Gold Trader Friend

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 22:14 on August 30, 2016  

Gold is getting close to a bottom, I think. Dow is just beginning its sell off.

What you said makes sense. Dow is too high, after a long bull run, and gold only 8 months ago came off extreme lows after a three year bear run.

I’m thinking TPTB via COMEX will bash the US Dollar back down on purpose, very soon. The Dollar imo is in a little rally since May, futures players dollar bulls having fun until the Fed bashes them.

I’m saying “the dollar is in the graveyard in the sky above 82” where it needs to be, to help the US economy.

Dollar chart, double top and net lower YTD.



Thanks To Weinerman, We Now Have Our Answer.

Posted by Farmboy @ 21:26 on August 30, 2016  

I once thought that having sex with an intern in the Oval Office would be well enough to get you thrown out of the good graces with the Demonact party. Apparently I was wrong. Thanks to Weiner, we have discovered that laying in bed with your infant son while texting pictures of your aroused state to another woman while your wife is on the road is the line in the sand. Who Knew ??! I was beginning to think the Dems had no lines, either in Syria or otherwise.

And just to note, having sex with the intern while President is still not enough to keep you out of the White House if your wife is elected. I wonder if she will make Bill wear a chasity belt?

Farmboy – Jackie Gleason Said It Best.

Posted by commish @ 21:20 on August 30, 2016  


Commish, I Think Trump Should Just Go Ahead And Spot Em…

Posted by Farmboy @ 21:09 on August 30, 2016  

remember growing up and those pick up games of ball we played? Sometimes it was hard to pick teams that were even in ability and talent, so in order to make it fair, one team would spot the other team a few points at the beginning of the game.

I think, in all fairness with Hillary’s endless revelations of baggage, corruption, lies, pay to play Foundation, etc,  and now it appears Homeland will oversee the elections to make sure they are ‘fair’, I think Trump should just go ahead and spot Hillary a few million votes at the get go. I mean, she is going to have double that number in dead people voting for her anyways.



Farmboy – DHS To Monitor The Polls

Posted by commish @ 20:47 on August 30, 2016  


Another Love Story

Posted by Farmboy @ 20:25 on August 30, 2016  

love story

Obama Finds an Ally in Wal-Mart, Whose Stores He Once Shunned


Comment: This morning was a heart warming story how much Hillary loves and respects our fallen heroes. Tonight, its the story of a budding romance between Wal Mart and Obama. Just so much love out there I can barely stand it. A story from Bloomberg, anyone surprised ?

Homeland eyes special declaration to take charge of elections

Posted by Farmboy @ 20:10 on August 30, 2016  


Comment: I know we all will rest better tonight knowing Homeland is on the job.

Live Feed Trump Rally Crowd

Posted by commish @ 18:24 on August 30, 2016  

Portugeezer, Thanks For That Chart.

Posted by Farmboy @ 17:15 on August 30, 2016  

I’m thinking since we have dropped this much we might as well go for the 61 fractile while we are slumming it. And then….my hopes are the Seasonal charts begin to kick in and a pretty quick rise upwards.

I do expect to see Gold end the year with an 18-26% gain for the year. I say we just have to grit our teeth and bear the take down another 10-14 days. I was just reading an article talking about how the markets have been the tightest, meaning trading range, in 50 something years for the past 30 days. I chalk that one up to Hillary’s Election, and support thereof.

So that means we can crunch the numbers going back nearly 54 years and eight months, give or take a few days.

Armed with these numbers, I wanted to see when the last time we had 30 trading days as tight as our current range was.

The answer is… never.”


We are witnessing a lot of strange, very, things these days, and I’m pretty sure much has to do with the Globalists, Elitists, whatever you want to call it fighting for their lives. Especially after the surprise Brexit vote.

And to add more mystery to the pot, this is on Drudge today:

FBI Chief Responds to Concern Over Cyberthreats to US Election System

And this Headline also from Drudge today:

Stealing Voter Files Was Shockingly Easy for These Hackers

All one can hope is that Trump and Gold win out in the end. The good news is we wont have too long to find out.



This is not so good

Posted by ipso facto @ 17:10 on August 30, 2016  

Sabina Gold & Silver Reports Kitikmeot Inuit Association and Government of Nunavut Ask Federal Minister to Send Back River Gold Project Back to NIRB for Further Consideration



Posted by Portugeezer @ 17:05 on August 30, 2016  


I knew all about this when I was in Ireland and I wondered how Ireland got away with granting a low corporate tax.

Apple, Microsoft and a few other big companies took advantage.  What about the ”level playing field” in Europe?

But more.  The entire Celtic Tiger (booming economy) was based on pharmaceutical companies being given 10% corporate tax rates.  I benefited from that and it helped me to get over to Corporate America.

Let’s see how deep they dig.  Rich

50% hopefully that-s it.

Posted by Portugeezer @ 16:33 on August 30, 2016  

50 percent exactly
















Posted by goldielocks @ 15:36 on August 30, 2016  

News said that if this hurricane hits it will be the worst ever to hit Hawaii. Maybe you should keep your flood and Hurricane insurance.


Posted by goldielocks @ 14:27 on August 30, 2016  

Flying around hurricanes can be interesting. We flew around Cuba as a hurricane was moving in, think it was. isadore back on Sept 2002, hard to keep track. Was a bit bumpy ride. I was riding with some Regay group called Shaggy. We beat the storm out after staying there a extra day. If you want to stay longer on the islands might be a good excuse you can’t get back lol but risky one. Mark the drummer  gave me a poster with their signatures. Another Time we landed in Florida they said there was a tropical depression . I went outside to see the depression but couldn’t see much of anything. Heavy cloudy weather couldn’t see much of anything.

What’s a Little Rain ? Long As You’re a Frog,

Posted by Farmboy @ 14:04 on August 30, 2016  

and dont mind helping a friend out. Stay safe on Frog Manor.

frog help

treefrog – Join the Dance

Posted by Maya @ 14:01 on August 30, 2016  

The storm-worry shuffle!  Yours is clearly Wanka’s fault.  See how it curves around Key West?  Rumor has it Wanka is using his secret Hurricane Repellent.


Madeline’s eye will pass very close to south point, Hawaii.  Close enough to see the eye on the south point doppler radar at Naalehu.  Check out the radar on Wednesday evening:


tropical storm update

Posted by treefrog @ 13:41 on August 30, 2016  


the storm’s present course is headed for the texas/louisiana area.

forecasters are telling us that the storm will take a sharp right turn early tomorrow morning.  they are also telling us that it may be upgraded from tropical “depression” to tropical “storm” (a matter of higher sustained wind speed).  both categories bring lots of rain.

if it does follow the forecast path, treefrog manor will get several inches of rain.  five inches?  ten? other?  i’m not too worried, i’m on high ground and my preps are in place.


living in florida since the forties, i have learned that forecasters, even the most professional, are seldom perfectly accurate

what if…

a) the turn doesn’t happen?

b) it happens later than forecast?

c) it isn’t as sharp as forecast?

d) some combination of the above?

this would bring the storm to land somewhere to the west of here.

god help louisiana.  they’re already saturated.



Posted by ipso facto @ 13:33 on August 30, 2016  

Thanks brother.

although it would have been nice to come back to a better market! Sheesh

Silver Being Walked Down That Green Mile Today

Posted by Farmboy @ 12:49 on August 30, 2016  

silver (19)


Posted by goldielocks @ 12:44 on August 30, 2016  

Glad you got out. You might be able to survive  a sudden surge or collapse but could your other? Hope that tree holds out. Maybe safer to have them behind the part of the house the wind comes in. Guess you can’t tie them in those categories.


Posted by goldielocks @ 12:40 on August 30, 2016  

I figured that. Was thinking bartering ahead of time before you made fillets out of them lol But during the circumstances probably not 🙁 Sharks are getting over fished though and many brutally by China and their shark fin soup. Guess everything is as baby seals are starving. Some species of sharks live to be hundreds of years old and don’t even reach maturity until a hundred to be able to reproduce. The over fishing and especially Asia is threating them.

The one thing Hillary Clinton did a lot as secretary of state

Posted by Farmboy @ 12:29 on August 30, 2016  



Comment: Awe…..this story is so touching. Who knew she has such a great heart ? OK, I admit, having Hillary Rodham Clinton printed on the ribbon might be a bit egotistic, even arrogant, her heart surely must have been in the right place. And this reporter from CNBC, the fact he discovered what she has really been up to is just amazing. I bet he is counting on some cushy job in the White House Press Room.

But the best part of the story is in the reader’s comments. CNBC gets an ear full. Apparently all who invest are not asleep, or wish to see Hillary as President. That is going to be a surprise to CNBC since they tout she is going to win in a landslide. I just love it when the ‘Press’ panders to the Left.

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