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Posted by goldielocks @ 22:59 on September 5, 2016  

Looks like Trump better do some homework. Not just for the people but for his own life. Not much to choose from anymore. If this is true and he didn’t know the towers were going to be hit and then told they were going to collapse and evacuate..  its looks like someone told him to stay quiet. Getting rid of evidence and denying they said something seems to be commonplace amongst them.

@ silverngold @ 14:20 on September 5, 2016

Posted by old-timer @ 21:40 on September 5, 2016  

Thanks for that video – good information there.

Sadly, every time I start to think positively about Trump, something like what is covered there, at the end comes up.

Or, it’s something that comes from his own mouth.

I guess I have been spoiled by Ron Paul.

FWIW, I ran across this today – Greg Hunter interview of  Warren Pollock who gives some interesting info from his own work on “The Silver Squelchers:


Posted by Ororeef @ 17:41 on September 5, 2016  

Play By Play Broadcast By A Trucker. Scripted In English.

Posted by commish @ 16:53 on September 5, 2016  


Posted by goldielocks @ 16:29 on September 5, 2016  

I’ll choose number three. But there’s a number four. A crook who’s too stupid not to get caught but has the shadow Gov covering for her because they need a front.

The Mullahs will be left behind

Posted by ipso facto @ 15:51 on September 5, 2016  

Dogs, Deepak Chopra, Instagram weddings and other signs of change among Iran’s middle class


My Two Cents.

Posted by commish @ 14:43 on September 5, 2016  


Denninger: Hillary Is Either A Liar Or She’s Grossly Incompetent

Posted by Maya @ 14:21 on September 5, 2016  

Folks, there are two possibilities here.  Hillary was either lying through her teeth to the FBI, in which case she is not only unqualified to hold any office and should be under indictment right here and now or she’s grossly incompetent to hold either the office of Secretary of State or President by virtue of lack of the intellectual capacity required to rationally discharge the duties of either office.

There is no other interpretation possible.


Third Possibility:  She’s BOTH a Liar AND Incompetent!

The Corbett Report….Boy if this doesn’t make you sick………..

Posted by silverngold @ 14:20 on September 5, 2016  

Farmboy @ 9:40 Air Force One

Posted by Maya @ 14:19 on September 5, 2016  

And it’s not like the plane was too big for the Chinese…   When Obummer landed in Hawaii, I noted that the plane they were using was NOT the domestic 747 usually used to carry the ‘Air Force One’ callsign.  It was a 757… smaller aircraft.

As Merkel Support Slumps, Benefit-Claiming Refugees Soar 169%

Posted by Maddog @ 13:53 on September 5, 2016  


A German mate tells me they are trying to spin the defeat as pure anti immigration, as this article implies, but the truth is the middle class have had it, just like everywhere else and for all the same reasons.

So the vote for AfD is only going to grow and ergo the EU/Euro is on deathwatch.

They probably should have known better.

Posted by goldielocks @ 13:45 on September 5, 2016  

Murder suspect broke handcuffs, escapes and steals a truck outside the station to do it.

They handcuffed one of my brothers one time after a fight ” defense” because he wasn’t a little guy. In those days cops actually got away with more abuse. One of the shorter cops decided to thow punchs at him acting tough. He broke the the cuffs behind him and all of a sudden the cop wasn’t so tough.Probably had to change his pants. My X who passed somsometime ago did worse. When they did that to him for the same reason but he said something back the cop didn’t like and pulled a gun on him while he was not resisting and sitting down so as he pulled the gun he knocked the cop unconscious. No charges due to self defense. The next time they arrested him for fights though for their saftey I guess they not only hand cuffed him they warped his arms and feet. If he wanted to do something nevertheless he would have. Don’t drink.

This guy it’s something else. One of Obamas sons I guess.


President Duterte to Obama “Putang ina”(Son of a Bitch)

Posted by Ororeef @ 13:20 on September 5, 2016  

Obama   “DUH”

Its the MEDIA Mafia at Work ! Hoodlums! DR.DREW THreatened!

Posted by Ororeef @ 13:14 on September 5, 2016  

Dr. Drew Asked To Retract Hillary Health Comments – Received “Scary, Creepy” Phone Calls

Eight days after Board-certified medicine specialist and TV personality Dr. Drew Pinsky expressed his grave concern over Hillary Clinton’s health and the healthcare she was receiving, his popular show on HLN, the sister channel of CNN, was cancelled.

Appearing on KABC’s McIntyre in the Morning, Pinsky said he and his colleagueDr. Robert Huizenga became “gravely concerned……not just about her health but her health care” after analyzing what medical records on Hillary had been released.

Pinsky pointed out that after Clinton fainted and fell in late 2012, she suffered from a “transverse sinus thrombosis,” an “exceedingly rare clot” that “virtually guarantees somebody has something wrong with their coagulation system.”

According to sources close to Pinsky, the medicine specialist had been asked to retract his statements on the democratic nominee’s health and also received a series of nasty phone calls and e-mails over the his comments.

“CNN is so supportive of Clinton, network honchos acted like the Mafia when confronting Drew,” a source told Richard Johnson of Page Six.“First, they demanded he retract his comments, but he wouldn’t.”

What followed, according to a source close to Pinsky, was a series of nasty phone calls and e-mails which were described as “downright scary and creepy.”

The fact that Dr. Pinsky was asked to retract his comments, and even received “scary” calls and emails over what he said, can lead one to believe that it was indeed his concern for Clinton’s health that lead to his show being cancelled.

But according to a spokeswoman for Pinsky, the show’s cancellation had been decided weeks before Pinsky’s comments, as part of a HLN revamp that includes the end of Nancy Grace’s show.

“I know the timing is suspicious, and I know it’s hard to believe, but the two things had nothing to do with each other,” Pinsky’s rep Valerie Allen told Page Six‘s Richard Jones.

What makes Dr. Pinksy’s cancellation even more suspicious is that he is not the only one who has received repercussions for questioning Clinton’s health.

Just last week the Huffington Post banned journalist David Seaman from posting on their website for penning a commentary piece discussing questions surrounding Hillary’s health problems

Ororeef .29

Posted by goldielocks @ 13:04 on September 5, 2016  

He forgot a couple of things in his check list especially of the woman. How to tell if a mans a Bigot by reading those charts. Check Not what to teach your sons how to be a Bigot Check.

Shooting star at chem bio.

Posted by goldielocks @ 12:35 on September 5, 2016  

This was hard to copy on a email do one paragraph got doubled.

We got all excited when we learned that Russia has “reportedly sent biological warfare teams to the Russian Arctic in northern Siberia after at least 40 people and 1,200 reindeer died as a result of a violent and rapid spread of what is believed to be Bacillus Anthracis, more commonly known as Anthrax.”
It just had to be some sort of attack, we thought, but to our dismay, it most likely wasn’t. Russian officials believe the infection may have started after a contaminated corpse (presumably of a reindeer) was exposed, thanks to the unusually warm summer this year in the Arctic regions, where temperatures got as high as 95 degrees F. The nomadic Siberian community affected has 13 people hospitalized, and 63 members of the Nenet community affected have been “relocated, their tents disinfected and children sent to a boarding school.”
It just had to be some sort of attack, we thought, but to our dismay, it most likely wasn’t. Russian officials believe the infection may have started after a contaminated corpse (presumably of a reindeer) was exposed, thanks to the unusually warm summer this year in the Arctic regions, where temperatures got as high as 95 degrees F. The nomadic Siberian community affected has 13 people hospitalized, and 63 members of the Nenet community affected have been “relocated, their tents disinfected and children sent to a boarding school.”
Part of the problem is that the best way to dispose of animal corpses, especially those that died of anthrax, is by burning, but this has severe risks in the tundra, especially since much of Siberia is already “engulfed in wildfires.”
Of course, it is possible the outbreak originated just as the Russian officials say, but it’s equally possible that “the involvement of state-sponsored or rogue assets” may be indicated, as we now know the U.S. government, for one, did “hundreds of radiological, chemical and biological tests and experiments in which hundreds of thousands of people were used as test subjects.”
And if the holy, holy, holy United States government got up to this sort of activities against its own people, then its a cinch that communist Russia got up to even worse “testing.”
(http://www.shtfplan.com/, Friday, July 29, 2016; http://theextinctionprotocol.wordpress.com/, Wednesday, August 3, 2016.)

This is good news. I guess the American elite didn’t want to share the spoils enough with the European elite. Ohh and screw the common people.

Posted by ipso facto @ 12:28 on September 5, 2016  

US Faces Major Setback As Europeans Revolt Against TTIP


Waiting for the next straw to fall

Posted by Portugeezer @ 11:33 on September 5, 2016  

The camel’s back is under extreme stress.

Just one more straw maybe and …

obarmy back in the White House


If billary is declared unfit for whatever reason, there will be no democrat candidate.  The others were all rejected by the party – boohoo.

This will be declared a national emergency, the country must have a choice – one flick of the pen and the Constitution bites the dust.  King obarmy.

With 51% of the electorate benefitting from some kind of freeby, it will be a shoe-in.  Socialist-Marxist paradise, Venezuela style.  Good luck my friends.


SOB … Literally ..A Breath of Fresh AIR ,BRAVO !

Posted by Ororeef @ 10:29 on September 5, 2016  

“Who Is He To Confront Me?” – Philippines President Unloads On “Son Of A Bitch” Barack Obama

Tyler Durden's picture

What was an embarrassing weekend for president Barack Obama, whose arrival at the G-20 summit in China was a case study in diplomatic humiliation, just turned even worse when on Monday, Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte warned the US president not to question him about extrajudicial killings, or “son of a bitch I will swear at you” when the two presidents meet at a summit in Laos in the coming days.

The topic of Duterte’s killing spree, supposedly involving mostly criminals and drug-traffickers, without due process has raised eyebrows most recently by the United Nations, which urged the Philippines to stop executing and killing people linked to drug business and threatened that “state actors” could be punished. As a result, two weeks ago Duterte lashed out at the UN and threatened that the country could leave the UN. “Maybe we’ll just have to decide to separate from the United Nations. If you’re that rude, son of a bitch, we’ll just leave you,” Duterte told reporters in Davao, quoted by Bloomberg. “I don’t give a shit about them,” he added. “They are the ones interfering. You do not just go out and give a shitting statement against a country.”


Fast forward to today when the outspoken president lobbed a preemptive warning at Obama, and before flying to Laos where the two heads of state are set to meet, said that he is a leader of a sovereign country and is answerable only to the Filipino people. He was answering a reporter’s question about how he intends to explain the extrajudicial killings to Obama. More than 2,000 suspected drug pushers and users have been killed since Duterte launched a war on drugs after taking office on June 30.

In his typical foul-mouthed style, Duterte was quoted by AP as responding: “I am a president of a sovereign state and we have long ceased to be a colony. I do not have any master except the Filipino people, nobody but nobody. You must be respectful. Do not just throw questions. Son of a bitch I will swear at you in that forum,” he said.

Duterte has earlier cursed the pope and U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

Aware of the firestorm his question would provoke from his less than diplomatic peer, it wasn’t clear whether Obama plans to raise the issue of extrajudicial killings with Duterte during a meeting on the sidelines of the summit of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations.

“Who is he to confront me?” Duterte said, adding that the Philippines had not received an apology for misdeeds committed during the U.S. colonization of the Philippines. He pointed to the killing of Muslim Moros more than a century ago during a U.S. pacification campaign in the southern Philippines, blaming the wounds of the past as “the reason why (the south) continues to boil” with separatist insurgencies. Duterte then once again pointed to human rights problems in the United States.

Last week, Duterte said he was ready to defend his bloody crackdown on illegal drugs, which has sparked concern from the U.S. and other countries. The president also said he would demand that Obama allow him to first explain the context of his crackdown before engaging the U.S. president in a discussion of the deaths.

The White House, which was understandably speechless after this outpouring of harsh candor, had no immediate reaction to Duterte’s comments. Obama has been attending a meeting of the Group of 20 nations in Hangzhou, China, where his infamous snub by China made global headlines over the weekend.

Hell has no fury like a woman scorned

Posted by Auandag @ 10:13 on September 5, 2016  
“I don’t agree with Michael Moore,” he revealed. “I think he’s kind of a buffoon, but I wouldn’t dream of trying to put him in prison or lock him up. The left doesn’t think that way. Their view is that their opponents are not merely wrong; we are evil. And so they are very happy. I could see these reporters in the courtroom, and they knew the whole thing was staged. It was like a Stalinist show trial to some degree, but they were laughing and chuckling.”
Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2016/09/the-secret-to-dinesh-dsouzas-inner-strength/#XhD25wrBsiV2O9eZ.99


Posted by Farmboy @ 9:44 on September 5, 2016  

“Shut it Down!”: Reuters Orders Cameraman to Kill Positive Trump Footage


Rare Photo of Air Force One Poop

Posted by Farmboy @ 9:40 on September 5, 2016  


Obama forced to use Emergency Exit from bowels of Air Force One on his visit to China. Looking a little less than majestic as the Chinese cuts Obama’s ego down to size. 🙂 Well, that is how the White House PR are spinning it. Mean old Chinese…., but I think they are getting the world used to exiting on the short stairway rather than the long stairway off the plane. No way Hillary can handle the tall  stairway without falling down. In fact, dont be surprised if she doesnt resort to using the Emergency Slide. 🙂

Still a very bad week for Obama….

Posted by NEMO @ 9:18 on September 5, 2016  




Morning Oasis

Posted by Buygold @ 8:37 on September 5, 2016  

Crop circles of 2016. Pretty amazing.



Posted by Ororeef @ 0:29 on September 5, 2016  

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