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ororeef, 23:18

Posted by treefrog @ 23:54 on May 21, 2017  

very strange posting.  there are a few points that make me wonder if it was written by someone with a very active imagination.

a)  it is dated almost a month ago, and describes gowdy being “holed up under protection of u.s. marshalls.”  you would think if this were true we would have heard something else about it – from gowdy if from no one else.

b)  it reports a statement (without quotation marks) by gowdy about “waterboarding” some unspecified individual(s).

1) it is my impression that gowdy has a profound respect for due process and the rule of law.  it is, i believe, unlikely that gowdy would use such methods, but,

2)  even if he did he is waaaaay too smart to talk publicly about it in advance.


…doesn’t pass the smell test.  …but it might be an interesting start point for a novel, or other work of fiction.

Floridagold @ 22:13

Posted by silverngold @ 23:43 on May 21, 2017  

IMO what the Democratic Party is saying, if the party approves or even condone this sick attitude, is “F*ck America and F*ck her people. The platform Donald Trump ran on was to return America to the people by draining the swamp, rebuild her infrastructure, and protect America from foreign invaders by building the wall. Pretty hard to do when he is being blocked at every turn by those who have either caused America’s problems, or support those who did.

My prayers are still and always with President Donald J. Trump.

News Not found in the News

Posted by Ororeef @ 23:18 on May 21, 2017  

Trey Gowdy Breaks His Silence After 2 Of His Investigators Are Found Tortured And Killed

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Two federalized deputies working for Trey Gowdy were discovered tortured and killed recently while on their way to serve a search warrant on the Clinton Presidential library. The details of the crime are sketchy but one thing is certain: whoever pulled it off is a pro who left absolutely no evidence behind.

Mr. Gowdy, who has had little to nothing to say on the matter for security reasons, released a statement from his office where he is currently holed up under the protection of US Marshals:

The incident in Arkansas is just the latest in a vast conspiracy to cover up crimes by one of the most corrupt families in human history. No, we have no evidence. There’s never any evidence. What we do have, however, is a mole. Someone inside my own committee cost those men their lives by leaking their travel plans. I intend to find out who that mole is and have them waterboarded as an enemy of the state until they give up their boss.

Gowdy is clearly at the end of his rope. To insist on enhanced interrogation means he believes the perpetrator is an enemy combatant. That’s going to put a lot of pressure on the family in question to cover their tracks. Hopefully nobody else needs to go mis

@ Newtogold RE: Comey post

Posted by drb2 @ 22:50 on May 21, 2017  

I agree with Buygold – that was a good read. Thanks for posting.

Comey- A Swamp Creature

Posted by newtogold @ 18:47 on May 21, 2017



Quite a contrast compared to what Wikipedia has to say about Comey


Class Act – “NOT”

Posted by Floridagold @ 22:13 on May 21, 2017  

California Democratic Party Leader Leads ‘F*ck Donald Trump’ Chant at Convention


Outgoing California Democratic Party chairman John Burton left his post of eight years on Saturday by waving his middle fingers in the air and rallying his party’s annual convention to chant “F*ck Donald Trump!”

Cameras also captured House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi laughing as Burton flipped off the president. Former Obama administration Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis was also spotted relishing in the event.

At one point during the convention, Burton reportedly told a universal healthcare protester to “Put your f*ing sign down man, we’re all for it. Jesus Christ.” According to the San Jose Mercury News, he previously told a larger group of protesters, “There’s some people who have been fighting for that issue before you guys were born. You ought to get on with it.”

Also on Saturday, longtime Democratic leader Eric Bauman was elected as chairman of the California Democratic Party Saturday, by just over 60 votes. But his rival, Kimberly Ellis, refused to concede, and has reportedly stated that she is in touch with attorneys over the matter.

“This race is not done,” Ellis told hundreds of her supporters, who were calling for a recount at the California Democratic Convention, according to the Los Angeles Times. She reportedly added, “We will see you all in the morning.”

 Ellis just spoke to supporters outside ballot counting room: “I want you to know that we have some serious concerns about the vote.”

Bauman, on the other hand, issued a victory message to his supporters:

There is no denying that there is a problem when so many of our hardworking activists feel that they are not welcome within our Party and that they have been slighted and shut out of the process. We cannot win the vital elections in 2018 and beyond without the energy, commitment and participation of every part of our Democratic family.

Bauman has headed the Los Angeles County Democratic since 2000 and has served as the Golden State’s Democratic party vice chairman since 2009. His victory in the race placed a spotlight on the nationwide battle between the party’s establishment and more progressive wing. According to the Times, “Bauman was a favorite of the party establishment, while Ellis drew the backing of liberals who supported Sen. Bernie Sanders in last year’s presidential primary.”

He recently endorsed Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) to chair the Democratic National Committee. Former Secretary of labor Tom Perez won the chairmanship, but appointed Ellison as his deputy chair.

Saturday’s convention also saw some drama when a convention staff employee interrupted Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA), as she spoke at the African American Caucus meeting, to ask her to shorten her speech.

As soon as the man approached Waters’s podium, one of the women sitting on stage to her left shouted, “Hey, hey, hey, hey.” Another woman in the audience could be heard saying, “leave her alone.” Soon after that, one of the men seated on stage stood up and starting pushing the man away from the congresswoman’s podium.

 Audience members were outraged that a convention staff employee attempted to cut US Rep. @MaxineWaters‘ speech short.

Waters continued, “That’s alright. That’s okay. They try to shut me up all the time.” Some audience members stood up, and the room broke into applause.

Waters, who has been calling for President Donald Trump’s impeachment, was talking about Trump’s decision to fire former FBI Director James Comey and his meetings with the Russian ambassador and foreign minister.

In the back of the room, the man who had asked Waters to wrap up her speech was surrounded by what appeared to be several members of Waters team. Some chanted to Waters, “Keep going! Keep going!”

At one point during her talk, the microphone was cut off, but Waters kept talking.

 African American Caucus Chair Darren Parker said, “Our caucus pays for this room… And it has been tradition if we were going to run over that we pay additional fees.” He added, “I have never, ever seen anyone from staff walk up to a speaker, interrupt the speaker and then cut off the sound.” He said, “Damn it, we will not tolerate this!” and thumped his fist on the table before the audience broke into applause.

 Sound back on after abrupt Caucus adjournment, confusion and anger. Chair Darren Parker assures it will be dealt with tomorrow.

According to the Sacramento Bee, the three-day convention also had a raucous start Friday, as liberal activists booed and heckled DNC Chair Tom Perez after they marched from the state Capitol to the convention center to promote a universal heath care program.

Adelle Nazarian is a politics and national security reporter for Breitbart News. Follow her on Facebook and Twitter.


Posted by Buygold @ 20:47 on May 21, 2017  

Excellent read on the Comey Swamp Creature article.

Quite the feat if Trump can pull it off.

Silver deciding to climb a little tonight

Posted by Buygold @ 19:14 on May 21, 2017  

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Comey- A Swamp Creature

Posted by newtogold @ 18:47 on May 21, 2017  


@ Maddog

Posted by commish @ 15:16 on May 21, 2017  


The press in the UK seem to think Trump is done, as it is only a matter of time till he is Impeached !!!!!

Posted by Maddog @ 13:46 on May 21, 2017  

for exactly what, they don’t even bother to say…just Impeached.

Meanwhile add this to the Wikileaks Seth Rich file…


Chart of silver COTR … much improved

Posted by ipso facto @ 11:47 on May 21, 2017  


What happens if the left gets back in?

Posted by Auandag @ 0:06 on May 21, 2017  

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