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There is now a list

Posted by goldielocks @ 21:48 on August 11, 2017  

Of all those running next year that need to go of both Demos and Repubs. When I have the time I’ll post them. I can’t copy and paste them. The movement is starting and they’re recruting.


Posted by goldielocks @ 21:37 on August 11, 2017  

The stock market is one big cryptocurrency. You see all the manipulation in that. Can you imagine currency in crypto while the unscruplous can run it.
What people have to do is question any politician running a view on it as well as warn the young most vulnerable because they clueless and are more likely to trust the Gov and the media propaganda that goes with it.
And stop crime Ha like fast and furious gun running. The swamp will be part of it. As is they want to know just how much people’s disposable income is with electronic banking so they can find away to tax it.
Now I see Billary wants to be a preacher. Looks like another tax free donation scam to me. Since they now can’t talk politics that will be interesting.


Posted by goldielocks @ 21:15 on August 11, 2017  

RE ..enjoy each and every day. I am certain, we all should realize this grand illusion will end. OH but this cannot happen! It is not about the outcome..it is all about the trigger..

Maybe the trigger but seems more about the EGO. The EGO seems to be mans Achilles heel or say certain men be Stalin or other crazy ego driven con artist politicians. The sheep are those who go along with them to the slaughter and vote to take others with them.
I don’t see sheep here. As far as crypto currency, it will have value as long as it can be traded for tangables. Even police stations own them as I read of one hacker even blackmailed them years ago. Why as Maya said, don’t leave it on your computer. As far as taxing I don’t think it will be too long before the money hunting gov start tracking tangible sales of crypto. Even so don’t think they can track possible gains transactions but can track bank transactions if they buy as they probably already are now or will.
As far as Venesuela they might have a lot of oil but keeping it for themselves and this current dictatorship is greed in max overdrive while their people starve. I remember when near there a taxi driver told me if I go there don’t walk about, take a taxi everywhere, not safe. And that was during good times.
Buygold or Ipso are not trying to lead anyone to anywhere. It’s not them you or I have to worry about. So why pick on them? Not that they can’t handle themselves, just curious to what your trying to say. They are not responsible for us.

RNO LOL I just saw this … stock up!

Posted by ipso facto @ 20:58 on August 11, 2017  

5 Best Off-Grid Currencies That Don’t Require Electricity


redneckokie1 @ 20:37

Posted by ipso facto @ 20:53 on August 11, 2017  

Not so far fetched at all. We seem to be headed in that direction. I rue the day that some electronic currency is imposed on us. Let’s hope it never happens.

PS Try not to think about this when you’re trying to go to sleep!

The Censor

Posted by ipso facto @ 20:41 on August 11, 2017  

“Stand down on this ..you know and i know..the truth.”

Yeah I do know the truth … and that is that a lot of people on this board are heavily involved in the mining shares. That’s the truth … not to be censored.

BTW I have no position in the mentioned stock.


Posted by redneckokie1 @ 20:37 on August 11, 2017  

is it too far fetched to believe that the u.s. government will introduce an official cryptocurrency and tax consumption? taxes would be collected instantly on transactions and everyone pays! cash would be phased out and black markets would scramble to exist. to be sure, black markets always thrive because they operate as pure capitalism. the current drug problem is a perfect example.

i have been kicking this around in my limited mental capacity and see a thriving barter economy. the big enemy for governments is cash, precious metal and other readily acceptable transferable wealth. government can confiscate cash, gold and silver but what about other items? black market cryptocurrencies? implants to scan for transactions? massive corruption behind the scene? massive chaos in the transition?

i don’t think i like where this is going.

be very vigilant over long holiday weekends!


Folks mining in Africa

Posted by Walker @ 20:35 on August 11, 2017  



The last abused and grab it all  mining pit  in the last world of abused nations …to abuse and call our own..no! As hundred of thousands run and dead leaving the continent. Ok your point is the bought and corrupted dealership there has been again traded..

This is just as real as mining in any nation in SA. with a few exceptional..enough. i need not share.

But i digress, so to your comment  …Not really needed  insight…to know unless you have this stock or believe old Jim is stand person


Stand down on this ..you know and i know..the truth.

Middlecreek entertain us..this evening…smile.

Here’s some news for Frostbite. Stick that in your hat.

Posted by ipso facto @ 20:24 on August 11, 2017  

Nevsun reports Q2/2017 loss, writes-down Bisha, delays Timok study



Posted by ipso facto @ 20:15 on August 11, 2017  

“I have shared enough..Buckreef gold please endeavor to find something more exciting..smile. to lead the readers off to sleep.”

“Feed the sheep and then harvest them..or we can talk about something else.”

I am so sorry! My nefarious plan to let shareholders know that Jim Sinclair’s operation is likely not affected by the change in laws in Tanzania has been upended by your brilliant sleuthing. I am so ashamed! Please let me know in advance what I can and cannot post.

But you know what I hate. I hate censorship. I hate book burners. So go screw yourself!


Posted by Middlecreek @ 20:03 on August 11, 2017  

Oh my, in my effort to amuse myself maybe,, i see you have responded. I try to find humor in these most disgusting of markets.


Posted by Middlecreek @ 20:01 on August 11, 2017  

I agree! Buygold! I await your response with bated breath!!!

Buckreef Gold

Posted by Walker @ 19:57 on August 11, 2017  

allow me , a name we all know & need to know tonight well ,smile.

..as those here wish to march the readers ….Oh look…up or there. or any where but ..reality.

But once upon a time there were posters ..who..hum are no longer here..all no longer here or there

Buygold..regarding Venezuela, a land I once knew well..you need to know the facts and history. Or you need to know they have the largest oil reserves in the entire world..the heavy oil ..but so few understand..the plan masters.

I have shared enough..Buckreef gold please endeavor to find something more exciting..smile. to lead the readers off to sleep.

Feed the sheep and then harvest them..or we can talk about something else.

Hey Frostbite

Posted by Buygold @ 19:41 on August 11, 2017  

Of high intellectual… thank you, but maybe knowing a little brings us nothing at the end of the day. Something is coming as I’m sure you already sense and it probably won’t be good. 🙁

I’m glad Trump has shared this though, a military option for Venezuela a country that can’t even feed their own. I’m sure we can through “military options” make things much better. 🙂

Trump: “We Have A Military Option For Venezuela”

“I’m not going to rule out a military option,” Trump told reporters at his New Jersey golf club discussing recent events in Venezuela.  “We have many options for Venezuela, including a possible military option, if necessary,”

Buckreef Gold Project Not Effected by New Laws in Tanzania

Posted by ipso facto @ 19:33 on August 11, 2017  


Crap..the young leader in the North.

Posted by Walker @ 18:37 on August 11, 2017  

Folks before i begin to end..The Young man of the North is .. sponsored by the Desmarais  Family, I am certain I just lost 95% of the readers..my point old foot prints..historical. But few here could every understand..

Master Buygold,

You have been a poster of the higher intellectual  level in the past, additionally, bold and truthful. Reflecting  your surprise in the last few of  your posts is interesting. Silver and gold ..you cannot  invest and make “money” in their last window of glass. They own the illusion of trust,  not the metal..you know this I am certain.

Gold and silver are the last stand to money..period. Or we are all fubared. A wonder, the young Canadian school teacher, the marvel of it all..pro every rain bow ..but i am sad to continue.

Folks you know and I know the truth. The charade about Bit-coin, is their fundamentally faulted, just how stupid are the sheep? ….it does not represented ..in simple terms..a tangible asset.  It represents ..They have nothing..follow me… and will give you really nothing real..But..  for something you actually once own ( call it once earn wealth)  ..trust them… for nothing now ….which is  worthy of others real things or earn valued ..but THEY really began this with nothing…where are all thinking or not? To even discuss this as … it is THEM again . Same crew.. last over whelming chess play. I once shared the term multi levels..such an old term today.

Them…Trust me, it will never be taxed and it is all good in the electronic casino..The master ( them)  will allow this, trust them . But ..we do all live in a realm of free falling buildings and Shirley and The last Grasp of the middle class, I cannot believe this, I am without words to share ,  were the only options the  top leadership.

What have you all got to lose..buy the dip…..a closet in New York city is worth millions ..a wonderful home in Maine is worth..but once again I digress. The endless limit to historical insanity is well recorded.

Old Joe Stalin …harmed/killed 20-60 million of his countrymen..even today we do have comprehension of this. He was …what? In historical shared history, who can even share this real history today? How this originate?

he once shared ( more or less, I am old) one death is recorded sadness, a million a statistic..

My point….look down the rabbit hole…this entire time frame is just the last final  waltz..for the sheeep.

To reiterate ..enjoy each and every day. I am certain, we all should realize this grand illusion will end. OH but this cannot happen!  It is not about the outcome..it is all about the trigger..

the old walker.






Posted by Richard640 @ 18:08 on August 11, 2017  


*The large specs reduced their long positions by 914 contracts and decreased their shorts by 4,019 contracts.

*The commercials decreased their longs by 1,320 contracts and reduced their shorts by 1,426 contracts.

*The small specs reduced their longs by 443 contracts and increased their shorts by 2,768 contracts.


*The large specs increased their long positions by 6,611 contracts and reduced their shorts by 12,554 contracts.

*The commercials decreased their longs by 1,723 contracts and increased their shorts by 14,403 contracts.

*The small specs reduced their longs by 1,281 contracts and increased their shorts by 1,758 contracts.

Good to see the small specs get more bearish in both gold and silver.



Posted by goldielocks @ 16:40 on August 11, 2017  

This is the reason your getting Haitians crossing.
TPS was never meant to grant the Haitians covered by it permanent residence in the United States, and they were expected to return to Haiti when the disaster had passed.

Canada FORCED to take DRASTIC Action to Stop Illegals From Flooding In


Posted by Buygold @ 16:34 on August 11, 2017  

Paint dried above $1290 and $17

Silver stocks crushed, gold stocks barely budged.

Lil’ Kim better shoot off a missile Sunday night or we’re in trouble next week. Unless maybe the USD takes a nosedive, which might be good for a couple of bucks in gold – maybe.

10 yr. rates and inflation numbers signaling the Fed is done with hikes. If they do actually raise in September they can kiss everything goodbye. The idiots in Congress should agree to temporarily keep the gov’t open for a few months, but there will be tons of fear about a gov’t shutdown.

10 days is the eclipse. Never let an event or crisis go to waste right?

Have a good weekend everyone!


Posted by goldielocks @ 16:07 on August 11, 2017  

It’s not about anything being returned it’s about being the right address. It’s not to hard to find his real address but I’m not posting it for obvious reasons. It’s phones that do it for the most part. That’s why search engines will never get my address right.


Posted by Portugeezer @ 16:04 on August 11, 2017  

Maya, that was Charles Hugh Smith!  Your guess is as good as his. 

Those who get on board alternative arrangements early will likely preserve more of their wealth than those who believe the current system is permanent, and some may earn great wealth as capital flees the sinking ship of central banking/credit for more secure climes.

The third dynamic the mainstream misses is the potential role of bitcoin in preserving the wealth of the very Elites who best understand the weaknesses of the present financial system. A number of very smart people assure me the U.S. government can (and will) shut down bitcoin overnight by restricting or outlawing exchanges’ access to the banking systems’ payment platforms that enable people to exchange bitcoin/ fiat currencies.

………..   what will best serve the interests of the wealthy and super-wealthy? If this sucker’s going down, to quote former President G.W. Bush, those with wealth and political power are not going to allow regulators to seal an escape hatch that might serve their goal of wealth preservation.

Yes, OK, there is potential.  But what is the total value of bitcoin currently.  Two or three very wealthy people might be able to protect their wealth.  Then what? No more on sale?  Who are these elites that understand the weakness of the financial system?  Charles is kicking around ideas, at best.

Bitcoin is not an investment. It is a gamble.  There are probably more people playing on-line poker than play with bitcoin (a wild guess).

JMHO, oft repeated.  Rich



ET TU federales ! Federal Agents arrested

Posted by Ororeef @ 15:44 on August 11, 2017  


COT Report

Posted by Buygold @ 15:42 on August 11, 2017  

Meaningless of course, but here it is:



What The Mainstream Doesn’t Get About Bitcoin

Posted by Maya @ 15:28 on August 11, 2017  



Came upon this site…

Posted by MetalsGuy @ 15:25 on August 11, 2017  


Some pretty good people here!

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