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Posted by goldielocks @ 14:12 on September 19, 2016  

No argument from me. I agree. They need to fire these traitors and look into corruption. They need to hunt down these con artist fraudsters and deport them. But like you say we have that sick lying con artist to put it lightly Obama behind it.

Silverngold, cut its head off,  and none too soon. We need to close the borders, investigate terrorist cells in a sweep, arrest and deport, Killing a terrorist ” “after the fact, ” here and there isn’t good enough nor solve the problem when more will just come, We need to quarter off these terrorist countrys, get the christiams and political prisoners out of there, and respond  both with military and heavy sanctions. If Europe wants to continue to let them in thats  their problem but we need to close borders to any they let in as well. Hopefully their people will do something about it once we get Onsma out of the way here.

Mr Copper, enough rope to hang themselves. Exactly.

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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.