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Farmboy – 3X ETFs

Posted by tothemoon @ 22:20 on May 29, 2017  

Hey Farmboy,

Thanks for your post. I’ve not traded JNUG or JDST as yet so I don’t know how they respond but your comments about the end of day adjustments sounds right on. I was thinking about trading them at the end of the day but perhaps the next day open would be better. I’m not a day trader so the time of day does not matter to me that much. I’ll forward test the strategy for a while but it seems there is considerable margin to play with due to the volatility.

In regards to your comment about 3X ETF’s, they are not all created equal. There are quite a number that would have been a superb buy and hold.

How ‘s 2000% gain over 7 years for a buy and hold 3X ETF?


After running the same performance chart of JNUG and JDST I can see there is something seriously wrong with both of these:


What’s up with this Macron dude? He wants to get along with Putin and Trump? Really??

Posted by Buygold @ 19:37 on May 29, 2017  

“We Have Told Each Other Everything” – Highlights From Macron’s First Meeting With Putin


Silver Rider

Posted by goldielocks @ 16:15 on May 29, 2017  

Not as long as they got a bunch of idealistic patriot kids comming up to pull them in their wars too young to really know what’s going on or the lies they were told. I’m glad Trump mentioned equal pay to allies but should demand equal military. Let’s see how that works out with Merkel who thinks she’s entitled to our doing the fighting while she ” and Europe as a whole” worked to aid them. Maybe she would have a different opinion as well as Canada. Least the Brits gave Obama the finger and you know hes behind a lot of this including Canada’s PM colonozing so we have wars here too. If they say not their way fine not ours either which it isn’t anyways. We don’t need the oil or the unskilled labor. We have plenty from Mexico and far less trouble than the Muslims and their Shaira and lack of value in life in general. It’s been going on since before America was America or even France and Germany.


Posted by silver rider @ 15:24 on May 29, 2017  

We were talking about that subject this am.   I believe if we held our public officials accountable for their lies the reasons for these wars that there would be a whole lot less of them.


Posted by goldielocks @ 14:37 on May 29, 2017  

I remember then all to well the conflicts. I remember getting into heated discussions about not blaming our soilders that almost got violent but waiting for them” men” to pull the first punch but others always broke it up. Yea peacefull hippies my ask more like bums and drug addicts spacing on Acid. Yeah I didn’t like it but no matter by then we were in it. After the Covil air patrol  everyone did everything possibke of going forward right into it. Then my mom who I know was behind a lot of it said she was afraid Id get killed with my habit of walking toward danger instead of from it and she wouldn’t have grandkids. Wasnt really walking toward anything , already there it was just helping. So now you not only had public issues they could even be family issues goikg on even if they were pro military with one gen after another. That war turned the tides of the conscious what are we fighting for anymore?


Posted by Maya @ 14:05 on May 29, 2017  

I rather surprised the wife of a militairy acquaintance when she learned I was a Vietnam era vet and she “thanked me for my service.”  First I was surprised… no one had ever done that to me.  Then I rather curtly replied, “Don’t thank me!  I was the one that got ‘serviced’ in that deal!”

It was a different time then.  I enlisted because I was unable to find a job because I was ‘draft eligible’.  There was blatant in-my-face discrimination that would be illegal today.  Unwilling and forced conscription made for an ugly mood among the troops and Americans.  No… don’t you DARE ‘thank me for my service’!  It was a Federal sentence of an innocent person.


Posted by goldielocks @ 14:00 on May 29, 2017  

Thanks for the storys about Europe. I’m glad too that there were survivors that were able to talk about it and not many will say much, even relative. I just heard some storys from a nurse over in the Mid East in the 80s. A bunch of fellow nurses were playing cards in a tent. She wasn’t there didnt play cards and the tent was hit killikg the nurses. She was on top of a hospital building and saw a whole apt complex than blown up and even from afar the sand blast hit them. More too but the fact I’ve known her for about 7 years and she never talked much about it but since she had a few glasses of wine she could talk a little about it. Then she had to worry about her bother who was in special forces you’d never know knowing him that for months at a time over and over they didn’t even know where he was.

She told me just as they got there they had to put parachute covers over their heads because they wore hats and muslims going crazy and shooting. That women over there who’s babys were killed in a hospital when dumped their babys from the incubators before they got there and seperates the mothers from them. I brought up with a couple of incidences ” then where is the moderate muslims” They were asking to save them and some in pieces and they were already dead. She said dying for that country is not worth it with never ending wars there in short.

Jupiter Fla

Posted by commish @ 12:24 on May 29, 2017  

article-4552628-40ea963a00000578-922_308x385 Here’s his booking photo. Over at Zero Hedge the comment section is tearing him a new one.

I thought it was Juniper Berry, FLA, Martini Central county. Hey back to my triumvirate bet on the next NWOer to descend to a warmer clime (not Jupiter) …

Posted by macroman3 @ 12:11 on May 29, 2017  

How could I leave out GHWB, the Kennedy killer?

Place yer bets.


Posted by Moggy @ 11:51 on May 29, 2017  

That’s Jupiter, Florida.

Don’t Drink and Drive

Posted by commish @ 11:46 on May 29, 2017  

dbashwwvyaqouvl Tiger Woods arrested earlier today for DUI in Jupiter Florida.

maxine waters…

Posted by treefrog @ 11:43 on May 29, 2017  

maxine-waters-crazy…enters a motion to hold impeachment hearings beginning the thirty – first of next month!

Been busy for a lot of the last week, heard Brzezinski died. Now an old wives tale says these things happen in threes…

Posted by macroman3 @ 11:21 on May 29, 2017  

I am sure it has been discussed here under the flaps already but after DRockefellar and Brez, could Soros be next?

Humanity’s Spring?

Just A Common Soldier

Posted by Moggy @ 10:16 on May 29, 2017  



I was never in the military – came close in Canada , volunteered , but just before my report date , the order was rescinded

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 10:02 on May 29, 2017  

Later in life I spent several years in Europe ( France and Belgium ) where I would regularly visit different Allied war cemeteries . So many of the crosses were inscribed ‘Known Only to God’ , and so many were so young . I remember one grave of a boy of 15 . After his death it was discovered that he had used his brother’s ID to enlist and was killed in battle before his sixteenth birthday .

What really upset me at the time were a few French politicians who wanted the Allied war cemeteries closed , and the bodies removed from France . There is gratitude , for you ! NOT .

On a visit to Paris , we were at the Arc de Triomphe , where there is an eternal flame burning to honor the war dead . My youngest daughter ( three or four years old ) stepped closer to see what it was , and in doing so , invaded the ‘sanctity’ of the memorial . A French cop on duty there made a big issue of it until I told him that my daughter’s great-great-uncle was buried in a war grave near Vimy Ridge , and that he should be thanking my daughter for the sacrifice of her distant relative so that he was not speaking German . That stopped the tirade.

I am most grateful to those who served under George Washington against tremendous odds to gain America’s independence , and those who have served since , to maintain the freedoms which remain .

National Security

Posted by Middlecreek @ 9:15 on May 29, 2017  

I’m trying to understand how these bitcoins and others will play into our gold value expectations.   I’ve not educated myself to the safety of them and appreciate maya’s efforts at bringing me up to speed.   Apparently many people are comfortable with them.   I toss my ideas out here to get feedback.   Wish I’d have bought a few btc back when they were cheap.  And who knows. They may still be.   Though I’m still unsure how or why exactly these came about, but I see them doing what we’ve been expecting pm’s to do.   So in that respect, I figure tptb are allowing them to absorb cash.   How much will this reduce the gold rise if and when it does?  Are the cryptos another invention of tptb to keep pms prices from running?


Posted by Floridagold @ 8:24 on May 29, 2017  






It’s a Holiday. What am I doing up before noon?

Posted by Maya @ 3:32 on May 29, 2017  



And Moggy, a belated ‘thank you’ for the Bitcoin Astro. forecast!


Gold Train

Posted by Maya @ 3:28 on May 29, 2017  


Chugging thru a winter wonderland…


RNO redneck financials

Posted by goldielocks @ 2:23 on May 29, 2017  

When your idea for saving for the future is buying PMs, ammo, canned food and beer, wine or soda by the case? Kinda like us?

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