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When the market narrows to a handful of momo names, its all over but the shouting.

Posted by Richard640 @ 22:43 on August 15, 2017  

Stated differently, the combined market cap of the NASDAQ “Big 5” has soared from $1.9 trillion to nearly $3 trillion since early 2015, or by 55%. That compares to just a 4.5% gain in the aggregate market cap of the the other 495 S&P 500 stocks during that period.

That’s a radical narrowing of the market if there ever was one. It’s also evidence that they eye of a financial hurricane now sits dead atop the canyons of Wall Street.

When the market narrows to a handful of momo names, its all over but the shouting. Like the case of the Nifty Fifty back in the early 1970s, a crash is just around the corner.

In short, these five giant companies essentially account for the last spasm of a monumental financial bubble that has been building for nearly three decades.

Get out while you still can!

In short, so much for the newly discovered “fundamentals.”

What this really means is that the robo-machines and day traders are playing chicken with the Imperial City. There is no basis whatsoever for the massive post-election re-rating of the stock market except for the fabled Trump Stimulus.

And that is now deader than a doornail. In fact, the reality is even worse than the certainty that no “hand-off” of the stimulus baton to fiscal policy is going to occur.

But for some reason, market volatility is at a  24-year low. That’s despite the unprecedented convergence of political, fiscal and monetary policy risks — to say nothing of foreign policy hot spots from Ukraine to Syria and the Korean peninsula.

Stated differently, the casino is completely unhinged. And the market moved hardly four S&P points — in the wrong direction — after the Comey firing.

The so called Liberals (Communists Radicals)

Posted by Ororeef @ 22:09 on August 15, 2017  

want to remove Teddy Rooseveldt  statues   and Lincoln   Memorial ……The Crazies are running the MEDIA ….Trump needs to Get the Attorney General to arrest them and FINE them a billion Dollars  along with SOROS  “Take the Money out of their Hands” and this stupid nonsence will stop..

Declare them in violation of the RICO ACT    and  they are engaging in Sedition …..LOCK THEM UP !  Use Marshall LAW if you have too  ….Enforced by the Military…

REVOKE the MEDIA LICENCES to broadcast TV……for engaging in Sedition…


Posted by Richard640 @ 19:47 on August 15, 2017  
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Right? Seriously though, the central banks have complete control now and NOBODY WILL BE ALLOWED TO FAIL!!!! I don’t know what it will take for zhedgers to understand this. The only way to change the system now is to change what money “is”. 

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So we have robotic automation replacing workers, drivers, operators… (robots don’t shop).
Peer to peer direct consumer lending and crowdfunding,
Retail crashing and online sales tax avoidance,
leasing over purchasing,
Cryptocurrency, offshoring and XAU physical exchange
Where is the volume to come from? It’s not that it won’t be allowed to fail, more how can it not fail….
(I am sure the FT and others will try to keep the stench from leaking out but the patient is already being measured for its casket).
Kali Yuga is here.

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So you are seeing a crowd moving to the exits with crypto.  The central banks cannot control the crypto world and more people are taking their value out of the system.

Economic roller coaster

Posted by goldielocks @ 19:11 on August 15, 2017  

Dollar up after Kim decided to hold back on firing at Guam do tell, then NY Fed President stated expects rate hike this year.

Ororeef, silverngold

Posted by Buygold @ 15:56 on August 15, 2017  

Ororeef – the tooth fairy and SM rallies exist until proven otherwise. So there. 🙂

Silverngold – we may win someday, but at this rate I’ll be broke and or dead by the time it happens.

Laugh if you want but better listen to the bottom line at the end of the video.

Posted by silverngold @ 14:35 on August 15, 2017  

BTCS big volume It was a nice buy at .14 a few days ago and still very CHEAP,NOT for the FAINT of Heart

Posted by Ororeef @ 13:41 on August 15, 2017  

btcs-5year5 year chart vs current  chart   btcs-2

completed merger,raised additional Capital


Posted by deer79 @ 13:04 on August 15, 2017  

Yes I also bought shares of Novo Resources in the .55-.60 range, but have subsequently sold all of my shares. It looks terrificly overbought here, and would love to buy some on a pullback. The company they announced a deal with today, Artemis is up nearly .30 today. I also tried to buy some, but won’t chase it here.

if the $ index starts drifting down to unchanged, gold may retrace most of its losses before the close.

Posted by Richard640 @ 12:57 on August 15, 2017  

WPM just barfing

Posted by eeos @ 12:38 on August 15, 2017  

Someone knows something. Probably a good time to buy but….only the matrix knows

deer79 NOVO

Posted by greensea @ 12:36 on August 15, 2017  

2nd halt in 10 days.  Both followed by good news.  I first heard of the stock from Bob  Moriarty at 321gold.  He says it is his largest holding.  Info there and at the Novo Resource Corporation website.  Bought mine in 2/16 for .54 one of the bright spots in my holdings.  Anyone  here also holding?  Thoughts?

The United States Geological Survey (USGS) is not reporting the event…..Why Not ?

Posted by Ororeef @ 12:35 on August 15, 2017  
click click

According to the Hungarian National Association of Radio Distress-Signalling and Infocommunications (RSOE) which operates Emergency and Disaster Information Service (EDIS), an earthquake-type event has taken place in the Punggye-ri Nuclear Test Facility in North Korea, signalling another NUCLEAR TEST DETONATION.

The event allegedly took place at 11:12 AM eastern US time on August 15, 2017.   RSOE/EDIS has not specified a magnitude or a depth for this event.

The United States Geological Survey (USGS) is not reporting the event.

Base data
EDIS Number EQ-20170815-59502-PRK
Event type Earthquake
Date/Time August 15 2017 03:12 PM (UTC)
Last update August 15 2017 03:14 PM (UTC)
Cause of event suspected nuclear test
Damage level Is not or not known Damage level
Affected area Local event : The affected area up to a few kilometers
Geographic information
Continent Asia
Country North Korea
County / State Province of North Hamgyong
Area Punggye-ri Nuclear Test Facility
Coordinate 40.96, 129.34

Future of the West

Posted by Ororeef @ 12:25 on August 15, 2017  

The Future of the West

Household Debt Hits Record as Auto Loans and Credit Cards Climb

Posted by Farmboy @ 11:45 on August 15, 2017  


Comment: Overvalued stock markets and record debt. Somehow, you just know this will not end well.

In A Word, Amazing !

Posted by Farmboy @ 11:42 on August 15, 2017  

Bitcoin market cap is within touching distance of major stocks like Netflix


https://suidlanders.org/ click on “English”

Posted by Ororeef @ 11:10 on August 15, 2017  

and get a peek at the Future

An Emergency Plan Initiative

S.Africa RACE WAR Preperations

Posted by Ororeef @ 11:07 on August 15, 2017  

Who We Are

Anyone recognize yourself in this brief Corbett video??

Posted by silverngold @ 10:54 on August 15, 2017  

If so, grow some balls and NEVER GIVE UP! Quitters never win and WINNERS NEVER QUIT. We ARE going to win!

Police FAIL

Posted by Ororeef @ 10:33 on August 15, 2017  

The Mayor and Police Chief of Charlottesville conspired with malice and aforethought to “stand down” the police So that they could PERSONALLY PROFIT both politically and monetarily. They both knew that extreme right groups would attract violent extreme left groups and the George Soros funded BLM/antifa hate groups would engage in bigoted violence just as they did in Ferguison and Berkley. The Mayor and Police Chief are “accessories before the fact” in the death of that Miss Heyer, who also knew she was going to a violent demonstration.
From the ACLU’s statement — ““It is the responsibility of law enforcement to ensure safety of both protesters and counter-protesters. The policing on Saturday was not effective in preventing violence. I was there and brought concerns directly to the secretary of public safety and the head of the Virginia State Police about the way that the barricades in the park limiting access by the arriving demonstrators and the lack of any physical separation of the protesters and counter-protesters on the street were contributing to the potential of violence. They did not respond. In fact, law enforcement was standing passively by, seeming to be waiting for violence to take place, so that they would have grounds to declare an emergency, declare an ‘unlawful assembly’ and clear the area.”

Buygold @ 9:02 on August 15, 2017

Posted by Ororeef @ 10:25 on August 15, 2017  

and the Tooth Fairy loves you !


Posted by deer79 @ 10:16 on August 15, 2017  

IR says news to be released in about 30 mins FWIW.

Novo Resources NSRPF

Posted by deer79 @ 10:08 on August 15, 2017  

Anyone know why this has been halted from trading?

So Far TPTB Gave The USA A Falling Dollar Gift Since Late 2016

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 9:43 on August 15, 2017  

Europe (et al) has been in higher Euro pain since late 2016. Maybe TPTB think the USA has had enough pleasure, and they are taking away the punch bowl.

Or this is just a blip on the screen.

Dollar up, all others down since 8/3. Gold higher than 8/3 too. One of the two is lying.


Morning Frostbite

Posted by Buygold @ 9:30 on August 15, 2017  

“The only other side to this insanity? ………the silent moral majority will rise like a phoenix….in simple terms. I am sill foolish enough to dream of this end to a new beginning.”

That sir is the hope, but it won’t happen without a lot more pain and despair. The minds of the youth in this country have been thoroughly destroyed.

A moment to share

Posted by Walker @ 9:27 on August 15, 2017  

Thank-you, Buygold for your clarity and insight. I would add, if this is true , the gates have been  closed and They won the war. We are all witnessing the beginning to their ends.

The only other side to this insanity? ………the silent moral majority will rise like a phoenix….in simple terms. I am sill foolish enough to dream of this end to a new beginning.

good fortune to all…..

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