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Mc Pain

Posted by goldielocks @ 21:16 on August 9, 2017  

On cue Mc Pain wants his news time to critize Trump on anything now Korea. He might as well invited what he calls the short fat kid to go ahead insinuating that Trump is all talk and Kim might be crazy enough to believe it. Trump is not all talk hes a doer. Mc Cain and others on the other hand better take a good look in the mirror. Where was the complaints of the red line Obama fizzled out on. Maybe they mistake Trump with their buddy Obama. The Green Eyed Monster. We got a lot of them popping up. If China is there which it is let them handle it. Let them take over the place and put another leader in there, free the labor camps which all those people will be greatful and their familys to China bring sid and jobs make a rule of law and disarm them for the better of everyone. I think better than death take Kim’s power away and make him work like he does all those innocent people in labor camps or hand him to them.


Posted by Moggy @ 20:21 on August 9, 2017  

To let you know that the second address you posted for Wanka is also a failure…in today’s mail the card I sent the second time was also returned, this one marked “Return to sender – attempted – not known – unable to forward.”

No need to post another one as I will not be sending it again.

Korean Coup ..not so easy

Posted by Maddog @ 19:45 on August 9, 2017  

Was reading a book on Mao and wondering why no-one shot him as he was a v nasty piece of work, way before he took over …Then got to a story about how he had his own private train and no other trains were allowed on the line if he was useing it.

He was so paranoid that the train went right into his house, which was already surrounded by two walls and covered by guards from two areas, that hated each other, so didn’t trust each other and they were constantly changed as well.

Does anybody think Zuck isn’t Hillary in drag?

Posted by ipso facto @ 18:14 on August 9, 2017  


Posted by eeos @ 18:06 on August 9, 2017  



Maddog–yeah, a coup would do it-I dunno why he wasn’t killed a long time ago…the fact that

Posted by Richard640 @ 18:01 on August 9, 2017  

an entire nation is controlled by this clownish figure waddling and trundling along seems surreal.

I got the feeling-as u say–that there is no good solution–if war is avoided, that won’t be evident tomorrow or next Monday–this drama should have a run of at least a few weeks, causing high anxiety–that just may allow gold to go to a very modest target of 1400…

From Murph tonight and to my point about cryptos and gold….

Posted by Richard640 @ 17:48 on August 9, 2017  

Of all the gross distortions which exist in today’s financial markets probably the biggest one of all might be the 208/1 silver/Bitcoin ratio. Lordy is this financial system screwed up. Ephemeral cyber mining is now valued 208 times higher than REAL mining. Color me…… one clueless guy.


Poll Hummm

Posted by commish @ 17:45 on August 9, 2017  


New poll New poll …. What do you think?

Posted by ipso facto @ 16:56 on August 9, 2017  

Much improved

Posted by ipso facto @ 16:53 on August 9, 2017  

Klondex Reports Strong Second Quarter 2017 Financial Results; Improves 2017 Outlook with Increased Production at Lower Costs


NK is a huge problem for everyone

Posted by eeos @ 16:20 on August 9, 2017  

Chinese, Russians, South Koreans, Japanese….etc so the US should just ignore him. Let those guys fix him, except SK and Japan can’t do it without the US. The Russians are too heavy handed. Which leaves China to fix it. They have one of the largest standing armies in the world, put it to use China. Show the world how it’s done with grace. No can do


Posted by Maddog @ 16:12 on August 9, 2017  

If the US/Trump is serious about N Korea, then war may well erupt, because unless a coup takes place, there is no way they back down.

Had a mate who was out there recently and met serious military types, they said the only way you beat a Korean is by clubbing repeatedly until they fall over, they are as hard as nails.

generally speaking my stocks are asleep

Posted by eeos @ 14:53 on August 9, 2017  

they don’t believe the move, although a $1,300 handle close would be great


Posted by Mr.Copper @ 14:51 on August 9, 2017  

I think the global powers (thru spokesman Trump) are creating a global diversion of attention. Plus they have been trying to promote profit and wage inflation for tax receipts.

Maybe traders–seeing Bitcoin over $3000–will–under the current conditions-begin to regard gold–

Posted by Richard640 @ 14:46 on August 9, 2017  

in it’s role as an alternative currency–with new eyes–cryptos–as every one knows–could all morph into Ponzi schemes-[they are already IMO].In short, maybe the “magic” of the crytos will rub off on PMs.

Maddog=mr copper–Like Gene Autrey, I’m back in the saddle again…

Posted by Richard640 @ 14:41 on August 9, 2017  

Bought 8000s @ $17.20– Total: $137,606.95
Hi guys…Mr. Copper, good point about the stages of the FED..
.gold has been frozen in place most of the day but my tape watchers eye–noticing how G&S have stayed near the days high–makes me want to have some skin in the game–i think this Korea drsma has some legs to it–the matter will not be resolved before the weekend–stocks are putting on a brave front–but stocks needed to correct anyway and Korea may just provide the pin…I could see-after the weekend handwringing and soul searching,  some decent selling in stocks & more upside for gold on Monday…hence I boughrt some JNUG–

Is the a war bounce or something else?

Posted by Buygold @ 14:37 on August 9, 2017  

VIX is starting to move up handily although the SM isn’t down all that much.

Silver popping, gold OK. My silver shares look weak, so I have to wonder if this is a one off move.

Tend to agree with Capt. Hook, if the commercials weren’t around we’d be seeing much bigger moves, and I guess it would be the commercials also selling the shares knowing full well that this move won’t last.

Same as it always was.

@Richey re 13:02 Interesting Stuff.

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 14:19 on August 9, 2017  

Fed reserve 1913 start, game one.

1934 start of game two.

1945 start game three.

1971 game number four, higher rates.

Mortgage Rate Chart: 1971 to Present

1981, start game 5 with 21% prime and 18% peak mortgage rates, rotated downward.

2000, March, dot come bust, new game six. Give loans out like candy.

2008, summer, game ended.

The whole world is changing, in a big major long term transition imo of course. Same ole same ole ain’t working anymore for them. They are faking everything in with these low rates.

Richard640 re No Vol

Posted by Maddog @ 14:01 on August 9, 2017  

Just stepped away for an hour and nothing has changed…Au is still up 0.99 %, as the scum say screw u to the conspiracy crew and ‘eff u to the rules of Law and Chance!!!!!!!


Posted by drb2 @ 13:59 on August 9, 2017  


In the early ninety’s I wanted to build a concrete house and I looked into the hemp product.   Going so far as the wilds of Humboldt County to check out the only source I could find.   Quite interesting.  Versions have been around since before the Romans. They called it Isochanvre.  https://www.google.com/search?site=&source=hp&q=isochanvre&oq=isochan&gs_l=psy-ab.1.0.0l2j0i10i30k1l2.1482.6056.0.11139.….0…1.1.64.psy-ab..0.7.845…46j0i131k1j0i46k1j0i10k1.Q0YQkoQlaAI

But at that time, I got nowhere with the hempcrete.

However, during the many twists and turns, I ran into the inventors of StableAire in Laguna Beach.  To me, they had a revolutionary game changing product – Lightweight, structural concrete.

Long story, I did build with concrete, but didn’t get to use the StableAire (thanks Bldg. Dept.)  Over the years I lost touch with the inventors.  The posts today inspired me to check into it.

Thought you might find it interesting. http://cellularconcretetechnologies.com/

MADDOG–volume in G&S stocks and etfs is nothing of note…I doubt the filth can make gold go

Posted by Richard640 @ 13:19 on August 9, 2017  

negative today…but they can limit gains for the rest of the week…this just looks like business as usual–stocks could really explode to the upside if it looks like diplomacy/sanctions–not war–will be tried for a while

In 2000 just prior to the dotcom bust I was working in the brokerage industry. The company hired a chef for each floor to make gourmet lunch for the workers.

Posted by Richard640 @ 13:02 on August 9, 2017  
On every side one heard the new wisdom sagely expressed: “Prosperity due for a decline? Why, man, we’ve scarcely started!” “Be a bull on America.” “Never sell the United States short.” “I tell you, some of these prices will look ridiculously low in another year or two.” “Just watch that stock-it’s going to five hundred.” “The possibilities of that company are unlimited.” “Never give up your position in a good stock.” Everybody heard how many millions a man would have made if he had bought a hundred shares of General Motors in 1919 and held on. Everybody was reminded at some time or another that George F: Baker never sold anything. As for the menace of speculation, one was glibly assured that-as Ex-Governor Stokes of New Jersey had proclaimed in an eloquent speech-Columbus, Washington, Franklin, and Edison had all been speculators. “The way to wealth,” wrote John J. Raskob in an article in the Ladies’ Home Journal alluringly entitled “Everybody Ought to Be Rich,” “is to get into the profit end of wealth production in this country,” and he pointed out that if one saved but fifteen dollars a month and invested it in good common stocks, allowing the dividends and rights to accumulate, at the end of twenty years one would have at least eighty thousand dollars and an income from investments of at least four hundred dollars a month. It was all so easy. The gateway to fortune stood wide open.


One thing more: as you look at the high prices recorded on September 3, 1929, remember that on that day few people imagined that the peak had actually been reached. The enormous majority fully expected the Big Bull Market to go on and on.
In 2000 just prior to the dotcom bust I was working in the brokerage industry. The company hired a chef for each floor to make gourmet lunch for the workers. They were paying up to quadruple overtime. And for some young people for whom it was their first job it wasn’t enough. They hired an especially bright 17 year old who had graduated high school a year early. Within three months he’d bought a Cadillac Escalade and installed a flat panel tv and a full size gaming system in it. Keep in mind this was the year 2000. All on credit of course. Everybody was convinced they were just getting what (or less than) they were entitled to and it would never end. That’s exactly when it does. The time to worry is when everyone is making money. When the banker instructs you to just lie on your loan to buy a house. When the postman quits a year before vesting his pension to become a real estate agent because houses do nothing but go up.
Is crypto at this stage? Probably not. When I try to talk to people in daily life about it I’ve yet to find anyone in my circles who know what I’m talking about. Then again my current area is almost rural. It could be different in a thriving metropolis. From what I can see it’s still very early in the adoption cycle.


Posted by Captain Hook @ 12:46 on August 9, 2017  

Exactly….you would think this strength in silver today is positive….but the fact it’s churning right now means the commercials have their collective finger on the sell button….meaning next week’s COTs will look considerably worse.

Silver would be up a couple of dollars today without this ‘administered selling’.


Au back to plus 1 % and there seems to be a seller….around

Posted by Maddog @ 11:42 on August 9, 2017  

Re Hempcrete

Posted by Maddog @ 11:39 on August 9, 2017  

I remember someone advocating useing Hemp stems like Glass in Glassfibre and saying that it was way stronger and lighter…but of course it go no-where.

All I can say is good on the US states for decriminalising it, it is a wonder material and only the Drug Co’s are stopping it.

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