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Samb – Buygold

Posted by Portugeezer @ 4:21 on April 30, 2017  

Hi Samb

I’m glad you’re still around. I felt I’d lost a friend.

As for Buygold, what he posted was what he knows (about Trump’s actions).

Goldcountry was posting what she thinks and hopes.  I hope she is just lurking, ready to jump out and say “I told you so” and I will be happy to be wrong.

If you base your actions on what you think and not what you know, you’ll get taken to the cleaners every time.

I know what I think, and it is not the same as Goldcountry thinks.  Buy hey, don’t crucify me; let’s just wait and get the proof.

I see that Trump has surrounded himself with advisors who have historically acted against Trump’s stated policies.  Unless he has something in the closet on all of them (like the democrats supposed paedophile blackmail cupboard) I can only guess the direction that Trump will take.

I do agree with him delegating responsibility; however, giving national security to the Generals might just be guiding us in the wrong direction.

Leaving the Fed in charge of printing money is outright ridiculous.  We have to believe that he is a bald-faced liar, saying that she is doing a good job.  Is that one of the tools he has in his cupboard?

Going after whistle-blowers is in itself criminal.  Again, is he lying?

But I still have hope.  All I had after 100 days with obarmy was despair.

I think we all agree that Trump was the best choice for the job, given the applicants and we all hope that he is playing his cards close to his chest and is not the easily swayed clown that PCR and others seem to be claiming.


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