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Posted by ipso facto @ 17:23 on May 10, 2017  

Silver Wheaton Changes Name to Wheaton Precious Metals


VANCOUVER, May 10, 2017 /CNW/ – Silver Wheaton Corp. (“Silver Wheaton” or the “Company”) (TSX:SLW) (NYSE:SLW) is pleased to announce that it has filed Articles of Amendment to change its name to Wheaton Precious Metals Corp. (“Wheaton Precious Metals”). Shareholders approved a special resolution to change the name at the Company’s Annual and Special Meeting of Shareholders held on May 10, 2017.

We don;t have to just beat the Democrats but these three also: Democrats united against the measure and were joined by Republican Sens. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, Susan Collins of Maine and John McCain of Arizona.

Posted by Floridagold @ 16:29 on May 10, 2017  

Senate fails to overturn Obama-era methane rule



FYI, re SBGL up 5.9%, USD and Gold Both Went Down During April. One Of The Two Is Lying

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 15:42 on May 10, 2017  

Dopey had a little bounce in May. Gold down thru May so far. I’m assuming we have a leg up now or soon.

So, I just bought a small 300 sh SBGL @ $8.22 to ladder up on if were back in gear.

Mkt/cap $1.8 bil, nice p/e 6.6, and a 5.4% ANN YIELD DIVIDEND, while you sit on it.

Just noticed as of 4/28, it has 6.9% short interest. That alone might help it higher if they cover those shorts on a rally.

Will we be blessed with late day strength again today?

Posted by Buygold @ 15:26 on May 10, 2017  

would be three days running if so.

Anyone else getting the Microsoft password popup today when they come to the Oasis?


IAG Up Over 9% Today, Huh?

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 15:04 on May 10, 2017  

I forgot about that one. Used to own it many many years ago. Its the right mkt cap, $1.7 bil, Its even got a P/E, of 28, rated “B” by Schwab. I’m adding it to my watch list now. And three higher low points on chart.


CALIFORNIA will not only be hostile to businesses but to parents and children.

Posted by goldielocks @ 14:54 on May 10, 2017  

This weasel Richard Pan parents came here as immigrants from China but apparently took their communistic imperialist mindset with them and pharma is taking advantage of this communist moron weaseling his way into politics. To him we don’t run the show they do.

SB18 Bill Will Allow Authorities To Enter Unvaccinated Kids Homes
California has passed the controversial SB18 bill, allowing state authorities to enter unvaccinated children’s homes in order to assess the child’s safety.

SB18 is a law that forces parents to adhere to and comply with the government’s definition of what is “appropriate” practice when it comes to raising children. Failure to comply with “appropriate” practises, including going against “evidence-based” medical recommendations, can put parents at risk of losing their children.


At first blush, the amendments’ defining details of SB18 — which is being pushed by Big Pharma whipping boy Sen. Richard Pan (D-Sacramento) — appear altruistic in nature, utilizing language that attempts to swaddle political overreach in soothing terms like “child bill of rights.” However when taking a closer look, the amendments contain strangely redundant policy that seems to be seeking laws for innocuous rights that already exist, which begs the question, what is the real purpose for this legislation?

They can even tell you what job you can and can’t have based on what they consider acceptable with parenting. Those with long hour jobs including medical will be targeted by some snowflake safe space graduate I can see it now.

Link deleted by ipso on account of causing a pop up


Posted by goldielocks @ 14:32 on May 10, 2017  

I’ll contact you next week. Too much going on. Tried the meds to stop smoking  and despite it being low dose and below normal lowest dose I can only imagine what Id be like if it was higher even lowest dose.low energy and want to sleep and shouldn’t of took it yet. Have a life support recert to do today. Have to drink bunch of coffee or tea and try to snap out of it Besides if Im still smoking won’t help anyway which I probably will. Low dose Pot would do better  not drug me and work just as good but can’t take it if still working. Funny I can take toxic drugs though. Pharmas got that wrapped up. Darn things are in capsules so not easily cut in half.

I have Miso soup keep on hand but you also have to think of Japenese seaweed being contaminated with radiation right now. It was one thing that helped save some of the Japenese from thyroid cancer from the fall out of the bomb during the atomic bomb because of the iodine in it. I told a Japenese friend to take it while undergoing radiation right now for her thymus which I wonder if she needs because no Cancer.

Copy That Farmboy

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 13:47 on May 10, 2017  

I don’t know if todays that day. You never know. We just have to wait until the “right” thing hits the news for a spark to light the fuse. Jan 2016 was like a reverse crash, straight up for 6 months.

But today I’m taking note of the highest percent gainers today, like AG SBGL USAS KGC SAND etc. NAK acting real crazy. Up 8% I think it was, and then I saw down 10%. Its a wild one.

I’m gonna hold my breathe the next couple months

Posted by eeos @ 13:41 on May 10, 2017  

It’s stacking season soon

Mr.Copper @ 12:09 Let’s Hope Today Is One Of Those ‘Sometimes’.

Posted by Farmboy @ 12:51 on May 10, 2017  

Looking for a sign. Show me the money ! 🙂

OK Buygold, Gold Can Rally Now, I Just Sold 3/4 of My JNUG.

Posted by Farmboy @ 12:46 on May 10, 2017  

Could not resist the 9% profit on today.

Made a few bucks in the trading account. Long as the miners don’t give up more than half of their gains from this morning, should end the day in the green.

Will let Yellen do her thing, and come back for the market close looking for some bargains.

Floridagold once told me, ” You never go broke taking profits.” I doubt he came up with that one on his own, but thought I would put it to the test anyways. 🙂 How many more months before I can gloat how bad the Dawgs beat his Gators? God I miss football !

Comey sought more money for Russia probe days before he was fired

Posted by Farmboy @ 12:29 on May 10, 2017  


Comment: Let me guess… he wanted more funds to investigate Hillary’s selling America’s Uranium to Russia ?

Sometimes The PMs Share Buyers Lead The Bullions

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 12:09 on May 10, 2017  

During the times when the Dinesletter was created, in the 1960s

owning gold was against the law. So he recommended buying the mining shares instead. In a sense, its the same today. TPTB does not want people owning Gold so they keep playing games with the price to PUNISH gold investors.

Even with all TPTB’s bashing, Gold is $1220/oz. Far above the pre 1971 price of $42, that’s a factor of 29. That’s 29 times $42 = today’s $1222.

After the de-peg dollar/gold, Gold rallied from about $42 in 1971 to over $800 in 1980, 1,800% gain low to high, thanks to massive money printing, debts, deficits, wars, and a loss of confidence in the US dollar.

The next major low versus the official $42 ($140 black market) was year 2000, at $276/oz. Gold low of $276 in 2000 should be 10 times more than that $276 today.

Have To Say, The Miners Are Showing Some Grit Again Today

Posted by Farmboy @ 11:53 on May 10, 2017  

Seem to be slowly gaining ground over the past few days. HUI and XAU gaining ground.

Aint it amazing what I can build a case of ‘Hope’ on ? 🙂

For Once I Agree With The Coke Head,

Posted by Farmboy @ 11:45 on May 10, 2017  

“Cramer on Comey: If this were a constitutional crisis, ‘gold should be flying’

Richard640 @ 10:57 Will The REAL PM Indicator Please Stand Up !

Posted by Farmboy @ 11:40 on May 10, 2017  

Richard, remember this TV show ? 🙂


Argentina to pass new mining law this week

Posted by ipso facto @ 11:21 on May 10, 2017  

Argentine authorities, industry players and unions are expected to sign this week a long awaited federal mining agreement that unifies existing legislation across the country, as part of an ongoing effort to jump-start investment in the sector.

The nation, once a favourite of mining investors, has fallen behind its neighbours Chile and Peru despite containing rich deposits of copper, gold, silver and zinc.

Until now, local regulations were not only tough, but also diverse, with seven of the country’s 23 provinces having a full ban on the use of cyanide over to environmental concerns.

Since taking office in late 2015, President Mauricio Macri has been adopting measures to revive the country’s mining industry. One of the first ones was eliminating a 5% tax on mining and energy companies in February last year.

He also revoked a prohibition on foreign mining companies sending profits made in Argentina out of the country

cont. http://www.mining.com/argentina-pass-new-mining-law-week/

Farmboy, R640

Posted by Buygold @ 11:02 on May 10, 2017  

Farmboy – concur with R640, if these metals can’t get going then these shares will selloff for the rest of the day. Metals are on full blown lockdown.

Probably a prudent move holding off on more JNUG.

Definitely frustrating action in gold and silver. No life at all.

Something’s gotta give-gold futs up 5.80–that’s actually down a buck from last nites 5:15

Posted by Richard640 @ 10:57 on May 10, 2017  

after market close–so gold futs catch up or stocks sell off…they can’t go in opposite directions indefinitely.

Buygold, Sold Half of the JDST Sandbags, Holding Back On Adding More JNUG.

Posted by Farmboy @ 10:57 on May 10, 2017  

Moving deliberately and slowly at present. PM’s getting a break, and looking up,  not yet ready to commit to ‘Rally Mode’ just quite yet. Nice to see some green today. Must be Spring. Trump definitely in ‘Spring Cleaning’ mode. lol



Posted by commish @ 10:53 on May 10, 2017  


Buygold @ 10:33 I’m Sure He Is Already Packing Up His Desk

Posted by Farmboy @ 10:47 on May 10, 2017  

And an interesting tidbit to yesterday’s firing of Comey, he was out of town in LA at the time. Can’t help but wonder if a security team was sent in, and the locks changed on the former Directors office door. ? And bet someone has been tasked with keeping a close eye on the Asst Dir. until he too receives his walking papers.

With Sessions and a new FBI Director, things should start to heat up in Washington shortly. Let the investigations begin ! What’s up first? The atrocities of the Clintons? Pizza Gate? Soros and his paid for ‘campaign’ interference? Such a long list to chose from. 🙂

Go Trump !

Fox guarding the Henhouse

Posted by Buygold @ 10:33 on May 10, 2017  

So, Asst. Director Andrew McCabe is filling in for Comey as acting Director. Doesn’t really get funnier than that.

McCabe himself should have been fired months ago for conflict of interest during Hillary’s email investigation, after the donations to his wife’s campaign were exposed.

Sure is a big swamp.

So far, so good

Posted by Buygold @ 10:11 on May 10, 2017  

Shares are performing pretty well. If the metals can catch some wind maybe the HUI will take a run back toward 200.

Looks like the path of least resistance appears to be up for a change. We’ll see.


Posted by Buygold @ 9:55 on May 10, 2017  

Yep. Let the first hour pass and see what happens. USD is hanging tough so no help on that front.

I expect the Fed speak will do what it always intends to do, confuse everyone with a bunch of contradictions – except for those who are already in the know.

Who knows what’s really going on behind the scenes with Russia and Syria? I’d just like to see peace break out.

Listened to Chucky Schumer for about five minutes. These Democraps are completely nuts.

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