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Posted by ipso facto @ 22:27 on August 16, 2017  

I guess it’s better than cricket. emoji_1f601

amals @ 21:42 re: Impact

Posted by ipso facto @ 22:25 on August 16, 2017  

If I had any cash I be buying some now. Second quarter results should be interesting. They’ve been pretty much breaking even so higher silver prices will really help.

This is a big reason I’m holding it. That’s in square kilometers!

“IMPACT Silver Corp. is a silver producer with two processing plants on two adjacent projects within its 100% owned mineral concessions covering 357km2 in central Mexico”

Glad Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is Guarded

Posted by commish @ 22:10 on August 16, 2017  


The markets are Soooooooo controlled and managed for political purpose it is beyond crazy

Posted by Aguila @ 21:46 on August 16, 2017  

What an out-of-control system we have eh?

WHOOPS! <inner voice mode transmitter switched off>


ipso @ 17:47 re: Impact

Posted by amals @ 21:42 on August 16, 2017  

Yeah, one of my stinkers, too.  The pain never ends.

ipso facto @ 18:5 I Think Thats a Gator Thang

Posted by Farmboy @ 20:40 on August 16, 2017  


Floridagold @ 18:23 Does Georgia Have a Football Team? Why YES We Do! :)

Posted by Farmboy @ 20:33 on August 16, 2017  


Real Fake News

Posted by Maddog @ 19:15 on August 16, 2017  

What if the DNC Russian “hack” was really a leak after all? A new report raises questions media and Democrats would rather ignore
A group of intelligence pros and forensic investigators tell The Nation there was no hack— the media ignores it


Floridagold @ 18:23

Posted by ipso facto @ 18:53 on August 16, 2017  

I think they’ve got a lacrosse team? 🙂

Nico Simons: LBMA is the front for gold market rigging by central banks

Posted by drb2 @ 18:47 on August 16, 2017  

not a bad article, although i would add others to the list such as the BIS; ESF; IMF; COMEX….


Nico Simons: LBMA is the front for gold market rigging by central banks

Submitted by cpowell on 05:52PM ET Tuesday, August 15, 2017

1:51p ET Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Dear Friend of GATA and Gold:

Dutch financial journalist Nico Simons today compiles admissions of central bank involvement with the gold market and concludes that the London Bullion Market Association is just a front for central bank rigging of the price of the monetary metal.

Read more…

Farmboy @ 16:59

Posted by Floridagold @ 18:23 on August 16, 2017  

Do they still have a college football team in Georgia ??? 🙂

Free Market

Posted by ipso facto @ 17:58 on August 16, 2017  

Zinc prices hit decade-high on shrinking Chinese stockpiles


I think I bought Impact silver at around $1.50 years ago ( and a lot less recently)

Posted by ipso facto @ 17:47 on August 16, 2017  


New Poll new Poll

Posted by ipso facto @ 17:45 on August 16, 2017  


Posted by ipso facto @ 17:44 on August 16, 2017  


Maybe we’ll have something else to cheer about as well …

Richard640 @ 9:07 Great Credo, Great Song, This Morning

Posted by Farmboy @ 17:15 on August 16, 2017  

Based on the volume in PM stocks today, I would say there are still a lot of us believers around.

Maddog @ 16:19 It’s Ok Buddy

Posted by Farmboy @ 17:10 on August 16, 2017  

Those folks that ‘joined’ the President’s team with hopes of gaining favor, prestige, or favoring their own agendas are jumping ship. It’s all good imho.

Only applicants with a set of balls, and willing to support Trump need apply in the future. The Deep State Operatives are being revealed for what and who they are and work for. Good riddance slimeballs !

Herman Cain, a local talk show host and former Presidential candidate who is a big Trump supporter often quotes his grandfather’s saying,” Dem that are going to town git on the wagon. Dem dat aint, git out of the way!”


Buygold, Gold and Silver Went Up Today, But That Is Not The Big News,

Posted by Farmboy @ 16:59 on August 16, 2017  

FINALLY, the volumes on most PM stocks showed a major sign of life with most either meeting their 20 day average, or exceeding the 20 day volume numbers. Now that is some GOOD News !

I was not expecting this kind of action just quite yet. Thinking we might get some increase in the volume numbers when the 30 yr Seasonal chart shows a run up for the PM’ starting in Sept. Guess the Farmers Almanac is predicting it right calling for an early fall this year, and a cold winter season.

Gear up for Game On !

Speaking of game, football season just around the corner. TGIFS (Thank God It’s Football Season )


Mega Barf alert

Posted by Maddog @ 16:19 on August 16, 2017  

This is so vile coming from such an ubber shiite…they really should have jailed this PoS for centuries.

Jamie Dimon’s Memo To JPMorgan Employees: “I Strongly Disagree With President Trump’s Reaction “



Posted by ipso facto @ 15:19 on August 16, 2017  

LOL As it should be.

Commentary on the FED minutes

Posted by Richard640 @ 15:19 on August 16, 2017  
“not worried about wealth effect”  … of course not, the intended transfer of wealth to our new oligarch class has been a colossal success. It’s time for the Fed to pat itself on the back and turn its attention to even more divisive policies in order to ensure another 100 years of winning for the aristocracy.
Jeeze Louise, talk about speaketh with forked tongue!  Just say the words Janet: buy, stawks, now.   Soon as shiny gets spitting distance from 1300 release the Kraken, err, monkeys…
Planned economic destruction by the Fed and ANTIFA. You gotta love that shit. I especially love the part where they talk about inflation. It is or it isn’t, but all is fine as they print a trillion dollars a year to devalue every good and service you utilize.
The largest and most threatening asset bubble currently, though there are many which pose serious risks, is the asset bubble of the establishment’s delusions of grandeur and  narcissism !


Posted by Moggy @ 15:12 on August 16, 2017  

Just let those snowflake libtard commies try taking down the confederate statues here in my neck of the woods, they will wet their diapers over what will overtake them.

Ororeef @ 22:09 Here! Here! On Your Post, Beautiful,

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 15:02 on August 16, 2017  

Re your:

The so called Liberals (Communists Radicals) want to remove Teddy Rooseveldt  statues   and Lincoln   Memorial ……The Crazies are running the MEDIA ….Trump needs to Get the Attorney General to arrest them and FINE them a billion Dollars  along with SOROS  “Take the Money out of their Hands” and this stupid nonsence will stop..

Declare them in violation of the RICO ACT    and  they are engaging in Sedition …..LOCK THEM UP !  Use Marshall LAW if you have too  ….Enforced by the Military…

REVOKE the MEDIA LICENCES to broadcast TV……for engaging in Sedition…

Mark levin and mike Savage summed it up–since Trumps election night the left has

Posted by Richard640 @ 15:01 on August 16, 2017  

been trying to reverse the will of the people–white groups got a permit to march and right away soros backed groups sent their paid agitators to cause a riot and get tv coverage. The left wants to paint trump and the republicans as racists and bigots–the scum at msnbc and cnn are creaming their jeans over the fresh meat–and they are going to milk it for all its worth.

How trump falls into these traps is inexplicable–his advisors know this—they listen to levin and savage–actually trump said all this at his trump tower press conference–the republicans never wanted trump and are also trying to undermine him…his office is becoming a fiasco. why doesn’t the media cover the weekly shootings in chicago?

Posted by goldielocks @ 14:32 on August 16, 2017  

The poll. These monuments should be protected because they’re part of history. They shouldnt be taken down by any one political party or dicators of special interest groups. If the PEOPLE can’t vote in it, it should be Federalized all of them because they won’t stop erasing history till their stopped. Next you’ll see them rewrite the history books saying someone else built this like Obama tried.

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