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Posted by Middlecreek @ 23:31 on May 27, 2017  

Oh I still believe gold will have its say in all this.  Like I said earlier,  these cryptos are a place for some of these dollars to go, instead of into gold.  They siphoning off some cash.   Although they may continue to climb and reach obscene valuations before gold takes off.  Maybe people will see and grasp the value of getting out of government backed currency with the cryptos.  Maybe this is what’s needed for some to realize there are alternative stores of value other than dollars.  Maybe, just maybe this is the trigger we been waiting for?

Story: Want to invest in bitcoin? Investors need to be willing to lose it all.

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 23:22 on May 27, 2017  


“Put another way, $100,000 invested in bitcoin at the beginning of 2011 would have plunged to less than $10,000 by the end of that year—the kind of volatility a typical investor would likely be unable, or unwilling, to endure.

“One of its attractions, apart from its price rise, is the fact that it is not highly correlated with stocks or bonds, so is viewed as a true alternative. But its price volatility makes it unsuitable for most investors. As an adviser it would be reckless for me to advise you to buy cryptocurrencies,” Lee recommended.”


Middlecreek @ 19:13 re Bitcoin

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 23:18 on May 27, 2017  

I really haven’t given it much thought. Buy so far it sounds like a Ponzi scheme. Maybe fun to play with a small amounts of Vegas money. Also sounds like a place for people that want privacy for unreported income. But there may not really be privacy. Who knows? And if you doubled your money, I assume no taxes no IRS 1099 forms.

The gov’t owns the media, and if they wanted to crash it, I think they probably could with one good fake news, news story. TPTB know they over print or expand money supply too much, and crashing the bit coin market after it absorbs billions of hard earned or criminal earned dollars would enable them to sop up or mop up some excess money creation.

A similar thing happened in the 1970s when Silver went to $50. They raised rates, crashed the market, and wiped out billions of Joe Sixpack’s mattress money.



Posted by ipso facto @ 23:02 on May 27, 2017  

Gold and silver have been valued for thousands of years. The cryptos for how long?

A toe maybe. IMO


Posted by Middlecreek @ 22:57 on May 27, 2017  

I’d like to believe there is good behind these crypto currencies, I really would.  Just thought all along that gold was going to do the job of providing support to failing fiats.  Hard to believe they have no control over this as they appear to have near unlimited control over most everything else.  Guess I need to figure out how to get me a bitcoin or two.  Took me years to get just a fair understanding of gold.  Now I gotta try and wrap my head around a crypto currency.   What they going to think of next.  I’d move deep in the woods and turn the clock back 100 years or so if I didn’t have so many needing me to be dad, husband, son, breadwinner, etc.

Maya @ 17:38

Posted by ipso facto @ 22:28 on May 27, 2017  

Good! Government should have nothing to do with the value or production of money. During the gold standard you could take gold to the mint and be given $20 gold pieces for it. Look what the Deep State-PTB have done with the non backed dollar. They’ve used it to enrich themselves and gain control of government and the economy. If BTC is the beginning of the end for gov issued money then I say bring it on.

For this reason I’d be a little nervous to hold a lot of BTC. A cornered wounded animal …

Aguila @ 0:00 Hey Wildman ! Good To Run Across Your Handle Today

Posted by Farmboy @ 22:16 on May 27, 2017  

Glad to hear you are still healthy and one of America’s working men. 🙂

Maya mentioned he stayed up most of the night last week working the radio bands. Wondered if you did the same?

Surprised to hear you are not a member of the Bitcoin Club. You are smart, and young, with all that engineering talent, figured this would be right up your alley. Maya has tried to explain it to me, but I guess I am too old to ‘get it’. Wish I had a stick, or rock, or what is that….a thumb drive? Well whatever it is, wish I had me some of that Bitcoin. 🙂

Good to hear from you. You and Silver Rider keep holding Upper Alabama together.


Buygold @ 8:59 Sounds Like The NYPD Is Still On The Case. Good For Them !

Posted by Farmboy @ 22:02 on May 27, 2017  

I have been waiting for the followup investigations from the Wiener laptop. I am sure this DNC kid was not the only name they discovered sharing Wieners sordid passion. And as you comment, “Why did Hillary even mention it or bring up Pizza gate”?  Unless she is starting her own efforts at front running what may be soon an avalanche of forthcoming stories . Had a funny thought today, what if Weiner’s wiener is what brings down the entire Deep State? If the FBI starts to investigate this it could well be the exposed soft belly of the Dragon. The missing scale that exposes the vulnerability of the Swamp Monster. Glad the NYPD are following through with some of this. I have a guess their computer crimes division is putting in some over time lately.

tothemoon @ 0:51 Interesting Chart, But Not Sure How Useful It Is For Trading JNUG

Posted by Farmboy @ 21:48 on May 27, 2017  

Most charts rely on either an opening and or closing price. The majority of  the Jnug/Jdst movement is inbetween, during the day. That is where the 5.10.15 % moves occur and the time to book profits. How would one build a chart to reflect the inner day movements ?

BTW, something I have noticed with both ‘J’s’ is how about 30 minutes before the close each day ‘they?’ begin jiggering both the price of the ETF and the index they are tracking ( GDXJ) so that by days end, no matter how the price has moved intraday, it ends up always near the promised 3X level. Indeed, I try to do my setting up for the next day within the last five minutes of trading. The price difference can be dramatic from the highs during the day.

It is because of these intraday price moves that compels me to sit at the computer all day trying to pick an exit point with the highest gain. And another reason I seldom hold either of the ‘J’s’ more than a day, sometimes two. It is a dynamic and volatile market environment but if you have a little ‘gunslinger’ in your blood, that is where the real profits are made. Kinda like the old west, its a High Noon Shootout almost every day. Definitely not a ‘buy and hold’ type strategy, although I recently spoke with a member of the Oasis that has been holding JNUG in his core holdings since around 2 Bucks. So pick your poison. There is always more than one way to trade anything.

Thanks again for the chart, and for adding your thoughts to the mix.

Deep State

Posted by commish @ 20:19 on May 27, 2017  



Posted by Middlecreek @ 19:13 on May 27, 2017  

Mr. Copper what to you see for future of bitcoin?  Where does it fit in your perspective.  To me, it appears as just another tool to deter investment in gold.  I’m interested in everyone’s opinion on this.

Middlecreek @ 15:12

Posted by Maya @ 17:38 on May 27, 2017  

The ‘Disruptive Technology’  is of course, Bitcoin.

Clif High is the inventor of the webbots ‘Predictive Linguistics’ project at HalfPastHuman.  His regular ‘catch all’ reports are inexpensive at $15 and sometimes have some spectacular predictive ‘hits’.  (Better than chance.)   Sometimes wrong, too, but unexpected in strange ways.  The ‘language’ is sometimes different than the actual reality that manifests.  Clif has been a proponent of Bitcoin from very early on, and is still predicting it is going very much higher.

He says that 2017 will be a year of great change in the dollar financial system, and he decided to analyze a webbot run on Bitcoin, Gold & Silver, and investments aimed at ‘speculator’ information.  So, of course, he charges more for that specific information.

But many clues and overview information can be found in his cheaper $15 periodic reports.  I find it massively entertaining if nothing else.

Re The Big Reset? In My View It Started on Nine Eleven 2001, and Threw TPTB Totally Off Stride

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 17:24 on May 27, 2017  

The dot-com bubble popped in March ’00, and evaporated millions of retirement accounts, and during the following recession in late 2001, the terrorists sucker punched promiscuous World Trade, the global businessman, and various allied governments at the same time.

The above then FORCED the banks to drastically lower interests rates for artificial stimulation, it costs gov’ts and businesses enormous funds for security measures, military expenses for revenge, and killed airline profits etc etc.

It also caused a real estate bubble that popped in 2008, and the so called great recession started, the one they managed to delay after the dot com bust and 9/11.

TPTB took the dollar off Gold in 1971, by looking at the charts below, you can see they had total control at stable to lower commodity prices, from 1971 until 9/11/01.

(screw the sacrificed producers, (and savers) cheaper materials creates bigger profits for manufacturers retailers and consumers and good for the greater good. For one example, cheap Gold is good for Jewelry manufacturers, retailers and consumers. Get it?)

After 2004 you can clearly see the loss of control, instability starting. Don’t think, look.

Dow went from 12,000 to 7000, Gold was $250/oz,  oil $20/bbl, Copper .60 cents/lb,

Dow  http://www.mrci.com/pdf/dji.pdf

Gold  http://www.mrci.com/pdf/gc.pdf

Oil  http://www.mrci.com/pdf/cl.pdf

Copper  http://www.mrci.com/pdf/hg.pdf

Disruptive Technology

Posted by Middlecreek @ 15:12 on May 27, 2017  

That got my attention.   I opened the link and they want $99!!   I just got through sharing my thoughts on Main stream media.  Their info is free,, but fake.  So,, I guess one gets what he pays for?   lol.  Its hard to find a good deal on info these days!

Maya,  I didn’t mean anything negative about what you shared.  Just trying to find humor in this crazy world we have.

R640 – Brian Kelly

Posted by Buygold @ 15:03 on May 27, 2017  

I actually like Brian Kelly and have heard him be the only guy on CNBS to recommend gold several times before. So, it’s a little disappointing to hearthat he now recommends shorting it. Course, when he said to go long , I’m not sure I remember it being the right call or not.

I did hear him say once “the first country to back their currency with gold, wins” and I believe he was referring to Russia or China at the time.

Good piece by Mike Krieger today on ZH dealing with Bitcoin and fear. I’m not a Krieger fan but I think he nails it.

“The main reason is because I could see the potential and didn’t allow myself to make decisions based on fear. Fear overwhelms you, stunts your growth, makes you miss out on opportunities, and ultimately prevents you from living a fulfilled, interesting life. I know plenty of people who saw the potential of Bitcoin, but didn’t buy any or embrace it out of fear alone. Fear governments wouldn’t allow it. Fear the power grid would go down. Fear they’d be hacked. Fear overwhelmed them and prevented them from becoming involved in one of the few areas of this terribly corrupt economy filled with actual innovation and optimism. In my years in this space, I’ve found crypto currency people (especially the old school ones), to be some of the most humous, talented, decent and optimistic people I’ve ever met. So what if it goes to zero? The whole journey has been one of the most interesting of my entire life and worth every minute. As I noted on Twitter earlier today…”


Disruptive Technology

Posted by Maya @ 14:29 on May 27, 2017  

Clif High’s ‘Timetalks’ from https://halfpasthuman.com/

Conclusion (June bare naked Wealth report): It’s here!

As we are all too clearly aware, the financial system of the planet is flawed. The flaw has reached the point of ongoing failure. For years now, the creeping corrosion has led the mass consciousness into anticipation of what has come to be termed ‘the global reset’. Those who considered the idea of a global financial system reset have speculated that we would be seeing a ‘new bretton woods’, and likely subsequent announcement by the G7 at some theatrically appropriate setting.

It was not destined to happen that way.

In fact, the global financial system reset is happening now, started in earnest in January of this year, and is picking up pace. There will be no G7 announcement that is meaningful. By the time of any formal proclamation by the global political figureheads, the reset will be nearly global, and an emergent reality. Indeed, by the time that the G7 figureheads are even made aware of the reset, it will be complete.

We are doing it this time.

We the people.

Not the central governments thinking themselves to be authorities.

This global financial reset is occurring during, and as part of the rise of global populism.

As an expression of that populism, control of money has been taken away from those who have proven themselves flawed in their thinking and character.

It’s not Nesara.

It’s not giant hidden caches of gold.

It’s happening right now, as you are reading these words!

No government can stop it.

No government can control it. No CFR can manipulate it. No fake news can spin it.

No Illuminati mind fuck can hide it.

The global financial reset is happening now.

It’s here!

They, TPTB, the ‘ruling elite’ have reason to fear. Their world crumbles beneath their feet as ours rises.

They, TPTB have reason to fear.

Antarctica is next!


On Kudlow this a.m.=Larry asked what’s your best short idea? Brian Kelly said=”short gold”

Posted by Richard640 @ 12:52 on May 27, 2017  

[after giving his best buy ideas he says short gold–as if from the entire investing universe none of the other pumped to the max vehicles need be sold]

The 2015 Hedge Fund Rising Stars: Brian Kelly | Institutional Investor

Jun 15, 2015 – In 2007, at age 30, Brian Kelly was co-managing a sales and marketing team for Smith Barney, the … a point person between hedge funds, venture capital, private equity and other alternative-investment … Hollis Park Partners.

Morning Middlecreek – thanks for checking in!

Posted by Buygold @ 12:43 on May 27, 2017  

“We are living in some very interesting times.  It’d be healthier if I would just turn the main stream news off.  Just can’t seem to quit listening to their games.  Plus I’ve developed a knack for being able to tell when they are lying.  It’s easy,  when they telling us news, they’re lying.   Some one said recently the news is not about sharing information,  its about forming opinion.”

Very well said. We can use your wisdom around here.

I’m in the same boat with the MSM. I only watch FOX and that pisses me off 80% of the time. While most of their people treat Trump a little better it’s still a drumbeat of Russia bad, “a threat”.

I’m with you, the idea of regular folks being worried about some kind of Russian threat is just idiotic and meant to give us our opinion. I’ve never had a conversation with anyone who is worried about Russia and Putin, yet that’s all we hear from these liars 24/7.

You are so right about these criminals using our good human nature to fleece us. Tough not to get feeling depressed and hopeless over it.

I’m with you on the work thing and posting but my hands are small enough that I can post from my phone. 🙂

Good morning all

Posted by Middlecreek @ 11:48 on May 27, 2017  

Thanks Buygold for the invite to post and thanks again for assisting me in getting access to the site.   I’d love to post more.  My issue is work.  It stinks having to work for a living.   I have a good job too,  but would much rather be able to discuss the worlds problems with you all.  About the time one of you post something I’d comment on,  the phone rings or I need to get involved with a task and never able to take the time to add anything to the topic.   I don’t miss anything you share and everyone’s contributions to this forum have not only entertained me for years but also helped me develop a much broader understanding of the world we live in.  So thanks to you all.  I started reading at Michael Kosares site in 2000.  I’ve followed G-E and several old Kitco forums and others all this time.  Watched the separation from FGC here some time back.  That was painful, but necessary.  So yes,  you are like family in a way.

We are living in some very interesting times.  It’d be healthier if I would just turn the main stream news off.  Just can’t seem to quit listening to their games.  Plus I’ve developed a knack for being able to tell when they are lying.  It’s easy,  when they telling us news, they’re lying.   Some one said recently the news is not about sharing information,  its about forming opinion.  I may have read that here in the last few days.   Seems about right to me.  They either outright lying or providing information in a way intended to direct my thought to support their agendas.   For example,  I heard on am radio a discussion about a poll that determined x amount of Americans believe Russia to be an enemy.  It was a large number like 60% or so if I remember correctly.   I immediately thought really?  Who do we know that has a problem with Russia?  I personally wouldn’t know anyone that could help me form my opinion of whether Russia is my enemy or not.  Main stream media provides that for us.  They tell us Russia is the enemy. We are being played like a fiddle.   They are using the good nature of mankind to manipulate and rob us blind.  I too share the concern you all have for the future of our country.  It is extremely disturbing for me to watch it go down like this.  Reminds me of a shooting star.  You know,  like the finest one you ever saw.  Sorta appears in the corner of your eye in the night sky.  You sense it, turn toward it and stare in awe as it streaks brilliantly across the sky increasing in brightness.   Just as your mind catches up and the eye becomes focused on the natural beauty of the display, it explodes in a final dazzling burst of energy.  Then darkness takes back the sky and we are left wondering.    Our country seems hell bent on a similar path.

I managed to comment a few weeks ago on a post Mr. Copper had shared.  You folks sure know how to get me thinking.  I thought on his response and read up a bit on global philanthropist and come again to the conclusion that he’s likely right on target with his ideas.   Several days had passed and I had not been able to reply back.  You a sharp bunch and if I can’t make the time to respond intelligently, I figure I might as well stay quiet.

This gold market has managed to take my little money on a regular basis.  Apparently the bankers think keeping gold suppressed is good for the economy.  If that’s the case I reckon I’ve  contributed my share plus some.  Those darn 3x etf’s are near irresistible, especially so when combined with hopium.  I got away from those and now just play the Texas Powerball every week instead.   Farmboy has obviously refined his procedure to include and demand strict self discipline.     I couldn’t get there but am highly impressed with those that can.  They have a fellow out there goes by Spock.  His gold explorer/developer stocks program has been valuable.  Saved me from myself.

Also, I wish everyone a Happy Memorial Day weekend.  It is surely a time to consider our debt to those that gave their all to defend our nation.   My prayers are with Wanka although I do expect him to pop in at any moment and straighten things out around here!  All the best!!



The Inside Story on James B. Comey the Ultimate Inside Man

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 11:42 on May 27, 2017  

Parts Of Long Story

Trump seizes the moment and acts. While Comey is in California, 2300 miles away and 7 hours from his office, Trump prepares a letter firing him (with Sessions and the Deputy AG recommendations attached). In the letter Trump states that he had been told 3 times by Comey that he (Trump) was not under investigation.

The letter is hand-delivered to the FBI headquarters by DOJ officials to lock-down and seize everything in Comey’s office, including all surveillance files (“tapes”) of Trump and others. All of Comey’s files, docs, computers and “tapes” are taken to Sessions at DOJ. They are not taken to the White House or Trump, but to Sessions, who has every right to have them.

Sessions can tell Trump that Comey had surveillance tapes of Trump that contradict what Comey has been telling Trump, and perhaps tapes of conversations with other swamp “conspirators.” But Trump does not have them personally or at the White House.

Comey had no inkling he was being cut, that all his files, computers, and everything in his office were seized by his boss Sessions and the justice department. This was not a violation of protocol, it was tactical. Notice how Prez Trump compartmentalized the strike and did not inform any of his White House “staff” to prevent leaks.

Notice how he emasculated Comey and the swamp denizens by letting them know in a tweet that the Attorney General got information (surveillance “tapes” from the seizure of Comey’s office) to let Comey and his handlers know that Trump’s DOJ has the goods on them. This was a brilliant, strategic and totally imperative move at exactly the right time against horrible, evil and corrupt powers infesting our government.

The Inside Story on James B. Comey

Yesterday, I listened to Hillary’s Wellesley speech. At one point she mentioned Pizzagate and how it was a fake news conspiracy. I thought it was odd that she’d mention it at all. Why?

Posted by Buygold @ 8:59 on May 27, 2017  

A 29 year old staffer for NYC mayor Bill De Blasio’s office has been arrested and charged with two felonies after police found a massive collection of child porn on his laptop, according to court documents. The NYPD’s investigation began March 29th when Jacob Schwartz, 29, handed over his laptop – on which over 3,000 images and 89 videos were discovered depicting sexual acts with children as young as 6 months old.

Schwartz – a computer programmer making $66k / year was also the president of the Manhattan Young Democrats – as well as VP of the NY State Young Democrats. When the NY Post reached the former organization for comment, they said they were “shocked” by the allegations against Schwartz – adding that he is “no longer a member of the board.”



Posted by goldielocks @ 2:20 on May 27, 2017  

Out of all of the PMs.. I’ve looked at anyways HL has been hanging in there but looks to be having some downward pressure now.


Posted by goldielocks @ 2:08 on May 27, 2017  

I’m sure Wanka has a O2 sat. He should have one with a alarm. There are different things that can go on with the lungs including Cytokene storm that won’t show up on a X-ray as pneumonia but without quick intervention is deadly and what probably killed most of the people on the SPANISH ” aka swine flu” out break in WW1 era started by vaccinating the soilders and getting them sick. Your own immune system will Attack your lungs it’s life threatening and deadly. It still goes undiagnosed and out probable pneumonia or some such thing On cause of death. You probably didn’t have that.   You could have had a bad case of Bronchitis that wasn’t showing up and turning into pneumonia. Either way you should of been treated and maybe done a sputum culture or in your case with low O2 maybe even a CT scan. You can have pneumonia and no or low temp.

pS  Congrats on Grandson.

Farmboy – JNUG

Posted by tothemoon @ 0:51 on May 27, 2017  


I was playing around with JNUG and JDST. JNUG provided the best return over the past 6 months using trend breaks and Stochastics. I know back testing does not work that well but these results look quite promising. It’s a fast moving ETF which over the past 6-months seems to maintain a directional movement long enough to scrape some profit. I’ll run the same analysis on the 2011 metals crash to see how this approach worked out.


BTW I got some good news

Posted by Ororeef @ 0:07 on May 27, 2017  

My Grandson got called up “again” to Major league on the Baltimore Orioles  baseball team ..Short stop extraordinaire best defensive player  .(Janish) ..




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