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goldielocks @ 22:09

Posted by Maya @ 23:34 on September 24, 2016  

No cats here.  In my book, cats are not ‘trainable’.  like the old joke… ever try ‘herding cats’?  🙂

I love dogs, but have not had one in my adult life.  No time nor place to care for one while working in a city.  I’m glad I’m retired now and have the time to devote to the bird.  Human-bonded birds need attention to maintain that flock-instinct and continue training.  I have known friends who acquired a bird that they proceeded to ignore in a cage for a long time.  The bird gets lonely, depressed, and downright nasty when you later decide you want to interact with it.  One had a crested cockatoo that got so lonely it pulled out all of it’s feathers.  It looked like a naked chicken sitting on the perch, and would do nothing but bite the nearest hand.


Posted by goldielocks @ 22:19 on September 24, 2016  

Yep and they are aware of all the killing of inner city non combatants too. Just plain evil. What I didn’t know is Turkey is involved too. That would be good if Trump could bring that up at the debate and what’s really going on, as well as it could lead to WW111.


Posted by goldielocks @ 22:09 on September 24, 2016  

Hope you don’t have any cats. I could train the dog to leave the cat and rescue cat alone but could never train the cats to leave the rescue birds alone till I got them to the  sanctuary. Not adult ones anyways and there quick. One rescue cat was actually bouncing against the bedroom door trying to open it because he knew there was a baby bird inside. I guess some can manage but I found it difficult.

silverngold @ 16:41

Posted by Maya @ 20:09 on September 24, 2016  

African Greys are the smartest of all the birds I know of.  An old friend from way back used to breed them at his remote forest home up on a mountain here.  I always admired the ‘greys’.

Pepe’ is an impulsive teenager yet.  Although he is human-bonded, apparently he was never well trained.  He does not know the ‘step up’ command and will bite at fingers, rather than perch on them.  I have to put him on my arm.  There is a flock of wild Amazon parrots around Punchbowl hill in Honolulu… some domestic escapees from years back, and now there is a flock of at least a half dozen wild ones around.  They make a loud, screeching racket when they fly… a screech with every flap of the wings it seems.  Pepe’ must have heard them and picked up their shrill call, as that’s the one he uses when he’s displeased or doesn’t get enough attention.  We’re trying to replace that with a ‘Hello’ for greeting/locator call.  He does a crude ‘hello’ with a two-tone whistle/squeak.   He says a rather clear ‘scratch scratch’ in a low gutteral croak when he presses his head against the cage and wants a ‘scratch scratch’…. which is ALL the time!

About the only thing he really knows how to do is fly to the nearest human and perch on the shoulder… or in the hair.  I have lots of training to do with him yet.

Buygold @ 19:22

Posted by Maya @ 19:48 on September 24, 2016  

“This is the most interesting time ever to be alive and watching what may happen in this world.”

Now you’ve done it!  Invoked the old Chinese curse:

“May you live in interesting times!”

Long on microwave popcorn…

Beautiful – screw Mark Cuban

Posted by Buygold @ 19:45 on September 24, 2016  

Bill Clinton’s Ex-Girlfriend, Gennifer Flowers, Confirms She Will “Definitely Be At The Debate”



Posted by Buygold @ 19:37 on September 24, 2016  

No doubt if that story is true they could never put it in the MSM. It would be an admission that we are actively supporting the rebels/ISIS. Clearly, we have a proxy war against Russia in Syria. Why on earth are we so insistent on trying to poke Putin and Russia? They are a white, Christian nation.

I really hope Trump brings that up in the debate. As a nation, I believe our people are war weary. JMHO.

Treefrog – Agree

Posted by Buygold @ 19:22 on September 24, 2016  

Really wondering how Hillary will be able to hang in there for a full 90 minutes without any break.

A lot of chatter on the net about how she may attempt to cancel the debate, even more about how there may be an assassination attempt or a big false flag prior to the debate.

One thing seems clear, she is not well physically or mentally.

This is the most interesting time ever to be alive and watching what may happen in this world.


Maya @ 14:54

Posted by silverngold @ 16:41 on September 24, 2016  

My sister who recently moved to Kauai has an African Grey Parrot named Chemo. Not sure but I think well over 30 years old. Favorite expression is “go to work Mark”. That’s her “X” who never did so she kept the bird and got rid of Mark. LOL!!! Chemo speaks so many words, sentences, expressions etc and they are all recognizable.  Always talking. I hear ya about the biting. My sis knows how to avoid it but the rest of us are fair game. About 10 years ago my sister had a “what’s this” moment when she found an egg in the bottom of the cage. Up until then we had always referred to Chemo as him so we had to adjust our thinking. Now she occasionally lays an egg but of course not fertile since no males around. Chemo is in the care of a friend until my sis finds a suitable rental place while she is looking for a place to buy. The problem is whenever my sis mentions she has a “bird” she says everybody freaks out, but once she locates a place Chemo must be put into quarantine, then put on the plane and she there to pick her up on arrival. But Chemo is a lifelong part of my sis’s family so it’s an “until death do us part” kinda thing.


can hillary stand it?

Posted by treefrog @ 16:41 on September 24, 2016  

word i heard is that the debate commission ruled that the debates would be 90 minutes, no breaks, no stools.  can hillary keep her fat ass vertical for 90 minutes?  i don’t think so.



Posted by Maya @ 16:16 on September 24, 2016  

I figured you would like that one.  🙂

Cheers, old friend!

Thank you Stephen Leeb and King World News for that “Stunning road map to $26,000 gold”

Posted by Equisetum @ 16:06 on September 24, 2016  

Could we just forget about the roadmap and the parabolic goal over $20,000?  Instead could we please just have gold with a US dollar fiat price of, lets say, $1400 or $1600 so my discretionary budget could start to think again about a winter rail trip through one of Maya’s scenic Rocky Mountain rail routes.  Thanks Stephen.  p.s. gold priced at US $1900 would be alright too.

Maya @ 14:31. Thanks for the memories, by your posting of that view of the C.P.R. near Field, British Columbia.

Posted by Equisetum @ 15:52 on September 24, 2016  

We have been at Field many times in our lives, but it is now decades since we have crossed the Continental Divide in this part of the Yellowstone-to- Yukon alpine spine of the continent.  Your photo makes me want to see that beautiful geological region again.   Passing through Field by rail when snowpack is at its peak  in late winter reveals a stunning landscape.  Cheers.


Posted by goldielocks @ 15:21 on September 24, 2016  

Lol good one.


Posted by goldielocks @ 15:18 on September 24, 2016  

Pepe has good judgement who he chose to rescue him.

The witch and the white knight

Posted by Moggy @ 15:17 on September 24, 2016  


Ororeef lol Could it be your having

Posted by goldielocks @ 15:11 on September 24, 2016  


Giving y’all the bird!

Posted by Maya @ 14:54 on September 24, 2016  


Whadda ya do when the Bird of Paradise lands in your hair?
I was doing laundry in our ground floor garage of the building (still in Honolulu) when a set of claws landed on my head and about gave me a heart attack!  I brushed it off, but it came back again.  After the second freakout I got a glimpse of green fluttering bird, and when it landed on my head a third time I was ready for it.  I threw a shirt over my head and scooped up the bird in the shirt and brought it up to the apartment.  He’s a green-cheek Conure… small parrot species.  I had him loose in the apartment for two days before getting a cage and supplies for him.  Looked on Craigslist and papers for ‘lost and found’ but no bird notices around.  He has a closed-band indicating he is domestic, Hawaii bred in 2014.  So he’s two years old.    I presume it is ‘He’ from the behavior, but with these you cannot tell by looking.  Takes a blood/dna test to be sure… not important unless you’re going to breed them.

So I got adopted by the bird.  Learning all I can about caring for him.  Named him ‘Pepe’.  He is VERY human-bonded and watches me everywhere in the room, and calls when we ignore him too much.  He wants out of the cage so he can fly over and sit on my shoulder.    I suspect he was a docile, hand-fed bird with a lot of ‘shoulder time’ when he was juvenile.  Now at age two, the maturity hormones are kicking in and he is restless and irritable like never before.  He probably flew out someone’s door when they least expected it.   Plus he is molting now, so is itchy with his feathers coming in.  My friends and I are trying to modify his ‘screechy’ calls with some other spoken words and lesser ‘chirps’.  He’s learning… slowly.

One conure website said it is like having an “attention-deficit, Hyperactivity-disorder, two-year-old with a loud whistle and pliers”…. and that’s the truth!

I remember that Mrs. Wanka has a Conure that is bonded to her, and won’t let Wanka near. But probably a little more mature and docile than this little hyperactive boss.

They are very ‘beaky’, feeling and tasting everything, and he still has to learn what is ‘too hard’ of a nip at bare skin.   It’s a grooming instinct with us… his ‘flock’ of bigger birds.  But he’s got to learn not to pinch skin yet.   I have to put on my hoodie when I let him out to crawl on me.  So he’s bonding to me as I’m the one daring enough to take him out for a little fun and exercise every day or two.   Then I need the iodine for the bird bites.

But he demands attention any time I pass the cage.  He loves to have his beak stroked and his head scratched!  He will press his head against the cage and goes into a pleasure trance when I stroke his beak and head.  But he is still ‘nippy’ if you are not careful.

He’s a reluctant flyer… not to escape, but always looking for a human to land on.  I haven’t the heart to clip his wings… that would be the beautiful blue wingtips he has.  He’s just too pretty like that.  So we carefully manage his flight indoors.

Hand-fed, weaned young ones from the breeder here are $150.  Mature ones like Pepe’ go for around $400.   He eats cheap… so I guess I’ll keep him. With his domestic bird-band I can ship him overnight cargo to the neighbor islands OK, so he will be coming to the ranch with me later on.



Gold Train

Posted by Maya @ 14:31 on September 24, 2016  


It’s the weekend.  Time for a scenic excursion.  The Royal Canadian Pacific gold train climbs through the British Columbia mountains.


I think you need to chill Ororeef

Posted by eeos @ 5:28 on September 24, 2016  

You think you’re right a little too much for me. Your brain is closed off to anything that you somewhat disagree with. This is the problem with men your age. If you think Goldilock is silent, I think you have diarrhea of the mouth too much. And I’m sure you will find the need to come back at me, but you’re just losing respect at that point

Goldie this is an example of feminist ! CLASSIC ! hehehehehehehe your Silence is deafening !

Posted by Ororeef @ 2:11 on September 24, 2016  

commish @ 14:00 on September 23, 2016

70 % of Charlotte demonstrations arrested are OUTSIDERS

Posted by Ororeef @ 1:53 on September 24, 2016  

hired b y SOROS !

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