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Posted by goldielocks @ 22:38 on June 30, 2017  

I almost passed on it when turning 65 last summer. Did a lot of futuristic ” just incase I lived that long currently at that time not needing care” thinking and research. Medicare part A is free to those who’ve worked enough but the Part B was something else, Then you need a supplement to go with it. The other challenge will be finding a Doctor who will accept Medicare. You might ask your doctor if you’ll be dropped once you get medicare and find one because they get filled up fast. Multi years ago I decided to do third party insurance adjusting and learned a few things. Went back to nursing though because I liked it better. First keep all your records incase you need them and dates of any visits. They could come in handy but hopefully not. Second I found medicare was not paying well and since then instead of getting better it was getting worse. This is what led to having hardships of doctors accepting it. Politicians should be forced to take it.
Once you do sign up since you are going to do it past your eligibility date you will be fined and they’ll take it directly out of your SS for part B once you start to draw and sign up.
Here’s some info.
Cons of delaying Medicare Part B enrollment

Going without Medicare Part B and not having other coverage might leave you paying high out-of-pocket costs for doctors’ visits, preventive care, and medical services. Health care needs tend to increase as people get older, and any potential savings from delaying enrollment in Part B could be offset if you get sick and don’t have medical coverage. If you wait to enroll and then contract an illness, you may not be able to sign up for Medicare Part B until the next General Enrollment Period. In the meantime, you may have to pay for all medical costs out-of-pocket.

Those who do not sign up for Medicare Part B when they’re first eligible and don’t qualify for a Special Enrollment Period may be subject to a late enrollment penalty. This could mean paying a 10% higher monthly premium for every 12-month period that you were eligible for Part B but didn’t enroll. You will have to pay this higher Part B premium for as long as you have Medicare.

When calculating your late enrollment penalty, you’re considered “first eligible” for Medicare Part B during your Initial Enrollment Period (IEP), which typically occurs three months before your 65th birthday, includes the month you turn 65, and ends three months later. If you qualify for Medicare because you get disability benefits from Social Security or the Railroad Retirement Board, your IEP takes place three months before your 25th month of receiving disability benefits. Your Initial Enrollment Period works differently if you qualify because of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or end-stage renal disease; visit Medicare.gov for more information.

You won’t owe a late enrollment penalty if you qualify for a Special Enrollment Period, which allows you to enroll in Medicare Part B after your IEP has passed, outside of regular enrollment periods. You can delay Medicare Part B and enroll through an SEP if you have health coverage based on current employment (either through your employer or your spouse’s employer).

However, it is important to note that not all coverage qualifies you for a Special Enrollment Period. The following types of coverage do not count as creditable coverage based on current employment and would not exempt you from paying the Part B penalty if you delay enrollment:

Retiree benefits
TRICARE (unless you, your spouse, or dependent child are an active-duty member)*
Veterans’ benefits
*If you are Medicare-eligible, you must be enrolled in Part B to continue receiving TRICARE benefits.

Even if you’re currently covered under an employer plan, you may decide that you want additional benefits through Part B, depending on how comprehensive your coverage is and how much your employer contributes to the cost of your plan. You may want to talk to your employer’s health benefits administrator or an eHealth licensed insurance agent to see how Medicare would work with your current coverage and what the pros and cons of delaying Medicare Part B enrollment might be for you.

If you’re qualified for Original Medicare, Part A and Part B, then you also have several Medicare plan options available. You may wish to add a stand-alone Medicare prescription drug plan to your Part A and Part B coverage, or maybe you’d like to join a private Medicare Advantage plan to have all your Medicare benefits handled under one policy.


Pros and Cons of Delaying Medicare Part B Enrollment

Moggy and Maya

Posted by sinbad @ 21:21 on June 30, 2017  

Thank you both for responding. Just in from a long day and have to revisit your posts in the morning with a clear mind (at least as clear as it can be at my age!) The discussions on health insurance are very timely. I will be 70 soon, still covered by company health insurance I do consultation work for, but will be on my own soon. With a history including replacement of some original equipment, but otherwise very healthy, I dread the necessary research to find adequate coverage. I’m a fan of medical tourism, but that depends upon mobility and the actual medial issue of course.


Posted by goldielocks @ 19:08 on June 30, 2017  

Heres the service number I think to sign up. This you coukd probably do yourself. As about coverage take notes know what question about coverage share of costs if any plus costs if out of network. 8774943402 customer service

Maya Moggie Buygold

Posted by goldielocks @ 18:56 on June 30, 2017  

I was abLe to find the number for united health. I think they cover both supplemental and medical. Can’t remember but low cost and covers meds. What I didn’t want was it was in network not a PPO so you’ll have to ask them about what local doctors and hospitals take it or whats in network, once Im no longer working I will probably opt for this plan. It’s easier to step down than up so that lady I gave you the email told be about the PPO plan and signed me up for it saving me the work..I guess she get commission and all she does so kniws the options plus saves you the headache of having to do it. The DAY of the cut off Cuz she was busy. I think it was around 26. Montg but don’t quite me and based on income they said some can get it for free.

Moggy and Maya that was interesting too tired to absorb it though on space.

Buygold Yep she did good. She was even pushing why or how these weasles work to profit off things like global warming. They should have laws they can’t invest but then they just funnel back door deals or stocks to family or friends.

But R640

Posted by Buygold @ 17:47 on June 30, 2017  

What does that have to do with gold? He didn’t mention it.

He does make some good points about bankrupt states and stuff. I don’t see why they can’t just print up a few trillion and bail them all out. Don’t even see why the USD would take a big hit since it is only measured against other fiat.

If we do see liquidity dry up and the economy crashing, it will have been an intentional move by the globalist and their central banks.

Whether gold goes up or not is anyone’s guess. They could decide to double down on the manipulation….

Rumors of golds death are greatly exaggerated! It’s not a buggy whip-I have “proof”-read this article. Got gold?

Posted by Richard640 @ 15:16 on June 30, 2017  

When the Deal Goes Down

by James Kunstler

Who needs Russia when the Tweety-Bird-in-Chief is hacking his own presidency into a global joke? Or at least it might be a joke if the USA weren’t such a menace to international order, and to itself, by the way. Interestingly, the 25th amendment allows for the removal of a president from office on account of incompetence or disability, but not for being an embarrassment to the nation.

They may come after him anyway with the 25th, especially as the financial system unravels later this year, because this time, unlike 2008-9, central bank interventions will not avail to rescue the faltering money system from nine years of previous central bank interventions. All it takes is for the “liquidity” flows to seize up and before you know it, there’s no food in the supermarkets because everything in our just-in-time economy is exquisitely calibrated to the sure expectation of getting paid, and when that goes, it all goes.

Then the question arises: well, can’t you just re-start the liquidity flows? Not when the process requires another abracadabra magic act of summoning X-trillions of dollars out of absolutely nothing when the previous X-trillions created out of absolutely nothing are rushing at warp speed into the black hole of deleveraging because it has been discovered that the “loans” they were based on can never be paid back, not in this universe or any number of universes like it. In a word, they’re worthless.

Deleveraging is the polite term economists give to your net worth rapidly evaporating. Liquidity is the polite term for cash money and things denominated in them that can readily be converted into cash money. The problem with the kind of liquidity-creation solution to deleveraging is that it rapidly leads to money itself becoming worthless.

The preview of coming attractions is currently playing out in Illinois — soon to be joined by Connecticut, California, Kentucky, and many other bankrupt states. Illinois is dead broke. It can’t pay the contractors who fix things like roads and storm drains, and supply food to its prisons. It’s over $200-billion deep in pension obligations that will never be honored. Its Medicaid system is a shambles. It doesn’t even have the cash-on-hand to pay lottery winners (what happened to all the cash paid into the lottery by the suckers who didn’t win, which is supposed to pay off the winners?). The state legislature hasn’t passed a budget in three years.

The governor and the mayor of Chicago and everybody else nominally in charge have no idea what they’re going to do about it. Think the federal government is going to just step in and save the day there? They’d have to bail out every other foundering state and that’s just not going to happen, especially with that same federal government about to run out of cash money itself, with no resolution of the debt ceiling controversy that might allow it to even pretend to borrow more money by issuing treasury bonds that are instantly bought by the Federal Reserve — which, of course, is not an official government agency but a private banking consortium contracted to manage the nation’s money.

Do you begin to see the outlines of the clusterfuck rising like a bad moon over the harvest season of 2017? The American people, by and large, have no more idea how false and fragile the financial arrangements of the nation are than the average eight-year-old has about why the re-po squad is towing away Daddy’s Ford-F150. We’re just doing what we always do: gittin’ our summer on. Breaking out the potato salad and the Bud Lites — at least those who have enough mojo left in their MasterCards to charge the party supplies.

An awful lot of Americans must be maxed out, though, people who actually used to work at things and get paid for it. Each one of them is a walking Illinois now, facing each dawning day with a bigger load of problems, more things they can’t pay for, and moving closer to the dreadful day when everything is gone, every chattel, every knickknack, the very roof over their head, and most particularly the belief that they live in a fair and decent society.

So, I wonder what we’re going to do with a Tweety-Bird-in-Chief in the White House when this deal goes down. Stresses and tensions are out there a’buildin’ and the time for being a nation of feckless idiots is drawing to a close. The sad thing is: it wasn’t even fun while it lasted.

Maya @ 4:27

Posted by Moggy @ 14:49 on June 30, 2017  

I would echo the sentiments of goldi when she suggests looking into United Healthcare.  We are healthy until we are not and when that time comes it is best to have some sort of protection.

sinbad @ 10:00

Posted by Maya @ 13:46 on June 30, 2017  

What Moggy describes about the electromagnetic interactions of the planets is essentially correct. The independent physicist James McCanney (www.jmccsci.com) described the electrical plasma characteristics of the solar system… something NASA still will not admit to. NASA says space is ‘neutral’ electrically… but it is NOT.

Solar periodicity, from what I have studied, appears related to the gravitational effects of the angular momentum of the planets as they orbit the sun. Being a ham radio operator, I’ve studied the 11-year solar cycle as it affects the ionosphere and shortwave radio propagation around the planet.

Richard640 @ 9:18

Posted by Maya @ 13:28 on June 30, 2017  

Winona, MN is in the Mississippi River valley… that was my reference.  I’m from that region.   The steam engine is a restoration of the Southern Pacific “Daylight” engine that hauled passengers along the west coast.  The engine is privately owned now, based out of Portland, OR and is used for special excursion runs like this one… hauling privately owned railcars.

Listen and Learn

Posted by Moggy @ 13:01 on June 30, 2017  


Posted by Moggy @ 12:46 on June 30, 2017  

Hello, Sinbad, I hope all is well with you and yours. It is good to hear from you.

Actually, it is solar activity that does the influencing. To explain:  the Sun is a giant electromagnet radiating lines of energy into space.  These lines of energy are cut by the various planets revolving around the Sun much as the armatures of a dynamo cut the lines of energy radiated by the electromagnet at the center.

Many years ago the great physicist, Tyndall, indicated how dependent upon the Sun are most mechanical actions, chemical changes, and other manifestations of power on the surface of the earth. Add to this conception that investigators into the occult (that which is hidden) have added the assurance that whatever of a mental and spiritual nature is expressed on earth also derives its energy from the Sun.  (It is for this reason that the ancient Egyptians in their wisdom honored – not worshipped -the Sun.  It is only lesser men who have attempted to explain their actions as ignorance).

In any case, the Sun can be regarded as a great step-down transformer because our earth and the other planets probably are not suitably constituted for handling the high frequencies that abound in the path of the Sun.

Thus the planets revolving about the Sun in elliptical paths cut its energy field and these planets in turn become transformers and transmitters of energy and each being of different chemical composition and different density of material, they each are adapted to picking up energies and stepping them down to certain other frequencies and radiating these into space. Eventually these energies are transmitted to earth and to every living being on it.

Horoscopes map the interaction of planetary energies and their relationships to each other. It is these that the astrologer interprets.

Solar periodicity is the domain of astronomy and those who think they know but know not.


Posted by sinbad @ 10:00 on June 30, 2017  

As we are entering a period of Solar Minimum, I am curious about planetary influence on solar activity. Are these systems independent or can solar periodicity be correlated. If this connection exists, how does it effect astrological charting if at all? I read your postings with interest but my ignorance of astrology is boundless.

Tell us what you really think!

Posted by Auandag @ 9:51 on June 30, 2017  

CNN Producer: Americans Are “Stupid as Shit”

CNN Producer: Americans Are “Stupid as Shit”


MAYA– was that steam train a restoration used for tourist excursions?

Posted by Richard640 @ 9:18 on June 30, 2017  

the foto was in Winona minnesota not mississippi

Number of influential analysts are calling long term dollar top in, at recent Hi’s.

Posted by Maddog @ 8:53 on June 30, 2017  

So is that the reason scum are making damn sure PM’s can’t get traction here.

Also did the Yellen cretin think that there will never be another crisis, because they have the mkts under complete control…..and boy is she asking for it or what.

Ps am reading Fed Up by Daniell di Martino Booth and it is a great read already and barely started…she tells that Charlie Munger said of Greenspan that he was an ‘amiable idiot’……

Morning Goldie

Posted by Buygold @ 8:16 on June 30, 2017  

So rare to see someone like Bartiromo from the MSM stick it to one of these lying swamp creatures and call them out on their lies.

Glad someone finally mentions Clintons uranium deal with the Russians.

They are all such hypocrites.


Posted by goldielocks @ 7:18 on June 30, 2017  

poor Maya. Yeah they’ll take out of your check too. I’m not in retirement yet but have to get it ciz otherwise theyll penalize you if you get it later. That’s messed up that they don’t offer you the cheaper supplemental. I took Healthnet cuz it covers 100 percebt Ambulance ER and all procedures from doctors or hospital. It cost about 130 a month though on top of the medicare then about 18 for meds if needed.
Try contacting hoopc @ abc global.net She works out of Calif but maybe she can help you.
Otherway is check united health you might get low cost it no cost though them or medicare advantage. Look for a doctor that accepts assignment that means they will take what they pay not charge you more. But outside of that they might. Hope you already have obe Cuz that will be the challenge. Good to get medicine coverage either way.
Also look at medicare advantage plan.
Good luck.

Moggy – Medicare

Posted by Maya @ 4:27 on June 30, 2017  

I’m about to transition from ObummerCare to Medicare when I have that big birthday in a few months.  I was having illusions of getting cheaper healthcare with Medicare & supplemental insurance.  The more I studied, the more I found what an insurance scam all healthcare is.   I could easily wind up spending double what I now spend if I want to get ‘full coverage’.  I was also surprised to learn that the large national AARP-endorsed insurance has different offerings for urban Honolulu than are available here in an outlying county.  A ‘Medicare Advantage’ plan is just plain not offered out here in the boondocks!  I may just opt for no supplemental medicare insurance except for prescription drug coverage.  I’m healthy.  It seems wiser to just risk paying the 20% medical bill if I do have a problem or need.   Beat the system… stay healthy!

Posted by Maya @ 4:11 on June 30, 2017  


I think Farmboy must have retired…



Gold Train

Posted by Maya @ 4:08 on June 30, 2017  


Hot August in the Mississippi River bottoms, and a hot Daylight steamer.


Got gold?

Posted by Richard640 @ 23:30 on June 29, 2017  

Robert Shiller: “The Index I Invented Is At Levels Last Seen In 1929 And 2000”

With the Shiller CAPE index having surpassed the 30x for the first time since September 2001, its creator, Nobel Laureate and Yale School of Management Economics Professor Robert Shiller is warning investors that they should be cautious about investing in such an “unusual” market.
“… the CAPE index that John Campbell and I devised 30 years ago is at unusual highs.


The only time in history going back to 1881 when it has been higher are, A: 1929 and B: 2000.”


Posted by goldielocks @ 22:29 on June 29, 2017  

Yep she did cut through his BS. Investing along with Russians who were also not bound to global warming costs they put on us while crying enemy. Then investing and profiting off it while pushing the doom and gloom and funneling money to family and friends is there MO, Reid is another one, they probably all are.

Maria Bartiromo kicks John Podesta’s ass – absolutely beautiful

Posted by Buygold @ 22:02 on June 29, 2017  

It’s an unwritten law that government MUST kill the goose

Posted by ipso facto @ 19:51 on June 29, 2017  

Tanzania laws would allow govt to tear up mining, energy deals


Ipso Moggy

Posted by goldielocks @ 18:26 on June 29, 2017  

My sister in law found that one. Good way to spill your morning coffee but nights it’s now my morning. Buygold can send that one back to his dad. 🙂

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