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Made Out Of Thin Air

Posted by commish @ 22:39 on May 7, 2017  


I said if Macron won gold might drop but quickly bounce back

Posted by Richard640 @ 19:36 on May 7, 2017  

But there is one market that saw a sizable move (and heavy volume – standard $300 million notional dump into extremely thin markets).


But that is bouncing back too.

So – all in all, a big anti-climax. But of course with SNB and BOJ buying to come, who knows where we open at 930am ET tomorrow…

No reaction in U.S. mkts.–but silver is up 14

Posted by Richard640 @ 19:33 on May 7, 2017  



Posted by goldielocks @ 18:46 on May 7, 2017  

I no longer feel sorry for France but the people before them. They had a chance to save themselves but choose more of the same. MA mentioned some places were tearing up LePen ballots. Anything we do will be one sided thing with them and now not deserved.

Floridagold @ 16:51

Posted by ipso facto @ 17:43 on May 7, 2017  

Too bad for France! Now they will get more of the same, and increased immigration. What’s happening to Europe is a tragedy.

I remember when the Shah of Iran’s troops refused to fire into crowds of protestors. That was the end for him.

Posted by ipso facto @ 17:36 on May 7, 2017  

The Inflection Point: Venezuela’s Military Begins To Defect, March With Protesters

One month ago, when discussing the latest “explosive” turn in Venezuela’s political situation, we predicted that the worst case for president Nicolas Maduro who has so far managed to keep the army on his side even as Venezuela faces now daily violent and in some cases deadly protests, would be the start of the local army turning on the regime, and defecting to join the protesters. Overnight, according to Thor Halvorsen of the Human Rights Foundation, this “inflection point” appears to have arrived when he observed in a Tweet that “the military in parts of Venezuela has begun to defect. They are now marching *with* the protesters. Dozens of soldiers are under arrest.”

cont. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-05-07/inflection-point-venezuelas-military-begins-defect-march-protesters

Macron elected French president

Posted by Floridagold @ 16:51 on May 7, 2017  

Macron elected French president: estimates

“Mystery” Central Bank Buyer Revealed, Goes On Q1 Buying Spree

Posted by Maddog @ 15:14 on May 7, 2017  


These are the same dolts who dumped 800 Tonnes of Gold and bt the SM….so far they look real smart.

Granolastan Wants To Tax Space Flights… By Miles Traveled

Posted by Maya @ 14:56 on May 7, 2017  

California Wants To Tax Space Flights…

…only in the land of fruits, nuts, and flakes… which apparently extends 62 miles high.

Wow!  Not only did Buygold make coffee…  Farmboy left some for us Noon sleepers!  Say Hallelujah!

Stick a fork in France!

Posted by Auandag @ 14:22 on May 7, 2017  

Just one day before the French election, a massive pile of documents were released about the establishment candidate Emmanuel Macron.

I went through the documents and found Macron’s secret plan to Islamize France.


We do not need the permission of some full-fledged chimpanzee of a doctor or dietician trapped in the prison of their out-dated dietary paradigm to reclaim our health

Posted by Richard640 @ 12:06 on May 7, 2017  

UCLA is only about 50-60 years s late to the party:

Lifestyle changes, not a magic pill, can reverse Alzheimer’s

Los Angeles—(UCLA) quietly published the results of a new approach in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. What they found was striking. Although the size of the study was small, every participant demonstrated such marked improvement that almost all were found to be in the normal range on testing for memory and cognition by the study’s end. Functionally, this amounts to a cure.

These are important findings, not only because Alzheimer’s disease is projected to become ever more common as the population ages, but because current treatment options offer minimal improvement at best. Last July, a large clinical trial found little benefit in patients receiving a major new drug called LMTX. And after that, another hopeful drug designed to target amyloid protein, one of the hallmarks of Alzheimer’s disease, failed its first large clinical trial as well.  Just two months ago, Merck announced the results of its trial of a drug called verubecestat, which is designed to inhibit formation of amyloid protein. It was found to be no better than placebo.  

The results from UCLA aren’t due to an incredible new drug or medical breakthrough, though. Rather, the researchers used a protocol consisting of a variety of different lifestyle modifications to optimise metabolic parameters – such as inflammation and insulin resistance – that are associated with Alzheimer’s disease. Participants were counselled to change their diet (a lot of veggies), exercise, develop techniques for stress management, and improve their sleep, among other interventions. The most common ‘side effect’ was weight loss

The study is notable not only for its remarkable outcomes, but also for the alternative paradigm it represents n the treatment of a complex, chronic disease. We’ve spent billions of dollars in an effort to understand the molecular basis of Alzheimer’s in the hope that it will lead to a cure, or at least to more effective therapies. And although we have greatly enlarged our knowledge of the disease, it has not yielded many successful treatments.


Echoing Buygold & Farmboys sentiments on this peaceful Spring Sunday morning…

Posted by Richard640 @ 11:53 on May 7, 2017  

Turn O’ The Year

This is the time when bit by bit
The days begin to lengthen sweet
And every minute gained is joy –
And love stirs in the heart of a boy.

This is the time the sun, of late
Content to lie abed till eight,
Lifts up betimes his sleepy head –
And love stirs in the heart of a maid.

This is the time we dock the night
Of a whole hour of candlelight;
When song of linnet and thrush is heard –
And love stirs in the heart of a bird.

This is the time when sword-blades green,
With gold and purple damascene,
Pierce the brown crocus-bed a-row –
And love stirs in a heart I know.

Apparently I Passed In My Sleep Last Night,

Posted by Farmboy @ 10:05 on May 7, 2017  

which is probably not a bad way to go, compared to some. Heaven is not at all like I thought it would be.

I had expected trumpets to be blaring at my unexpected arrival. Angels to break out singing, and a New Orleans Jazz band to be playing ‘When The Saints Come Marching In.’ Not that I am any kind of Saint, not even close, but I figured if you made it up the stairway, they played that song for every new arrival.

I thought Peter or Paul would be there to explain the situation to me. Pulling out a clip board of all the things I had done ‘Good’ in life that would justify one such as me entry into the Heavenly Country Club. I expected the long list that would detail my good deeds, and was shocked to see a blank page with ‘Nothing’ stamped across it. But they would turn that page over, and the next page would have hand written by the Boss Himself, the words, ‘Grace’ and ‘Mercy’.

Well, that’s kinda what I thought it would be like on my arrival day.

Nope, just Buygold standing there telling me there was not any bad news that day, and (better be sitting down for this one) making a pot of coffee.

Oh wait….here comes some ten foot angel dude and he looks like he means business. He explains that there has been a mistake and my appointed time is not up. Explaining that I must return for a season longer he asks before I go if I would be willing to fill out a short ‘Customer Satisfaction’ card. I told him sure, why not?

Under the Question: ” How was your arrival experience?” I checked the box, ‘Better than expected’.

The Angel thanked me, and said “Go ahead and take the coffee cup with you on your journey home.  One for the Road. And remember, ‘Life is Great’.

Sometimes, between that first and second cup, there is a world that exists that the eye yet can see. You might encounter an angel or two, or even Buygold standing there with a cup of coffee.

Well, I better run so I can join in for the last verse of Amazing Grace and so I can tell that preacher he was right, ” We cannot even imagine how good it’s gonna be.” 🙂

Thanks for the coffee Buygold !


Interesting pic. Makes me wonder sometimes who really holds influence over our warmongering Neocon rulers

Posted by Buygold @ 9:37 on May 7, 2017  

Slow news weekend

Posted by Buygold @ 8:58 on May 7, 2017  

I know we have the French elections but that’s not supposed to be a big deal with Macron winning easily.

Suddenly North Korea seems to have quieted down.

Other than the Dems claiming that Trump’s healthcare bill is going to kill people, it’s been refreshingly free of fear. 🙂


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