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Posted by treefrog @ 23:36 on September 22, 2016  

re ethnic/national distribution of genius

check into the journals of the learned societies.  journals of the american medical association, the american physics society also for chemistry, math, astronomy, etc.  all the “hard sciences,”  if you can find british sources, all the better.  parlez vous outre langues?  skip social studies, basket weaving, etc.   look at the index pages and concentrate on the names of the authors.  lots of chengs, patels, orlovs, and rabinowitzes.  not so many smiths, joneses and carters.  almost no d’shandas or d’keldricks.

this is nothing new.  fred reed spoke to this point in one of his columns years ago (’02? ’03?), and i did the index page survey.  lotsa singhs, fongs, and kleins, hardly any jeffersons, browns or edwardses.  🙁

ipso facto @ 10:58 – Powerless Puerto Rico

Posted by Maya @ 22:27 on September 22, 2016  

3.5 million people on an island… and no power.   That is some scary stuff.

I’ve endured a couple of island outages for several days after hurricanes… and one day long one after an earthquake knocked the plants offline for 24 hours.   We have a million people on Oahu.  The supply chains are long and stretched thin, and a disruption has ripple effects for weeks afterward.  Island living means prepping and self-reliance as much as possible.

Hurray Bill Fleckenstein , Tim Seymor is such an ass!

Posted by ipso facto @ 20:32 on September 22, 2016  

Bill Fleckenstein Slams CNBC “Jerk” – “Don’t Get In My Face Because I Won’t Join Your Party”



Posted by ipso facto @ 20:19 on September 22, 2016  


Sadly, just like during the last economic crisis many Americans are getting to the point where staying in their homes may not be an option. Just check out the following excerpt from a recent New York Post article entitled “The terrifying signs of a looming housing crisis“…

The number of New Yorkers applying for emergency grants to stay in their homes is skyrocketing — as the number of people staying in homeless shelters reached an all-time high last weekend, records show.

There were 82,306 applications for one-time emergency grants to prevent evictions in fiscal 2016, up 26 percent from 65,138 requests the previous year, according to the Mayor’s Management Report.

I put a couple of phrases in that quote in bold because I really wanted you to notice a couple of things.

First of all, it is very alarming to hear that the number of New Yorkers staying in homeless shelters “reached an all-time high” last weekend. I thought that we were supposed to be in an “economic recovery”, but apparently things in New York are rapidly getting worse.


In America. People Expect.

Posted by commish @ 18:46 on September 22, 2016  



Posted by goldielocks @ 18:06 on September 22, 2016  

The same for India due to its population. As far as innovation. Most of innovation didn’t come out of a box anyways. From airplanes, cars or computers to everyday things we use wernt brought on by a degree but by necessity or independent thinking, Plus the fact is they want to go to school here not there. The Chinese have birthing centers so their kids can come back to school here. I think in time with the current system trying to make everything ” equal” as far as lack of freedoms and regulations including race games we may be seeing less of it here in time because of it. What will be the motivation, just like there if someone will come along and take it, or the credit. You didn’t build that.

Look at the world’s population

Posted by eeos @ 17:20 on September 22, 2016  

White people don’t add up anymore. This is simple math. The Chinese have more honor students than we have students enrolled in our u.s. educational system, so naturally you’re going to have a lot of foreign influences.

The Russians must be intellectually dumbed down or their political structure,  economy and strength would be obviously visible to the rest of the world. Their politics and world dominace would be influenced and shaped by intellects, but it’s just not there. I’m relatively confident I don’t need to travel there to figure it out.

If your theory is really right, I want to see some impressive things come out of Russia in the next 10 years, but I have a feeling we won’t see ever.


Posted by goldielocks @ 16:46 on September 22, 2016  

Despite that white men represent less than 50% of the population they are still leading. I know three and the men I knew learned foreign languages as well so they wernt limited to working in the US. So the question is what’s going on in the US. The third and first of three a white woman. She roughed out the biases they have toward women Im guessing your familiar with. She told me that during her degrees.. They must teach.. The minorities, particularly black were cheating on their tests. Tests need to be rotated. She said she was told it didn’t matter because they will fail anyways. There are no biases with race in these subjects but there is with gender. Minorities can also get grants and other things white people can’t get.


A gentle reminder – a Russian electronic warfare device called Khibiny.

Posted by Portugeezer @ 16:22 on September 22, 2016  


As the Russian jet approached the US vessel, the electronic device disabled all radars, control circuits, systems, information transmission, etc. on board the US destroyer. In other words, the all-powerful Aegis system, now hooked up – or about to be – with the defense systems installed on NATO’s most modern ships was shut down, as turning off the TV set with the remote control.

The Russian Su-24 then simulated a missile attack against the USS Donald Cook, which was left literally deaf and blind. As if carrying out a training exercise, the Russian aircraft – unarmed – repeated the same manoeuver 12 times before flying away.



eeos @ 15:28 on September 22, 2016

Posted by Ororeef @ 16:00 on September 22, 2016  

They are well educated compared to the product turned out by US Schools .In math & Science they excell  .We do well by importing BRAINS because it offers those wanting to be Capitalists a chance available no where else .

The Brain DRAIN from the rest of the world favors the US ..Where do the Smart Chinese and Indians  immigrate to  ?

Its not Russia ,they have an undeveloped Political System ,but dont confuse that with a BAD education system.

Even smart Russians come here ! We have a BAD educational SYSTEM  K thru  HIGH SCHOOL .only at College level we do well. after the 30 %  US educated drop outs are gone !  Look at the GRAD Schools ,my son taught at U of Md & U CAl San Diego

He was the ONLY white boy in the whole Physics & Engineering dept at UVA ,U MD,U  Cal at San Diego the rest were Chinese & Indians ..The only White BOY !  ONE !

While he taught U MD he told me HALF the students  dont belong here ..the university just takes their money until they drop out ! He worked for NASA working his way through his Masters .Then PHD  in Physics at U CAl San DIEGO where the GRAD students were all Chinese & Indians.  One White BOY ! from Virginia a RARE BIRD !

I be willing to bet 95 % of all PHD’s today in PHYSICS & Engineering  are Chinese ,Indian, Russian

You might ask ,How about the Jews ? They are among the High IQ’s in th world  ..Where do they go ? They go into Medicine & Wall St Finance ,banking ..They are smart !

deer79 @ 14:06

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 15:56 on September 22, 2016  

Thanks for the comeback. With Gold & Silver so much higher today, these shares should be ROARING.

The mining stocks selling off could be signaling a drop in metals prices. But I find that hard to see, because the up-trend in Gold and Silver is so short or new, only YTD so far after 3 years down.

I’m thinking they reprogrammed the computers or software or something. I think the computers ran the shares too high. A lot of them went $2 to $20, which also was ridiculous. Occasionally they were climbing during a lower gold day.

Remember the 1000 point flash crash? They said it was computers.

Another angle?? People may be demanding delivery of physical AU and AG bullion buying with profits on shares. Even Copper is up.

Hillary and Trump to be taken out at Debate?

Posted by newtogold @ 15:51 on September 22, 2016  



Posted by eeos @ 15:28 on September 22, 2016  

This is a serious question for you.


If you think Russians are so well educated, why is it that none of their products or innovations are visible in the modern world. I can’t think of one cool Russian product that I would like to buy besides some war tool. You’re suggesting they’re so well educated, I would expect product innovations that would shape the modern world. But I see none. I’ve never been to Russia, but from what I can make out of things, nothing points to innovation, free thinking or great minds at work. Is it another conspiracy and really they’re making great products that the world is unaware of? I think not.

I do think that the great pitting of Russia VS USA as superpowers against one another, is all bullshit and the banks/ military industrial complexes on both sides want the tension

Ororeef @ 14:54

Posted by ipso facto @ 15:18 on September 22, 2016  

I agree there’s troubles coming down the road. Much of our comfortable existence will cease to exist. We are going to live in “interesting times” and that’s not in a good way. How far away are major cities (Charlotte?) from total anarchy? Not far it seems …

PS Making enemies of the Russians is a massively stupid, dangerous and pointless policy. Ticks me off no end!

Why not be FRIENDS with PUTIN ?

Posted by Ororeef @ 15:12 on September 22, 2016  

He understands POWER and is willing to use it.His people are white, Very well educated ,he is willing to use force to contain the Muslims and has proven it .Why dont we use him to contain the Muslim Hordes ? We share much in common ,were allies in WW2 . He did offer assistance during 911 ,even warned us something was going to happin .but OUR STUPID arrogant Politicians ignored him  .  It wasent POLITICALLY CORRECT !  He was too white ! He CAN do whats needed in the MID EAST ,all he wants is to be respected ,recognized  and restore Russia ! WE need another YALTA CONFERENCE ,but this time with TRUMP representing the US.   instead of a Sickly Socialist !

WE can play our TRUMP CARD ,! divide up mid East oil between us we earned all of it in IRAQ ,we should have kept the Oil like trump said !  Give Russia the other HALF (IRAN )in exchange for containing the Muslims .No territory gains in Europe and a NATO controlled Turkey .The rest Putin can manage for us and make Russia very rich again ! He has NO SHARIA law in RUSSIA ! He restored the Christian Church in Russia !He knows how to deal with the Camel Jocky ,Towel Heads !


Posted by deer79 @ 15:11 on September 22, 2016  

I totally agree with you; one would have to be partly insane to play in the PM markets for these past 8 years. I know that it’s been a contributing factor for why I’ve seen a therapist during this time. But something will have to “give”, and cause an unravelling. What that event will be; no one knows.

Honestly I’m tired of managed PM markets

Posted by eeos @ 14:56 on September 22, 2016  

The longer it’s managed, the worse the pain is going to be for the managers. I’m also sick of watch paint dry (PM going up) and complete chaos waterfall declines. This is why no sane person would ever care to dabble in the PM game.

ipso facto @ 10:58 on September 22, 2016 The Stone AGE

Posted by Ororeef @ 14:54 on September 22, 2016  

thats an accurate description of where we are all headed .!   The excesses of Medical Costs,College Costs ,overpaid Government Pensions none of it will be paid off .The printing press will show its ugly head as those that dont produce anything of necessity have maneuvered themselves into positions  of authority ,they will attempt to raise taxes in an economic collapse .We will become Venezuela where inflation is now 1000 % a day and yet the Government is still in Power and Printing money !

Sometimes people are too peacefull even in the FACE of starvation …like the Jews herded into cattle cars ,they tried to maintain their civility and dignity .WHY ?  They had nothing left to lose ! They were too civilized or perhaps too domesticated ,too Socialistic is more fitting .They shared everything, eventually poverty and death too !They lost their will to fight and die for Freedom …NOW they say NEVER AGAIN !  When will Venezuela say NEVER AGAIN !

Obama & Hillary are  leading us down the SAME path Socialism sounds so nice everybody SHARES  until they start sharing the Poverty then it becomes survival of the fittest ! The Stupid ones keep listening to the word processors promises while the rest get out of the country if they can !   ENTER the Stone AGE ..

Puerto Ricans will be the next wave of immigration as they can legally leave  for the States.What say Trump to LEGAL immigration from Puerto Rico !

It kind of reminds me of JIMMY CARTER who told MAO “let your people GO”   !   UNTIL

MAO replied “How many millions do you want 50  ,100 million ?    JIMMY shut Stupid his mouth real FAST  ! POLITICIANS… UGH !


Mr. Copper

Posted by deer79 @ 14:06 on September 22, 2016  

I’m not trying to be argumentative and with all due respect, but I believe we’ve seen this type of action time after time. Silver gets to a threshhold point for TPTB, shares are shorted endlessly ( because what clearing firm is actually going to “call in” shorts on a PM stock; they’re just shorted into infinity), silver drips lower ( below the threshhold point; $20 in this case) and Gold slowly follows.


Posted by Mr.Copper @ 13:39 on September 22, 2016  

Thanks for the comeback. I myself have never seen anything like this. Extremely abnormal. PMs were getting tailwinds from higher Dow SnP, and higher Spot Gold and Silver always gave a tailwind. Here we have BOTH. Dow and Bullion higher. Many PMs lower, a few slightly higher.

General Stock Indices:

Precious Metals:

Mr.Copper @ 12:20 Nothing Serious, Just Locking In Some Profits

Posted by Farmboy @ 12:56 on September 22, 2016  

Nice pop for the Precious courtesy of BOJ decision, but folks that have been in the PM’s for more than a few days probably doubt much of a follow through without other major news. I suspect some are taking some profits before the expected slap down.  It always comes. Always.

Just my opinion. Ok, ok, I pulled it out of my butt. 🙂

Next event on my screen is the Debate Monday night. I wonder how the markets will react on Tuesday morning if their lil Darling Hillary has to be carried off stage ?

Auandag @ 10:03 Think Maybe Putin Is Ticked Off ‘Someone’ Ruined His Limo & Driver ?

Posted by Farmboy @ 12:45 on September 22, 2016  

Just another move on the World Chess board. Obama, it’s your move ?

Mr.Copper @ 12:20 Just another tool in their box to dampen pm enthusiasm.

Posted by Auandag @ 12:32 on September 22, 2016  

Gold, Silver, Copper, all Up, Oil Up, and Miners Are Limping???

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 12:20 on September 22, 2016  

What gives here. Anyone got any ideas? Did some big guru announce something? Very strange.

I see that story I posted at 10:03 is nowhere to be found on the MSM.

Posted by Auandag @ 12:10 on September 22, 2016  

Could this be a reason why?

“The horrible question now facing the world:  Why were United States Military Officers “directing terrorist attacks” inside Syria?”

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