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Posted by Ororeef @ 14:56 on May 19, 2017  

got too many Goldman guys on the Payroll .Lieberman  is just a political concession to them and the most dangerous  as FBI is a powerful political place to be ,you collect dirt on everybody ..Comey tried to do what Hoover did ,but he wasent as clever and got fired. The FBI needs a neutral ,if thats possible . The only way you can get that is to give them an AWFUL choice to start with ,let  then REJECT him ,then they will settle for a neutral .  You have to give them a terrible choice to start with ..someone like  David Duke !  Get them all riled up ! then they will settle  ! I learned that trick from my Dads ex partner Bernie (salesman supreme) ..He would show a buyer twelve beautiful samples of tennis dresses and then say throw that DOG in with them so the buyers have something to compare them to. (Woman buyers) Invariable they would say give me 2000 dozen of each .,,,but leave that one out ! Trumps a good salesman I hope he ‘s familiar with Bernie’s trick ! It might take  Trump the next election before he can consolidate power  ,the swamp is deep and murky .He wont cave in ..thats how he got rich….BTW Bernie was a Rascal ,,married 7 times and spent every one of thems money faster then they could say jackrabbitt .He was always one step ahead of them  .The first wife’s money  would be spent on the next girlfriend ,then the girlfriend thought he so wonderful Ill marry him !..Then he would rinse & Repeat 7 times .It works !

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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.