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texas. gotta be texas. couldn’t be anywhere else.

Posted by treefrog @ 22:33 on August 12, 2017  



Posted by commish @ 22:24 on August 12, 2017  

dhdfbizuqaexhpo Your right on that.  The globalists Soros whoever don’t want stability they want chaos.


Posted by Buygold @ 22:23 on August 12, 2017  

That was what they called a “white nationalist” rally. Course, if you’re white and say that “white lives matter” then you’re a racist. If you try to hold on to anything related to white heritage like the civil war – you’re a racist. The comedy of course is that the Civil War had really nothing to do with racism or slavery.

The so-called “white nationalists” were outnumbered at least 10-1 by the bussed in Soros Antifa, The violence as always started by the left.

The so-called “white nationalists” were armed and quite restrained. They should have been shooting those scumbags.

commish @ 20:43 on August 12, 2017

Posted by Ororeef @ 21:37 on August 12, 2017  

The Correct Venue is Charlottesville VA.  and it is NOT a GATED COMMUNITY ..the News Media made that up to make it appear that it WHITE  RACIST doing this ..Charlottesville is the HOME of THe University of Virginia   …Thomas Jeffersons University  and one of the most Liberal citys in Virginia …There is NO bigotry in Charlottesville ..Its a Media Event ..RACE BAITing at its worst  !  Then they provoked  Racist to come there like a FALSE FLAG EVENT   ..Its smell  like a SOROS financed event …a FALSE FLAG …

Bit Coin

Posted by Ororeef @ 21:26 on August 12, 2017  

is here to stay !  Very volatile ..yes anything that threatens the Dollar  will be…. Now GOLD and BitC threaten it …and it wont stop until the Dollar is backed by Gold.

and the Tax Thieves are going nuts because BITC can evade them…..   The People will WIN…..especially when China and Russia  are Rival  Currencies that are both backed by GOLD.      The US has no CHOICE  but to back by GOLD or face destruction by BIT COINs……

Charlottesville VA

Posted by Ororeef @ 21:16 on August 12, 2017  

is where the riots are because they tried to take down a Statue of Robert E LEE  the CIVIL WAR General ..because the Liberals and the current Liberal Governor  are trying to re write History for Virginia .Its not about bigotry at all ..thats been gone from Virginia years ago …This is a deliberate provocation by the LEFT to stir up trouble .Richmond was the Capital of the South and thats part of History theres no denying that ..They tried it in Richmond also..Its a deliberate attempt by Democrats ,communists and leftists to agitate where they think they have a chance to provoke !  Democrats have nothing else going for them except Race Baiting  …Thats all it is..  !  The Democrat Leftist Gouvernor is behind it !  They want to take down all statues RELATING TO THE CIVIL war and all the Generals that were from Virginia  like R.E.LEE and Stonewall Jackson ..and erase everything that happened ..its  the Civil War History REVISED ..So they provoke outsiders to come in with Right wing agendas to stir up trouble .Why did they attempt to take the Statues down  ? It was nothing more than RACE BAITING ..Its Amereicas History as well as Virginias.


Posted by commish @ 20:43 on August 12, 2017  

Been watching the PGA Golf Championship today that is being held at Quayle Hallow.  A gated community that is located in the southeast section of Charlotte.  ZH has as their top story that 3 people have been killed including a police helicopter that crashed killing 2 officers having to do with protesters from 2 groups fighting it out. Weird stuff.



FYI==What’s Keeping Italy’s Government Debt from Blowing Up?

Posted by Richard640 @ 19:38 on August 12, 2017  

All avenues of reasonable investment choices will close, as they have been doing. There is nowhere to put your money, except gold.

But then: who’s buying it?

The answer, in the case of Italy, is the ECB and its Italian branch office, the Bank of Italy, where Italian bank deposits rose by €22 billion in June and €50 billion since the start of 2017. The ECB “overbought” Italian government debt in July with purchases of €9.6 billion — its highest monthly quota since quantitative easing began.

A report published in May by Astellon Capital revealed that since 2008, 88% of Italy’s government debt net issuance was acquired by the ECB and Italian Banks. At current government debt net issuance rates and announced QE levels, the ECB will have been responsible for financing 100% of Italy’s deficits from 2014 to 2019. That was before taking into account the current sell-down of Italian bonds by Italian banks.

What’s Keeping Italy’s Government Debt from Blowing Up?

Stock Market Warning Siren is Blaring

Posted by Richard640 @ 16:50 on August 12, 2017  

Are we blinded yet by the brilliance of corporate earnings?

“Adjusted” earnings growth is 10.2% year-over-year in the second quarter, according to FactSet, based on the 91% of the companies in the S&P 500 that have reported results. The energy sector was a key driver, with 332% “adjusted” earnings growth from the oil-bust levels of a year ago.

The sectors with double-digit earnings growth: information technology (14.7%), utilities (10.8%), and financials (10.3%). The rest were single digit. Earnings in the consumer discretionary sector declined.

Revenues grew 5.1%, also led by the energy sector. At the beginning of Q2 last year, the WTI grade of crude oil traded at $35 a barrel. In Q2 this year, WTI ranged from $42 to $53 a barrel.

So the Wall-Street hype machine is cranking at maximum RPM to propagate the great news that earnings are soaring, and that this is the reason why stocks should also be soaring, and forget everything else. The hype machine carefully avoids showing the bigger picture which is dismal for earnings and ludicrous for stock valuations.


Gold in the late 1970s: the chart pattern is eerily reminiscent of the one that has formed in BitCoin over the past few years. [klik to enlarge]

Posted by Richard640 @ 16:23 on August 12, 2017  

Gold in the late 1970s: the chart pattern is eerily reminiscent of the one that has formed in BTC over the past few years. Of course, bubble patterns almost always display certain similarities, but they are particularly conspicuous in this case (if one zooms further out and includes the rally into the initial gold peak in 1974 and the subsequent mid-cycle correction into 1976, the similarities are even more striking – we will show such a longer-term comparison in an upcoming post) – click to enlarge.

treefrog @ 7:08. Your Crown Royal multiple-use tote bag was visible on

Posted by Equisetum @ 16:17 on August 12, 2017  

the table-top at your coffee stop near “The Goosenecks” area.  The link below is a reminder of the varied uses of these nice purple bags, whether you accumulate the bags on your own over time or whether you buy the bags in re-purposed form from Amazon, like the quilt shown below.   Camping in semi-desert territory can be chilly at night but a Crown Royal quilt can give you a warm glow.  Cheers.   Equiz



R640 – Concur

Posted by Buygold @ 15:52 on August 12, 2017  

The rotation from Bitcoin to physical assets, whether gold, silver, other metals or ammo, dry goods – whatever is actually real should- as you say- be phenomenal.

Those chasing the other cryptos will get burned just like the internet bubble, but hell, who knows? Maybe this stuff goes on for years?

What Bitcoin folks need to watch out for is the Gov’t/Corporate/Bankster entities not allowing Bitcoin to be a medium of exchange. I suspect the same will happen if gold ever gets reset to $10K.

Anything other than fiat will hopefully have an escape to the Black Market – although, I’d rather try to exchange G & S in the Black Market than Bitcoin…


Posted by Richard640 @ 13:27 on August 12, 2017  
last piece of the muppet rally, this time it’s crypto-tullips. all the pieces are converging for the ultimate crash.


Tullipcoin up on deck, ready to go fullblown parabolic in T-minus 4, 3, 2……..

Been hearing that since 09 dude, at least come up with something else.

crypto wasn’t prime time back then. it’s converging on the staggered out biz cycle hysteria top. perfect storm. you heard it here first.

Litecoin is the next one to go on full afterburners. The rotation from crypto-currencies to physical gold and silver will be PHENOMENAL.

Posted by Richard640 @ 13:19 on August 12, 2017  
Cryptocurrencies are a type of pyramid scheme because there is no underlying asset for our purchase.
We hope that there are ten greater fools in the future for every buyer today.
Ride the bubble while it lasts and then get physical assets with the trade.


 I stated a week or two ago that I would likely buy some gold for BTC once the price got to over $3700.  I thought it would take weeks (it was about $3100 then).  Price spiked too fast.  I’m not even back yet but may order anyway.

It does feel toppy here…  Still, I will not sell all of my BTC.  If I order like I did before., my hodl-ings will be ALL GRAVY.
I think I got it…
Bitcoinz trades 24/7/365. No other tangible does this.
Imagine GOLD/SILVER trading Freely all weekend…
Investors want action at ALL HOURS of the day/night…
They are F’ing the exchanges…

Im more convinced that the Beauty is in the 24/7 Activity, liquidity, with no Robot manip to fuck the prices for the Banks…
Imagine if you had to buy your groceries from 9:30 to 4:00, with no weekends…?
Total Bullshit… thats how the investing sheeple have been conditioned…

Hi Treefrog

Posted by Portugeezer @ 11:34 on August 12, 2017  

Boy, do I envy you.Have you done any panning? If you find something like this, I’ll pop over and give you a hand.  Rich










Posted by Middlecreek @ 10:29 on August 12, 2017  

I’m stuck at work this morning but with time. I did google the Lolo Motorway. Wow, that would be an adventure especially if the road has not been recently maintained. Those mountain trails get bad from snow melt washing out the dirt and leaving the big rock exposed. The Lolo looks like a jeep trail at best. My son and I are trying to schedule a bow hunt early september in the Sangres west of Walsenburg. We need some mountain air. And yes, your companion looks like she might be mechanically challenged if you were to break down up there in the woods. 🙂

ipso 20:58

Posted by redneckokie1 @ 10:25 on August 12, 2017  

workin on it boss! Working on it. That bitcoin don’t transfer with pigeons!



Posted by SilverFFox52 @ 10:12 on August 12, 2017  

Thanks for the picks…Traveling on Cmcl. divie 😉

Posted by treefrog @ 9:26 on August 12, 2017  


i wish it were annually.  it’s more like every other year.  i don’t like going out into the wilderness alone, and it’s hard to find a traveling buddy.  most people with jobs or wives, simply can’t (won’t?) take time off from their grindstones.  google “lolo motorway.”  this year, i learned that a chevvy astrovan isn’t the right equipment for that one  we bailed out on the first opportunity, thanking the gods for not having a busted oil pan, only to get a stone puncture blowout at muley point a little later.  which led to our getting to know a nice navajo woman who runs a tire shop in shiprock…  one adventure leads to another.

dsc00009 dsc00013 dsc00006 dsc00033

lochsa river, rt. 12, bitterroot mts, idaho –  snake river, hells canyon, washington – ms spot pucci checking perimeter security on lolo motorway bitterroots, idaho – treefrog refilling water jugs at usfs campground, bonneville hot springs, near lowman idaho.

unfortunately there have been grassfires in washington state and canada producing a lot of smoke/haze in the long shots.


Posted by Middlecreek @ 8:44 on August 12, 2017  

You take these western adventures annually don’t you. I remember you sharing photos with us in the past. Getting away from the rat race and into the quiet places from time to time is something I dearly love. I’ve roamed much of the mountain west myself. Been chasing mulies for years. The coffee looks great and it’s always best enjoyed with a view like that. Anyone enduring the stress of our manipulated markets is due a break from it. Have a great time! There’s gold in them hills!

HEAR! HEAR!==Donald J Trump. President of the United States, Defender of Christendom, Lord of the Aryans.

Posted by Richard640 @ 8:34 on August 12, 2017  
Nuke the Norks. Pre-emptively. Massively. Eliminate every target on every list.
Move ROK forces to the Chinese border. Unify Korea under American Military command. That’s the new DMZ. Facts on the ground. 
War means expanded Executive Powers. Eliminate domestic sedition by any means necessary. Make peace with Russia. Conclude non-aggression/mutual Aid pact.
Japan stays home manning theater defenses. China comes to the negotiating table, or India is pressed into war against her. 
Donald J Trump. President of the United States, Defender of Christendom, Lord of the Aryans.

desert (deseret?) brewed coffee

Posted by treefrog @ 7:08 on August 12, 2017  


here’s a fresh pot from the edge of “the goosenecks,” an entrenched meaander of the jan juan river near mexican hat, utah.

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