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“Money” or Money After 1913

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 12:26 on May 17, 2017  

Stocks bonds and real estate have been being used as a form of “money” for savings SINCE 1913.

AFTER 1913, Stocks Bonds and Real Estate are used as a form of money for savings. Federal Reserve Notes, AKA US Dollar, are just purchasing media.

They should be stamped…”Caution, Will Lose Value Over Time”

PRINTING PRESSES started after 1913 for 1917’s WW I, then 1929 great depression, then 1934 gold ownership banned, for more new printing, for WW II, then 1950’s Korea, 1964, Silver coinage removed because of prior printing, then Vietnam until 1073.
In 1971 Gold was removed for global transactions because the effin foreigners redeemed our exported US dollars, and absorbed half our gold reserves between 1934 and 1971. After 1971 the effin foreigners proceeded to take all our consumer product jobs and businesses. On and on and on.
TPTB are SCRAMBLING, in PANIC mode using words and promises, (jawboning) and gov’t spending of tax dollars to restore the massive USA middle class. Its over for those scumbags running things.
Only Gold is actual money. Its small, you can hide it. Nobody can see how much you have. You can take it with you places. You don’t have to pay property taxes on it either. The Gov’t (bankers) don’t want you to even think about Gold.

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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.