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Mr Copper, Alex

Posted by goldielocks @ 23:56 on September 13, 2016  

The manufacturing days were good. As more people went back to work more goods were being bought which opened the door for more factorys. From homemade to store bought. In the process people started losing skills to make those things because their focus was outside the home.

May one point it was good but another it was the beginning of the end. Before the monopoly of big businesses merging with politicians for their kick backs and donations people could be inventive and go where they wanted. They could start a business with out a lot of money or a desk full of paper work. These days you can’t even rent a apt without a credit and sometimes background check and have to sign a lease. They have made it much more difficult to move around or start your own business. If you leave one job you better have another one lined up first.Mass immigration has affected all fields. It has created a situation where the gov is in someone’s pocket and we are no longer free people. So in away the industry boom caused the change. I think they think we actually work for them now and they decide what we earn as well as other things that violate our constitution.  Then came the separatism, as they grew in power we became the ” little people” to be ruled over. Something the framers got away from and fought against. As they continue to devalue us our lives becone cheaper and cheaper to them to expendable. They can even import votes now. In order to get back where we were we  people need to think outside the box.


that’s interesting about the ice melt. I’m guessing the person who wrote it didnt do any research on that first but the story about the people were interesting. I guess we would have to do research on that part of the war to find out what happened. If there was a base ” I’ve tunnel” up there it’s possible it was attacked so they either died defending it or attacking it. Must of been a living hell and dependent on resources brought into them which left a trail to where they were.

amals @ 21:53 Glad You Liked It!

Posted by Farmboy @ 23:31 on September 13, 2016  

If we can ever get these PM’s turned around maybe we can all go see those gals in concert one day. Im sitting between Nemo and Goldilocks so I can keep on eye on em. 🙂

redneckokie1 @ 22:01 Some People !

Posted by Farmboy @ 23:27 on September 13, 2016  

Now aint that a fine howdy do. Wanka’s run off the the Big Bertha tribe. Buygold, well, he more often MIA than not, and now you have run off to Belize. I reckon one of us has got to amount to something and stay on the job site. Not sure exactly how I got voted for the job ?

All I gotta say is bring me back a fish, or some hush puppies, or….oh hell, never mind that, just kick your feet up in the sand and toss back a Beliken for me this evening. Good luck with your adventure on the Mopan.

Ipso, you better keep the light on at the Oasis so these wayward ones can find their way back home.


Posted by puptent @ 22:40 on September 13, 2016  

the media refuses to talk about building 7.. even NPR.. few people ever remember a third building fell that day


Posted by puptent @ 22:36 on September 13, 2016  

I was watching TV on 9/11 and THEY said THEY were pulling building 7 because of the damage…. just a fire on one floor.. they can not set that demolition in one day…. it was the files for the cia…..you can have people saying this and that  about the twin towers… who knows  what is true…. but no one can question what happened to building 7

hope winks family checks in




Posted by redneckokie1 @ 22:01 on September 13, 2016  

I just arrived atClarissa falls in Belize and you mention Bertha may be on the move again. Any sign of her cousins  Burpa and Belcha?

I’ll be looking over my shoulder the whole time I’m here.

I brought a trotline with me this time and will try it inthe Mopan River in the next few days.

This area has real promise for option b.



Farmboy @ 17:22, 9/12

Posted by amals @ 21:53 on September 13, 2016  

Holy jumpin’ Jehosaphat!  That was spellbinding!  When the first two came out, I thought it reminded me of Celtic Woman.  When the little blonde fiddler came out, well, it had to be.  If it’s not, who is it?  Two or three members of the Celtic Woman troupe that did the Christmas show a few years back.  And the male dancer… one of the best I’ve seen.  Great performance!

Buygold @ 20:23 Well Let’s Not Be Hasty, There Are Other Possibilities.

Posted by Farmboy @ 21:42 on September 13, 2016  
  1. Its one of those sex robot things that got away from Bill and is roaming the streets.
  2. Cloning, while still in it’s infancy is now fact. Hillary’s can only smile and raise its left arm, but I hear they are programming it to fall down upon command,
  3. The Secret Service said she had a Dr Jekyll/Dr Hyde personality. Who knew they meant two separate people ?
  4. Hillary, via her Clinton Foundation, is charging Weight Losers millions for a new TV Infomercial. What we are seeing about town is her Before and After photo shots. No one was suppose to know the After gal was a not really Hillary. So she lies, what else is new?
  5. Avon has introduced a new cream that not only removes 40 years of wrinkles, but shrinks your rear end by 75%. Listed under possible side effects it can make you fall down a lot. But its FDA approved.
  6. An unknown NASA scientist has gone into the fashion business. Reportedly he has developed a fabric that reflects only 40 % of light rays, giving the appearance of a much smaller figure. Kinda like our latest stealth destroyer has the radar signature of a gnat.
  7. Just be thankful Hillary is not Chinese. She would have half a billion ‘doubles’.

Buygold @ 20:23

Posted by silverngold @ 21:29 on September 13, 2016  

Yup, gotta be the same. Kinda like Clark Kent just came out of the phone booth…. now Hillary is super woman in the dark blue.

Posted by commish @ 21:21 on September 13, 2016  


C’mon what’s all this talk about a body double, this has to be Hillary right?

Posted by Buygold @ 20:23 on September 13, 2016  


Posted by commish @ 20:11 on September 13, 2016  

In the 1960’s your chance of contracting cancer  was 1/20.  Now it’s 1/2.

Posted by treefrog @ 19:57 on September 13, 2016  


@Floridagold re 16:56 Globalization’s Benefits

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 19:56 on September 13, 2016  

Thanks for posting that. I sent it to some friends with the note below.

This info below is 40 years too late. TPTB (global corporations) don’t like nationalism, or patriotism, because of borders, of which, they like to operate unfettered across border lines.

So they got their way, in the mid ’70s, arbitrated or arbitraged, US labor and taxes, to a point where the USA now has a $19 trillion debt, millions on food stamps, and millions of pissed off people, going against local representatives that went along with big global businesses.

The IMF must be getting worried about Trump !

farmboy: 17:36

Posted by treefrog @ 19:28 on September 13, 2016  

anderson cooper interviewed a voice on the telephone.  two grains of salt please.  one for ms voice, one for cooper.

puptent @ 18:06 Agreed !

Posted by Farmboy @ 18:57 on September 13, 2016  

I have fought with myself for nearly 15 years over the 9-11 event. I have been swayed in both directions at times, but that darn Bldg 7 just wont go away. I have never, not once, heard a ‘plausible’ explanation for that one.

The biggest issue was could our Government do such a thing? That was a tough pill to swallow but I believe the answer is Yes if I realize that our Government is not really ‘ours’ any longer. And has not been for several decades at least. That there is a consortium behind our elected puppets, and they mean us ill and harm to the extreme. They have a Global Agenda and a strong and independent America is not part of their plans.

I see the battle for Trump is perhaps our last chance, and a slim one, to rid this Country of a deadly menace. I do not think they have their hooks in him. And I think Trump knows far, far, much more about these people than he admits. Let’s hope Trump really is his own man and has America’s interest above all else.

I have made plans to take a couple weeks over the Christmas Season and look for a new home, outside our borders, just in case.

Best, Farmboy

PupTent, Don’t Know Where The Slacker Is,

Posted by Farmboy @ 18:39 on September 13, 2016  

I’m getting a little worried about him. I am hearing rumors he has run off with Big Bertha down in the islands. Kinda miss his cracking the whip around here. Well, not much. Hopefully he will check in once he has had enough of Bertha’s Lovin’s.



Posted by puptent @ 18:06 on September 13, 2016  

the smoking gun is building 7

full stop


Posted by puptent @ 18:05 on September 13, 2016  

what happened to wanka


Why Are So Many Conservatives, Preppers And Christians Moving To The Great Northwest?

Posted by ipso facto @ 18:04 on September 13, 2016  


Treefrog, Hillary Did a Phone Interview With Her News Network,

Posted by Farmboy @ 17:36 on September 13, 2016  



Portugeezer @ 5:11 Just For Fun,

Posted by Farmboy @ 17:31 on September 13, 2016  

is it ok if Gold hits that 76.4 fib line ? Long as we dont bump our heads or flatten our butts, it ought to be fun since we are on this roller coaster. YeeeeHaaaww !

Ya know, there is ugly, then butt ugly, then Lying Hillary Ugly, and of course, PM Pits Ugly. Just a little more beating, and I think they will have knocked the ugly off of Gold.



The IMF must be getting worried about Trump !

Posted by Floridagold @ 16:56 on September 13, 2016  

Lagarde Says Globalization’s Benefits Need to Be Shared by All
Andrew Mayeda

Growing inequality fueling groundswell of discontent: Lagarde
Countries should give more support to low-skilled workers

World leaders need to better manage the frustration over the failure of globalization to deliver widely shared benefits, IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde said.
While the world has enjoyed unprecedented economic progress over the last 70 years, the transformation has caused “dislocation and hardship,” Lagarde said in the text of a speech to be delivered Tuesday in Toronto.
“Growing inequality in wealth, income, and opportunity in many countries has added to a groundswell of discontent, especially in the industrialized world — a growing sense among some citizens that they ‘lack control,’ that the system is somehow against them,” Lagarde said.
History has shown that closing borders and increasing protectionism isn’t the solution, she said. Instead, countries need to extend the benefits of openness and integration, while alleviating the side effects, Lagarde said. “We need to make globalization work for all.”
Governments can help by creating a sound basis for growth, and fiscal policy needs to play a bigger role, Lagarde said.
Countries should also step up support for lower-skilled workers and strengthen social safety nets, she said. The U.S. could cushion job losses by raising the federal minimum wage and increasing the earned income-tax credit, she said.
Trade Boost
She also encouraged countries to redouble their efforts to expand trade. “There is a growing risk of politicians seeking office by promising to ‘get tough’ with foreign trade partners through punitive tariffs or other restrictions on trade,” she said.
Republican U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump has promised to impose tariffs on imported goods to protect American workers, an approach the IMF has said may actually hurt the U.S. economy.


Posted by Portugeezer @ 16:53 on September 13, 2016  

When have you seen billary walking alone?

She is always surrounded by her body guards in public places.

Look how she was surrounded and look how the FBI were alert and looking all around, when climbing into her SUV.

Then she skips out onto the street!  Strolling along without a care.  Overdone I’m afraid.

A body double??????



Posted by treefrog @ 16:21 on September 13, 2016  

aside from a brief (probable body double) appearance outside chelsea’s apartment just after noon sunday, the last anybody has seen hillary was sunday morning at the 9-11 memorial when her unconscious body was dragged into a black van.  it’s tuesday afternoon already.  WHERE’S HILLARY??

alive or dead?  in her absence, her campaign is falling apart like a cheap, poorly wrapped burrito.

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