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Harrison Hanks

Posted by commish @ 21:16 on July 31, 2017  


Posted by Buygold @ 20:11 on July 31, 2017  

Nooo!!!! Not Lynette Zang!!!

We had this conversation a couple of weeks ago and nobody seemed to know who she was, she’s been elevated to expert status virtually overnight. 🙂

Just giving you a hard time. I agree, something wicked this way comes – sooner or later….. 🙂


Posted by Ororeef @ 18:53 on July 31, 2017  

sez    He will cut Congress HealthCare …..Yeah Baby put them all on OBAMACARE and make them pay like everybody else  ….Let them join the same exchanges that subsidize the poor that dont pay anything …mayBE THEY WILL  GET MEDICAID !

Drain the Swamp  !  CUT all Congressional benefits to the same level as the Public..MAKE them join  SOCIAL SECURITY TOO !

Hi you Canadians

Posted by Portugeezer @ 17:38 on July 31, 2017  

Keep an eye out for my sister’s grandson, Nathanial.


Give him a shout if you see him.

Thanks, Rich

Interesting article on why Red Eagle’s San Ramon project failed …. so far …

Posted by ipso facto @ 17:12 on July 31, 2017  


THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT VIDEO YOU CAN SHARE: Economic Expert Exposes Collapse is Near

Posted by silverngold @ 17:04 on July 31, 2017  

IMO the DOW will go up another +/- 1500, topping then crashing from about 23,400.

If one didn’t know better

Posted by Maddog @ 16:04 on July 31, 2017  

the late selling could be end of Month profit taking in PM shares…….far more likely is scum boorishness.

Meanwhile the FANGS are looking a little toothless here….hmmm !!!!!

Mooch In – Mooch Out

Posted by commish @ 15:51 on July 31, 2017  


Seems like a perfect set-up to take a flyer at VXX–not making any big gloom n doom statement but just a trade

Posted by Richard640 @ 14:40 on July 31, 2017  

Dow up 80 everything else red-though not much–nicely divergent—month end window dressing  holding it together?

Maui takes the lead in last minutes caught a barrel with perfect exit.

Posted by goldielocks @ 14:34 on July 31, 2017  

Kai Lenny wins big-wave Puerto Escondido event in dying minutes

Kai Lenny wins big-wave Puerto Escondido event in dying minutes

Maya you must be watching the wrong programming on TV

Posted by eeos @ 13:30 on July 31, 2017  

all you need is a amazon firestick and sit behind a VPN. You jailbreak it and put Kodi on it and you can watch 3,500 channels. Anything and I mean anything.

Stock futures are up-no worry over the weekend–this opening rally in stocks is worth trying to fade as

Posted by Richard640 @ 9:13 on July 31, 2017  

a short term trade-if the DOW is up 100 or 150 with the S&P and NAZ lagging…not saying I’ll take that trade but I am on “VXX” watch since it is near a 52 week low–

Happy End Of The Month!

Posted by Farmboy @ 7:59 on July 31, 2017  

Time to put some lipstick on the Dow Cow and spruce up those month end bonuses. I will probably add a few more Shorts today, and see what August brings in the general markets. Nothing ventured, nothing gained kinda attitude, which seems to work well on a monday. Thanks for the coffee Maya. Lets get er done.


Buygold @ 18:43

Posted by Maya @ 4:44 on July 31, 2017  

“…we live in a media world…. TV said so right?”

After 40 years working behind the ‘Boob Toob’, I can’t watch TV.  It’s not entertaining to me, and it certainly isn’t a good source of news.

Monday, Monday…

Posted by Maya @ 4:36 on July 31, 2017  




Gold Train

Posted by Maya @ 4:34 on July 31, 2017  


Seems like we do a lot of this…Climbing upstream…


8 Am Lndn time…recently action has been good at times but….a new week and scum are in bang on time

Posted by Maddog @ 3:15 on July 31, 2017  

buying SM and Dollar, hitting PM’s.

Sandy Hook: The Club

Posted by commish @ 21:01 on July 30, 2017  


Posted by Buygold @ 20:45 on July 30, 2017  

Rick probably has it right. Seriously, AMZN was down 3% and someone whose never owned a gold stock calls that creamed??? Seriously, last week GG had better than expected earnings and was down 9%.

Can you imagine an AMZN, MSFT, GOOG, FB, INTC down 9% in a single day? Wall Street would have people jumping out of windows.

Rick is right on the VXX. Big effing yawn…

Maya @ 15:05 Sandy Hook BS

Posted by silverngold @ 20:31 on July 30, 2017  

Yeah, I’m with you on all that. Also many locals who were involved have “won” the lottery and/or had their home mortgages paid off for their participation in the fraud. And of course Obama did his share to legitimize the deception. Same with Boston Marathon Bombing and that church in the South where the congregation all got “murdered” and within about 3 days all the “grieving relatives” of the victims got paid $29 million from the White House…..and then the gay bar in Florida episode where 50? people were shot but no ambulances were ever seen……and on and on, so Americans have been conditioned to swallow the fake news hook, line, and sinker. Thanks for the memories. LOL!!!

I’m curious to know if anybody still believes any of these things were real, but they probably would be too embarrassed to admit it at this point if they did.


Posted by Richard640 @ 19:18 on July 30, 2017  
Welcome to edition 371 of Insider Weekends. With Q2 earnings season in full swing, we finally saw an uptick in insider buying with insiders purchasing $94.97 million of stock compared to $15.01 million in the week prior. Selling on the other hand decreased with insiders selling $651.35 million of stock last week compared to $1.28 billion in the week prior.
Sell/Buy Ratio: The insider Sell/Buy ratio is calculated by dividing the total insider sales in a given week by total insider purchases that week. The adjusted ratio for last week dropped to 6.86. In other words, insiders sold almost 7 times as much stock as they purchased. The Sell/Buy ratio this week compares favorably with the prior week, when the ratio stood at 85.25.
Insider Sell Buy Ratio July 28, 2017

FYIInsider Sell Buy Ratio July 28, 2017

Buygold-Rick has a 10.24 target on VXX-I agree, he is usually right-and Whalen doesn’t dispute that–Also, we

Posted by Richard640 @ 19:10 on July 30, 2017  

hearing all the rationalization why the stock mkt isn’t gonna crash…and will keep going up–there was just a ZH article about why one should not worry about a low VIX…

Rick’s Pick for Monday  [klik to enlarge chart]

AMZN’s Plunge Doesn’t Faze Street

, July 31, at 6:30 p.m. ET

Although AMZN got walloped on Friday after missing earnings estimates, Wall Street barely missed a beat. In fact, the Dow touched a new record high as usual and looked eager to go still higher when trading resumes on Monday. AMZN’s dramatic peak occurred at 1083.31, matching exactly-to-the-penny a bull market target I’d initially drum-rolled in early June. The target stood to be an important one, since it had been 16 months in coming. And because AMZN itself is arguably one of the most important companies in the world, a top in the stock could well augur one in the broad stock averages.

Buygold–Rick has a 10.24As of Friday, however, although AMZN dragged down the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq, it didn’t curtail buying in DJIA stocks, as I’ve noted above. My gut feeling is that this ‘divergence’ will soon be reconciled in bullish fashion, with the Dow carrying the day.  Even so, I’d be surprised if AMZN gets instantly back in bullish gear, since Friday’s plunge will have temporarily scared off more than a few buyers. But it’s also going to attract bargain hunters, raising the prospect that Friday’s lows will hold.  In addition to the foregoing, VXX, which tracks short-term volatility in the S&Ps, still has much lower to go if it’s going to achieve the 10.24 target I’ve forecast for it. Were that to occur, it presumably would be driven by the same kind of ratcheting, wafting rally that has propelled U.S. shares higher for years

WOW Maya, R640

Posted by Buygold @ 18:43 on July 30, 2017  

Maya – that friend of yours saying Sandy Hook was a huge production is stunning. Imagine how the media crucifies anyone who goes against the official narrative! You wouldn’t think that something like that would be easy to pull off but we live in a media world. How would someone here in Idaho have any reason to doubt whatever happened in Sandy Hook? TV said so right?

In terms of cryptos, I don’t think they’re afraid of them or powerless to stop them, I think they’re behind them. They’ll run them up, suck people in and then regulate them to destroy the newcomers – like everything else, only the few will benefit – like you! 🙂

R640- Gundlach may indeed be early but he’ll also be right. Never bet against Gundlach – EVER!!! 🙂


Posted by Richard640 @ 17:15 on July 30, 2017  

Chris Whalen: “Gundlach Isn’t Wrong, He’s Just Early”

==And there’s so much money looking to invest that it’s going into all of the possible asset classes and in some cases into surreal asset classes like bitcoin and all of these digital currencies.

Chris Whalen, Chairman of Whalen Global Advisers and a very well-known financial analyst (he was one of the original forecasters of Lehman’s inevitable demise) appeared on MacroVoices podcast this week to discuss the equity valuations, the path of the US dollar and DoubleLine Capital founder Jeff Gundlach’s declaration that the 35-year bull market in bonds is dead. Some of the key highlights:
“Erik: I want to start with the US dollar because, you know, we’ve had quite a few guests talking up a secular bullish argument on the dollar and, boy, it really all sounds very compelling, but look at the chart. The dollar bulls—the chart is telling us dollar bulls that we’re wrong. So how do you see this playing out? What do you think is driving the weakness that we’re seeing in the US dollar? And does it represent a secular change in direction, or is this just a natural pullback in an ongoing bull market? 


The Feds Are Terrified Of Cryptocurrencies…

Posted by Maya @ 15:07 on July 30, 2017  

But They’re Powerless To Stop Them.


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