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Posted by ipso facto @ 22:52 on August 2, 2017  

“something bad coming”

I’d like to tell you you were wrong … although odds are…

Are we slowly headed towards collapse? War? What happens when the gubmint checks don’t buy subsistence?

Just a feeling

Posted by sinbad @ 21:17 on August 2, 2017  

Since all the forces of the Washington gang are aligned to destroy Trump at all costs and he is taking some credit for the market euphoria, when will they short it all, tank the markets, and blame Trump? I would not touch this insane market right now.Am I just paranoid? Any news from Wanka-seen no posts for awhile about his condition.

Russian Story Will Disappear

Posted by commish @ 21:04 on August 2, 2017  


Posted by Buygold @ 20:36 on August 2, 2017  

“Mux’s earning were pretty crappy, but like you say it’s been weak lately so maybe it’s baked in and will rise on the news tomorrow. Hey it COULD happen!”

Ha!! Love you man – ever the optimist.

Something really bad is coming, I’m trying to hold on one day at a time – seriously, something really bad is coming this time. JMHO

Posted by ipso facto @ 20:33 on August 2, 2017  

“What we have freed ourselves of, however, is any genuine consciousness of how we might look to others on this globe. Most Americans are probably unaware of how Washington exercises its global hegemony, since so much of this activity takes place either in relative secrecy or under comforting rubrics.

Many may, as a start, find it hard to believe that our place in the world even adds up to an empire. But only when we come to see our country as both profiting from and trapped within the structures of an empire of its own making will it be possible for us to explain many elements of the world that otherwise perplex us.”

Chalmers Johnson


Posted by ipso facto @ 20:17 on August 2, 2017  

“Did not realize this site also hosts psychopaths anonymous.”

Where they at? I haven’t noticed any psychopaths here?


Posted by ipso facto @ 20:15 on August 2, 2017  

Mux’s earning were pretty crappy, but like you say it’s been weak lately so maybe it’s baked in and will rise on the news tomorrow. Hey it COULD happen!

Seems like most of the mining companies have been putting up OK earnings. JMO


Posted by Gold_Titan1 @ 19:46 on August 2, 2017  

I could use Scaramucci‘s language here, LOL to some comments.

Did not realize this site also hosts psychopaths anonymous.

Bit Coin

Posted by commish @ 19:26 on August 2, 2017  

WTF.  Don’t and will never understand it. Some guy develops a currency on a flash drive.  Is this going to be like the hula hoop? Popular and cool at one moment then nothing as the craze goes away?

Gold drop in milliseconds ????

Posted by Gold_Titan1 @ 19:23 on August 2, 2017  

WFT just happened , gold-2-august-17NY jerks at it again ?

Rumor has it someone just dumped 200 tons of notional gold

Posted by Buygold @ 19:19 on August 2, 2017  

There’s a war against gold and silver and they really have no intention of losing.

I wish to hell the Russians and Chinese would isolate the US and move to a gold standard. That’ll never happen though.

Ipso – those MUX earnings sucked all the way around. I’m expecting at least 10% losses tomorrow – minimum. No wonder it’s been acting so crappy for the last couple of months. This whole lousy sector is just exhausting.

McEwen Mining Announces Q2 2017 Operating & Financial Results

Posted by ipso facto @ 17:04 on August 2, 2017  


Ororeef Richard

Posted by goldielocks @ 14:45 on August 2, 2017  

This race game appears to be about taking advantage of another group. They don’t care what is acceptable. Same with muslims and their Rethoric against women is really insulting man insinuation they will breed them away. That they are better than our men because they wouldn’t get away with it of they wernt. Again trying to take advantage. Where alturistic whites when wrong is handing groups of people things instead of allowing them to earn or work for it. That has let to the now trying to take advantage. It’s hard to come back later and say work for it when they didn’t have to before or sorry no more because now they’ll just say your racist because before you were trying to help a race and now your not so your racist. You feed a wild creature all the time the creature won’t be able to go out and fend for himself anymore. So if he starves he’ll blame you.
It’s gotta stop somewhere and that will be growing pains. I think it’s time we just pay attention to the rules of nature because the result of doing otherwise will just make man weaker until no one survives. You can’t give without a plan for set up self sufficant people no longer needing your help or your setting them up for failure and yourself a headache. If the people want to be selfish Only take advantage at your expense DONT waist your time. Growing pains, we’re not here for them. Haiti tried the all black thing back when as well as Zimbabwe and the result was poverty, crime, and starvation. Then they ask for help again but never seem to un learn from dependence on others to do all the work to build things up, take advantage and will do it again. At least with the wild thing it’s unlikely it will ever turn on you.

Another fun-filled day

Posted by Buygold @ 14:28 on August 2, 2017  

I see we’re getting royally screwed as usual.

The Turks are buying gold hand over fist, the USD drops every day now, and as usual gold goes absolutely nowhere and the shares bleed.

What an effing nightmare.

And Positive discrimination is a gross insult

Posted by Portugeezer @ 13:50 on August 2, 2017  

All those London cops, strutting around in their uniforms.

Simply because they lowered the examination standards for them.

Who benefits by employing staff that are classed as unfit for duty (by not attaining a pass mark) but allowed in because of their colour?

So you want to have black cops, but we have to suffer and the average grade of the force is lowered.


Ororeef=I agree totally!

Posted by Richard640 @ 13:30 on August 2, 2017  

u wrote= “With good will from the whites little progress would have been made and its NOT acceptable to be Racist against whites”. Absolutely….and I can only say that they should be careful….for….

“Ingratitude cools generosity”

FYI Best Miners Since Rock Bottom Jan 2016

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 13:27 on August 2, 2017  

These are some of the ones I have. Still higher than Jan ’16. There are probably others.

CDE 370%

AG 197%

AGI 189%

SAND 100%

DRD 33%

GPL 191%

GSV 124%

@eeos re your “smart to kick out foreign corporate mining interest in their domestic countries

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 12:16 on August 2, 2017  

I think Cuba was first, in the ’50s. Then Iran did it in the ’70s? North Korea tried in the ’50s but failed. Vietnam succeeded in the ’70s, after a 30 year 10,000 day war. Now the shoes I’m wearing were made in Vietnam. Figure that one out.

USA via Trump next? And England might be next, with this Brexit thing? Interesting times we are in.

Richard640 @ 7:56 on August 2, 2017

Posted by Ororeef @ 11:46 on August 2, 2017  

They need to know this anti white race crap has gone far enough !   Its no longer Political correct to bash whitey, the blowback  will be …

With good will from the whites little progress would have been made and its NOT acceptable to be Racist against whites ,no more than any other, otherwise what goodwill the whites had to help others was for nothing …..if the idiots that think they can continue Racism against any special group ..who they gonna pick on next the Chinese !..the Indians  …THEY wont be so altruistic  I guarantee that  ! The communists are NOT so generous just look at Venezuela .The only thing they are willing to share is the POVERTY !  The Communist professors that infiltrated the Universities are behind all the anti White crap  ..they think they can benefit by turning blacks against whites  ..they are USING blacks for their own political purposes     ..If the blacks dont see the the benefits of ending Racism gainst  everybody it will come back to bite them in the ass..  They need to be told …Its time they ended it also ! and not use it for political advantage …otherwise it was all for naught …

It’s probably smart for foreigners to kick out corporate mining interest in their countries

Posted by eeos @ 11:39 on August 2, 2017  

but who’s to blame when something goes wrong with a mine that’s been confiscated? Then it becomes a blame game. It’s probably best for corporations to mine in their own jurisdictions only, that way they are in touch with the situation.

Who pays for the mining gear that stays too? Lots of crap to sort through ontop of currency plays too.

Sounds like a good way to get ripped off

@Ipsofacto re Philippines says open pit mining ban

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 11:23 on August 2, 2017  

I think what’s going on, is one by one, various countries are going against alien and or foreign based businesses that “harvest” something in their country. Kind of like budding independence movements.  Like…

“We don’t need you anymore. We know how to do it now. So good by”

Philippines says open pit mining ban to stay put

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:11 on August 2, 2017  

The Philippines’ new Environment and Natural Resources minister Roy Cimatu won’t revoke a ban on open pit mining imposed in April as part of an anti-pollution crackdown, though he acknowledged the measure will be discussed at inter-agency mining council currently reviewing how miners are taxed in the country.

Cimatu, a former general who replaced ousted ecologist Regina Lopez in May, said he didn’t want to rush any decision on the matter, adding it would review all evidence brought forward by mining companies before determining whether to keep, modify, or reverse his predecessor’s orders, local paper Phil Star Global reported.

more http://www.mining.com/philippines-says-open-pit-mining-ban-stay-put/

I conclude that gold is bullish. Why> Cause comex gold is down $8 & Jnug a piddling 17 cent.

Posted by Richard640 @ 9:19 on August 2, 2017  


Maya @ 5:30

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:16 on August 2, 2017  

Thanks for the input Maya. If I need BTC info I know who to ask! 🙂

Buygold re Futures 1273, spot 1266

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 8:50 on August 2, 2017  

What is the anomaly you see? Is it the $7 spread between $1266 and $1273?  As I’m writing Kitco chart suddenly shows $1264 spot, and $1273 on finviz futures.

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