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Farmboy @ 20:44

Posted by silver rider @ 23:00 on April 12, 2017  

That remark hurts.  😉


Wow – Painful to read

Posted by Buygold @ 21:19 on April 12, 2017  

Trump Joins the War Against Assad

Answers a lot of questions

Posted by Buygold @ 21:01 on April 12, 2017  

Syrian Sense: Why the Jews Hate Assad

Bishop Williamson
January 18, 2014

Bashar al Assad talks a lot of sense. Resistance to Zionism is even enshrined in the Syrian Constitution.

A remarkable summary on the political level of how and why the world has gone so wrong today is presented on YouTube by “Syrian Girl Partisan”. She is a young Syrian patriot giving eight reasons why the New World Order hates Syria and is doing all it can to overthrow the present Syrian government and replace it with NWO puppets. But Catholics must not allow Western propaganda and lies to poison their minds, nor must they say that politics have nothing to do with religion. The NWO is driven by the mad dream of eliminating altogether the Social Kingship of Christ the King, together with God’s natural world order. Here are the Syrian Girl’s reasons:–

1 Syria’s Central Bank is state-owned and state-controlled so as to serve the national economy and the Syrian people, instead of enriching the international banksters of the Western nations and Israel, who force upon almost all nations of the world usurious loans generating artificial debt crises by which these nations are in effect enslaved.

2 Syria has no international Monetary Fund debt. The IMF acts as the debt collection police of the international banksters. Any wise nation stays out of the IMF’s clutches, which is what Syria has succeeded in doing, but the banksters are not happy at all with such wisdom.

3 Syria has banned genetically modified seeds, or “Franken-food”, because Bashar Assad wants to protect his people’s health. “Franken-food” means food control which means population control. Obviously the NWO favours “Franken-food” (the USA imposed it on conquered Iraq.)

4 Syria’s population is well-informed about the NWO, whose domination of the world’s puppet politicians by its think-tanks and secret societies is openly discussed in Syria’s media and universities. Such openness is anathema to the NWO, which must cover its operations in darkness.

Syria has a nationalist administration that puts the Syrian people’s needs above all others.

5 Syria has massive oil and gas reserves, and it is working to exploit them independently of the giant Western oil companies like Shell and Texaco. The NWO loves oil, but not oil independence.

6 Syria clearly and unequivocally opposes Zionism and Israel. In recent years even the base Western media have reacted to Israel’s virtual turning of Palestine into a mega-Goulag. Syria denounces Israel’s brutal apartheid. Obviously the Jewish lobbies all round the world will unite to use all their influence to put an end to such firm opposition to their fellow-Jews in Israel.

7 Syria is one of the last secular Muslim States in the Middle East, and refuses to recognize any superiority of that people which still claims to be the Chosen People of God (even 2,000 years after the Incarnate God, Jesus Christ, ceased to choose his People by race and began to choose it instead by faith — Romans III, IV, etc.). The same lobbies will chastise any refusal of their religious as of their racial superiority.

8 Syria proudly maintains and protects its political and cultural national identity, whereas the NWO seeks to melt down all nations (except one) into a single conglomerate mass of sheeple for the approaching Antichrist.

Watch the original nine-minute video of “Syrian Girl Partisan” on YouTube, or read the excellent Argentinian commentator’s summary on actualidad.rt.com/expertos/salbuchi. (These “Eleison Comments” draw heavily on Adrian Salbuchi’s text.) Whatever be other faults of the Muslim nations, who cannot notice how much more they are doing than the corrupt and decadent Western nations to resist the godless New World Order ?

Kyrie eleison.

Well Maya, It’s Like This, I Look For Someone With The Most Talent

Posted by Farmboy @ 20:44 on April 12, 2017  


I figure since all politicians are basically the same, they might as well provide us serfs some entertainment value. 🙂

Farmboy @ 20:17

Posted by Maya @ 20:31 on April 12, 2017  

Hey… you’re a frog.  Who YOU gonna vote for??  🙂

Maddog @ 15:10 Thank You Kindly For Your Reply,

Posted by Farmboy @ 20:17 on April 12, 2017  

and the thoughtful analysis of the upcoming vote in France. I appreciate your taking the time to provide needed insight into the political on goings with the EU members.

I could Goggle the topic and read articles for days and not understand the situation as well as you have described.

Best, Farmboy

Well eeos

Posted by Buygold @ 19:40 on April 12, 2017  

One thing we know for sure, they won’t make it easy

Maddog @ 16:24 re Naked Long Positions???

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 19:04 on April 12, 2017  

Re your parts:

“They ain’t buying the right amount of shares and are issuing huge new amounts of the ETF” “and the issuer ain’t buying the dollar amounts in the underlying shares,”


Can you imagine if they did that with GLD? Take in the money and not buy what they are supposed to?  It sounds like naked LONG positions. Only the ETF gets the demand, and not the underlying backing.

TPTB have been doing all kinds of strange things to delay reality. Unfortunately for them, that process will cause a SUDDEN reality situation popping up all at once. And all those index ETF funds? Just wait until a market slide unfolds. Who will buy huge blocks of shares when the big pigs try to cash out? Things will be very abrupt fast and deep.

Here’s the scoop

Posted by eeos @ 18:15 on April 12, 2017  

The powers that be are protecting the $1,300 line (really around $1,290 is the all hell breaks loose line) in the sand with gold spot right now. They know if they can combat it and get the HFT’s and bullion banks to join in on an attack that they can subdue the PM’s for several more months. But they have this huge vexing triangle that’s going to break out hard and Gold is going to pass $1,900 when we cross the line. They want no one riding the bull and they’re going to try to shake us hard I think. This is a multi-year trend line and when the trip line is pulled, well it’s explosion time. We’re coming right into the apex, it almost feels like the setup in 2006 when we were approaching $600 gold. So I’m going to put all the negative market thoughts out of my mind and focus on how I can best allocate future funds into good trades. I think they’d love to send us to the sub-basement but I think too many little Joe’s will stand for delivery and they’ll lose the precious metal to strong hands. So now we have a huge bind, probably bigger than ever


Posted by Buygold @ 16:42 on April 12, 2017  

PM’s continue to move higher after the close, a little unusual.

It is odd to see the GDX type large caps outperforming the small caps. Still as you say, they are under performing the metals.

HUI should have breached 220 by now. Getting interesting.

goldcountry @ 15:11…Okay you win…..This is one argument I would be happy too lose.

Posted by Auandag @ 16:40 on April 12, 2017  

Looking at the ratio charts of GDX versus individual miners

Posted by Maddog @ 16:24 on April 12, 2017  

says something smells, as GDX is out performing most of them….will do more checking…but smells to me that the issuer is playing scum games….which is why the miners are so relatively weak.

They ain’t buying the right amount of shares and are issueing huge new amounts of the ETF…ie the mystery GDX seller.

Yes people are buying the PM stox, but are buying the ETF’s and the issuer ain’t buying the dollar amounts in the underlying shares, it’s shorting the mkt effectively..hence the lousy share performance….hello SEC..can u put the Porn down….

Hey Equisetum

Posted by Buygold @ 15:58 on April 12, 2017  

Hope you’re right, we could use some portfolio refurbishing. 🙂

FX Turmoils After Trump Says “Dollar Is Getting Too Strong”

Posted by Maddog @ 15:46 on April 12, 2017  


Twas only a matter of time…now where does the Rig go…as it only knows strong Dollar/SM, weak PM’s….

Buygold @ 15:30

Posted by Equisetum @ 15:42 on April 12, 2017  

Wykoff on Kitco suggests that POG just did it’s little pop upwards because Mr. Trump said to someone that the US dollar is too strong.  I hope and believe that gold and silver have stronger fundamental reasons than that to continue some upward momentum. Looking forward to some good weeks ahead for the PM portion of our portfolio. Cheers.

The Military Crap Is A Diversionary Tactic. Psychotherapy.

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 15:34 on April 12, 2017  

If you have enough butter for 5 deli rolls, and spread it around onto 20 deli rolls instead, nobody can taste the butter.

The entire global economy is probably on the verge of collapse, but only the biggest of the big global  business and global banking insiders, like Trump and T-Rex know it. That’s why they are all in the Whitehouse.

They have the most to lose, and threw out the children, and took control.

Well something seems to be up

Posted by Buygold @ 15:30 on April 12, 2017  

Metals catching some air and USD losing ground.

Makes me wonder if there’s something to that N. Korea story.

eeos @ 13:57

Posted by Maya @ 15:29 on April 12, 2017  


You sound like me!

Auandag @ 14:23

Posted by goldcountry @ 15:11 on April 12, 2017  

That video is from 2011. How is it relevant now, except to stoke your neocon fears? Trump is in charge now. He’s not going there. He says he is not, and I believe him. Do you think we learned nothing from our past military adventures in the ME?

Hi Farmboy

Posted by Maddog @ 15:10 on April 12, 2017  

Frog Election.

it’s a two vote system…The Top two in 1st vote, go through to 2nd vote.

Looks very much as if it will be between Le Pen and Macron…Fillon who is the centre right, has too much baggage/dodgy deals.

Macron has come out of nowhere to run a new centre left party, En Marche, spun out of the socialists/Hollande’s idiots. It is being sold as an ultra trendy youthfull party, due to Macrons relative youth. It smells to me that he has been ‘created’ by the establishment, because Fillon now cannot win. The establishment were hoping the left and the right would combine in the 2nd vote to stop Le Pen, by voting for Fillon, they now hope Macron will do the same etc. Macron is a classic creature of French politics, having come though as an Enarque, The École nationale d’administration, through which nearly all French politicians have come, whether of the left, centre or right.

I read recently that Macron was found and promoted by Jacques Atalli, who is a full on socialist madman. Years ago Atalli was put in charge of the ERB (European bank for Reconstruction) by his mentor President Mitterand. The ERB was an EU/French creation for throwing EU taxpayers money around, outside the EU…in no time at all he turned it into a total fiasco, before it had lent a penny. The costs of the Headquarters building in London. directly overseen by Atalli, became a joke…eg.the price for the mountains of marble for the entrance hall, was astronomical.

A great journalist did a Knock, knock joke about him…Knock, knock…who’s there. Jacques. Jacques who ????? Jacques Atalli over the Top. He weny home in disgrace, not long afterwards.

Needless to say he has carried on messing France up, unconcerned by non stop failure and now he has ‘found/created’ Macron….if Macron pulls it off then expect…..more non stop failure, albeit with a youthfull tinge.

Le Pen on the other hand, will be an earthquake in EU politics, that will make Brexit look like a childrens tea party and if she doesn’t win this one, she will win the next….but by then Beppe Grillo’s 5 Star will have won in Italy and blown the EU up…his catch phrase towards the establishment is Vaffanculo…which translates as ‘Fuck Off’…kinda beats Drain the Swamp !!!!!!

Zero hedge=an “event” on Thursday–?

Posted by Richard640 @ 15:04 on April 12, 2017  

Separately, in an unconfirmed report issued by Pravdareport.ru, “Kim Jong-un has ordered 25 percent of Pyongyang residents to leave the city immediately.”

 In accordance with the order, 600,000 people should be urgently evacuated. Experts note that the evacuation will most likely be conducted due to extremely strained tensions in relations with the United States of America.

Reportedly, Pyongyang’s bomb shelters will not be able to accommodate the entire population of the North Korean capital. Therefore, 600,000 people – mostly individuals with criminal records – will have to leave Pyongyang to let others use bomb shelters.

We would not give this particular report much credibility, although with the information blackout out of North Korea it is impossible to confirm either way.

With market liquidity already thin, and desks barely staffed ahead of Friday’s holiday, will the market take the risk of another “irrational” demonstration of technological advancement by Kim over the next 24 hours, especially with Trump – and China – both making it abundantly clear any further provocations by North Korea’s regime would be met with retaliation, and hold stocks overnight? The answer will be revealed shortly.

goldcountry @ 11:05 ….This from a US General

Posted by Auandag @ 14:23 on April 12, 2017  


Posted by goldielocks @ 14:04 on April 12, 2017  

Live Tillerson Russia Conference

Nothing beats phiz

Posted by eeos @ 13:57 on April 12, 2017  

All paper shall burn. Lol, stocks are for losers

Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 13:52 on April 12, 2017  

Looks like their up to the manipulation game again. Attack the bear ETFs in equities and who knows forward split the Bull ETF while attacking the bull PM ETFs. I  wonder why they hit one bear PM  less they want to go after liquidity including in equity shorts.

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