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Why not buy VXX one of these days? I am…

Posted by Richard640 @ 13:17 on August 6, 2017  

Visions Of Cataclysms”: Why Eric Peters Is Starting A Long-Vol Fund

Is the recent streak of record low volatility about to end?

As volatility declined, investors have had to sell even more of it to sustain sufficient profits. This selling reinforces the trend lower, which produces an illusion that legacy volatility shorts are less risky today than yesterday. Lower volatility thus begets lower volatilityAnd this also ensures that quantitative models reduce overall portfolio risk estimates, which allows (and in many cases forces) investors to buy more assets at prevailing prices. This in turn reduces volatility, reflexively. Naturally, the reverse is also trueRising volatility begets rising volatility. And given the unprecedented volatility-selling in this cycle, I can imagine a historic reversal. 
 But the catalyst doesn’t really matter. What matters is recognizing that at this late stage, with implied volatility where it is, and asset valuations where they are, if you can imagine a tomorrow even modestly different from today, you must begin finding thoughtful ways to get long volatility
.While countless analysts, pundits and traders have previously talked their book (if not staked their reputation) on claims VIX is set for an imminent mean-reverting spike, so far that has not happened and in fact net spec positioning in the VIX just hit a record short print as of the latest CFTC week.

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