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Great posts today but first kudos to Equisetum for his comments

Posted by Buygold @ 20:24 on August 5, 2017  

The parade of commentators (you know all their names) seem to fall into two general camps: – those that say they didnt think the powers that be could suppress silver and gold prices as long as they have, but that price suppression is “nearly over”; and those that say precious metals when priced in fiat per ounce are going ‘to be explosive upwards’ but maybe not before they ‘first go down one more time’.  I think a fair number of these big-name PM commentators live in their world of investing in PM vehicles via private placements or insider trading on a substantial scale.  Their scale of investing is totally out of line with my limited retail investing involvement”

Couldn’t agree more – they are all selling something IMHO and have no intention of doing anything but marketing.

Moggy – Clif High? I mean he’s a fun guy to listen to, sort of like Jim Willie and all the rest, but seriously as a forecaster? Not to be taken seriously.

Maya – I dunno, the idea that .GOV can’t shut it down doesn’t make sense to me. I think they like it because it sucks money away from pm’s, but when they tire of it, or it becomes a real threat to their fiat. No way they let it continue. To be sure though, no doubt there’s a big Hooyah to those who invested and got out. I never saw the value and it has cost me big time.

Captain! my Captain!

Posted by Moggy @ 15:05 on August 5, 2017  

O Captain my Captain! our fearful trip is done,
The ship has weathered every rack, the prize we sought is won,
The port is near, the bells I
hear, the people all exulting…

According to Clif High’s linguistics, gold and silver are nearing their break-out points…as I see Maya Papaya in Hawya has mentioned.  I’m hoping Clif is right…I’ll be looking at August 15th or 16th.


Posted by Captain Hook @ 14:59 on August 5, 2017  

Last time I checked on Clif High’s accuracy on precious metals he does not get ‘high marks’ — pun intended.


Buygold @ 11:47

Posted by Maya @ 14:24 on August 5, 2017  

“Amazing the govt. would allow a competing currency unless they own it”.

That’s just the whole essence of the Bitcoin revolution.  The govt. CAN’T STOP IT!   It’s secure, non-centralized, border and govt. independent.

 It’s also a freely-bid cash market, with no bankster intervention or manipulation.  So it’s worth whatever a buyer is willing to pay for it.  That’s why Elliott waves work so well on BTC… there is NO ‘painting the tape’ by the govt. or central banks.   It’s a true reading of the mass psychology of the crowd.    Mania?  Maybe… but it’s predictable.   That theory has worked well for me.

Captain Hook @ 11:50

Posted by Maya @ 14:17 on August 5, 2017  

Ms Moggy is referring to a prediction made some time ago by Clif High of the ‘webbots’ predictive linguistics at  Halfpasthuman.com.  He said that Bitcoin taking off on this fifth wave up would be a temporal marker for silver and gold to take off to the upside also.

Buygold, Equiz

Posted by goldielocks @ 13:19 on August 5, 2017  

Equiz Im guessing more safe guards are in for Emp’s now. For newer cars I don’t know.
Buygold , as far as a revolution apparently they don’t see that Trump winning the election despite them trying to slant it in their favor by not requiring IDs was a peaceful form of a revolution. Do they really want the non peaceful form? They won’t divert their attention on most innocent or average citizen like they paid the thugs welfare recipients or living in moms basement to do, but towards them. I hope people are watching before 2018 election.
I’m going to try to get my mind off it but yes we all agree I think creating wars or getting into foreign politics is a diversion to them. While they call foul about interference they are the biggest meddlers and disabling of countries including to Russia complaining about Russia for defending one while they’re dragging on war, funding terrorist Trump just defunded hopefully and created ISIS.
I’m just going to ” try ” not to pay too much attention although disbelieve at their quest for dictatorship grows worse everyday. Take grandson to mountan climbing training since now they hook them up lol and I can’t do much of that anymore , and some ATV- ing soon as I can.

FYI, 2017 news, too many empty apartments.

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 12:56 on August 5, 2017  

I’m not surprised. Everyplace I go, I see new multi story apartment buildings being put up near rail road stations. I assume the central planners encouraged this trend, with a dream that people will stop driving cars and use the trains. The plan might also be, flood the market with rentals, to promote falling rent prices.



Posted by goldielocks @ 12:46 on August 5, 2017  

You were lucky to have the best doctor for the surgery. The less invasive the better including for healing. Now she will have to get to range of motion as soon as she can and aware of limitations rehab will point out if indicated. Me and rehab used to have some run ins as a wound nurse Whos doing the patient first. They would sometime loosen treatments sometimes time consuming like wound vacs and Id have to do them over again. So we had to work together. Keep the area covered till suture area closed to help protect from MSRA. Should be changed cleaned couple times a day at first. During surgery they have instruments that can pull and stretch to enlarge the area instead of more cutting into tissue and muscle.

Mr Moggy

Posted by Captain Hook @ 11:50 on August 5, 2017  

Just wondering why gold and silver will follow Bitcoin when it’s up 90,000 percent since 2011 and precious metals are down. It appears to me they are negatively correlated, which makes sense since cryptos are the new technology mania de jour.

Just wondering.


Congrats on the Bitcoin. I’m too small minded to figure out how an Oz. of silver is $16 and a Bitcoin is $3200. Must be rarity. Amazing the govt. would allow a competing currency unless they own it.

Posted by Buygold @ 11:47 on August 5, 2017  

Bitcoin Explodes Above $3000 To Record Highs

Despite the ongoing demise of Bitcoin Cash (down another 13% today) since the fork 4 days ago, cryptocurrencies are surging higher this morning with Bitcoin up 12% to a new record high at $3230.


Posted by Moggy @ 10:55 on August 5, 2017  

Many thanks for the tea and goodies this morning.

Congrats on the Bitcoin…hoping Clif is right that once Bitcoin takes off, gold and silver will follow.

Well, since I’m up…

Posted by Maya @ 5:03 on August 5, 2017  



Bitcoin… Oh, My!

Posted by Maya @ 4:55 on August 5, 2017  



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