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Maya @ 22:08….Thanks Maya

Posted by silverngold @ 23:25 on December 13, 2016  

I’m used to seeing a volcanic cone or crater, like Mt St Helens or Mt Lassen, so never would have suspected that huge hole surrounded by what appears to be flat terrain was a volcano. Spectacular picture though with the electrical storm over it. When it erupts does that entire hole fill with lava until it escapes in low areas?? Having trouble visualizing it.

ipso, sng – That’s my volcano!

Posted by Maya @ 22:08 on December 13, 2016  

Halemaumau crater at the summit of Kilauea volcano… about 20 miles from the ranch.  Under the right atmospheric conditions with storms nearby, the smoke and fumes trigger lightning displays like that.

It’s fun living among the spectacular geology here.

Detailed news on polar vortex

Posted by goldielocks @ 22:05 on December 13, 2016  

Posted a few days ago.



Posted by goldielocks @ 21:25 on December 13, 2016  

From what I heard from a insider they were hiring minorites under educated and some were actually transferring out of the IRS because of it so although your language pretty funny they probably have enough of a hard time “processing” English let alone Ororeef lol

Polar Vortex

Posted by goldielocks @ 21:19 on December 13, 2016  

Those from the northern to eastern states bordering Canada be prepared to a cold front that could drop temps to below zero F.

Best article on 911 I have read bar none!

Posted by Auandag @ 19:50 on December 13, 2016  

Explains how everything happened and how it was done, melting cars, building seven,everything. Along with incriminating words from perpetuators.

Excellent read!

To 9/11 and Beyond: The Rothschild-Israeli Obsession with Nuclear Weapons

Ororeef @ 17:04…..PERFECT!!! LOLOLOL!!!!!

Posted by silverngold @ 17:27 on December 13, 2016  

silverngold @ 14:21 on December 13, 2016

Posted by Ororeef @ 17:04 on December 13, 2016  

I think Ill fill out my Tax Return this year in an Ancient Mongolian Dialect ,just to be in conformity with Obamas directive !so solly  !

Me no spekah da English  ..me can no paya da TAX sona ga bitchie…!

silverngold @ 15:33

Posted by ipso facto @ 16:59 on December 13, 2016  

I don’t remember the story … “Thunderstorm over a volcano gets hit by lightning” emoji_1f601

silverngold @ 14:21 on December 13, 2016

Posted by Ororeef @ 16:53 on December 13, 2016  

The Chinese and other competators around the world have to be laughing their asses off at the President and the American People for electing such a Dumb Ass !

He’s disrespected by every foreign leader thats got a Brain.. and te rest like him because they are so stupid he makes Stupid look the Norm..

i betcha MODI in India likes Obama because it makes him look GOOD by Comparison..A six year old has got a better chance of successful running a Country than Obama …Putin just smiles and shakes his head   in disbelief..!

Here we have the most ARMED and worlds LARGEST ECONOMY ..and some FOOL with influence sez lets see now …lets put Stupid in charge ..Where can we find him ..lets see   ..hes got to be politically correct ,so its good if he’s black,better if he’s GAY,and got where he is because he is a Community organizer,and better if he’s an affirmative action product to affirm that Policy’s success ! Yeah I think iknow just the GUY he’s  from Chicago the Murder Capital of the world ,the Home of Al Capone ..thats a good sign…Lets make him President  ….that’ll prove anybody can grow up to be President in America  ,even the biggest Fool you can find ..What a Country !

ipso facto @ 15:03….Spectacular photo Ipso

Posted by silverngold @ 15:33 on December 13, 2016  

Any story with it?

can’t get mine to upoad

Posted by treefrog @ 15:32 on December 13, 2016  


silverngold @ 14:21

Posted by ipso facto @ 15:05 on December 13, 2016  

That BS won’t last a NY minute when Trump gets in there. That’s the sort of thing that lost the Dems the election. People are fed up with stupidity!

Working OK for me Treefrog

Posted by ipso facto @ 15:03 on December 13, 2016  


Posted by ipso facto @ 15:02 on December 13, 2016  



Posted by treefrog @ 14:42 on December 13, 2016  

having issues posting images.

Who owns a private business?? The owner, or the Government??

Posted by silverngold @ 14:21 on December 13, 2016  

You won’t believe Obama’s INSANE new law


If you’re a small business owner or a hiring manager at your company, get ready to get out your international dictionary.

Thanks to President Barack Obama’s newest move, if an employer asks his or her employees to speak English at work, they’re now subject to serious fines — and even jail time — for violating the employees’ civil rights.

“Requiring employees in the United States to speak a foreign language is not discriminatory but forcing them to speak English violates federal law under a sweeping order issued by the Obama administration to crack down on ‘national origin discrimination’ in the workplace,” conservative watch dog Judicial Watch reported last week. “The government’s new enforcement guidelines state that bilingual requirements don’t meet discrimination claims under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act but English-only rules do because they’re restrictive language policies.”

Consider how insane this new rule is: Should a company refuse to hire a person for a position because the candidate only speaks a rare Mongolian tribal language, they’re now considered racists that must be punished.

Of course, it’s perfectly acceptable to require that workers speak a foreign language. For example, you can put in your job description that the employee must be able translate Mongolian.

But employers cannot insist their employees speak English.

If you think this is fantasy, you’re in for a harsh awakening — the Obama administration has already successfully sued a Wisconsin metal and plastic manufacturer in 2014 for asking it’s employees to speak English, not Hmong (a South-Eastern Asian language), while working on the factory line.

According to Judicial Watch, “The administration asserts that the new rules, which cover a broad range of scenarios that could get employers in trouble, were created because the American workforce is ‘increasingly ethnically diverse.’ The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the federal agency that enforces the nation’s workplace discrimination laws, made them public a few days ago.”

— The Horn editorial team

ipso facto @ 13:41 on December 13, 2016

Posted by Ororeef @ 14:05 on December 13, 2016  

It dosent surprise me one bit..the Democrats are very good at manipulating less developed minds into doing irrational things !.

They use simple minded people to do their dirty work ! Simply by radicalizeing them and suggesting what could be done  ..they get some fool to do it without getting implicated themselves directly .Then they claim no responsibility !

There could be thousands just like this fool ..The POLICE  needs to make an example of him real FAST   !

WHO Did this WANG guy think he was a NINJA  ?   College students are products of 20 years of Liberal policys of DUMBING down students so they would make good ROBOT SOLDIERS …expendable for conducting WAR  ..GUN FODDER !   They should have SHOT him ! DUMB ASS. !


Posted by ipso facto @ 13:45 on December 13, 2016  

I was figuring they were using a share buyback to support the price today. Just speculatin …

Times are tough in the junior space, they should certainly use spare cash to keep their business viable. I don’t think GPR is sitting on a mountain of spare funds.

The Corbett Report: Addresses the “real or fake news”controversy. Of course if the Govt doesn’t like it it is fake!!

Posted by silverngold @ 13:42 on December 13, 2016  

The list of what this guy brought with him cracks me up. Ain’t the brain great!

Posted by ipso facto @ 13:41 on December 13, 2016  

A 19-year-old college student was arrested Monday night after carrying a backpack full of weapons into Trump Tower, the New York Daily News reports.

Wang showed up at Trump Tower about 6:35 p.m. Monday and tried to get in at a checkpoint. When his bag set off the metal detector, the Secret Service moved in and asked him to open it. The Secret Service found an M-100 firework, a Swiss Army knife, a flashlight, handcuffs, an 8-foot black rope, a clear water gun, a laptop and a garrote, which of course is a wire that can be used to strangle someone.


ipso facto @ 13:10 on December 13, 2016

Posted by Ororeef @ 13:39 on December 13, 2016  

If all goes well and if they got the CASH it would be a smart move ,and if they dont need the cash to fix the tailings problem as it will support future earnings per share  ….but thats too many if’s for me !

Fiore ( F.CA) (FIORF)

Posted by Ororeef @ 13:27 on December 13, 2016  

is an interesting speculation !  Guistra bought a shell company and located it in an area surrounding YAMANAs mine in Chile in the Antofagasta area ..YAMANA  mine is only running 80 % capacity and they failed to lock in claims surrounding the existing mine as it slowly runs down .Guistra figures its a good play because the area is loaded with good ore and all he has to do is FIND it !  than he has a ready and willing buyer or Partner next door !  that has the capacity already in place to process it..He can fund it until it finds the ore and since he put his name on it ,he seems to have confidence he can do it.  Guistra the billionaire is an interesting character ,he’s smart ,but he associates with all kinds of characters I wouldent engage with like (Bill Clinton) .  I figure if you lie down with Pigs your bound to come up smelling like one !  But then Guistra made 1.5 billion on using Clinton’s connections so maybe the smell becomes more tollerable . !  In any case Fiore is about as good a Exploration pick as any since Guistras an expert at STRUCTUREing a company  ,He’s funded it,hired GOOD Management ..now all he has to do is find the GOLD !  Sound simple enough dont it !  (.32) .


Federal task force advises wide-ranging legalization of recreational marijuana (Canada)

Posted by ipso facto @ 13:23 on December 13, 2016  


The only reason my PM shares are up is b/c of DOW sympathy

Posted by eeos @ 13:19 on December 13, 2016  

friggin pathetic!

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