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N.Korea missile success

Posted by Ororeef @ 23:38 on August 14, 2017  

was not internal ..it was missile engines developed in the UKRAINE  with Russian Technology and Democrats looking for Regime change in RUSSIA that has caused the Technology to NOW fall into

the Hands of N.Korea .Clintons & Biden were involved  in giving the Technology to a Regime they supported in the UKRAINE …thats where the ENGINE technology was developed with Russian technology ,but after the Democrats Fucked up the Government in Ukraine and took it out of Russian security the Technology was traded to N.KOREA  for money ..

N.Korea was no where close to that good a technology when all of a sudden it was …sure with Democrats interference in Ukraine politics and Clinton Foundation gained money ..

“Ukraine is a failed state, brought on by deliberate US-CIA coup that destroyed the previous government in order to have an EU takeover, and rothschild central banking.
Now, the unintended consequence is what is revealed with N Korea using ukrainian missiles. The question now is what Kim Jong Un will do in response to this revelation, i.e., attack or go silent. The neocons can absolutely take credit for this latest nuclear crisis, where they cause the crisis, then reap the financial rewards that result from greater defense spending.

This strongly resembles or mimics the classic bankster scam where large amounts of debt are created, requiring ever increasing interest payment, which in turn requires increasing creation of “money” (debt) to pay off the initially created debt, and so on ad infinitum. Nothing new here, except the commensurate required numbers of greater fools increasing exponentially along with the debt!”

China’s plan is to get the US out

Posted by Ororeef @ 23:19 on August 14, 2017  

of S Korea and that will leave China as Head of Korea & Japan crippling the manufacturing supply chain of the US ….

Posing Next To Your Wanted Poster

Posted by commish @ 22:11 on August 14, 2017  



Posted by Buygold @ 21:49 on August 14, 2017  

Not once have I done the same thing – never, just like you. What the hell is wrong with guys like us???

They handed us gold, silver and the shares today on a silver platter, and tomorrow – as G & S are getting crushed in the AH – WTF is wrong with us?

Easy G-Damn money. Do we really think that effing gold and silver and the shares might wake up?? AND TAKE OFF TO THE UPSIDE???

That’s idiocy.

Watch the left groups start a riot

Posted by goldielocks @ 21:34 on August 14, 2017  

Boston going to have a free speech rally in on Aug 19 TH. Left groups already organizing to Attack them. They are not affiliated to any race group but a Hillary ” yeah still butting her nose in” spokes person already starting fake news about them they said.

The only

Posted by deer79 @ 21:05 on August 14, 2017  

TA that matters when it comes to Gold is when it is about to break out. Then it is time to get short or hedge yourself. Have I done that? Never. How many times in the past several years have we had a true breakout in the metals?

Swamp of aging radicals

Posted by goldielocks @ 18:56 on August 14, 2017  

Composed largely of aging radicals. A supporter of both Communism and Islamic jihad Brennan shouldn’t be anywhere near our government.

Out of hatred for McGovernite liberals, a Republican president in the 1970s broke the law. Now those aging radicals break the law out of hatred for a Republican president.

Nested within intelligence agencies, they have fed a series of criminal leaks to a press corps that functions like an anti-Trump dirty tricks operation.

Donald Trump has publicly speculated that former CIA director John Brennan is one of the criminal leakers. In January, he tweeted out, “Was this the leaker of Fake News?” Trump has now charged the Justice Department with investigating “low-life leakers” in the government.

Former CIA analyst Tony Shaffer also suspects Brennan as one of the leakers. He said on Fox Business Network that the leaks which forced Michael Flynn out can be laid “squarely at the feet of” Brennan, among other embittered Obama aides.

What we know is that intelligence agencies taped Flynn’s call with the Russian ambassador, and we know that the contents of the call were leaked to the Washington Post’s David Ignatius, who is a de facto stenographer for political liberals at the CIA. We also know that Brennan has made no secret of his opposition to Trump and Flynn. By opposing Brennan’s overtures to the Muslim Brotherhood and his refusal to grapple with the spread of Islamic terrorism, Flynn became enemy number one in the eyes of Obama holdovers at the CIA.

All of this gives the Justice Department ample reason to focus on Brennan. He had the means and motive to commit a crime.

“When I hear [former CIA head] John Brennan with the venom that seems to be in his voice after Donald Trump was elected president, it’s not hard to imagine that in the intelligence community, Donald Trump has his enemies and those enemies are not as restrained as they ought to be,” said Congressman Steve King on MSNBC.

Indeed, John Brennan brought with him to the CIA a coterie of political radicals and left-wing academics and gave them plum positions from which to leak to the press. So dedicated was Brennan to open political activism that he would walk the halls of the CIA in an LGBTQ “rainbow lanyard,” reports Bill Gertz of the Washington Times.

According to Gertz, Brennan turned his left-wing hires into “operatives” by fiddling with standards at the Directorate of Operations. These political hacks disguised as apolitical operatives had no more business receiving high-security clearances than Brennan himself did.

Recall the astounding admission Brennan once made at a “diversity” conference in 2016: that he thought he had “screwed” up his chances to enter the CIA after undergoing a polygraph test which smoked out his support for the American Communist Party during the Cold War. This sounds like a parody, but it isn’t. As he recounted:

More before it dissapeares.

Leaky John Brennan

Just heard from someone

Posted by goldielocks @ 18:34 on August 14, 2017  

China just sold NK material for nukes.

Investment firm VanEck calls bitcoin a ‘fad,’ then files for bitcoin ETF

Posted by Farmboy @ 16:52 on August 14, 2017  


Comment: Like em or Hate em, those damn ETF’s are here to stay. Today, DSLV and GASX saved my trading account from the disaster in Gold & Silver Stocks. Getting tough to make a buck these days. 🙂

This Ought To Be Good For A 10% Drop In The PM’s Overnight

Posted by Farmboy @ 16:44 on August 14, 2017  

China hands Trump a win on North Korea crisis


Comment: Agree 100% with Richard640. Nothing matters anymore except the Algo’s. Reality, at least in the arena of politics, media, and the markets no longer exists. Cant wait for the ETF’s to start up on Bitcoin. Maybe I can make a few bucks. Grrrr!


Posted by Maddog @ 16:21 on August 14, 2017  

It ain’t just the Algo’s, it’s the likes of the Swiss CB printing $ 85 billion worth of SFr’s and then sticking into the US SM ….those old Swiss Bankers are spinning at Warp speed in their graves.

Here come the scum bidding the SM, Dollar etc

Posted by Maddog @ 15:55 on August 14, 2017  

My bit coin

Posted by Ororeef @ 14:55 on August 14, 2017  

stock up 95 % today ..it does more in 1 day than Silver does in 2 years    WTF !

Nothing fazes the algos.

Posted by Richard640 @ 14:49 on August 14, 2017  
Fed turning off QE was going to be a problem, it wasn’t
Russia annexing Crimea should have been a problem, it wasn’t
Brexit was going to be a problem, it wasn’t
Trump election was going to be a problem, he isn’t
Nuclear war was going to be a problem, apparently not
Trump’s agenda falling on its face should have been a problem, it isn’t
Fed tightening and QE disposal should be a problem, it isn’t


Nothing fazes the algos.

Posted by treefrog @ 13:32 on August 14, 2017  


A $ 46 Trillion black hole……..Social Security requires a bailout that’s 60x greater than the 2008 emergency bank bailout

Posted by Maddog @ 13:28 on August 14, 2017  

Social Security requires a bailout that’s 60x greater than the 2008 emergency bank bailout

Printing is the only way out, short of default !!!!!

IMO this is the truth as it happened.

Posted by silverngold @ 13:15 on August 14, 2017  

Charlottesville: Violence in the Streets | Faith Goldy and Stefan Molyneux

Back In The 1970s Silver Was Called The Poor Mans Gold = Bitcoin Same Thing These Days?

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 13:10 on August 14, 2017  

“Silver Was Called The Poor Mans Gold” It should have been described as

Silver The Self Employed Cash Business Owners Private Stash Of Cash.

My friend and I were buying and selling small amounts of silver coins with local newspaper adds. I remember well who was buying, and they were NOT poor. I remember one in particular, a delicatessen owner….

“I have $100,000 cash, to invest” Naturally I said I’m not your guy. But anyway we all know what happened to all that unreported cash. It evaporated, taken away, by TPTB punishing the buyers. Also they contracted the money supply to head off inflation. Like a big Paul Volker Sponge Mop.

Bitcoin??? You watch. TPTB will do the exact same thing. They will wait until the right time, and take or sop up all that unreported money away, mop the floor. Then, they can increase the money supply on THEIR side, for infrastructure, space and defense etc.

Mark my words. It may take a few years.


Posted by Captain Hook @ 13:06 on August 14, 2017  

Hear hear…you couldn’t be more on the mark…great post.



Posted by greensea @ 12:48 on August 14, 2017  

add Novo Resources  NSRPF  up 20%

Flashback, A Year Ago Today…

Posted by Farmboy @ 12:01 on August 14, 2017  

Over on the right hand side of this page you will see a blank box under Archives. If you are a little bored, like me, type in August 14, 2016 and let your mind take a journey down the Goldbug Memory Lane. Kinda seems to help me get a grip on today’s action. Reminds me of where we have been and what we might see next. Here is a teaser, everyone thought Hillary was a lock in.

Just for the record, I think Treefrog has the best idea. Just pack up the coffee maker and get the hell out of dodge for awhile. Too much of watching these markets will surely drive one insane(r).

Best to all! Anyone know how many days it takes for fishing line to dry rot when it is out of the water? I’m figuring it only takes a week or two. 🙂

Buygold, you said:

Posted by silverngold @ 11:46 on August 14, 2017  

“I’m not sure about the end game. I’m not sure why there even has to be an end game as long as they have the ability to print unlimited amounts of fiat to buy ever increasing debt, stocks, whatever they want really to keep the game going.”

I don’t think they have to print anything to keep the game going. They created ETF’s and talked all the idiots into day/swing trading them because they are easy to trade, and all that fiat is being used to control the entire stock market. As I have mentioned many times now, they, TPTB, have no obligation to buy any of the stocks the ETF TRACKS….All they do is TRACK, for example, the GDX or GDXJ or GLD or SLV. Then all the idiots throw their money into them and BINGO, TPTB have unlimited fiat to move markets up or down or sideways as they choose.

So you might as well say every dollar placed into any ETF is then available for TPTB to use in any way they want to control any and every market.  You buy  GDX, they sell  GDX for the same amount, so you, the PM investor, have just been nullified, and TPTB maintains perfect control of PM’s until they want PM’s to make their next move…..and that will be when it is least expected.

It’s very simple for them to do since they rely on human nature, which is to be greedy and selfish, thinking they don’t make any difference with their small investments…..but have you noticed that since ETF’s were introduced back in about 1995, good news became bad for stocks and they went down, bad news became good for stocks and they went up. All logic disappeared from all markets, making it easy to fleece the suckers.

NONE ARE SO BLIND AS THOSE WHO WILL NOT SEE!! Open your eyes people!! You are being served a “free lunch” while they rob you blind!! The enemy is us!

I agree. Too much complacency.

Posted by Richard640 @ 11:31 on August 14, 2017  

One Trader’s Reality Check “If You Think Last Week Was A Disaster, You May Be In The Wrong Line Of Work”

While the moves in equity (VIX) and credit (CDX, ITRX) protection costs last week shocked many out of their recent coma of complacency, former fund manager Richard Breslow warns it was the lack of reaction across markets broadly that investors should be more worried about.



Posted by ipso facto @ 11:11 on August 14, 2017  

Smoke and Fire

Cue the corn pone Nazis. Enter, stage left. Well, what did you expect?

With the various authorities in this culture incessantly applying “white privilege” noogies to the public’s skull, sooner or later they were sure to provoke a lizard-brain response from the more limbic-oriented low orders of honkeydom. Of course, you couldn’t stage-manage a more stupidly arrant provocative act in the State of Virginia, guaranteed to bring out the raging yahoos, than threatening to remove a statue of Robert E. Lee.

There’s a depressingly tragic overtone to this whole affair that suggests the arc of history itself is driving this story — a dark animus in the national soul struggling to resolve its contradictions. And the Charlottesville incident, which left a woman dead and many others badly injured from a car-ramming, has the flavor of a “first shot” in a new civil war.

The echo civil rights campaign of the moment — a strange brew of Black Lives Matter, “Antifa” (anti-fascist), latest-wave feminism, illegal immigrant sanctuary politics, and LGBTQQ agitation — emanates from the college campuses and creeps through the culture-at-large like a miasma, poisoning group against group, in an orgy of victimization claims of the sort that inevitably lead to violence. This is how tribal and religious wars start in primitive societies.

cont. http://kunstler.com/clusterfuck-nation/smoke-and-fire/

Yo Maya

Posted by ipso facto @ 11:03 on August 14, 2017  

Would you be buying BTC today? Just curious.


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